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  1. zekezebra

    Is HiFI Dead?

    I was at some friends house for dinner last week. I know they have a fairly decent system but that is packed away now and music was supplied by a single Alexa speaker as "it's much more convenient, and we can ask it to play what we want from Spotify (MP3)"
  2. Not sure if anyone posted this yet: It was the biggest disaster in the history of the music business — and almost nobody knew. This is the story of the 2008 Universal fire. New York Times article
  3. I did go for “Something completely different” a while back. Was: Turntable, C.D. Player and Tuner into Pre-amp and Power Amp into Large Floor Standers. To: All C.D.’s ripped to a SSD into Roon Nucleus with Tidal into Mytek Brooklyn DAC into Dutch & Dutch 8c’s. Best and most compact system I have ever had! Paul - Rotterdam
  4. Big Radio Paradise fan here and also JB Radio-2. Similar to RP, add free, based in Canada
  5. I was going to "roll my own" NUC and add ROCK but decided to go with the Nucleus instead. All my C.D. collection is on an external SSD and plugged directly into one of the USB ports with the other port connected to my DAC. It's a bit expensive to get going but worth it in the long run.
  6. Around the end of the 70’s Sony turntable - cannot remember the model but it was an all plastic affair that created a feedback hum if the music was too loud Pioneer SA-7880 Amplifier – bit of a beast with lots of knobs and switches and a blue LED display Celestion Ditton 15XR Speakers – were good in their day but probably bettered by most offerings now Replaced a couple of years later by: Rega Planner 3, Audiolab 8000a and Pro-ac Super Tablettes which also didn’t last too long: Rega replaced with Linn LP12, Ittok and Troika together with a Naim 42.5/110. Kept the Pro-ac’s though.
  7. I’m not advocating that this is for everyone but I intend to “roll my own” Roon Nucleus clone. This will be attached by an Ethernet cable to my router and controlled by an iPad. Intel NUC with i7 processor €460 SSD (internal) 250GB €78 - this is a much as is required. Any more is wasted. RAM 8GB €75 - this is a much as is required. Any more is wasted USB Hard Drive 4TB 140 Roon for one year €120 lifetime €500 ROCK operating system free Total €873 / €1253
  8. I know Neil Young, in my opinion, has had some highs and lows along the way but Le Noise! What was that all about?
  9. Due to advanced years I guess my hearing is not what is was. I notice this most in conversations in slightly noisy environments. Do any members have recommendations regarding hearing aids that are both good for conversation and listening to music?
  10. Apologies in advance for jumping in with a similar question: Is there a switch box that does the opposite of this? That is: one pair of RCA’s in and two pairs of RCA’s out. For example I have a DAC with RCA output to a pair of active speakers. What I would like to do is switch between speakers and a headphone amp’.
  11. Hi all. I know there is another thread about MiniDSP but I didn’t want to hijack that one. At present the “heart” of my system is a Mytek Brooklyn DAC. This has various digital inputs and is also used as a Headphone amplifier. This in turn is feeding a pair of PMC AML2 active speakers. My room is an acoustic nightmare, hence the use of headphones, and with the layout it would be difficult to install acoustic room treatment. With that in mind I thought of trying a DDRC-22A MiniDSP with Dirac Live taking the balanced signal from the DAC into the MiniDSP and then on to the speakers. The raises a few questions I hope someone could help with: Is the DDRC-22A the way to go as I would like to keep the Mytek Brooklyn DAC? I’m a bit confused about the volume controls as the DAC has one and also the DDRC-22A has one. How should these be set? Thanks - Paul
  12. I can relate to that, some years ago I ran a system consisting of Linn LP12, Ittok, Troika with Naim 42.5/110 amplifier and Proac Super Tablette speakers. A very balanced system that sounded great. One fateful day I heard the Acoustic Energy AE1 speakers and traded in the Proac’s only to realize that the whole system was unbalanced, the amplifier was not really capable of running the speakers. Since then I’m not really too sure I have captured the magic of my original system!
  13. If it had to be one song it would be this one - Thanks Duvet, much easier than I thought!!
  14. The Bluesound Vault 2 ( http://www.bluesound.com/en-eu/products/vault-2/?cl )sounds like a contender.
  15. Sorry for the late update - bit of a goldfish memory! This is now sold. Thanks for any interest.