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  1. Without indeed!! Corrected now. Thank you
  2. No vinyl enthusiast should be without a wet vacuum RCM.
  3. This is now double boxed and ready to ship. Taking up room in our home. Hence price reduction to £250 inc UK shipping
  4. I have just checked and shipping in the UK by UPS would be £20
  5. About 10 years of very intermittent use.
  6. After many years of use, I have just replaced my Moth RCM with a vintage Keith Monks MkII. The Moth is in full working order. There is a cleaning brush included. The velvet strips are a bit worn, but these are easy to replace. I did buy some spares, but I've put them somewhere so safe that I can't find them at the moment. Please note that there is no lid. Happy to demonstrate. Collection from Cheltenham GL53 preferred, but I will ship at buyer's cost (this may not be cheap as it's quite heavy). New price is £550, so how about less than half price at £250 collected (shipping extra)
  7. If they are the original V1 Stirlings with the T27 and B110 drivers, they are fantastic. They made very few pairs - all with serial numbers starting 88XXX to suit the oriental market. I bought a pair when they came out and still have them.
  8. I never met Richard, but losing such a knowledgable man is big loss to the audio community, but leaves a far greater gap with Nadia and his family. RIP
  9. James, indeed Stew was an oracle on many matters. Our technical loss pales into comparison with that experienced by his colleagues at the BFI, where he was chief video archivist, as well as the guy, who maintained many of their vintage machines (tape, video and film).
  10. The eye is deceived by an ultra wide angle iPhone lens. Yes the arm is a tiny bit tail up, but the Allaerts MC1B has an exotic Fritz Gyger S stylus profile. Hence you need a stylus rake angle of 92 degrees or perhaps a tad more to get the contact area perpendicular to the groove. Having played with this now for a couple of days and listening repeatedly, the cartridge just opens up and almost becomes holographic when the tail is up very slightly.
  11. I haven't posted here for a while. But I thought you might like to see Stew's Otari MTR12 in action. He bequeathed this to me, after he passed away almost 2 years ago at the age of 49 from bowel cancer. This machine belonged to Dave Stewart at Church Studios. I feel very honoured to be its guardian. Here it is playing a copy of the distribution master of George Michael's Faith - Father figure - seems rather appropriate, as he taught me everything I know about tape machines.
  12. Mervyn (29mile) advertised his Schroeder Reference 9 inch cocobolo 3 weeks ago. Sadly, his sales thread got a few unhelpful comments, which led to the thread being withdrawn. Anyway, as a long standing Schroeder owner (Model 2 bought 15 years ago), I could tell that this was genuine and one of Frank Schroeder's older Reference arms. Thankfully, Mervyn made the transaction painless, apart from exchange of copious beer chitties. Graham Tricker at GT Audio kindly supplied me quickly with another armboard for my Platine Verdier along with the correct length M4 mounting bolts. My Schroeder Model 2 has been retired temporarily and the Reference has assumed its position on my PV along with an Allaerts MC1B. Needless to say, after an afternoon setting this up, the MC1B now sounds really sweet (and significantly better than my Model 2). I couldn't thank 29 mile on his sales thread, so I felt that it was right and proper to do this in another way.
  13. My recent purchase Blondie - The Complete Picture Jugoton Production Master - 15 IPS 1/4 inch tape