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  1. No, but a very comprehensive data book for this tester is available to download online. Just google Avo Mk1 valve data, or....
  2. Selling this lovely old Avo Valve-tester, hopefully to someone who can repair and restore this wonderful piece of Valve history. There are a surprising amount still out there, being used by enthusiasts. This one powers-up, but that's about it, so i am selling it as not working and for spares or repair. £165 plus post
  3. Selling this simple Isotek mains conditioner. Isotek Instructions state, to provide a cleaner mains supply, just plug it into a socket, close to noisy appliances e.g.washing machines/ central heating pumps, kitchen appliances etc. I found it easier to use in a spare socket, next to my hifi sockets. Very little use, ....... £45 including postage NOW REDUCED TO £35 inclusive...SOLD
  4. A lovely pair of vintage GE 211 Valves, brought in from the States last year and used sparingly since. They were Amplitrex-tested 'Strong', prior to shipping from the USA and their values were recorded. They recorded GM's of 4160 and 4200, where 3500-4000 is considered 'Good' They have been used in my Cyber mono-blocks, for about 40 hours since. They offer superb dynamics and that wonderful 1940's/50's vintage sound, which cannot be equaled by modern manufacturers. If anyone is interested enough to make the journey, they can still be heard powering my Cyber monos. Shropshire based and collection and demo preferred, otherwise will send by the buyer's choice of courier. £360 or nearest insured post
  5. Selling my Perreaux 80i integrated amp with remote control. Extremely versatile, with many connection-options including USB, phono and optical. Plenty of good reviews on the net. Superb sounding, with 80W of power. It is also equipped with an asynchronous USB DAC A conservative 9/10 for condition, with original box and packaging. Highly regarded at the release-time by Audio Emotion. To replace today would cost around £2650 New amp forces sale...a bargain at £950 . Collection and demo welcomed here in Shropshire, or will send by insured courier at cost. Review...
  6. The article seems to make sense. Taking in the evening would help to eradicate the early morning spikes in blood pressure, which are quite common and can be dangerous. My particular tablet is a channel blocker and can be taken with or without food and the only stipulation is, that it is taken at the same time each day. If a dose is missed, then move onto the next day. I used to take my tab at 8.00 am. I have now staggered my dosage-times over a week, so that I now take my medication at 7.00 pm and I monitor my blood pressure twice a day, mornings and evenings.. So far, there is a huge improvement in that morning spike and up to now, no other side effects..
  7. Hi Mike I'm going to try the 390 first, then who knows where that will take me?