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  1. Leeds operates under strict noise limits due to the surrounding properties. I think it is 10db under ambient, which is incredibly difficult to achieve. The general consensus is it is very difficult to stop the sound becoming muddy and thick (vocals hard to pick out from the rest of the mix), breaking the number one rule of live sound; if the lead vocals are good, everything else drops in to place.
  2. Leeds is notorious for sound issues, my sound files look like Dante's peak.
  3. I will dig out my show files for Leeds. I don"t work there often enough to recall all the issues, but all venues have there quirks.
  4. moo-fi

    Bollox to most of the science - I'd like a new cable

    Indeed the pro world can be just be just as fickle about cable choices as the Hi-Fi community. You should see some of the riders I deal with.
  5. moo-fi

    Bollox to most of the science - I'd like a new cable

    No problem, glad it was a useful exercise.
  6. moo-fi

    North West Hifi Show (Cranage)

    I suspect I may well amble across for one of the days, most likely Saturday as no doubt Nicky will be doing a wedding.
  7. moo-fi

    Wanted - bloody good speakers for little dosh

    I know my last bid was £1700, so could well be, Nicky was quite disappointed, so still looking for big JBL's or Tannoy's, although I am considering K horns as well.
  8. moo-fi

    boenicke Owners Club

    Strong statement there Keith. If they were normal speakers you would have a case for it. These have more in common with wide band/single drivers. Both of which the manufacturer's suggest extended run in periods, think Lowther and Mark Audio..
  9. moo-fi

    boenicke Owners Club

    This is getting to the heart of one of the questions I am looking at for a PHD, how much does a completely flat frequency response matter compared with errors in time domain. I know that in real terms most people need a 3db difference to notice a difference in frequency, yet only a couple of Pico seconds to notice timing errors. At this stage I am not able to give any answers, but it is of real concern when using lots of DSP on speakers.
  10. moo-fi

    Wanted - bloody good speakers for little dosh

    A pair of the even larger JBL4435 recently sold on the bay for around £1700 and they needed the bass drivers refoaming (twin 15's).
  11. moo-fi

    Plasa Leeds

    If anyone is interested in the more professional end of the market, this may be of interest. Free to enter and. Is being held at Leeds Armoury on 14/15th May..
  12. They had noise limiters fitted in the building. Go over 96db and the power drops. The insurance company argued that the volume could not be held responsible, since by limiting volume to that level implies that anything below this level is acceptable.
  13. Modern upvc sealed units in a small village hall. It was loud, but not ridilicious, averaging 85db a weighted and peaking just over 95db a weighted. One the back windows, which had been basically stuck in with expanding foam just fell out as a complete unit. Made a heck of a bang when it landed. I seemed to think the bill was rejected by my insurance company as well.
  14. Small hotel room, I should think a pair of 18's with a couple of kw's or so on each should do the trick. I managed it with triple 15's subs and 4x double 8 tops, with 2kw's on the subs and 1kw on the tops. Keith's Volts with some more grunt behind them, may well do the trick.
  15. On past experience, the windows will fall out.