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  1. johnandvirginia

    MSB S200

    Can’t believe you are selling this, Phil. Good luck with the sale.
  2. johnandvirginia

    For Sale - FOR SALE: Tom Evans The Vibe Mk. 1.5 "Phoenix" + Pulse

    Sorry. This has now sold.
  3. Beginning the painful experience of reducing the box count! I bought this from AAnvil Audio in September 2013. It is in beautiful, as new, condition forming part of my treasured system. It produces remarkable results but needs a good aerial. I have powered this with the VBS but this is not necessary as it has its own table top PSU. For anyone wishing to use it with a VBS or LNS I will supply the necessary mains cord. I am asking £525 + courier (this is less than half the new price.) The FM1 is now discontinued of course.
  4. johnandvirginia

    For Sale - FOR SALE: Tom Evans The Vibe Mk. 1.5 "Phoenix" + Pulse

    Still available. Serious offers considered.
  5. johnandvirginia

    For Sale - Chord hugo: Black

    Now sold
  6. johnandvirginia

    For Sale - Chord hugo: Black

    This brilliant little headphone amp/DAC is for sale because I just have not made sufficient use of it. I purchased this new from Fanthorpes in August last year so it is still under guarantee. It is in mint condition because it has hardly been used and comes in original box + simple manual and all the connecting cords. NOW SOLD
  7. The Vibe Serial No: 000044 Upgrade to Mk. 1.5 28.05.2014 I am reluctantly selling my lovely Tom Evans VIbe pre-amp + Pulse PSU. It is in excellent condition with just one tiny (5mm) scratch on the fascia - looks like an eyelash! - Can't be seen when pre-amp is in situ and you have to look hard to see it anyway. The Vibe + Pulse has formed part of my treasured hi-fi setup and has been looked after with great care. It was upgraded to Mk 1.5 "Phoenix" status on 28th May 2014 - the results were brilliant. If you are looking for a Vibe then you will probably know how good they sound. I can no longer afford the space for the Vibe + Pulse and am reverting to the Sugden LA-4 which seems to suit my system in a similar way to the Vibe. This is an expensive buy new - and small dealers are charging around £2600 for a pre-owned Vibe + Pulse in a similar condition. £1850 + courier (although it would be preferable to collect from Essex - just off M25.)
  8. johnandvirginia

    Getting the best from Diablos

    Thanks for that Jazid. I will give this a great deal of thought.
  9. johnandvirginia

    Getting the best from Diablos

    First demonstration of the Focals I had was with a Vitus amp - unbelievable sound!
  10. johnandvirginia

    Getting the best from Diablos

    Hi Keith. Diablos sensitivity quoted as 89db, frequency response 44Hz - 40kHz,Nominal impedance 8 Ohms,minimal impedance 4 Ohms recommended amp power 25 - 200 W. But I believe they are very fussy! Thanks.
  11. johnandvirginia

    Getting the best from Diablos

    My recent purchase of a Tom Evans Vibe + Pulse has proved really successful. So much so that I would like to consider changing my Plinius P10 power amp for the Tom Evans Linear A. Would a problem arise with my speakers, Focal Diablos, which seem to need careful matching. Does anyone have any experience of the Linear A? Would 25w A class get the best our of the Diablos? Thanks for any help.
  12. johnandvirginia

    Tom Evans Vibe upgrade

    I was pretty impressed with the pre-upgraded Vibe. I had loved my Sugden LA-4 Masterclass and feel that the two pre-amps are quite similar in character. Today my Vibe arrived back from Tom Evans. It now has a sticker on its bottom stating that it has been upgraded to 1.5 The problem with upgrades is that you can't go back to the original for comparison; memory has to suffice and memory is a pretty poor method of making comparisons - my memory particularly!! So, is the 1.5 upgrade a Phoenix? I think it's brilliant. Instruments are more separated and everything seems to have taken on a new clarity. I am hearing tiny nuances that were not there before. The piano notes on Jeremy Sassoon's "Things we've handed down" are still bell-like but now have a greater density. Yet there is somehow an overall gentle touch to the music. Percussion is drier with more "snap" as can be heard in a track such as September by Rebekka Bakken. Here there is a repeated drum sequence just before the 4th beat in each bar. It's not obtrusive but you are aware that it is there pushing the music forward. Summing up I would say that my system retains its gentle touch on the music but has gained a precision and clarity which was not there before. Now all I have to do is sell the Suggie!!....................
  13. johnandvirginia

    Cowon S9 - help in making a connection

    I have recently bought a Cowon S9 MP3 player. I am really impressed with the sound through headphones but would like to play the sound through my Bel Canto system. Does anyone know if it is possible to connect the S9 to the Bel Canto DAC using a connection other than the headphone output? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.