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  1. There's a difference between obvious spoofs and actual stuff available to "invest in".
  2. I bought Peter Belt stick on triangles 😥.
  3. Don’t know your speakers but, any money over cost of basic, well made cables, will be better spent on speakers. Your amp is a powerhouse. It deserves the best speakers you can get.
  4. Bugger! Read this too fast, and immediately thought we were talking about Randi 1 million usd speaker cable challenge. So, cable experts, why not have a go if you think you’re hard enough. Blatantly off topic, likely to be removed?
  5. In my complete and utter ignorance I imagined the electricity bits came charging down your mains cable, queued up for a millisecond to get through the fuse, then gathered together again in glorious harmony in your power supply, were stripped of most of their 240 volts, then allowed to progress as required until they died a silent death.
  6. ✌️
  7. Find an album that has track length times on the cover, e.g. 3.26. Then stopwatch that track. OR - play the same track on your phone alongside that vinyl, see if they end at the same time.
  8. I have a vague memory of a British amplifier manufacturer being accused of supplying better spec models to reviewers than the kit supplied to retailers. No idea if this was found to be true, but measuring just the example model may not guarantee the end buyer is getting what they think they paid for.
  9. 50% of new price seems a good place to start.
  10. Keith Jarrett is the singularly most annoying performer I’ve ever come across. Of course, he can play, but the whining vocals he seems compelled to display behind the piano recording makes him unlistenable (almost). 😜
  11. Epicon 6. 35w class A MF AMS35i. Sublime.
  12. Reason I’ve never gone down this route. I know I’ll end up with graphs I don’t trust, or even understand. I don’t care how they measure, they sound good enough for me to love the music.
  13. My standard recommendation for inexpensive WiFi streamer is Auralic Aries Mini, if you can find one 2nd hand. Although you really need an iOS device to set up, you can operate via Bubbleupnp on Android phone. Or, as has already been proposed, the discontinued Aries, or at best the Aries G1.
  14. Auralic Aries Mini. Streaming dac with user friendly app (iOS), or bubbleupnp (slightly leaves minted functionality) on Android.
  15. Its not that simple. The user interface makes or breaks your experience. I’m a big Auralic fan. Their iOS software, Lightning DS, is top class.