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  1. Anyone posess, or knows anyone who possesses, a mains improvement product we can test? Jack NSM
  2. If anyone reading this has a mains improvement product that works for them and is willing to lend it to Joolz's bake off team for valuation please let myself or Joolz or anyone of us involved know so we can evaluate it in the systems we set up there. Geographically, we are realistically talking abou the S.E. of England, for pick up, unless someone wants to post it. Im sure the various attendees at the bake off can have a whip round for the postage. Jack NSM
  3. This particular consumer had a DIY turntable in place that had been made by a local man who had engineered a SME 20 style suspension system allied to a massive corian plinth. There was a top flight arm and cart on board and I recall he was using a pair of Living Voice speakers and a valve amp. His system was of sufficient interest to be featured in a Hifi World article in a very favourable manner. Doesnt sound like an idiot to me. Jack
  4. Monday Night Football (an institution in the States) featured a clash between the Packers, led by Aaron Rodgers, and the Detroit Lions, with Stafford at quarterback. The Packers won narrowly but the result could have been different if the two facemask penalties that Detroit suffered at the hands of the officials, despite renowned video evidence and challenge possibilities hadnt been called. The first gave Green Bay a first down instead of a sack, improving field position and keeping the scoring play alive, and the second was called at a crucial time and was also damaging. Both decisions were vehemently criticised by the U.S. commentary team. Considering the Lions only lost by a point I make them the better side. However, their record now means they have much less chance of making the Playoffs. There is still a long way to go, however, and they could go on a winning run. The 120 available on Betfair to £2 was attractive enough for me to snap that up and add to my 'portfolio'. (They dont have to win the Superbowl for me to make money, as I can lay them at shorter odds should they progress in the competition, i.e., effectively make the play offs, or get a wild card entry.) Jack NSM
  5. There could be something in mains related products. I had a purifier round here once and it might have made a slight difference but I wasnt moved to purchase same. I'd want to try something like an Isotek Titan if I could. I once bought some speakers from a guy in Bristol and he had one. He went and bought the new upgraded version. Why would he do that? Jack
  6. Further thought (and a look at the prices) has turned up another antepost bet - the Carolina Panthers. They are 4 and 2 (meaning they have won 4 and lost 2), but they are better than that because one of those defeats was against the Buccaneers when Cam Newton was the starting QB and they have just revenged that defeat at Tottenham Hotspur stadium with Kyle Allen at the helm. I'm betting that when the nominal no1 Cam Newton returns from injury they retain Allen as the starting QB, as he is the better play. I believe Allen hasnt thrown an interception all season. Plus they have the electric Christian Macaffrey at running back - featured in the televised NFL Show by Jason bell and Osi M. The bet is £9 @ 42 Jack NSM
  7. Apologies for the break in transmission, but now we are at week 6 and the form picture is a lot clearer than it was when I backed the Ravens (who have not progressed of late). The Patriots continue to get it done but they dont look any better than half a dozen other teams so I discount them as a betting position considering they are favourite. Long time second favourites, with the star offence of last season, the Kansas City Chiefs, have faltered. They lost to the Texans at home last weekend - their defence looking porous (only rated 20th going into that game). And they havent got a decent kicker. Also Mahomes their glamorous QB has damaged his ankle again and there is a long season ahead...the Chiefs bubble has burst. Also, the Rams, Super Bowl 2018 runners up dont look the same side that got to that final. They lost to the 49ers whose defence is the number 1 rated this year. The Saints are looking good despite not having Drew Breeze this season. The Green Bay Packers are next in the betting and after them we are into the 20/1 shots or bigger. One of them is worth a bet imo - the Houston Texans. Despite losing Howard and Roby (injured) in their battle with the Chiefs they managed a convincing win away from home, with Deshaun Watson, their QB excelling. They were better than the Chiefs in every department and could have racked up a lot more points if their receivers had held on to some catches, yet are available @ 23 on the exchanges. I threw £18 at the Texans at that price. This season will see some changes at the top of the tree and I can see the old order being challenged by some teams revitalised by young, up and coming, quarterbacks, such as the Panthers and the Texans. Jack NSM
  8. I'll answer the original question - the phono stage. Jack NSM
  9. Im not sure about this proposition : 'if you want a pre amp that adds 'emotion' or warmth to all your music then an MFA is not for you. ...if you want to hear the music as close to the actual recording then the ATC/MFA combination is excellent.' Emotion does not mean the same as warmth. If you listened to some Blues, such as Sonny Boy Williamson's 'Dont You Worry baby ('With the Yardbirds at the Crawdaddy), Sonny Boy is expressing huge amounts of sadness and angst in the song but you couldnt call it 'warmth'. To allow that depth of feeling, which is in the grooves, to survive the signal path and exit from the speakers you need a good system. The better the phono stage, for example, the greater the emotions the listener experiences, as I recently discovered when listening to the basic Iota Median phono stage and their 2 box Reference Signature at 2.5 times the price. (And looking inside you can see where the money's gone.) Joni Mitchell sounded slightly matter of fact thro the former and brimming with quality and emotion thro the latter. In other words 'emotion' is some of the information, not 'coloration' as you seem to suggest in the above proposition. It may be you simply mean the MFA is uncoloured and some pre amps are coloured, and that you aim for fidelity to the record. That's fair enough. But I'm saying your choice of words to express that view implies 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater'. We want all the emotion our equipment can give us. Jack NSM
