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  1. lordmortlock

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Cheers Nick! Yep, building work all done and it was well worth it, it’s made for a lovely space. Hope you’re well, living vicariously through your speaker adventures btw ... very very cool
  2. lordmortlock

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Cheers chaps. They’re 18w Peter, which is plenty for the XL horns.
  3. lordmortlock

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    After a year experimenting with solid state (pm4, audio sector, lfd and crayon audio) time to go back to valves. I took a bit of a chance on these, as they were in Ukraine, but Andrii of Legendary audio went the extra mile and did a wonderful job on packaging, so they landed pretty much as they left him bar a couple of minor issues. I bought blind, but had been reccomended the Phase Style ltd (PhaSt) brand by a Russian audio acquaintance many years ago, so saw these and pulled the trigger. I’m really glad that I did. Think Almarro on steroids ... hugely clean and transparent, wonderful top end and a massive-sound. Zero valve colouration but they have that wonderful texture and decay that the best valve amps do so well. If anything they might be too clean - I plan to have a play with some signal valves to bring in a touch more mid range warmth. They sound excellent with either the Welford or the matching PhaSt pre, with the former underpinning the sound with better bass reproduction but the Phase Style line stage has the most tremendous width and height. Early days, of course, but I think these will be here for a while, with the Crayon audio cfa-1 on vinyl duties via tape out, as it has a first class built in phonostage. That way I can switch it in on warm days, rather than using the class A PhaSt units and being forced to listen in my pants. 😬
  4. lordmortlock

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Very weird - defo using your email address! Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling great, be brill if you could keep me in touch 👍🏼
  5. lordmortlock

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Evening Mike, I’ve sent you a few pms and emails about my purchase of the adc cart and you’re not replying. Not like you at all mate, what’s going on please?
  6. lordmortlock

    FS. Soundkaos Wave 40 speakers

    Beautiful Nick! By all accounts they’re quite wonderful.
  7. lordmortlock

    Remote controls that rot!

    I experienced this with the back of my Logitech harmony controllers. I painted them with a couple of coats of clear matt varnish. Made them a bit more pleasant to use.
  8. Having owned this variety of amp on four separate accessions I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be churlish not to own it for a fifth time. Please do drop me a line if you’re considering parting with yours. Most kind. 😊
  9. lordmortlock

    Could mods please move as sold... Thanks

    Absolutely into bargain territory now at this price. I’m weirdly wedded to my XL horns at the moment else these’d be sold.
  10. lordmortlock


    He certainly is. Hope you’re well Robin!
  11. lordmortlock

    Opus 21 CD player/dac

    Yep, Coax in on the back to use as a dac. Also, use the DIN out to bypass the volume control if you’re using a pre or integrated, it sounds a touch better.
  12. lordmortlock

    Wanted - A valve Power Amplifier

    As relevant as ever, congratulations.
  13. lordmortlock

    Wanted - A valve Power Amplifier

    Dont worry mate, the comment was meant to make you laugh rather than sell your amp! Yeah, be interesting to see what comes up. Like I say, no mad rush.
  14. Very happy with my crayon audio integrated but I’ve bought a Gordon Welford preamp for a play, and it’s clearly pretty special, so I’d like to hear a good valve power amp with it. High power SET would be ideal, silver facia essential, something like Ian’s triode corp 845 but smaller, as at 460 x 440 that’s too big for the top of my cabinet. I’m thinking Art Audio (Are you reading Brook, come on mate time you had a change ), EAR, line Magnetic, that kind of thing. It’ll need to be 15w min I think, as my old 300b didn’t quite do the business with the XL horns. No mad rush, I’d like to get this purchase right, so bear with me if I appear picky.
  15. lordmortlock

    Starting over

    Good to hear you’re well mate! All good here thanks, still with the XLs, they suit us really well at the moment as we’ve now got a little boy, Leo, and I’m much happier with the idea of him pulling himself up on those than my old Odeons or some other multi £k speaker! I don’t miss the Rigolettos too much tbh, wonderful treble but the bass was too heavy for my room and they had that slightly recessed midrange. Running the horns with either an LFD zero 3 or a crayon cfa-1 integrated. Just bought Rabskis old Gordon Welford pre for a play so need a power amp to do that justice really. Source wise I have a child friendly TT (sl10) and finally found a good lampi dac At a price I could justify, so job done for digital. Interested to see what you end up with mate! I’ll keep an eye out for anything tasty.