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  1. steelhull

    Magico S5 and a bit of madness

    I invested! absolutely fantastic-Expensive but good decision. Mike
  2. steelhull

    Magico S5 and a bit of madness

    I have decided on a home Demo!!! Thanks for all the comments. I looked hard at Knipester's link but if things go wrong??... I can, of course, send them back, AND my wife may have a view! Although the music system is in a secondary living room, her study is at one end and she hates black. More anon Mike
  3. steelhull

    Magico S5 and a bit of madness

    Hi Phillim Can you clear your inbox?
  4. steelhull

    Magico S5 and a bit of madness

    Thanks guys for all the comments and the PM's. No decisions yet, more thought needed. I could spend a year, and a fortune travelling and listening. It would be fun to do but I doubt that I will be permitted! just spent the day reordering the music room, it had become a tip. Looks good but there's a ton of stuff in the spare bedroom; that will cause problems. New speakers will now fit rather easily, hmmm........... Mike
  5. steelhull

    Magico S5 and a bit of madness

    I am sure that this post will generate some angst! I have been thinking of changing my system. No good reason but there are a number of options that I haven't tried; horns and valves for instance. I posted a while ago about low power valve amps. This afternoon I was in my favourite Oxford dealer talking about the Entreq range of earthing equipment, I have the Tellus silver on trial and to my surprise it really makes a difference, especially in the bass arena, more anon about that. on Demo were the Magico S5 loudspeakers driven by a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 800 amp. Both ex dem and asking !! £34k. It was just fantastic, quite the best that I have ever heard. The front end was an Aurender W20 and the music was amazing. i am sure that the asking price will drop and I have kit to trade in, but the cost of change would be serious. I am trying hard to resist, it might mean another mortgage, but wow! Not at all what I was thinking of, this could be a sleepless night. Anyone heard the Magico's? Mike
  6. Ben can one mount your 'pancakes' onto the tape recorder for transferring the tape to reels? i have 10.5 inch reels Mike
  7. steelhull

    SOLD ...

    What is your postcode? Mike
  8. steelhull

    Low Power Valve Amplifiers

    Thanks All First I have to find some horns. Working on that. Mike
  9. steelhull

    Low Power Valve Amplifiers

    Thanks, budget is a bit flexible, as to speakers, possibly horns. Mike
  10. steelhull

    Low Power Valve Amplifiers

    Hi Guys, advice please. I am contemplating a new project which would need a valve amp of between 5 and (max) 20 watts. who makes the best ones? Thanks in advance Mike
  11. Hi Pete If you have fitted a cartridge (any) before then you should be able to manage. I have a winfield and I fitted it to a SME arm successfully. Mike
  12. steelhull

    Volunteer room sitters?

    Hi Guys I would love to have a room sitter/helper for a couple of hours. PM me if interested. (Deviate Phantoms, turntable (yes-digitally connected), CD Player and MBP running Audirvana+) Many thanks Mike
  13. steelhull

    Sunday night Ruby Murray

    +1 Thanks
  14. steelhull

    Room Allocations list

    I managed to book on Friday, sorry if I jumped the gun. However, beware! The person at Scalford (? Ellen) wanted to take the 'non-refundable' total cost from my credit card on Friday. As this was differentfrom prior years she checked with the manager and only took £15 for the Saturday night supper. Anthony-do we have any clarity on this? Mike