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  1. And there’s a man who knows how live a happy, easy life!
  2. Have you considered getting them wrapped? Brook of this parish did a fantastic job with some speakers last year and they looked great. A nice cost effective way to alter the finish.
  3. A quick update on this and a massive thank you to Matt for responding to my post. l’m now the proud owner of a near minty SL-7 with original box, manual, transit screws and even the original tools! 😄 Brilliant, thank you again. Glad I put a wanted ad up!
  4. There’s been a few posts like this on various forums over the last few years, and I’ve had a similar experience moving more to headphone listening this year ... too lazy to pop upstairs to grab a head amp or dac and had a lovely old time listening directly from my iPhone into Shure cans. That said, is ‘cheap’ the right word to use here? iPhones and iPads are actually pretty expensive, and that’s even factoring in the mass manufacture. Huge, huge investment goes into the R&D - hundreds of millions of pounds more then would ever be committed to a Hifi project, and the dac chips per se are household names in Hifi circles ... wolfson, cirrus etc. Imagine how much say, Naim, would have to justify charging for an iPhone 11! It’s a moot point, they just couldn’t design it. So maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised when these devices actually sound pretty darn good. They aren’t hifi products, sure, but super-designed state of the art electronics made by some of the biggest companies in the world. Looking at it like that and spinning the OP on its head for a moment - I guess we should actually be more surprised if we plugged them in and they sounded crap! 😁
  5. Wow, I remember you selling up to go. Has it really been three years? That’s mad!
  6. If there’s a better looking amplifier out there I don’t want to know about it. Just stunning.
  7. Thanks Matt, pm sent, although I might not need the cart as I have a312 already. No worries at all Iain, I’ll drop Mike a pm too. I don’t need two, so go for the one I don’t buy
  8. As per the above. I’ve been using an SL-10 very happily for a couple of years now and I’d like to add an SL-7 to the stable. Be great to hear from you if you have one for sale.
  9. Another VOC for Tim. Hope you’re enjoying the dac sir. Is it me or do these seem really cheap? I’ve never seen this level of ARC kit at this price before.
  10. Amperex Sold, Thanks G A bump and a price adjustment on the two headphone amp/dacs. Now £30 and £40 respectively plus postage - very good they are too.