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  1. I love headphones how do you rate the sine ?
  2. hixy

    Bluetooth adapter recommendactions

    I have an AK junior but I think the Bluetooth is not great.I will give it a try.
  3. hixy

    Bluetooth adapter recommendactions

    That's the Logitech clone but half the price ?
  4. hixy

    Bluetooth adapter recommendactions

    Thank you both
  5. I'm after a cheap Bluetooth adapter I can plug into my amp and stream to please.Something that can stream ldac or hdx
  6. Get yourself a second hand rega.There a great and simple way to start.
  7. hixy

    Upgrading a Rega P2

    Thank you.
  8. hixy

    Upgrading a Rega P2

    Hello, i have a Rega P2 is it worth upgrading the bearing and replacing the plastic hub bearing with something more substantial and replacing the motor with the dc 24-volt motor. Or would I be better off buying something else secondhand? mick
  9. hixy

    USB to SPDIF converters. Am I missing something?

    I have one of these its the dogs dangleys and never missed a beat.It allows me to connect my pc to my Beresford .http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-to-S-PDIF-Interface-Audio-Converter-Coaxial-Optical-PCM-AC3-DTS-24bit-192kHz-/262434259637?hash=item3d1a4d02b5:g:SWkAAOSw-0xYdKhc
  10. hixy

    WANTED Exposure x

    Hello has anybody got one of these they would like to part with.
  11. hixy

    Behringer a500 better than a t amp

    Thank you Jerry. I would like a more dynamic sounding amp I will see if it's still available
  12. hixy

    Explain headroom

    Thanks again Serge.
  13. hixy

    Explain headroom

    Thank you.So as I dont listen at loud levels .A 200 watt amp would be of no benefit to me over a 50 watt amp.
  14. hixy

    Explain headroom

    Can someone explain how headroom in an amp affects sound at low volumes.
  15. hixy

    Behringer a500 better than a t amp

    Thanks again Serge