  10. At the risk of trampling over all the excellent guidelines that Richard has laid down, and with which i agree, we are not leaving much fat for for the OP to go on. Here's some 'heresay' suggestions that I have picked up in my years of owning valve pre and power amps from reliable sources. My Cary 805s use an 845 valve as the output valve and having heard a pair of Icon Audio 845s and two Line Magnetic amps which use the 845 I would say this is not a 'warm' sound, or one that could be considered overly 'valvelike' in the traditional sense. Its pretty impressive in many ways. The KT88 is the favourite output valve of Tom (Montesquieu) who was on here but now posts on AoS. He's had more equipment thro his hands than the entire South Coast posse put together and is an excellent judge. Radford valve amps are a great match for the big, vintage Tannoy speakers. (Cliveg, Montesquieu) The clear top RCA is a cost effective and underrated signal valve. The Mullard GZ34 is a vg rectifier valve. The EL34 output valve (often found in guitar amps, (none the worse for that)) gets a mixed press. Ive heard nothing bad about Psvane stock which is a current production company like JJ Tesla. My 845s are Psvanes. Fourlegs or Jazid once recommended me a pair of their signal valves which I liked (forgotten the 'model'). I have a SET Megahertz EL34 power amp here and the owner swore by the Phillips Miniwatt dual triode signal valve for it. He kept it and sold the amp to me with a substitute. I use a Mullard E88CC/01 now. I spent a lot of time on the internet catching the valve gossip on various forums, and that was interesting. I have heard that exchanging and trying out signal valves can be more rewarding than doing the same with output valves. (Possibly, in most cases, cheaper too.) In my experience I like a system to have at least one important stage to be valve driven. In my case since I have gone balanced throughout, I'm pretty much forced to use solid state circuitry for the phono stage as there are so few balanced valves phono stages on the market. This because you need two of everything and the components on either side have to match exactly - difficult and expensive to pull off in valve equipment. Whereas solid state is much simpler and cheaper to design and build with balanced circuits. I have in the system at the moment an Iota Signature Reference balanced phono stage as well as an Ayre P-5xe phono as another option(has RCA and balanced options (input and output)) going into a solid state Ayre Pre (balanced) and I found I need an 'antidote' valve amp to sweeten the sound up. System building is a bit like making a good recipe. Do all those ingredients go together? I hope these snippets are of some use. As has been said - nothing's hard and fast where valves are concerned. Jack NSM
  11. This is a perfect amp for use with a passive pre amp/TVC as you can see from the amazingly high input impedance. The input impedance of the amp has to be 10X the output impedance of the foregoing pre amp, or more and in the case of the Desire it's going to be way more. This means its amazingly easy to drive. (So an active pre is not so necessary.) Its no accident that Audio Synthesis make their own passive to go with it, but this amp is by no means tied to their own passive stage. I used to have the plain 'Desire' which just had RCA inputs - the Decade premium version here has a balanced option so you could use , say, a Music First Audio TVC which has balanced circuitry. The Decade doesnt come up often and I suspect this sale is a bit of a wrench, Simon..?
  12. You get cake at Robin's too... Jack
  13. Just seen you r post- uhm, seems a good deal but you can catch a cold with 'trance' and 'house' - when this stuff is 'out' its really out. I have a box of what I lump together as 'dance' (cos I dont know this type of music) and its 50p a throw. It would take me about 5 years to sell it. Mind you it might come back into fashion then.. Thanks for heads up Nigel.
  14. Let's sort out the riffs from the riff raff. I give you , for starters, 'I'm So Free' by Lou Reed, Transformer, RCA, LSP-4807. Jack NSM
  15. Conjuring up the the concept, as in baseball, of 4 bases (to a review), then the introduction to the Iota Signature would constitute first base - here is the second base: lights out, after midnight, some 'lubrication' and some favourite (and well known) tracks. I give you Miles Davis Blue Note Vol2 (Blue Note 1502). There are 2 volumes to this series and they comprise all Miles Davis's Blue Note recordings prior to his signing for Prestige. Accompanying Miles were Horace Silver and Art Blakey, who would both go one to form, with others, the Jazz Messengers, plus Jay Jay Johnson and Percy Heath. This album is straightaway bebop and sees Miles b4 his 'mute' days. Its a great album - a sublime album (well that's how it seemed to me tonight). I know this album, but Ive not played it for a while (it emerged in a rifle thro the Ikea shelves). It was gorgeous. Piano and trumpet sounded like they should, and the whole thing boogied along cohehently and enjoyably. I found myself making body shapes to the twists and turns to the music and was swept away by the combo as they made there way through their repertoire. Jazz like this, if you get it, is full of rhythms and shapes that engage you and excite you. The Iota played its part. Its not easy to say quite what part it played, given its a system I was listening to, but I would assert that it was enabling the first class front end to strut its stuff. I formed the (unscientific) impression that the Miyajima Shilabe was the star of the show (its the most expensive component in the system and is at the head of it) and that the Iota Signature was paving the way..'go on then, let's see what you can do..'. All I can say is I had a ball. Next up (and this will surprise you) - Sydney Youngblood 12" single entitled 'If Only I could..' This 12" soared away against a crystal clear background. One of my favourites from my disco days and a joy. 'O Mandinka' was a test case. If the Iota carried this off then I would be truly impressed. (Ive heard this on my Cranfield Rock with a Cadenza Blue through the Horn System. I gave it 8.5 out of 10. The sound didnt have the emotional impact that I remember, but what it did have was balls. Im not one to gush but I was uplifted by this session after a difficult week. With the Iota Signature on board I can say without reservation that it belongs in a system of this quality and is doing as good a job as any other component therein. