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  1. I already have five pairs ! They do look nice but tbh I think I prefer the bigger version - size does matter as you know I would love to hear them but I'm enjoying the Sony's so much that in reality I can't see me taking the plunge unless I win the lottery. When can we expect the your offical review of yours ?
  2. Oh FFS - just when I thought it was safe. You truly are a bad man Solid:nerves:
  3. Check out Floating Points' superb Shadows EP You might also like this
  4. Ooo jealous I'll have to make do with this for now
  5. Brilliant album - what a loss Trish Kennan was. Rather good this
  6. Thanks Steve - today's the first day I've had a proper listen to them and they're quite something - especially given my room is pretty small although it's well damped with record & CD shelves I still live and learn. Despite spending a small fortune on speakers over the years, the Sony's and the B&W's they're sitting on are the best of the lot. I snagged the B&W's for beer money on ebay and couldn't believe how good they sounded and the Sony's, happily, are better again. If you ever see a pair of B&W DM110i for sale with the drivers in good nick buy them they are ridiculously good vfm and if you keep your eyes open you can still get them for under £50 ! I blame Solid for all this - between his high sensitivity speaker and valve amp adventures it really piqued my interest but it has worked out well for me all the same so I owe him drink or three.
  7. Funnily enough I'm working all weekend as well so we can both enjoy a right good session on monday / tuesday
  8. Cheers S - yeah I think your right, having spent the day with them they are remarkably good and handsome looking things which helps Their bigger siblings the 7600's must sound awesome and mine have the same grille (left-hand speaker with the wooden coners) l I'll get a pic up with showing the lovely grilles they came with (sounds a bit sad I know) but they really look the business when they're on. I don't think the Omega's would be a downgrade as such - a different presentation maybe but I still love the look of them. Everything I've played today has sounded brilliant but just stuck this on and it's hair-raisingly good (well the little I have left that is) I guess I'll be doing the same as you and having some very extended music sessions