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  1. NAS Virgin.... suggestions welcome.

    Re drives, this although from a NAS retailer may assist:
  2. Left field choice, since you are using a superb mixer, why not look at an power amp from the pro world as well, such as MC2 or similar?
  3. Now Linn offers native support for Spotify, I will be heading that way from Tidal as soon as my current subscription runs out. No contest in terms of user friendliness.
  4. NAS Virgin.... suggestions welcome.

    I don' t want to ever rip my collection again, life is far too short. I maintain three separate copies on different drives to ensure that it doesn't happen again. I have been caught once and it wasn' t my idea of fun, as ripping 4000 cd' s take a couple of months of nights and weekends to complete. Also went through a couple of external cd/ dvd players in the process.
  5. NAS Virgin.... suggestions welcome.

    Over the years I have used readyNAS which was superb but now well out of date, QNAP enterprise drives for work and Synology NAS for home. For typical home use a Synology is just far less hassle as you are never going to need the outright power of a QNAP unless you do something in graphics or music production. Just allow a chunk of money for some decent drives, go big early as a couple of Seagate Ironwolf are going to be around £220 or WD reds £240 for the pair.
  6. NAS Virgin.... suggestions welcome.

    QNAP software whilst being more flexible is just more difficult to use. The Synology comes with all the software you are likely to need installed already, so all you need to do is add hard drives of your choice and rip your files to them as they are already configured for DNLA and UPNP playback. Mine has all my films stored on it, along with my music (4000 odd CD's in FLAC) and my MS Office files as a back up. Both options will pretty much do what you want,.
  7. NAS Virgin.... suggestions welcome.

    I have used both QNAP and Synology network drives, although QNAP is probably more powerful the Synology is far easier to use. The Synology I have has been running pretty much non stop for five years with no issues and just get on doing it job sending FLAC files to my Linn DS. For ripping I eventually coughed up for DB poweramp as it is possibly the easiest way to get accurate rips. I know EAC will do it for free, but its tagging and set up leaves something to be desired.
  8. Speaker sensitivity

    Interesting as being able to use two anechoic measurements to roughly predict how a speaker sounds when O'Toole suggest this in his book: Anechoic chambers are the ideal acoustical space for measuring loudspeakers allowing the true measurements of the loudspeaker to be assessed without the influence of the room getting in the way. I often argue a loudspeaker engineer or reviewer can still get an accurate assessment of loudspeaker performance if they know how to properly gate the measurements in-room above the room transition frequency (>300 Hz in most cases) and then splice that data with groundplane measurements for the lower frequencies. Be warned, this is no trivial task and much easier to get wrong than having access to an anechoic chamber to conduct the measurements. Which suggests that it isn't that simple.
  9. Speaker sensitivity

    Yet despite all the measurements of equipment, most of us ignore the biggest problem with our Hi-fi's, that of our rooms. How many of have actually done proper room measurements, yet alone treated those issues. Correcting using DSP isn't the best answer either, just ask the studio boys who spend huge amounts of money to get a decent environment to listen in, before considering DSP. No wonder speakers are amongst the most contentious issues in Hi-Fi, because no matter how perfectly they measure in an anechoic chamber in testing, our rooms are going to totally alter the sound.
  10. Have DACs really improved?

    For those wondering if digital is a fully answered question you might like to look at his from Tony Andrews of Funktion 1, I don't agree with everything he says it does open up other possibilities in the problems of digital playback:
  11. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    I think there isn't much to choose from any of them these days. The only reason I went with TIdal, was in the early days this was the only online service which was supported by Linn DS's, so no other real option.
  12. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    A tenner seems about standard, oldest pays that for Spotify and I pay the same for Tidal (hi-res stuff).
  13. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    Great news, glad it helped.
  14. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    Brothers system, although he may have upgraded his power amp recently to 300/500's as I know he was looking. He ended up with P2 and D2 as I think the clock wasn't justifiable for the amount involved. As a single lad with no dependants his toys are significant.
  15. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    I have heard the Naim 555 against the Esoteric P2/D2 and Clock, shall we say isn't wasn't even close and that was on a Naim 552/Supercap/135's with Shahinian Oberlisk 2 on the back end. Nice weekend though, lots of port and Malt, followed by some massive hangovers.