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  1. tintin

    Speaker dustcovers

    Fortunately my kids are older and I don’t have to worry about them damaging the speakers. More interested in their devices and see me as a bit of a dinosaur! Purely a simple dust cover is all that’s required. The dressmaker/curtain maker sounds ideal. I’ll definitely look into this option. Thanks for the tips.
  2. tintin

    Speaker dustcovers

    Hi All. I’m looking for dustcovers to be made to slip on and off our floorstanding speakers. Something like the covers supplied by Sonus Faber when purchasing their speakers. Had a thought of just approaching a dressmaker with some material? Or has any other wammers had some made or have recommended manufacturers? Thanks.
  3. tintin

    Yay! It's Indyref2

    Here we go again. So much for the once in a generation piss they spouted at the last one.
  4. Head past Loch Lomond but carry on the A82 and take A83 over Rest and Be Thankful, great view and even a snack bar at the top. Carry on past and head down to Loch Fyne Oyster Bar, good food, good beer and views over the Loch. Can be busy but worth a stop.
  5. Thats another one gone…. Earth Wind and Fire founder and singer/songwriter Maurice White died peacefully aged 74. Seemingly had been suffering from Parkinson's disease in later life.
  6. Lexus sc430, Heres one, http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201511028360983?search-target=usedcars&sort=default&onesearchad=used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew&price-to=5500&postcode=PA2%209LL&body-type=convertible&page=1&radius=1500&make=lexus&price-from=5000&logcode=p or this one http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201601029770431?price-from=5000&postcode=pa29ll&page=1&price-to=5500&sort=default&radius=1500&body-type=convertible&onesearchad=used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew&make=lexus&search-target=usedcars&logcode=p
  7. tintin

    jolly happy new year

    Sorry to hear about this Brook as only six months ago to the day I was in the exactly same position as yourself and sadly my mother passed away too. Has brought a tear to my eye as I think of her passing last year. Greatly missed.
  8. tintin

    Sony HAP Z1ES

    I have two very good cd players and the Sony beats both of them. Only thing that might put you off is no digital input but I didn't require one. Has an excellent app so i just use my iPad or phone to operate. Sound is excellent in my view but loads of people won't touch it because it has a Sony badge on it!
  9. tintin

    Gas mask?

    Just wait till the nappies come along, they're the business. Amazing what smells are wrapped up in them….
  10. tintin

    Clarkson 'suspended'

    Looks like they're going to cancel the rest of the series according to the BBC news. Bummer, was always a good distraction from putting the kids to bed.
  11. tintin

    central heating boilers on prescription

    Shouldn't have reacted and I fell for it. Didn't help that the missus had arrived home pretty late that night from another long day.
  12. tintin

    central heating boilers on prescription

    My wife's a gp, you couldn't be more out of touch mate. As for backhanders and bungs
  13. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00O0U37HO/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me= Wifi music receiver. One of these is what you need. CJR is your man on this. He swears by it. There was a thread on it here. http://www.hifiwigwam.com/showthread.php?113293-Want-to-run-an-Iphone-(5S-and-Spotify-Premium)-to-my-Amp-Airplay-DAC-%A350&highlight=neet+airstream Bargain at £30
  14. tintin

    looking for a new cd/sacd with usb input?

    Yamaha cd-s3000, would slot in with your existing Yamaha pre/power