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  1. Graeme, your inbox is full. Would you mind making a little space please?
  2. Hi Graeme, you need to clear your mailbox down a little - I can't mail you! Cheers, Leigh
  3. Thank you for the advice, VB. So if I was to put these up for sale in the forum for £10 the lot plus post - and that last item IS a thermal relay, by the way - do you think this would be reasonable? The rectifiers normally cost £6-8 each. Information on value of the Quad valve eluded me last night (but I was terribly, terribly... tired).
  4. Hi all. I bought a box of mixed stuff at a car boot sale - mainly for one collectible toy that I spotted. Going through the box, I found valves! What I've ended up with as a bonus is: 6 x Chatham Electronics 5R4WGA 1 x E-1006 OK Electronics Nutley, NJ E-1006 1 x Quad G.Z34 If anyone can give me any idea of whether these have any audio applications (I know the quad valve is used in the Quad II Classic), but past that, I have no idea. I'm trying to build a stake to start a business, so advice on where to sell these valves and for how much would be appreciated. Please don't post offers - if I do sell here (and I'd rather sell here than anywhere else) I'll do it by posting a for sale ad in accordance with forum rules. For now, I just need some help and advice from more experienced heads than mine.
  5. Figured out a f'now, until I get the setup I want. Tivo feeds opti to pre-amp, hdmi to TV with sound muted. Laptop feeds opti to pre-amp, svideo to TV with sound muted. Still inputs for CD/mobile available. Many cables, but it'll work at least. It's nice to be able to keep the Thule a while longer, since it does very well as a DAC.
  6. less than helpful, they were. One guy trying to sell one of his own products- which will allow me to cludge a solution, but not solve all the issues - who then got snotty when I said "no thank you" and recommended a 1.5k pre-amp. I like the wam, people are more sensible here. Sometimes.
  7. Hi, I recently inherited a 37" TV and installed Virgin cable services for TV and Broadband. The problem I have is that my current pre-amp - a Thule PR350b - doesn't handle HDMI. It handles stereo beautifully when being used as a DAC via OPTI, and is a stonking bit of kit in terms of build. What I need is a processor with HDMI and Svideo input, and if it has in-built amplifiers then it has to be able to pass through to my power amps. I don't need an amazing amount of channels - the room is too small for anything except a 2 speaker setup, and those speakers handle an extended frequency range nicely enough. I doesn't have to be new, either. Ideal budget would be around the £200 mark maximum - less is far better, although I'm seriously considering stretching to an Onkyo nx626 since they're on sale around the £299 for new units with 3 year guarantees right now. It ticks most of the boxes, and is available in black. I never thought I'd be such a tart about the colour of my equipment, but there we go! Any and all recommendations gratefully received.
  8. I totally agree with Greg. Cables are great for fine tuning, but get the basic components right first.
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/301036233251?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  10. Think instead of the Marantz PMA 250 or 255, pref se versions, and try using without the equalizer first?
  11. ok, point taken - it's just that so many peope don't keep their equipment specs up to date.
  12. It's useful information - thank you. The turntable itself isn't modified Rega, it's modified Linn - Systemdek 920. Painted in Nextel, which is annoying me as it's proving impossible to get hold of any in an aerosol so I can match in other items.
  13. Maybe one day - going to get the deck, and just listen to it for a while before I start down that route. I'm picking the Reson up for £150, is that reasonable?
  14. I got myself a wharfedale tuner for a tenner recently - period 70's stuff - delighted - keep an eye open, there's plenty of good stuff out there cheap
  15. Lovely Alternatively, get yourself a HUGE valve amp and spend a few days deciding exactly where to put it. Heck, I've got 23kg tranny monoblocks, and they're enough of a workout!