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  1. For those who consider CD sampling rates not sufficient, it seems that the film industry agrees with you. For any music to be used on Blue Ray the minimum standard is 24/96 and a lot of the current stuff is now recorded at 192.
  2. This article has some similar thinking to what Tony Andrews has been talking about for quite a few years. For those who haven't heard of Tony Andrews he the man behind Funktion One.
  3. moo-fi

    Old v New

    The older kit may well sound better. Less amplifier channels has got to be a good thing, and I suspect that it will be class AB rather than class D.
  4. I have used Focal's for close to 20 years. They can be brutal to both the music and other components, but on a good day they are very, very good. Just don't put them anywhere near Naim amps.
  5. One of the nastiest combinations I have ever heard at that price point. Nothing against either product on their own, but together, ugh.
  6. I don't think I will be ever happy with my home system. Every time I go to work I am reminded just how limited it is. This is the down sound of working with live sound, although my new KV2 EX15's make great hifi speakers.
  7. There is a lot going on with those PA subs. There are a least two different sizes of sub with those facing rearward being used as a cardioid pattern to cancel out much of the low frequency on the stage. The forward pattern will be tightly controlled LF from around 150hz to 38hz within strict limits of around 3dbwith a shed load of dsp. Suggesting a little more thought than a wedge of low end.
  8. The Kara series is lovely to mix on, makes life easy. I wish I got more time with them. These days I spend more time on MLA systems where it is all computer driven and some days you feel more like an It consultant.
  9. The thing is Tune, you specified PA subs in your augment as rolling off at 40hz, all I have done is suggest that this is not necessarily the case. This weekend I am working with Martin Audio and their subs also only start rolling off well beyond 40hz. You are welcome to hold to the view that subs don't work well with other speakers, but many others perhaps may not necessarily hold the same view, including many studio's who seem very happy with them. Like always it is a matter of opinion.
  10. For the Danley's they start to roll of at 28hz - 3db point and are at - 10db at 18hz. So no a long way down from 40hz.
  11. Most stadium Pa's run down to high 20's, Danley rigs often run sub 20, the current Danley 212's subs I am using this week are happy to drop to 18hz.
  12. If the price of the Music First is a little rich you could build something very similar. Several forum members have built them over the years, some with Billington transformers (music first make these) or with silk or similar transformers. I went the other route with auto formers from David Slagel, which start at 200 dollars plus shipping and relevant taxes, although you will also need the switches which vary in cost greatly. At the budget end you could construct one for under 400 quid or spend thousands, for silver wired and exotic switches (I did). Are they as good as Music First, that's another question, and a lot depends on components used and skill of assembly. You pays your money and take your chance.
  13. I'm meant to be an environmental engineer, that's what my Masters degree has on it and yet I spend most of my working week working out how to produce as much noise as possible, often in some remote cow field. This week we have gone up market though, and setting up on a cricket pitch for yet another festival.
  14. My 01 was one of the last realigned by Naim before they stopped the service, although currently sat in its boxes as it is just easier streaming. Setting up a Ron Smith aerial is 'fun' due its size, which as sombody has already mentioned resembles a double bed, great when up though even if the neighbours think you must be crackers.
  15. When we lived in West Wales my Naim 01 very rarely saw the light of day. Trying to get it a decent signal was challenging even with my Ron Smith Galaxy 5. Ended up streaming radio using a Linn DS.