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  1. topoxforddoc

    R2R rules, yeah!!!

    My recent purchase Blondie - The Complete Picture Jugoton Production Master - 15 IPS 1/4 inch tape
  2. Philip, This will make me look again at Stew's MTR-12 in my sitting room. I'm sure he's up there getting his mitts on something electronic or mechanical RIP Charlie
  3. It's a pleasure Rick. Glad to hear that the show went well in spite of the weather. Philip and I chatted about the show shortly after Stewart passed away. We met up a few days ago at my home, so that he could collect some of Stewart's tapes to play at the show.
  4. Perhaps you could have made a helpful suggestion to Philip (The Reel BBC) about how to embed the images, given the fact that he only has 5 posts to his name (that's a rhetorical suggestion).
  5. topoxforddoc

    Setting up a R2R tape deck - part 1 - Repro (playback)

    Hi Henry, Thanks. All well in Cheltenham. I have sent you an email about the RTS2/ATU1. Happy to come by and collect at some point later (I'm not going to the Audiojumble) Best wishes, Charlie
  6. topoxforddoc

    Setting up a R2R tape deck - part 1 - Repro (playback)

    Serge, I use PPM meters for setting up a fixed replay level at PPM4. On record, I would normally use the PPM meters to set the record level at PPM4 using the test tones. But I would then use the on board ANSI VU meters to set the bias, as the markings on PPM are too wide apart at 4dB and one can't really interpolate the gaps accurately. Charlie There'll be another post on record set up later
  7. topoxforddoc

    Setting up a R2R tape deck - part 1 - Repro (playback)

    Serge, Thanks. I gather that the topic of metering is a bit controversial. I have ANSI VU meters on my Sony APR5000s, Studer A820 and Otari MTR12. However, Stewart told me that the broadcast industry in the UK lined up all their machines to BBC spec using PPM, as lining up to exactly PPM 4 was more accurate than lining up to -4dB on a VU meter. I take your point about using an audio millivoltmeter, which would be 0.775 V at PPM4/-4 dB on VU. I do use the VUs for setting up bias on a tape formulation, as the PPMs are too wide to permit accurate level of over bias on a tape. Finding an old Ferrograph RTS2 is not easy, but maybe I'll just to go hunting. Charlie
  8. After Lodgesound (Stewart Emmings) passed away last summer, I was asked if I might pass on some of his knowledge in due course. I was a complete tape novice before Stewart taught me the basics. I'm sure that there will be some on this forum, who will know far more than I do. Stewart worked in broadcast for his whole career, at the BBC, C4 and then at the BFI, where he was in charge of video and audio restoration. He and his best friend Mike restored the sound tracks and pictures on Hollywood film re-releases, TV programmes and numerous other material. In a standard 3 head machine the tape passes over the erase head, then the record head and finally the repro (replay) head in that order. That means that the repro head monitors the signal, which you have just recorded onto the tape. Hence when lining up a tape deck, you need to set up the repro head first. Equipment needed: you need a test tape, PPM meter, oscilloscope (and a tone generator, plus a new tape - for the record set up, which I'll describe in another post later) Before starting clean the heads and tape guides with a lint free wipe/cotton bud with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. Demagnetise the heads, if the machine hasn't been demagnetised in recent memory. The first step is to check the repro head azimuth against a test tape. This is really important, as incorrect azimuth cannot be corrected in later adjustments. Incorrect azimuth leads to poor sound quality, esp losing high freq leading to muffled sound. 1) You need a test tape and a scope to set up repro head azimuth, plus a small allen key to alter the repro head azimuth if needed Load the test tape. Connect up the R2R outputs to Ch 1 & 2 of your scope and set the scope to read X-Y (Lissajous). Play the 10 k tone and look at the scope - a perfect azimuth should give you a sharp focused line at 45 degrees (should look like this /) - if the azimuth is incorrect you will have an oval trace - adjust the azimuth on the repro head until you get a perfect 45 degree line Once the azimuth on the repro head is correct, you now adjust the repro output levels to give you a flat frequency response on replay. 2) Adjust the repro levels on playback (repro) head. Load the test tape. Connect up the R2R outputs to an accurate meter, preferably a PPM meter (much better than VUs, which were known in the BBC as "virtually useless"). If you use the internal VUs on the machine, you may find that these are not accurate enough. Play the test tape 1k test tone and adjust the repro level on Ch1 (using a tweaker or small screwdriver on the repro control panel - read your instruction manual to find out where this is) until you get the correct reading on the PPM meter (usually PPM4 = minus 4VU = 0dBu). Do the same for Ch 2. Repeat the process as above for 10k tone on the high freq repro level adjustment on the control panel. Repeat the process again using a 100 Hz tone on the low freq repro level adjustment on the control panel. The repro side of your machine should now be lined up properly with a flat frequency response (if you want, you can repeat these steps on a series of other test tape frequencies and check it with a sweep test tone). I'll do the record section on another day. Charlie PS I specifically didn't make any reference to particular test tapes, as it depends on your machine, the tape speed of the machine and what reference flux you want to set your machine up for. Choosing a test tape is a whole chapter in itself. If you are interested, then the bible on this is the MRL reference guide.
  9. Positives: learning so much about setting up reel to reel tape decks and opening up a completely new vista to my listening. Negatives: losing my R2R mentor, Stewart Emmings (Lodgesound), during the summer at the age of 49
  10. topoxforddoc

