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  1. moo-fi

    Speakers like Sennheiser HD800S

    Same here, large speakers and sub, with the chance to really wind the wick up. Although we had a few complaints last weekend when Nicky decided to use try the PA speakers I had left set up. Apparently you could hear then half a mile away (twin Inspired Audio top cabs over double 10's subs per side in a confined space).
  2. moo-fi

    Speakers like Sennheiser HD800S

    I am a heavy headphone user, but that is for work. At home I'd rather use speakers even though I have nine or ten pairs around the house and another dozen or so at the office which are mostly midrange Beyer's, which I happen to like how they present the sound in a live environment. I haven't got much to say on speakers v headphones as its like comparing apples to oranges. They present a different perspective on the sound, you may notice that very few studios mix or track on headphones, yet most the artists will be using headphones or IEM's. They both suit the task in hand.
  3. Now I am back in office I have my notes from last year when I was on the hunt for headphones. Bristol show last year was brilliant for headphones with loads around to try and also see if the fit suits you. I actually ended up buying from here: The Sennheiser HD800s still seems the standard which people judge headphones by, although I notice that there are some high end closed back by Sennheiser now (HD820 at 2K), I personally didn't get on with the Focal's but this is a really personal thing due to fit and weight. Other high end closed back stuff is Pioneer SE Monitor 1's which I run for work (got given a couple of pairs on tour) and my old favourite which are semi closed back; Beyer dynamic T1 are quite close. Audeze LCD XC (£1600) sound nice but are really heavy, and the only Mr Speaker closed back are the Aeon at £800 which are my daily driver so speak. Then there are suitable headphone amps which at this level is critical and there are lots to choose from, currently I am using a Woo Audio WA7. Daft name but fabulous sound if you ignore the built in DAC.
  4. If you are really serious this could be useful: I found it a little disappointing how few closed back headphones are available at the top end. Surely one of the main reasons for headphones is not to disturb others while you are listening, but it appears not by what is mainly being sold. The family adventure is fun, weather has definitely improved with a noticeable drop in wind and rain up here. The cold is much easier to deal with. Still spending quite a bit of time in Wales with work and study. Funny thing is that there aren't many Hi-fi shops close to us here either, generally it is a hours trip to any of the main dealers. Hope to catch up with you at Keggie.
  5. If you have the cash try MrSpeakers, these are what I ended up with although I has to travel to England to get them.
  6. moo-fi

    Linn Katalyst

    Haven't quite got round to it yet, life has become a little too busy of late and the upgrades have been put on hold for a while. This does seem like an easy sell, just need some time not juggling work.
  7. moo-fi

    I did something silly today. ATC SCM150ASL

    Should do nicely unless Flash spots something else on the bay.
  8. moo-fi

    I did something silly today. ATC SCM150ASL

    Got to hand it to ATC for looking after their clients. How many other speakers have upgraded components available for older models? Hope your pre survives the scrutiny, but a bloody good find.
  9. Haven't been around much recently due to work. Which is prehaps relevant here as I run a tour level PA company. I don't run PA speakers at home even though I have several likely candidates; RCF TT 08 speakers and racks of amps by Full Fat Audio and MC2. They do sound good but the thought of Nicky and that sort of volume scares me.
  10. moo-fi

    Which are the good Focals?

    I got to hear an AMS 100 on them. The result made my amp seem like a toy. Some how I don't think I am ever going to be in a postion to afford one though, evening the running costs are eye watering apparently.
  11. moo-fi

    Which are the good Focals?

    Plastic Krell, KAV 300il. While I would like to go for a bigger Krell, I am not keen on current UK pricing structure.
  12. moo-fi

    Which are the good Focals?

    Good thoughts Eddie, I think the slight edge at high levels is more down to the Krell running out of steam than the speakers. They really hate being driven by low current amplifiers, currently looking at either MF AMS or a Belles to provide a little less grain at higher volumes.
  13. moo-fi

    Which are the good Focals?

    Once you get beyond a certain level with speakers they seem to polarise people more. I like a ruthless sound, so JBL's, Focal's and most of the large format studio monitors, which happens to suit Nicky as she likes effortless dynamic's and volume. Those who have attended one of our bake off's will understand what I mean about Nicky and volume, her ideal speakers are either Tannoy Westminster's or Living Voice horns, apparently she isn't too fussed which. Small speakers need not apply.
  14. moo-fi

    Which are the good Focals?

    Indeed, I had been looking at Neat Iota Xplorer's but was told of the need for a change in automotive transport which was required first.
  15. moo-fi

    Which are the good Focals?

    Focal's are a monitor speaker, so ruthless, particularly the early ones. Later ones are softer and more forgiving, but still not fully house broken. I work in live sound and are one of the few which get close to what I work with, which often isn't pretty. Sometimes that isn't great in the home environment when the recording is far from ideal or you just want to relax. As ever if really depends on what you want. Yes Rick, I do recall that conversation and some AE's might help to soften Nicky up.