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  1. I have a set which I gave to my Dad., The upsampler died but the monolithic power supply and dac are still going strong. Leaves me with a very expensive i2S cable! Hector I'm surprised at your statement, the Dac is excellent and has a really impressive sound (I'm fussy). Did you A/B test against the Chord?
  2. That's true although you're just getting something else rebadged with Mazda... not sure about the others.
  3. How do you get budget valve testers? Still those old war ones? I'm thinking get the valves on Ebay and if they're junk send them back.
  4. I've had newer rectifier tubes go too, so it can end up being as expensive buying 4 versus buying 1 NOS, which can last longer. Mine didn't blow but they started crackling...
  5. Question on tubes. I'm wondering if the tube testing where everyone flags their NOS tubes as "good" is the same as testing for noise in the form of distortion. I ask as I've had a few which are distorting despite the measurements apparently being in range. I understand that you have to clean the pins etc. but even still is there a test that people selling these aren't doing? Cheers, Tim
  6. I massively underrated by Quadraspire SVT rack just bought it to tidy things up... It actually improved the sound a lot!
  7. Don't laugh they come with a small Bavarian castle and a title....
  8. Outside of cables (they're overdone) what are the most incredibly insane products you've seen (either price or sheer nonsense)? or ridiculous science statements made Fooo overdrive appreciated....
  9. Tim F

    Flac revisited

    Guessing it's a bit of both, listening to an album can simply mean that you're actually listening rather than skipping tracks all over the place and not relaxing. That's what I like best about Vinyl, it takes effort and I'm more likely to sit and listen. I find hi-res flack over Tidal to be way better than MP3 from Amazon but there are others who'll kick off with even that statement. For vinyl show your wife the Avid Actus in chrome, seriously shiny kit!
  10. Tim F

    which streamer ?

    Just a minor addition to all the stuff... if you have a DAC you may just want to get a streamer. If not you may want a combined unit. I went with an Auralic Aries as a standalone streamer as I have a Dac.
  11. I can only add a little to what has been said. The Cyrus APA7.5 power amps I owned were pretty neutral. They couldn't be described as forward or thin and that would be a generalisation that gets passed around too often. I would be cautious of changing yours to valves as I suspect the power amp isn't the culprit at all. Second Adam's silver cables warning although this isn't universally true. As others have said (and equally guessed) this could be a culmination of a lot of brighter components coming together to create something unpleasant and not one single thing. The best way to sort this is to reach out to the local crew on here and switch in a few components. If changing speakers I would look at Spendor. I think (please confirm) your DAC is working as a digital volume control. This itself can be difficult to implement well and in some cases won't sound good. Cheers, Tim
  12. How are we going to convince Keith there are differences if it's just beer and music
  13. Anyone got 2 high end Dacs (identical?) Do you believe in speaker cables Keith?
  14. In the words of Alan Sugar, "You're fired".
  15. I'm very close to Bedford. I have no specific date in mind, either drop a few evenings you are free or when you have a free Sunday. PM with a bit of back ground as to your beliefs! My one request is that those skeptics respect this idea and don't create test conditions that they know are very difficult to impossible to do (without having a solution themselves) e.g. two identical and expensive dacs! If you can turn up with 2 Dacs then of course I take that back! I am more than happy to accommodate skeptics test conditions if possible to do so. Better still turn up yourself Cheers, Tim