    Lodgesound update

    I went to Stewart's Memorial Service on friday at St James Church, the private Chapel on the Titsey Estate near Oxted. The church vicar told me that it only holds about one service a year. It lies across the road from Stewart's house and it was his last wish to have his Memorial Service here. The place was packed with his friends and colleagues from the BFI - they brought a coach from Berkhamsted, where he worked. As requested by Barneys Dad, I passed on the condolences from all the Wammers to Stewart's parents. They had little idea about his contribution to audio and certainly little inkling as to his huge talents in film and film soundtrack restoration. Philip, his best friend, and I chatted for quite a while after the service and shared a supper in the pub after the wake. Stewart had a number of plans afoot when he passed, so we will try to make sure that these are fulfilled.
  11. topoxforddoc

    Lodgesound update

    His memorial service will be at lunchtime next friday 30 June in Surrey. Steve (Barneys Dad) has asked me to send condolences from the Wam to Stewart's family.
  12. topoxforddoc

    Lodgesound update

    I am devastated by this news, as Stewart and I became good friends. He was so generous with his time and advice on my R2R journey. I went many times to his home in Oxted and was always met with a smile and excellent cups of tea. After he was diagnosed last February with bowel cancer, we spoke on an almost daily basis. I exchanged medical advice in return for his tips on optimising R2R machines and recording. It seemed like an excellent way to forge a friendship. Sadly his disease returned with a vengeance earlier this year. That didn't stop our regular calls or messages. After a while, I would often end up speaking to his parents, if Stewart was unable to answer the phone. It has been terrible time for his Mother, Father and his Sister. They have borne this with as much fortitude as Stewart himself. I visited him last about ten days ago and spent several hours with him and his family. I stayed with him until he was transferred later that afternoon to his parents' house to spend his last few days. I spoke to him last a couple of days ago and phoned his Mother last night - he was slipping away then. It is a relief to know that he is no longer suffering and that he is in a better place now. I shall miss him immensely, but nowhere near as much as his family. RIP my friend.
  13. topoxforddoc


    Slate plinth now SOLD as well
  14. topoxforddoc


    Plinth sold STP and awaiting collection
  15. topoxforddoc

    rollei p11.0 projector and old mf slides advice

    Archive the slides at home - it's your heritage and someone in your family might want them later. The MF projector will sell for reasonable money - they're rare