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    AS, Dyna XX2 II
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    Whest 30RDT SE
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  1. CD Tagging

    10cds? That’s a lot of Piazzolla, even for me. 🎶
  2. DIY Cable Risers!!

    Can you make me some gripper rods?
  3. Fab phono stages

    I went Whest. Not necessarily recommending but interested that they’ve not been mentioned.
  4. System enhancement

    Biggest bang for buck is always speakers. I’d look there first.
  5. Converting WAV files to FLAC

    Flac files have to be compressed, you normally have a choice between 1 and 9 if I recall. Just reduces file size, has no impact of data integrity.
  6. Ah, Plotagon. Nice. I like a series of tango videos made on Plotagon, a nice way to take the mick out of up themselves people.
  7. Surprised this has not been shared, again, yet.
  8. DALI owners' thread

    Class A amp + Epicon 6 = perfection. In my room, my music, my ears etc etc.
  9. I know what you mean. Measuring the measurements. And no, I haven't.
  10. Yes. NAD 3020 to MF A1 back in the day. Was it true class A? No matter, and I'm still stuck on that class A feeling.
  11. connections

    Option 2 seems safer.
  12. Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    Bit late I know to pick up on this but as an owner of the AMS35i I can say it's the best amp I've owned or heard. Maybe it's the class A thing but I've never felt that "in the room" experience more than with this amp. Of course it gets well warm, and is beast to manoeuvre. My room is not so large and my speakers seem pretty efficient. Maybe it's a synergy thing. Truly bonkers was the AMS100, I wonder if they ever sold any, I believe they were manufactured to order.
  13. MQA ---- All you Ever Wanted to Know??

    5 years too late. Tidal at hifi quality streams perfectly via my phone to my car system. 20 gig a month for £15 with Virgin, I can't get close to using even half.
  14. RIP Chuck Berry

    Had to get cash up front I believe in later years after being ripped off in the past. Hear his licks all over the place. Just as an aside, who has heard of Link Ray, a real unknown influence on many guitarists, just as much as Chuck?
  15. Dbpoweramp works. Use MP3Tag to fix tags, it's free.