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  1. Non-Smoking Man

    Helius Chameleon Speakers, transmission line

    I have a lot of time for Helius designs.
  2. Non-Smoking Man

    Phono stage recommendations ( secondhand )

    I third the Ifi, which I bought from Bigfool, and is currently wowing the record-buying public at a few record fairs Im doing. Its next after a TD124/Rega/2M Black front end in the system that accompanies me (Adams A5s complete the line up).. Ive had a couple of Kinshaw Perceptions that are vg for the 200-250 they go for. (There are a couple floating about in memebers systems on here.)
  3. Non-Smoking Man

    3 Way and good sounding speakers

    I have bought a couple of items from this gentleman (on AoS) and everything went as smooth as silk. Jack NSM
  4. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    In response to the post commencing 'my betting is mainly ...' I meant no disrespect Antonio - I merely wanted to show there is often a negative aspect to form that is often missed. I thrive on the little negatives that headline makers have ignored and on several occasions I have obtained great value thereby. Of course i was well aware of the Queen Mary winner but so was every one else and so the value about Daahyeh had gone in my view. When I looked at the time, on balance I concluded Daahyeh was flatterred. I was wrong and I lost. But as you know its results over long term that count and I know my methods work - as yours do for you. I like the diversity of approaches - its possible that sometimes I veer towards opposing the accepted view too much in my search for value, and then I fall flat on my face. This game is a great humbler..! Although I didnt get this in to the thread, I laid Space Blues on the final day as my only other interest apart from Sands Of Mali (who couldnt win on the changed going and with the Blue horse diverted to run. (I will show Brook (Speedracer) my betfair account as proof when he nexts visits.) I was working today and had to be away by 6 30 a.m.. so couldnt slot it in. I wont count it in the thread tally, but I will show it in the money won and lost column. (I saved £8 laying Space Blues, touched off by Space traveller.) A bruising and at times confusing week in terms of form. But you wont hear anybody in the Media saying that because they are all selling - either themselves, the game, or both. And however badly they get it wrong they keep their jobs. Jack NSM
  5. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    So you didnt spot the 4th Picture frame, beaten only 3L by Daahyeh, was then beaten over 7L in a 0-70 maiden at Nottingham, with only 4 horses behind it? Also the time earned it a 51, where a figure in the 60s is necessary to win a Group 2 y.o. race. I'd lay that profile all day long.
  6. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    Well done with Daahyeh, A. Ive relaxed..cos that was my last bet at the meeting. One or two winners were impossible to find, but well done Hayley Turner for becoming only the second female to ride a winner at Royal Ascot. I spotted her and her mount at halfway, cruising. Im sorry but a 0-78 runner up cannot be travelling like that in the Sandringham, and then to cut through them and win . It's not possible ...Glad I was out of that one.. Just Sands Of Mali to come tomorrow and, true to my current form, the ground is drying out rapidly for my soft ground specialist. Bah!
  7. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    Ah, Ive laid Daahyeh for a place....ooer..
  8. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    Day 4 : Aiden O'brien has some strong fancies / market leaders. It's hard to see Hermosa being beaten, and the Derby form will get tested again when the third, Japan, contests the King Edward V11. I dont bet at short odds so I will let them run. The other races on the card look difficult again.
  9. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    I feel a bit disgruntled about this meeting. Im trying to put a finger on it... 1. I dont know what is going to happen next - Turgenev manages to shoot 4 lengths clear of a decent field of mile handicappers and is clobbered by a Newbury 7F maiden winner, way ahead of the field. (Congrats to harry bentley for riding his first R. Ascot winner.) Other results have confused me. 2. Why havent we been tipped off that the Kings Stand winner was going for the Diamond Jubilee? Its the journalists' job to sniff this sort of thing out instead of cavorting around with celebrities 'entertaining' us. Richard Fahey knew on Wednesday if you look at his Sporting Life blog under 'Sands Of Mali' (who is wearing a first time tongue strap, we are informed). 3. The aftertiming is getting ridiculous - Dettori rides 4 on the bounce and we are treated to a video essay on where he positions his horses; Aiden O'Brien has the 1,2,3 later on and we get a lecture on what a great trainer he is; and everything is 'great' 'fabulous', 'fantastic' - tell me Mr Gosden ' why is this the best meeting in the World?'. If its Derby Day, the Derby is the greatest race in the world, if its Grand National day, its 'the people's race,' the best race in the world'. Blah blah blah.. 4. I looked closely at last year's meeting - the form didnt work out at all well. The Hunt Cup 2nd and 3rd in 2018 finished first and second this time, the winner having been gelded in the interim and having no prep race. (well done Antonio for sussing the plot). And plots all the winners seem to be. I havent heard of any stewards enquiries into improvements in form. And our tame ex jockeys and glam presenters havent got a critical sentence in their heads. I know, I know - its still a really good meeting with big stables under pressure to get winners. Hard to make a profit this year.. The Hardwicke is a good race - its got all my non runners in it, and I havent had a bet! Jack
  10. May be one or two non runners yet..
  11. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    The Dettori factor is distorting the market and there have to opportunities for the shrewdies. Sinjaari is 5/1 and Good Birthday is too big. I point win at 22 GB.
  12. Very interested - we havent had an LP12 yet, at least not in my time.
  13. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    Not content with winning the Kings Stand over 5F, Blue Point looks to be staying on for the Diamond Jubilee over 6F. I wonder what the connections of Invincible Spirit(earlier fav. when nobody entertained the idea of the horse turning out a few days later), think of that! Im not too chuffed myself, having bet Sands Of Mali ante post (with NO prospect of Blue Point going for the double) to win the 6F championship. If there is more rain by Saturday, connections (Godolphin) will surely not subject their horse to a punishing follow up run. And if its a bog im confident SofM will reproduce his best form.
  14. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    In the Gold Cup, I backed Kew Gardens antepost partly because I wass against Stradivarius. Dee Ex Bee is slow and I only have him at 60, which would barely win a group 3 and in fact he has only won 2 small field Group 2s This isnt enough. By default Cross Counter is the bet. 1 point win. Ive backed it to win 76.20 on the Exchanges.