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  1. Good condition complete with lead. Foams recently replaced. £80 SENNHEISER HD590 PRECISION 120 OHM Exemplifying Sennheiser's BioNetic headphone designs, the new HD 590 offers a virtually unsurpassed combination of comfort and performance in an open, dynamic stereo headphone. The HD590’s are audiophile, open-aire, hi-fi stereo headphones that reproduce harmonic and superbly transparent sound with absolute minimum distortion. With a weight of only 9.4 ounces, a sophisticated design and a new dampening technique, the HD590 is an ideal choice for the professional monitoring of classical music recordings.
  2. carwacster

    Which Amp?

    So I've had home demos of Rega Brio R and Arcam SA10 to pair with SB Touch and Dali Mentor Menuets. So far going for Arcam due to the digital in and the onboard Sabre DAC? What about the Cambridge Audio CXA60 with its built in Wolfson DAC? Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
  3. so its now listed on Ebay currently only up to £150 starting from £0.99 Mods please remove those post if its not allowed.
  4. As new condition Subwoofer is also convenient — can be placed vertically or horizontally Digital Sound Projector technology provides true surround sound for maximum enjoyment Built-in 132W digital amplifier 11 CINEMA DSP programmes: 3 Movie, 3 Music, 5 Entertainment including improved Game programme HD Audio format decoding 1080p-compatible HDMI (V.1.4a with 3D and Audio Return Channel, 3 in/ 1 out) IntelliBeam Automated System Calibration Dock port for adding optional YID-W10, YDS-12 and YBA-10 Photos to follow £220 buyer to collect.
  5. As new, in black. Comes with remote control and original power lead. Would prefer buyer to collect £370
  6. So I’ve now had the Rega Brio R on home trial which sounded great even with analogue out of the SBT. I’ve currently got the Arcam SA10 with built in Sabre DAC connected via coaxial and it sounds great too £100 more than the Rega but has digital in x3 so that’s the SBT and maybe the TV too. Anyone else had experience of this new model from Arcam? This would allow me to get rid of my Yamaha YSP2200 soundbar too. What do you think the value of the following are Audiolabs MDAC black as new with remote Sonos play 3 grey good condition Yamaha YSP2200 with subwoofer as new.
  7. It is the latter. New amp and my existing Dali Speakers in the lounge. Getting Rega Brio R on home trial.
  8. So since moving house to a bigger house and loosing my dedicated music room nearly 3yrs ago my kit has lay dormant. Apartfrom my Squeezebox Touch and Mdac used in my office with my Sehmnheiser HD590's. Sold my Arcam Alpha amp which I bought myslef second hand. I bought my self a pair of Sonos 1's for the lounge as we're semi detached. No more more compromises though! I'm considering selling my Sonos play 3 and 1 of my Sonos 1's in addition to my MDAC for fund purchasing the Rega Brio Amp which I believe has a decent headphone output? My Squeezebox would connect to the amp via analogue and my music is on my NAS in Flax format. My speakers are Dali Monitor Menuets on custom design stands. What do you reckon to the proposal, would the Rega amp fit well with the Dali's and Squeezebox? How much do you think the Mdac is worth on as new condition with the remote? (Black model) Thanks in advance guys & girls it's good to be back :)
  9. How would it all hook up without the amp?
  10. We have moved to a new house in the last few weeks and although it's bigger I've given up my old music room/dining which was a garage conversion to my specs. The new house has a garage but I may not keep it and will rely on quality audio in my computer room via my headphones. All my music is on a Nas in flac format what do I keep and what do i sell? Do I need a new high end sound card for my PC? This is my exciting kit - Squeezebox Touch Audiolab Mdac Arcam A85 amp Dali Mentor Menuets Speakers will remain boxed up.
  11. Enjoy it's a great album and it's even better seeing them perform it live.
  12. Our first Wigwam show done. Throughly enjoyed it, travelled down from Cheshire on the Saturday and stayed at the Bates motel.(Six Pillars) Some great systems and sound quality demonstrated, hope you all liked being introduced to Catfish and the Bottlemen and their debut album - The Balcony. Roll on Cheshire show in June. Wayne
  13. thoroughly enjoyed it, travelled down from Cheshire on the Saturday and stayed at the Bates motel. Some great systems and sound quality demonstrated, hope you all liked being introduced to Catfish and the Bottlemen and their debut album - The Balcony. Roll on Cheshire show in June. Wayne
  14. I have just purchased a Belden 1694a base coaxial cable to replce my Cambridge Audio once and I'm also looking to replace my QED QUNEX rca cables. I was originally going for this LC1 based cable from but they charge £10.95 for shipping and the cable is only £22.00. Can anyone recommend any other reasonably cheap cables that are UK based as BJC are in the US. Thanks