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  1. arturo

    Auralic Aries Mini

    Now moved to the study. Still available. Cheap entry to high quality streaming.
  2. arturo

    Vinyl is a life’s journey

    My son told me whenever he hears Joan Armatrading, Down to Zero, he can smell Sunday lunch. That LP was often on at weekends back in that time. Music is more than the notes, or even the medium.
  3. arturo

    What wireless routers are we using?

    Linksys WRT1900ACS with Virgin Mediahub in modem mode. Linksys RE6500 extender sits behind my VegaG1 so I can easily stream via Ethernet.
  4. Control software adds or detracts from the user experience. LightningDS, the Auralic interface, is about as good as it gets, some report a better experience than Roon. Their Aries Mini is discontinued and can be found for a few hundred quids.
  5. arturo

    Simple system.

    Dali fan here. As for a simple system, I go to my Sony noise cancelling phones, think they’re the wh1000 model but not certain, cost around £300. Open Tidal on my Samsung S9+. Sometimes I think this is all I need.
  6. arturo

    DCT (deep cryogenic treatment)

    2008. Monster Cable v. 4 twisted coat hangers. Result, no audible difference detected by the panel.
  7. arturo

    The ‘end game’?

    Well, this a forum, voluntary, existing mainly for each of us contribute to. No harm done by expressing an opinion I'd say.
  8. arturo

    DCT (deep cryogenic treatment)

    Waiting for the first niobium titanium cable to come to the audiophool market.
  9. arturo

    DCT (deep cryogenic treatment)

    I'm putting my head in my freezer. My cognitive functions will of course be elevated to another level.
  10. arturo

    DCT (deep cryogenic treatment)

    Why is the change always positive? Why doesn’t chucking some wires in the freezer make the sound worse?
  11. arturo

    Adding mass to CDs

    I had one of those, from Ringmat if I recall. Came off inside, had to take the cdp to the manufacturer to get it removed. And why is it that these “tweaks” always result in an improvement, never the other way?
  12. arturo

    DCT (deep cryogenic treatment)

    Whatever happened to Nigel Sheepwash?
  13. arturo

    Bi-wire or single wire?

    Save your cash. Buy music. The only benefit in biwiring is to the guy who sold you twice as much wire as you need.
  14. arturo

    Oh, not cables again...

    £40 seems a reasonable price to pay to scratch the itch. Just moving your speakers, as you’ll have to to swap cable, will probably change the sound 100 times more than changing wires 🙂
  15. arturo

    The ‘end game’?

    My room is actually “our” room so domestic harmony prevails over panels on the ceiling. I’m used to how the room sounds. I live in it. If the bass is too much, on some specific recordings, I just lower the REL. If I feel like recreating a Peter Gabriel concert I raise the volume and the REL. Can’t be bothered to mess around with mikes, computers, software, graphs I don’t understand. Each to his own.