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  1. Jason P

    Kralk Audio TDB-8

    Watching this with interest...
  2. Jason P

    Rega Brio-R, Apollo-R, Dac...

    OK GG, can you hold out for a while? I'd like to see if I can at least sell the DAC too. I'll let you know ASAP.
  3. A change of direction means this lot is up for grabs. Great condition from a smoke-free home, all with original packing and bits & bobs (remotes, instructions etc). I'd prefer to sell as a lot, but if separately - then the DAC and CDP need to go first. So, Brio-R in silver finish. Not much to say about this cracking little amp, it's great. Good MM phono stage to boot. No issues. £325 Apollo-R - same finish, same condition, great CDP with a very 'analogue' sound (to my ears). Good on it's own, even better with the DAC below - £325 DAC - this is the earlier one not the DAC-R, but it has the full-length case rather than the shorter version. Lovely sounding versatile DAC with 5 different filters, USB in, coax, TOSLINK... £300. Buy all of them for £900. Dem available in Glastonbury, Somerset or postage anywhere in the UK. Further afield - talk to me!
  4. Jason P

    Logitech Squeezebox Touch

    Bump... still here. Offers considered!
  5. Jason P

    £2k Turntable.

    Planar 8? Looks to die for. SL1200G? Will probably outlive you. LP12? Classic. Gyrodec? Industrial design of the highest order. Garrard 301/401? A lovely investment. Well Tempered? Something from the left field... You've a lovely decision to make. I'd have any of them.
  6. In excellent standard condition, no marks or scratches. Only ever used for internet radio and Spotify. Boxed with all accessories and remote. Asking £130. Postage at cost. Or collect from Glastonbury, Somerset.
  7. Jason P

    Yamaha RN803d

    Any news on this amp?? Did you go for it? Am thinking of one myself. Will be very interested in your thoughts.
  8. Jason P

    Custom made hifi rack (solid oak)

    Thanks Iceman, a pleasure!
  9. Jason P

    Custom made hifi rack (solid oak)

    OK thanks - going to check and see if it will fit. Will get back to you.
  10. Jason P

    Custom made hifi rack (solid oak)

    Do you happen to have dimensions for it please?
  11. Jason P

    SALE XTZ A100-D3 integrated - Class A

    Ohh, tempted by this - I regretted selling mine, it's a cracker of an amp. Decent phono stage and a good DAC to boot. Sounds sublime in Class A mode (though mine needed a half-hour warmup to come on song). Can't have it for the same reason I couldn't buy your Blackbird Someone will be a happy camper. GLWTS.
  12. Jason P

    SALE 1999 Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX

    Not surprised - these, and the similar era VFRs (of which I've had 3!!) are the pinnacle of Honda engineering quality. They just keep and on and are built like a swiss watch... I'd have had this in a heartbeat save for the small matter of 2k and a Harley in the garage. You'll have another, sure enough...
  13. Jason P

    Manticore Mantra & OriginLive upgrades

    I did an OL DC upgrade on my old Sondek after the Valhalla blew. Wish I hadn't - it did not reap the sonic benefits I'd hoped for, though whether it was the kit, or the ham-fisted way it was installed by a 'dealer' (only realised by me much later) I'll never know. It lost some of the magic of the old deck. If I were you and you want to keep it, I'd look toward a better arm (Audiomods maybe - although I see you've upgraded yours), a wall mount possibly, or an RCM and lots of vinyl. YMMV though, as our 'merkin cousins say...
  14. Dunno how collectable these are, but 12k?
  15. Jason P

    To Turntable or not!

    If I were you I'd think about putting together a nice, upgradable system buying secondhand - maybe spend 1-2k - knowing you would get most, if not all of it back if you didn't like it further on down the line, and having a good starting point to take further if you did. Or lots of money for vinyls if you were happy with it as is...