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  1. rdale

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    I tend to believe that anything with a background of graph paper is scientific and must be true.
  2. Both FLAC and ALAC are completely lossless. You can convert a WAV file to FLAC or ALAC, and then back to WAV again. There will be no differences between the PCM data in the original WAV file and the PCM data in the WAV that was recovered from the ALAC or FLAC versions.
  3. rdale

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    The implementation of the filters in HQPlayer is different, and just because it can have a million taps and upscale to the same frequencies as the Chord doesn't mean it is the same. I can't say I've personally heard either.
  4. rdale

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    I don't think anything in that link contradicts what I said. This sentence is misleading in my opinion: "Still, there is no reason to have this antiquated architecture. Using asynchronous mode USB, the DAC can set the cadence using a high-performance clock and force the source, in this case a computer or streamer, to follow it." All the DAC clock is used for is flow control, the USB packets still arrive in bursts at 8khz with timing entirely unrelated to the DAC's clock. The data rate that of Chord upscaler is much higher than normal red book 44.1kz over USB, and you are implying they made some kind of design error by using S/PDIF, but knowing the quality of Chord's engineering I think probably not.
  5. rdale

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    S/PDIF doesn't produce inherently higher jitter than USB, it is entirely up to the implementations of each interface.
  6. rdale

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    I don't think saying '1M taps is purely based on available processing power of the FPGA' is correct. Rob Watts had a vision about 30 years ago of what would be possible in terms of reconstructing the original analog waveform from a 16 bit PCM stream if you had 1 million taps. At the time he never thought that it would be possible. Now 30 years later with a huge amount of experience in developing his particular type of complex filtering he was able to implement his vision. It didn't just happen because powerful FPGAs are now available although they are obviously part of the implementation. His filtering involves developing giant amounts of Verilog code to configure the FPGA to take advantage of the parallel processing possibilities it has. What exactly are 'better measuring speakers' anyway. More dynamics? More linear? More even dispersion? And how do you compare that with a better DAC implementation.
  7. rdale

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    Do you think the claim of 'a million taps' is subjective?
  8. "PM hears but, presumably, only reads although as a foo salesman perhaps he largely switches off when voices other than his own are speaking." I've no idea what this means.
  9. "... And timbre may also be correctly pronounced just like timber as \TIM-ber\." https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/timbre
  10. rdale

    Power (watt)

    No my Klipschs haven't arrived yet - they've been stuck in Madrid since last Sunday. I am expecting them to have a loud dynamic sound in my quite small room even with my 5 watt Glow Amp One, but won't know for sure until I hear them. It isn't easy to say what will give the best dynamic sound. Not all speakers are dynamic no matter how powerful the amp driving them is. Complex crossovers can cause dynamic compression. Dynamic speakers sound dynamic at low listening levels too. High efficiency speakers often sound more dynamic than average efficiency speakers. Good quality valve amps sound more dynamic than average quality solid state amplifiers even when they have lower maximum power output.
  11. Yes I think you've nailed it there. Paul McGowan was very careful to qualify what he said, but those 'subtle bits' seem to have gone right over head of the deaf cockwomble.
  12. rdale

    Power (watt)

    The Klipsch RP-600M is actually the speaker I have on order after the rave review by Steve Guttenberg. They are actually 96db/watt and can handle massive amounts of power as well, which sounds too good to be true - but I'm looking forward to hearing them for myself. I was going to spend about 3000 pounds on a Leben or PrimaLuna amp, but I thought for a fifth the money I could get the Kilpschs and get the same increase in loudness and dynamics compared with my current Tannoy Autograph Minis. I look forward to hearing what you think of your new amp compared with the Technics.
  13. rdale

    Power (watt)

    I think you can only get HiFi experience by trying things out, and gasolin's experiment does sound interesting. I've been looking up the Technics SU-8600 and it looks like a nice vintage amp. I would expect the Technics to beat the Subzero, but that a good 35 watt/channel valve amp would sound better and more dynamic than both with gasolin's quite small speakers. But the great thing about HiFi is that your preconceptions are often wrong, and maybe the Subzero will sound great - I'm looking forward to hearing how about how it sounds. I've got a 5 watt/channel amp which I'm finding isn't powerful enough (surprise!), and I'm hoping to solve it by getting more efficient speakers (96 db/watt) rather than a more powerful amp. My Klipschs were supposed to arrive today but didn't turn up. If you want more dynamic sound I don't think you can just throw more amplifier power at an averagely dynamic speaker. Efficient speakers, like my soon to arrive Klipschs I hope, tend to have more 'jump factor' apart from anything else.
  14. Ah interesting! I think the 2Qute (and Qutest probably) need some tweaking to sound their best. I have an mcru linear psu powering mine, with an ifi nano iusb 3.0/Nordost Heimdall combination for input which might explain our different opinions depending what is driving your 2Qute.
  15. I switched from a Marantz CD7 to a 2Qute after the Marantz broke down, and I think the Chord sounds better. I didn't like early digital much and the Marantz was the first CD player I owned that got even close to my vinyl front end. But the 2Qute sounds more like I imagine the master tape to sound than the CD7.