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  1. DIB

    NVA Owners Club

    My Cubettes were traded up for the Cube 3's and I have now moved up to the larger Cube 2's. In each instance the improvement was audible, not huge but enough to warrant the outlay. I really enjoy the Cubes and my ultimate aim was to move up to Cube 1's one day. Sadly following the death of Richard Dunn in May, NVA as a company has now officially ceased trading so Cube 2's are what I will be sticking with for the foreseeable.
  2. I was an avid reader of Sounds and NME from about 1971 up to about 1981 and I can't recall those coupons. I remember the NME issued a flimsy, clear plastic single given free with an early 70's issue once featuring some Rolling Stones songs. Virtually unplayable it was, my old sylus just couldn't track it
  3. Sounds, as in Sounds the music newspaper?
  4. Love this, and that era PT in general.
  5. A complete change of tack, a MP3 download...
  6. On CD, another great favourite of mine. The opening track "Look What You've Done" with the legendary rhythm section of Sly and Robbie is a wonderful treat for all you lovers of tasteful bass. Joe Cocker - Sheffield Steel
  7. On CD, I love this album with a passion...
  8. I suppose this is a bit of a guilty pleasure but I've always loved this album from 1977 though it hardly made a dent in the charts at the time. This is a rip from the original vinyl..
  9. From CD ripped to FLAC..
  10. DIB

    which cd sounds best on your system ?

    I'm the same. With a library of over 20000 tracks stored on my NAS, over the last few months I have mainly been using the Random Song Mix option through my SBT. I never know what's coming up next. Isn't it compulsory on these types of threads to mention Nils Lofgren and his Live Acoustic CD? (which is very good BTW). .
  11. DIB

    Horse Racing

    The previous year I backed another 8/1 winner at the same meeting purely because I like Ritchie Blackmore and there was a horse running called something like "Waiting For Ritchie" PS: No I didn't put any money on Telecaster in the Derby. Just as well it came last!
  12. DIB

    Richard Dunn

    I have been saddened by this news. These days I have settled on NVA amplification and speakers and I love them, the best I've owned. I met Richard once at a show and he was an engaging character who clearly knew his stuff. Lots of people can talk the talk, especially on hi-fi forums, but in Richard's case he could back it up with his products.
  13. DIB

    RIP Nikki Lauda

    Indeed. I listened to Sir Jackie Stewart this morning on Radio 4. As always Sir Jackie was well worth listening to and gave a most moving and heartfelt tribute. He described just how much pain Nikki Lauder was in when he drove again almost unbelievably only 6 weeks after his accident. Beggars belief really.
  14. DIB


    I'm 63 and still going strong, once a week come what may. Still pretty crap but it gets me out of the house. The oldest guy in our group is 73 and he's amazing, can't get around the court so well these days but his racquet skills and shot selection are still spot on. Seems to me the sport is dying a slow death though. When our generation pack it in I don't see many youngsters playing and coming through, not based on my local sports centre anyway. A crying shame, it's a great game. .
  15. DIB

    Horse Racing

    Had a wonderful day last Thursday at York for the Dante meeting. Went last year for the same meeting too. Up in the Melrose Suite, watching the racing and having Yorkshire Tapas served throughout the day. To cap it off I backed the winner in the Dante Stakes at 8/1 (Telecaster), and also a nice E/W bet at 33/1 that only got pipped at the post by about half a length. York and The Grand National are the only days I have a bet on the horses, I know bugger all about the nags and tend to look at names (hence backing Telecaster). .