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  1. arturo

    Trader Check

    Para 2, "Hifi Broker is your best choice" Cut and paste failure?
  2. Just discovered “Come on up to the house”, a collection of Tom Waits’ ballads, beautifully arranged, and sung by female singers. Sublime. He could write a melody could Tom, and the lyrics tear at your heart.
  3. “Go and tidy your room!”
  4. BubbleUpNp works on Android to control an Auralic Mini, although getting internet radio is more problematical.
  5. arturo


    Some wire is cheap, some isn’t.
  6. arturo


    Speaker company “works with” cable company to “prove” biwirable speakers sound better biwired. Who’d have thought it?
  7. Shame the UI is UNDOK. Scratchy app that often fails to start up and connect to my Ruark.
  8. Improvement - two thirds of four fifths of f... all.
  9. You will experience whatever improvement you expect to hear.
  10. arturo

    Subwoofer advice

    No. For a fuller explanation check REL website 😁
  11. arturo

    Subwoofer advice

    Hi level connection is recommended by REL for music. Line level is for AV, and had a .1 function.
  12. arturo

    Subwoofer advice

    REL subs are, they claim, not as other subwoofers, more a sub bass system. Nintronics occasionally have graded RELs on offer. My R328 is just wonderful in filling out the music to something approaching the live experience. Feel those low frequencies on you skin, or in your chest if volume allows. You’ll need a solid wall corner to place it, normally behind or to the side of your speakers. The trick is to integrate volume and crossover so you don’t know it’s on but you know when it’s off. Have some fun.
  13. Emotion in music only at the listener's end? Nonsense. Billie Holiday singing Strange Fruit for example. Overwhelming.