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  1. it is surprisingly good for such a (relatively) inexpensive piece of kit. Reassuringly robustly built as well. I hope Loti has many years of happy listening using it
  2. bump and price drop £40 including postage (UK only)
  3. Price drop nice basic audio mains plug, works very well with beginner setups and TV/AV systems
  4. Price drop, bit of a mains cable bargain this. Never mind the quality… feel the WIDTH… Get this bad boy in your system
  5. totally agree, it's nuts that somebody hasn't snapped this up.
  6. in my opinion, yes, it's worth spending the extra. Plus with an Aries mini you can put a hard drive in it and have it as network attached storage which is readable across your system. It also works really well plugged into a better DAC, so much so that I kept mine for years before upgrading (and I tend to upgrade far too often (ask my wife)). You will get something you can listen to for less money, don't get me wrong. It's just whether that's good enough for what you want or do you want something better?
  7. open to reasonable offers