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  1. Recently came across robot koch savannah joe particle fields. Reminds me of Nils Frahm. The remixed album Reimagined is pretty good too.
  2. I have used an app on my phone. No feedback detected so it must be caused by the room. Still not worth trying the Denon DL-103r? I am also happy to get a new stylus for the Grado.
  3. This happened to me with a Denon DL-160 a few years ago. I feel your pain, even now.
  4. I'll post a pic of where the TT is in relation to the speakers but moving the TT isn't really an option. To be honest, it sounds fine up to a normal volume but it looses composure just above normal listening levels. The volume on the dac can keep going up. The speakers are old, the TT paint is flakey but it sounds good. https://photos.app.goo.gl/9icKawNUpGwKULhc9 Maybe a new stylus is the way forward. Could someone provide a stylus compatible link? I think its the Grado Gold stylus? If I got a new stylus, is the Trichord NC being under utilised with a MM cart? Many thanks already for previous replies.
  5. Ah, I thought the damper was used to reduce the feedback from speakers and other external sources.
  6. Hi all, I am currently using a Grado F1+ on my Technics 1210 with Trichord Dino NC phono stage. I am thinking of getting a Denon DL-103r so I can utilise the MC settings on my Dino. Will this be a worthy upgrade? As to the sound I like - I have a Audio Technica AT95e that I like the sound of. I did not get on with the AT 440MLB, finding it a bit too clinical and I have played around with the settings of the Dino. I like the fuller sound of the Grado. Another upgrade I am planning is to get the KAB fluid damper as the TT is next to the speaker and there is feedback of bass into the cartridge. Is the DL-103R the right choice? Many thanks, Lee
  7. Hi all, Has anyone got one going spare that I could purchase? Kind regards, Lee
  8. Hi, Very interested in this thread and will take time to listen to these suggestions. It took me many years when into my Psy phase to realise that this music was out there but not really located in a particular place (just clicked Twinspots suggestion 2 posts up. Thats the stuff, nowhere to be found 15 years ago except live. I asked for years, no-one knew where to get it). I can offer Plumb line - Pinpoints Bola - Soup (already suggested) Author - Author Eat static - Back to earth (I think very chilled) I will be back when I can link up my hard disk and find some other stuff. Memory is a bit hazy.
  9. Hmmmm, the link goes ti some vigilink US website, but I get the picture. I'll have look at amazon and I still have the old phone. If I sold the G3, I would probably get only a few quid so I plan to keep hold of the G3. Originally for the boys to watch movies in the car. Now to listen to radio. Many thanks for the clarification. Best regards.
  10. Hi Serge, I just got a contract that allows only 3 gig of data. I like to listen to Rdio 4 to and from work.
  11. Bugger, I had read that Samsung had the hardware that was disabled but then reenabled during a software update.The issue is finding an app that will work. ALL seem only to play streaming radio, even though I type in FM only. The hard part is finding the right app. If I had known this, I would have stuck to LG who had their own built in FM app. I go over crystal palace which, unbelievably, is one of the only places where the signal cuts out. I'm pretty sure the hardware is in there and functioning. Others have mentioned using SpiritRadio app for rooted phones but I cannot use this app unless my phone is rooted?
  12. Hi, I have a new Samsung Galaxy S7 and like to listen to the radio on the way to work. Anyone know of an analogue only app? I have tried, and failed. Many thanks all, Lee
  13. 100g chocolat nibs soaked in 100g Vodka for a week with 3 vanilla pods. Added before bottling. 15g cocoa powder with 15 mins to go in the boil. In the bottles now carbing up.