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  1. Thanks Ed that's a very kind offer. I'm happy to wait to see if something more local does turn up. Hugh
  2. Umik-1 wanted to borrow or buy. I'm in West Yorkshire. Thanks.
  3. Great DACs for the money, but I'm not sure this one has volume control (other than for headphones).
  4. This would literally be a bargain at twice the price.
  5. Ok I've just been and checked and there is film on the BBC website of an eyewitness describing exactly what happened and saying he heard the attacker say either "Britain first" or "Put Britain first". He is not the same person quoted by that right wing blogger who didn't witness this.
  6. This is worrying me. All the other news sources are still mentioning the '(Put) Britain First' quote, and this right wing blog is challenging that. More and more links between the killer and extremist right wing organisations are now apparently being uncovered - which would lend support to the quote being real. From viewing the film clip cited as source it is not clear whether the person quoted witnessed the attack or just witnessed the aftermath. He sounds similar to the local restaurant worker whose full interview makes it clear he only witnessed the aftermath. That leaves the suspicion that the racist dog whistle arguments being used by Leave were a part of the context that led to this appalling murder.
  7. As it says in the linked article, peripheral neuropathy is linked with a history of alcohol, rather than heroin, abuse.
  8. I bought the Mose Hercules ii from Edmond last May so I'd hope he is still trading. The advantage of the external box are (1) psu filtering (2) avoids overheating Hercules board (apparently this can be a problem when mounted in the sondek) and (3) looks good. The advantage of buying from him is that it is considerably cheaper.
  9. For the biggest 'bang for your buck' I recommend getting in touch with Edmond123 on vinylengine. He is the Hong Kong based designer of the Hercules PSU and can supply it as a very tidy, filtered external PSU. It can easily be fitted to a sondek using only a screwdriver and a modicum of common sense.
  11. There's an MFA Copper v1 for sale on pinkfish for £850.