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  1. Eddie, that was exactly my verdict last night, which resulted in Nicky's making her profound statement last night. Unfortunately she rather fancies a pair of Tannoy or Fyne Audio dual concentric'. I did have to remind her about the small matter of a 15k price difference.
  2. Current Focal's are just over five foot and to be honest they ain't got enough cone area for her. Her primary music is dance and electronic at impressive levels. I don't think 6ft would even cause a sidewards glance. A few years ago we where at a show listening to some of the smaller Focal's from the Uptoia range and the salesman was going all out how wife friendly they where. Nicky bluntly stated that she wouldn't give house room as they were 'Pathetic'. One very deflated salesman.
  3. Talking about speaker tonight with the other half, those of you who have met Nicky will know about her views on volume. Well this is her definive statement on speaker: 'If they are smaller than me, then they ain' t even worth considering'. Bit of a statement when we were considering what to replace my Focal's with and I was suggesting a pair of Proac D2's.
  4. What might be useful is a list of companies that look after their kit for the longer term, as being hung out to dry with expensive kit really isn't on.
  5. If it was easy, I suspect the manufacturer would be happy to fix it. Therefore I wonder what components aren't available, or difficult to source. I have written stuff off, just because off the time involved, and I am more than happy working on most circuits. With out drawings though it becomes a lot more 'fun'.
  6. This sort of attuide doesn't inspire much confidence in their products, now matter how good they are. I wish more companies are like Rega and Quad who tend to look after their customers in the longer term.
  7. Repairing modern amplifiers is getting increasingly difficult. Multi layer boards and surface mount devices, alongside the lack of availability of key parts will result in many of these becoming landfill.
  8. Still have a pair of Sony Pro's in a draw somewhere, I seem to remember that they used to eat batteries. My Nak used to show it the way home, though it was a CR7 so it ought too really.
  9. One of my clients records all their live stuff on 1/2 running at 15ips or even 30ips, it generally makes for very long days. But if you want to record for DSD, apparently it is the best way of doing it. I prefer to use DAW files personally, but I ain't no top recording engineer.
  10. I got a snow cannon given to me after the final show on boxing day. Shall we say the kids where a little surprised this morning waking up to a white Christmas (we are celebrating today due to work commitments).
  11. If you just want to try, and don't mind a bit of bulk, you could do worse than an ex Army Artic sleeping bag. Not the lightest by any means but a 95 pattern should only set up back 40 quid. Otherwise they ain't cheap, my current Rab would set you back nearly a grand.
  12. Indeed, a highly skilled job. The problem is the dynamic range of an orchestra is around 50db and in recording we really only want 30db. The options are to use lots of mic's and compressors or a crossesd pair and a skilled operator. You pay your money and take your pick.
  13. The next bake off which Nicky and I hold, we must get her to sing. She is apart from being a Vicar a rather fine soprano. Good enough to solo at major church events rather than using the choir (although this can be politically sensitive).
  14. Said recording is apparently being released early next year on Gamut records. The mic's are DPA (so frequency response is extremely wide) and it is DSD recording. When they sort out what they going to include they might even tell me a name.
  15. Bagpipes, horrid things and Nicky's father is a championship winning player. The worst two things are triangles and trombones. Have you ever seen a mic near a triangle yet they always cut through the mix and to balance a trombone they really need to be a long way away. A recent cathedral concert they had to be 20ft away from everything else, due to the fixed requirements of using a crossed pair only for the recording.