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  1. rdale

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    The people who post on this forum are mostly highly experienced listeners and are perfectly capable of trying out changes to their systems such as cables, different valves etc. and making up their own minds. There isn't "a high probability of placebo effects", or otherwise we would have no ability to perceive improvements in our systems as trained listeners, and the whole HiFi hobby would be a bit pointless. All a blind test is supposed to do is tell if two things are different anyway, which isn't much good if what you are really trying to do is to tell which of one or more options is better than the others in the context of your system.
  2. Thanks for that. I think it's a good idea to have a second earth wire going to the phono stage. If I do that I can try attaching it to different places on the chassis, starting with the part that the arm mounting plate attaches to, and see if it stops the crackles when I squeeze a Zerostat at the platter.
  3. I've got a problem with static build up with my Gyrodek with Orbe platter. After I've played a few records, when I take a record off the platter there are sometimes lots of load crackles and pops. If I use my Zerostat and point it at the platter without a record on it, when I let the trigger lever out, I get the same crackles and pops, but I think it does discharge the built up of static. A couple of years ago I got my SME V serviced and also replaced the phono cable with a Nordost Heimdall 2 at the same time, and I think this static problem must have originated when I made that change as I can't remember having it before. The earth from the phone cable is attached one of the four bolts that holding the SME to the circular mounting plate with a nut and looks very secure. The bushes between the mounting plate and the Gyrodek chassis are the nylon or plastic sort, not the metal ones. The Nordost earth wire is correctly attached to the earthing point on my Pure Sound P10 phono amp. Has anyone got any ideas on what might be wrong?
  4. James Randi knows a absolutely nothing about HiFi and listening to cables, if you are referring to him as your HiFi cable listening guru you have zero credibility with me.
  5. Hah! I'm pretty sure that CAT8 in itself is unlikely to be a magic bullet.
  6. As far as I'm concerned a good part of the fun of the HiFi hobby is talking about 'the supposed benefits of random HiFi tweaks'. I find people who regard the whole thing as a science experiment going on about abx tests etc seem to have a different hobby that I've no interest in. The Wireworld cable designer talks about why he thinks the CAT8 standard is good for audio purposes: https://www.audiostream.com/content/wireworld-starlight-cat8-ethernet-cable FWIW I've personally standardised on audioquest cinnamon Ethernet cables which they call CAT7.
  7. Being a small single ended valve amp guy, I certainly prefer the clarity and smoothness of little endian transmission of bytes.
  8. rdale

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    I gave a pair of KZ ZSA earphones and Shangling M0 DAC to my niece as a Christmas present. I told her that I had replaced the original cable with a KZ upgrade and the eartips with Final type Es, because the earphones were 'too bright' otherwise. She asked me what 'bright' meant, and I think I said too much treble and 'hot'. I was surprised that well educated normal people don't know anything about the terms we routinely use to describe the sound quality we hear.
  9. I've got a white pair of LS50 wireless and a white R400b sub and they are a great visual match - they look as if they were made for each other. I'm using mine in a large room too - 10m x 4m - and the system goes seriously loud. I've set the LS50s to cut off at 70 Hz, and the sub to come in below 70 Hz. That means the LS50s can be more dynamic and go louder as they no longer have to go below 70 Hz. It would be nice if KEF officially supported the combo and gave some guidance about the best crossover frequencies to use and so on. I think they recommend the Kube sub lower down the range, but I think the R400b is worth the extra and you can't get the Kubes in white AFAIK.
  10. rdale

    Cable question (groan)

    OK, sorry - there isn't a way of distinguishing between a singular 'you' and a collective 'you' as in 'you all' in english. But obviously we were agreeing on it being a bad idea, and for me no reason to diss Duelund cables.
  11. rdale

    Cable question (groan)

    I put it to you that the quote 'I paid ~400 USD for my meter' in the article to measure ohms might possibly mean that it is indeed a dumb idea.
  12. rdale

    Cable question (groan)

    You need to ask forgot-my-id about that, he seems to be on an anti-Duelund thing because he thinks he can make their resistors cheaper. I would assume Duelund resistors would be mostly used in crossovers, but I might be wrong.
  13. rdale

    Cable question (groan)

    Is there such a thing as DIY resistor construction? Can you point to any articles about how to do it?
  14. rdale

    Cable question (groan)

    +1 from me for Duelund cables - I use them for both interconnects and speaker cables too. At 10 pounds a metre for the speaker cable, recommended to be used without plugs, it is as cheap as a budget cable, and so you can't really go wrong in trying it if you got valve amps and efficient speakers particularly. Interesting comment about the Duelund power cables - I just had a look on HiFi Collective and they are doing a kit for less that 50 pounds which I'm quite tempted to try with my amp.
  15. rdale

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    The two panels either side of the equipment stand are GIK Impression Series Digiwave 150 mm deep.: https://gikacoustics.co.uk/product/impression-150mm-bass-trap-diffusor-absorber/ The grey panel in the middle is two Vicoustic DC2 Multifusers, and the thing that looks like an eye is a GIK Gotham 2d quadratic diffuser.