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  1. BERK59

    Sony SCD 777ES repair

    Hello My player is now having a problems reading hybrid sacd's and cd's. Does anybody know a person/company with the experience of these players to have a look at it. Thanks
  2. Hello

    Is the denon 3910 still for sale. Is there any movement in the price?



  3. Arcam Alpha 9 cd player with the famous high end DCS ring dac. In superb condition and full working order. It comes with the original remote. The caps were replaced with higher quality ones by the previous owner. A superb sounding player. Looking for £220 ovno including postage in the UK. A link some images.
  4. PWS



    I have a rack for free if you can collect from swansea

    It may be a 5 or 6 rack tho

    1. BERK59


      Thanks but I am in Dagenham, Essex so thats a bit too far.

    2. PWS


      No Worries :)

      Can you wait till aug? I'm going to brands hatch sun 11th

  5. Hi I am looking for a reasonably priced hifi rack with 4 adjustable shelves. If anybody has one and thinking of selling it please message me. Thanks Ian
  6. Ultra rare version of the Mobile Fidelity Eric Clapton - 481 ocean boulevard high definition CD in excellent condition. Looking for £30.00 inclusive of postage.
  7. If anybody is considering selling one please message me!
  8. Hello I am looking for one of these players in working order. If anybody is looking to sell one for a reasonable price, please message me. Thanks
  9. Selling this cable which I only purchased last week. I am selling as I have purchased another cable s/h for a good price. The cheapest price new is £90.00 Asking for £73.50 including postage. I cannot upload an image as there appears to be a problem logging onto flicr.
  10. Sinne Eeg is a superb jazz vocalist from Denmark. On this cd she is performimg with a bass player. This is an unusual and rare cd. The cheapest I can find online is £14.97 plus £1.26 postage. I am asking £12.50 inclusive of postage.
  11. Up for sale this very rare high quality JVC XRCD 24 bit super analogue version in excellent condition. Rarely played. On ebay they are asking crazy prices (the lowest £85.00)for this cd. I am looking for £40 inclusive of postage.
  12. Hi I am selling this on behalf of a friend. It has only been played once. He is asking £11.80 including postage.
  13. BERK59

    WTD Audio note AX -2 speakers

    There is a pair on ebay at the moment.
  14. This has only been played once so is absolutely mint. Only selling as I have purchased the unmastered SACD version. Asking £9.00 including postage.