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  1. flaxton

    New cartridge

    Ok. Thanks everyone.
  2. flaxton

    New cartridge

    I have had my Goldring 1042 mm cartridge for about ten years. I have a spare one. Is there any advantage in installing the newer one. I change the stylus when needed.
  3. Bump. Reduced to £999.00
  4. flaxton

    Leaving amp on

    Great replies. Thanks again.
  5. flaxton

    Leaving amp on

    Why did the amp cool down after a certain time. When it’s in use it gets hot. But this morning when I felt it is was just warm, not hot. Is it because it was not playing music.
  6. flaxton

    Leaving amp on

    Thank you all for the quick responses. It’s put my mind at rest.😀👍
  7. flaxton

    Leaving amp on

    Sorry. What does that mean.
  8. flaxton

    Leaving amp on

    Good morning. I left my Sugden a21 se amplifier on all night. When I spotted it it was warm but not hot. I have turned it off now. Will it have done anything to the amplifier leaving it on that long. Thanks.
  9. flaxton

    Goldring 1042 Vs 2500

    I have had a 1042 on my rega planer 3 for many years. Very satisfied with it.
  10. Last bump before going on to eBay.
  11. Bump. January sale. Now £990.
  12. For sale. Krell amp. Serial number 17805041360. Smoke and pet free house. Full working order. Bench checked by audio t Cardiff engineer a few days ago. One light scratch on the underside about three inches long. Including remote, power cable and manual. No box. Item for collection only. Barry vale of Glamorgan. £1200 or nearest offer. Pm me if you need more pictures.
  13. flaxton

    Bryston b60 r integrated amplifier

    Thank you all for your advice.