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  1. There is all sorts sat in the chain before the mixing desk, including effects boxes, DI's and various compressors. All provide various ways to screw up the sound.
  2. moo-fi

    WAM TAXI - Help needed from Cardiff to Derby

    I am down in Cardiff on the weekend of 20/21st if that helps. Will be travelling past Derby up to Doncaster, but will have to check sizes as I have been relegated to Nicky's Smart Car for the trip.
  3. moo-fi

    Very good 4K HDR Blu Ray player?

    Pansonic 820 I think is your only option at the moment. Samsung has said it will be updating its players, but they aren't in the same class as the panasonic. Neither are close to Oppo, to get even in the same field it may be worth waiting for Sony to release theirs.
  4. moo-fi

    Wanted VANGO FORCE10 MK5

    BCT tents might be worth a look at as they supply the ones used by cadets, scouts and the like. Very similar to Vango, although when I was lugging tents up big hills in the Scottish winter it was Lightwave all the way.
  5. moo-fi

    How to breed antisemitism at a young age

    Not a bad summing up, some holes here and there and for those who want to dig deeper I could recommend Hutton's 'The Stations of the Sun' who is professor of History at Bristol and possibly the authority on pagan history. The Romans where keen to remind people that they should be worshipping Christ rather than the Sun and there idea of the solstice was a little vague, although the baptism of Christ on 6th January has been celebrated from the second century. I could also point out there wasn't three Kings, but three gifts and they turned up rather late to the party, several years late.
  6. moo-fi

    Interconnect Surprise

    While I am not fussed about the cable augment, and yes I am very qualified to have an opinion such I lecture on live sound at couple of Universities and solder speaker cables is far from the idea solution, although it provides a good electrical connection it does not provide a good mechanical connection.
  7. You cannot compare the crimps found on cars to hydraulic crimps. A pair of pliers v 8 to 100 tonnes of pressure results in a very different result. You cannot afford to have air pockets in HV cables which is why they hydraulically crimped.
  8. My speaker cables where crimped with an 8 ton crimper, and although I haven't heard any sonic differences the plugs certainly won't fall off. You should never tin cables which are to be crimped as it affects the integrity of the crimp, a good crimp forms a cold weld which should exclude air and prevent oxidisation of the copper. I have hacked off crimps on big power cables in the past and the copper was still bright which is a good sign, in fact given the choice I would crimp rather than solder due to the improved mechanical connection.
  9. Crimped joints appeared during WW2 as a result of too many planes falling out the skies due to poor soldering. Once a crimp gun is set up it requires little skill to get good terminations. Soldering is dependent on the skill of the person carrying out the work.
  10. Close but no cigar. This type of crimping tool is mormaly used with automotive connectors. So not really up to the job, and if QED's tool is a ratchet type then it is daylight robbery. This type of tooling is commonly found at £25 or so.
  11. All it is is an hydraulic crimp gun. All you need to know is the size of die you require. Should be around 50 quid, pity I am not still down that way as I have a spare set (5mm to 25mm) knocking around.
  12. moo-fi

    Advice on AMP DAC for HD650 Cans

    For a budget offering you could do worse than looking at a topping d50.
  13. moo-fi

    Speakers like Sennheiser HD800S

    Same here, large speakers and sub, with the chance to really wind the wick up. Although we had a few complaints last weekend when Nicky decided to use try the PA speakers I had left set up. Apparently you could hear then half a mile away (twin Inspired Audio top cabs over double 10's subs per side in a confined space).
  14. moo-fi

    Speakers like Sennheiser HD800S

    I am a heavy headphone user, but that is for work. At home I'd rather use speakers even though I have nine or ten pairs around the house and another dozen or so at the office which are mostly midrange Beyer's, which I happen to like how they present the sound in a live environment. I haven't got much to say on speakers v headphones as its like comparing apples to oranges. They present a different perspective on the sound, you may notice that very few studios mix or track on headphones, yet most the artists will be using headphones or IEM's. They both suit the task in hand.
  15. Now I am back in office I have my notes from last year when I was on the hunt for headphones. Bristol show last year was brilliant for headphones with loads around to try and also see if the fit suits you. I actually ended up buying from here: The Sennheiser HD800s still seems the standard which people judge headphones by, although I notice that there are some high end closed back by Sennheiser now (HD820 at 2K), I personally didn't get on with the Focal's but this is a really personal thing due to fit and weight. Other high end closed back stuff is Pioneer SE Monitor 1's which I run for work (got given a couple of pairs on tour) and my old favourite which are semi closed back; Beyer dynamic T1 are quite close. Audeze LCD XC (£1600) sound nice but are really heavy, and the only Mr Speaker closed back are the Aeon at £800 which are my daily driver so speak. Then there are suitable headphone amps which at this level is critical and there are lots to choose from, currently I am using a Woo Audio WA7. Daft name but fabulous sound if you ignore the built in DAC.