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  1. Thanks Keith. A question for you, do you think anyone has ever achieved success in a blind listening test? If they have this would disprove your measurements hypothesis. There should 100% of the time be no discernible difference, given the test conditions are satisfactory and the cables aren't wildly out of specification.
  2. Do you aim to change to room to make the frequency response flat? If so what are effective things to do to achieve this? (without extreme cost or bulky equipment). Thanks for the offer Keith
  3. As per the subject heading!
  4. Tim F

    5 TO GO!!!!

    Where did the weird name come from?
  5. Is there any point buying Vinyl if it's not originally recorded in analogue?
  6. Interesting Keith, given the interconnects I'm using are pretty high end would you expect those parameters to be different enough to hear?
  7. Nonsense, you want a fight about test protocol or you wouldn't have posted. It is very clear from my review that I have not blind listening tested.
  8. I wasn't able to with mains cables, but then again I was skeptical about them to begin with. Shouldn't be hard with my speaker cables, they are so different. Will try on the weekend. I have posed a question to you above...
  9. No absolutely not. Please stay off this thread I'm not interested a cable war.
  10. Keith do you believe that has ever been achieved? Other than when we are dealing with faulty cables or very poor connectors?
  11. Can't find Draco anywhere, who makes that? How do you find the bass on the black star in comparison?
  12. I'm XLR only on the pre-power so can't test this. I'll be sorting some XLR's soon so may be able to report back at some point. Black Star XLR's would be interesting to see if they do the same thing.
  13. Without going into lots of detail, used in this test: ARC Ref 3 Preamp - with upgraded valves including NOS rectifier Auralic Aries Femto Streamer ARC V140 monoblock power amps Lampizator Amber Plus Dac with NOS valves Focal Scala Utopia III speakers Interconnects used between the Dac and Preamp.