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  1. Thank you Pat for a hassle free transaction
  2. Hi guys,I have four mid and high end cables for sale. I have original boxes for two of themTransparent Audio MusicLink Ultra interconnect MM1(1 metre RCA) in good condition. The sweet spot of Transparent audio interconnect cable range. One of the best hi-end cables Selling £SOLD delivered in the UKAnalysis Plus Power Oval2(10awg 1.8M long ohno cast copper cable) original box. It is fitted with UK furutech 1363(G) plug with AMR hi-end fuse and top of the range wattgate 350i IEC. Very musical power cable with well controlled bass. Top power cable. Selling £SOLD delivered in the ukJPS Ultra interconnect(1M RCA in original box) very good condition. A very detailed and well balanced sounding interconnect from a well respected high end cable manufacturer. If you have a mid budget system you'd love this cable for what it does. £40 delivered in the ukSynergistic Alpha sterling RCA interconnect(2M length). A very good cable for mid budget system from a well respected American cable manufacturer. £50 deliveredPlease send me PM with your email address If you require pics. I just couldn't remember how to upload pics Many thanks
  3. Hi Folks, Looking for Shunyata Taipan Alpha power cable 1.8M in length preferable with uk 3pin plug Cheers Wale
  4. Wanted - Schuko or US plug wanted

    You have a PM
  5. Thank you Graham for a hassle free transaction. You are a star! Anyone out there thinking of buying one of the amps or CD player Graham is selling. Please, buy with confidence...I've seen and heard them, all in mint condition and sounds heavenly
  6. [ATTACH]13663[/ATTACH][ATTACH]13664[/ATTACH]
  7. Hi folks, I'm selling my beloved CJ premier 18LS preamp, a very musical preamp that had served me very well driving my GamuT D200 MKII beautifully. I'm only selling as I've upgraded to a Conrad Johnson valve preamp. The preamp is in near mint condition the only minor thing is that the letters on the metal remote are fading a little. This of course does not affect its functions. The preamp comes with the original box, manual, remote and stock power cord. I would like £SOLDinclusive of courier within the Uk but would actually prefer pickup from Liverpool Many thanks for looking
  8. For Sale - for sale : 2 x mains leads

    Hi Alan, payment made via PPG. Thanks
  9. I'm selling my 2yr old iPad 2 64gb wifi and 3G unlocked. This was given to me as a gift, therefore, comes with my name engraved on the back. The iPad is in a near mint condition apart from a little dent in one corner which is hardly noticeable unless you look for it.The iPad is working perfectly running iOS 7 smoothly and comes with its original box and apple 30 pin charger. I will also include original Apple cover with it. I'm asking for £240 incl next day RMSD Thanks for looking