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  1. In Richard Thompson's substantial back catalogue this album tends to be completely over looked/forgotten. Personally I love it..
  2. Impossible to say, but my very first concert as a 15 year old was The Groundhogs at Manchester Free Trade Hall always sticks in my mind. Move on a few years and watching The Ramones at Manchester Apollo in 1978 was also a highlight. Rory Gallagher several times was always nothing less than brilliant, as has been Richard Thompson over the years. However, the most exciting gig for me ever was in 1977 up in a small room in Manchester's Belle Vue watching The Pirates along with about 50 other hardy souls. Mick Green, what a legend. I can tell you my most disappointing gig, that's an easy one. Van Morrison, what a rude, miserable, boorish bastard.
  3. A tradition for me. I always play this CD on this particular Sunday, primarily for the tracks The Band Played Waltzing Matilda and No Man's Land/Flowers of the Forest., but a very fine album all the way through. One of the great singers.
  4. I believe Haden works/helps out at Audio-T in Manchester these days, or he did about 2 years ago.
  5. DIB

    Think back

    For me the first single I owned was Telstar by The Tornados, and my first LP was Abbey Road by some band whose name I can't quite recollect. .
  6. This is precisely what I do now and I reckon 99% of all my listening is done through my SBT these days, whether it be my stored files on my NAS, internet radio, or Spotify. Streamers come and streamers go but to me nothing beats the SBT for value and performance. .
  7. My Cubettes were traded up for the Cube 3's and I have now moved up to the larger Cube 2's. In each instance the improvement was audible, not huge but enough to warrant the outlay. I really enjoy the Cubes and my ultimate aim was to move up to Cube 1's one day. Sadly following the death of Richard Dunn in May, NVA as a company has now officially ceased trading so Cube 2's are what I will be sticking with for the foreseeable.
  8. I was an avid reader of Sounds and NME from about 1971 up to about 1981 and I can't recall those coupons. I remember the NME issued a flimsy, clear plastic single given free with an early 70's issue once featuring some Rolling Stones songs. Virtually unplayable it was, my old sylus just couldn't track it
  9. Sounds, as in Sounds the music newspaper?
  10. Love this, and that era PT in general.
  11. A complete change of tack, a MP3 download...
  12. On CD, another great favourite of mine. The opening track "Look What You've Done" with the legendary rhythm section of Sly and Robbie is a wonderful treat for all you lovers of tasteful bass. Joe Cocker - Sheffield Steel
  13. On CD, I love this album with a passion...
  14. I suppose this is a bit of a guilty pleasure but I've always loved this album from 1977 though it hardly made a dent in the charts at the time. This is a rip from the original vinyl..