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  1. peteAllen

    Classical Club album#3 - Scheherazade, Reiner

    I'm a fan of the Reiner recording. For an excellent and more modern rendering, try Gergiev:
  2. For sale, a Chord Hugo in silver, great condition, barely used (which is why I'm reluctantly selling). As you probably know this is a fantastic portable DAC, preamp and headphone amplifier rolled into one, which punches well above its weight. Includes the beautiful black leather case, original box, charger. This is the later revision of the original Hugo that has RCA terminals which are more friendly than the originals. £800 plus postage or pickup from St Albans. UK only.
  3. peteAllen

    SALE Vitus Audio RS-100 Power Amp

    Price now reduced to £5400!
  4. peteAllen

    SALE Vitus Audio RS-100 Power Amp

    Price reduction (new price has been updated on first post)!
  5. peteAllen

    SALE Vitus Audio RS-100 Power Amp

    I would guess (s)he'd pose as the real owner and ask them for a bank transfer or similar.
  6. peteAllen

    SALE Vitus Audio RS-100 Power Amp

    Some scammer has created an ad with my photos: Needless to say, don't try to buy that one! I've looked at some other items from that website and they're also from the wam's sale section (some already marked as sold here) Any ideas what I can do?
  7. peteAllen

    SALE Vitus Audio RS-100 Power Amp

    Price reduced
  8. peteAllen

    SALE Vitus Audio RS-100 Power Amp

    It's now on ebay but it's cheaper here...
  9. peteAllen

    SALE Vitus Audio RS-100 Power Amp

    Still looking for a new home... could be your home?
  10. peteAllen

    Getting into Lightroom / Creative Cloud

    Ah yes, with a laptop you really need to back up all important files. I'm a bit wary of automated backups unless they don't synchronise on top of existing files - the reason being that if you accidentally delete or edit a file, unless you notice before the backup, it would then be propagated to the backup version too. It's also worth backing up the "catalog" (that's what i meant by project earlier). By the way, in LR there is an option in the Import process to make a second copy to a backup location. Might be a simpler, good alternative to daily backups, but I'd still recommend an occasional full backup of the files so that you include edits etc.
  11. peteAllen

    Getting into Lightroom / Creative Cloud

    Welcome to the world of LR! It's great for library management, and lossless tweaking, but I would always use Photoshop for real editing. (Have a read of this interesting article by Ming Thein). In terms of backup, I have to admit I keep the files on my ssd for speed, and occasionally back up to a Seagate Backup Plus ( SSD is essential for fast viewing and editing of course. Also, to prevent the LR project from becoming too big (and slow), I tend to archive it on every version and use a fresh empty one going forward. So if I want to see old images I open up a separate LR project that covers that era. This could be done every year. It's also really worth getting a decent card reader (they are very cheap) rather than using the camera usb or wifi.
  12. peteAllen

    SALE Vitus Audio RS-100 Power Amp

    Some pretty photos now added
  13. peteAllen

    Organ Music Demonstration Recordings - what's your best?

    Thoroughly recommend this recording I just bought in hires off qobuz: Organ Music Before Bach. Wonderful stuff, and top sound quality: Video to promote the release: