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  1. Red wine audio did a range of battery powered amplifiers a few years audio.
  2. More complex than just the switch. It and I am trying to remember the exact phrasing 'an interaction between dnla software of my NAS and the switch which fed the Linn, causing issues which caused the Linn to restrict the bandwidth and processing accordingly'. Don't ask me any deeper as it took a Dr of software engineering to work through it all. The thread is on here under network switches.
  3. I have been here with changing switches on a Linn DS, the post should still be around somewhere on here. IIRC it seems that the Linn will alter its resolution if it feels like the bandwidth isn't enough.
  4. moo-fi

    SET amps

    I was considering Lundahl transformers unless it is worth going the extra for the Electra-prints or Hashimoto's.
  5. moo-fi

    SET amps

    Sitting down, I think I have just seen a set of blue lights outside. The price I have just seen is £1400 each. I think it will either be 2a3 or 45. Better make my mind up as I need to get the output transformers ordered.
  6. moo-fi

    SET amps

    I shall have a gander at some px4's.
  7. moo-fi

    SET amps

    Just to update this thread. I have ordered some a Tubelab SE Board to get me started on my first valve amp, and now starting to source the expensive bits such as output transformers along with mains transformers and a raft of resistors and caps. Yes there are better solutions, but for baby steps it seems to make a lot of sense. Now do I really go for it and use 45 valves?
  8. I suspect that now the pressure is on, any excuse will do as long as Brexit is protected.
  9. Another stand out recording is the 'Texas campfire tapes' by Michelle Shocked. These were recorded on a Sony Pro Walkman, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule, I have to work with a lot of home brew recordings and there quality varies greatly.
  10. The difference between tracks is often due to them being recorded and mixed in completely different venues and/or studios. A mastering engineer can only do so much, particularly if it was recorded in someone's bedroom and all the level's far too hot. All studio's run a variety of speakers to ensure that a mix which sounds great on the main monitors also works on what the average man on the street uses. We even have a range of beats headphones along with some full range JVC's for exactly this reason.
  11. Council tax, one thing I don't miss paying. Possibly one of the few advantages of living in a Vicarage.
  12. While I am without work and waiting for various electronic bits for a couple of projects, it seems I will have to become a teacher for the foreseeable future. I don't see it going well!
  13. moo-fi

    SET amps

    Hum, the bane of my life. Try finding cable induced hum in 5 or so miles of cabling only to find some person has parked a mobile generator for there fast food wagon right next to a main snake (grouped input cables to a remote mixing desk). Earthing and grounding two very important subjects, also reading up on the twisting AC cables to reduce mains induced hum.
  14. moo-fi

    SET amps

    This looks like a good starting point: I know it isn't the last thing in amp design, but it will get me started and if anything goes bang, not too expensive.