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  1. You could try They do stock various types of mogami microphone cables. We then to go direct to mogami, but I tend to order in miles rather than metres.
  2. The Focal's are a nightmare with supporting kit as they are expert at exposing any weaknesses in them. But given the right kit they have some great strenghts, although they really need a bigger room to shine.
  3. No worries, we are stilling ploughing through the cake mountain, that everyone brought on the day. Even beating Dean. My Roadies do work better on a diet of donuts though.
  4. Colin, you are always welcome, and we are required to have a spare bed for guests, such as visiting clergy so you might as well make use of it. The good news although it is a long slog, we are only a couple of minutes from the A1.
  5. This one was in the other room, so I suspect that you managed to retrieve all your gear. That MF of yours is pretty solid bit of kit, hope your back is okay this morning?
  6. On tidying up this morning we seem to have gained an mains extension cable. Any takers?
  7. Thanks to everyone who attended and for the industrial amounts of cake. I don't think even Dean couldn't eat any more.
  8. The bottomless pit, also known as Dean will no doubt be up for the challenge .
  9. Nicky has tomorrows Chilli going already. As usual she is cooking industrial quantities, so I suspect no one will be going hungry.
  10. Just some housekeeping: Has everyone got my address? Anyone going to need a bed? Any special requirements, apart from pies?
  11. I did suggest a pair of Bose 802's since I have quite a few hanging around at work. Shall we say she was less than impressed.
  12. I know that feeling, as Focal tweeters aren't exactly off the shelf either. I have been considering other speakers, whose manufactures supply spares for long term or at least something generic which you can get hold off.