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  1. Ok cool will try this. I'm wondering given the peaks move about when you shift speakers how realistic is this to go flat? Are you looking to smooth things out to avoid big peaks?
  2. Sorry for posting the 200hz again! durrr bit tired. I'll have a play with the other suggestions tomorrow. You guys have been really helpful. Keith, I can't hear any booming really when listening to music. The system doesn't sound unbalanced. I'll try the 50hz trick tomorrow too. For this stuff I have an apple mac with an audio cable running to the preamp. Microphone also attached to the mac for REW.
  3. Not done the room measurements yet. Will sort tomorrow! Thanks Keith.
  4. Hey Martin, on the bass frequencies moving the speakers a great deal (and into unsuitable places to leave them) is not fixing the peaks. I've posted up those pictures.
  5. Here you go. Full Freq Plot by
  6. Here you go Keith, the left speaker is close to the wall, the right speaker has no wall to the left of it (part of the room you can't see). The original measurements were taken in this position. I moved the left speaker right out against the rug corner to do the "in the room" measurements. HifiFull by
  7. Thanks Rdale, at what frequency?
  8. Let me know if this helps!! Thanks all
  9. And the waterfall for that Left speaker into room waterfall by
  10. Pulling the left speaker far into the room (not a good position) away from walls Left speaker into room by
  11. Going to try moving these around now.
  12. Waterfall for both Waterfall both speakers by
  13. So here's my latest. Hope this makes sense! REW Speakers LR and Both by
  14. Spend as much money as you earn Don't buy music when you can buy more kit Bigger the better Buy some bling expensive cables then talk about them on here Have pictures of your hifi on your phone rather than your family
  15. Guys this is really helpful. I'll have to do some more measurements tomorrow. Thanks for the advice Keith, I have a room that's L shaped and the speakers are either side of a fireplace so I'm guessing this would throw out the REW room dimensions. I have the speakers sounding really good in my room, following a lot of messing about so I take the advice that I may require room correction rather than moving them about and messing up the sound. Interesting point! Is the 80hz likely to be a cancellation point? I assume the 45hz is the opposite. When I move the speakers closer to the rear walls the sound appears to boom. Waterfall is below Cheers, Tim