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  1. Well quite, cookers are superfluous for pussy cats. seriously, get someone qualified to do it and leave it all safe.
  2. In terms of sound per pound I suppose second hand Quad electrostatics are pretty much unbeatable if one is prepared to cope with the size, need for space and occasional need for repair. Even new, at £6500, they are something of a bargain when compared with many speakers and the old Quad maxim of closest approach to the original sound still holds good today and the latest model is a marked improvement on the old 63s. This year I have compared them with Dutch&Dutch, kii, B&O beolab 50, MBL 126 and 116f, and ATC40 along with my old Meridian dsp5500, Kef LS50 and Martin Logan’s entry level electromotion. The MBL 116f was undoubtably the best but requires a less lively than mine room but costs £26k. Next come the Quads (£20k cheaper) and baby MBL 126, the former with greater resolution and lower down than the MBL but the MBL has a slightly more realistic sense of having a performer in front of one. The ATC were tonally very impressive with a decent sense of scale and I would definitely choose them over the D&D and kii (even with the BXT module which bumps the price up to the mid £20ks. Impressive as these new cardioid speakers are I could never get away from the sense that I was listening to hifi rather than being transported away by the music. Compared to the Quads the entry level Martin Logan’s were slightly cruder and in ones face. The biggest disappointment was the Beolab 50 at £26k plus installation. Superficially impressive but not a patch on the dear old Quads. All the above IMO and to my ears and requirements. The Quads will do me nicely with MBL126 in another more heavily damped room until, that is, a used pair of MBL 101s come along!
  3. Is that the head that’s on the opposite side to the ass?
  4. ooh I don't know. My hifi and the music it produces is very necessary. As is my study hifi, as is my bedroom hifi, as is the guest room hifi, as is the dining room hifi. You might have a point about the one in the outside privy though...
  5. Given you low opinion of “most” your self proclaimed list of virtuous deeds is even more impressive. There may be a smidge of sarcasm in this post but good for you for the work you do, and that bit is zero sarcasm!
  6. Good for you! How do you know people aren’t “doing the deeds”. Sounds like you making assumptions here and by implication doing the denigrating.
  7. Julian, Is it not better to let others sing ones praises. So, if we don’t come up to your appraisal of your self worth we are to shut up .
  8. It is easy to take a highly polarised point of view, but in practice life is rarely so black and white. Ask a hundred people what a true socialist is and you’d get one hundred different answers. There is nothing wrong or inconsistent with enjoying the rewards of their labours and also helping others, either by donation or labour, or by choice of occupation. Some of the most generous people I have known live comfortable lives but give generously without the need to wear a hair shirt or draw attention to themselves and for them, I suspect labels such as “true socialist” are a complete irrelevance.
  9. Good news. OK, let playtime continue!
  10. Do read what people actually write! Look up the meaning of ‘if’ and “perhaps”. If you read my posts I speak highly of not just my preferred speakers but some of the ones Keith sells. I have often described the D&D as excellent of their type and if I listened to a different genre they would be a top choice. It is Keith who slags of what he doesn’t sell and agree with. I expect he will be delighted that he has an acolyte! As I said if Keith and I bump into each other I expect we’ll share a pint!!! Anyway, I think I’ve wasted enough time on your posts , although it would be fascinating to know what your previous username was . As a tip, you may find the ignore button useful if you are getting upset.
  11. Does that mean you have dual identity here? I bought a umik mic from him some time ago and had a long, enjoyable, chat on the phone with him. Delightful chap, shame he puts forward such a different persona on so many forums. I suppose if you agree, and perhaps share, with his rather narrow view of “hifi” than you will find him helpful, many don’t and challenge his views as is their right. Nice that he has friends here to support his unique style of posting! Balance, discussion. It is what a forum is about. Good luck on finding threads aren’t peppered with his dogma!
  12. And off he goes again! No not upset at all; like many here I do get a bit weary of a dealer using discussion threads to slag of what they don’t sell to promote what they do.
  13. Welcome to the Wam, and please, try to not take it too seriously. This a forum, you know, where people discuss things! As you are new here it might be an idea to settle in and enjoy the fun. In case you aren’t aware Keith is a dealer who is quite fond of straying from the dealer section with his special brand of advice which often involves criticising anything that doesn’t conform to his dogma, often derived from the stuff he sells. He appears to enjoy winding people up by being rude and patronising about their choices of equipment and as a result gets as good as he gives! You’ll find this repeated over a few hifi forums. But, I am sure that if we meet him in person we’ll probably have a pint or a cup of tea together and enjoy a good chinwag, such is the nature of online rough and tumble. As for going off topic, that is a Wam tradition; just as well you weren’t here in the old days!
  14. Lots of good advice in this thread. I have always found Quad electrostatics ruthlessly revealing of shortcomings in the rest of the chain. When I had ‘63s I once compared their use with Quad 306 and 606 amps. Strictly speaking the 606 was over powered but sounded markedly better than the 306 (no blind testing required!). Having said that, they are by their very nature a somewhat delicate speaker, perhaps less so now in their heavier casing, but they still use essentially the same panel as earlier models. As such they can be susceptible to damage when being moved about, especially as they get older, and that can show up as resonances or buzzes and rattles at certain frequencies.
  15. Ah, using manufacturers blurb to base your opinions on! Oh well.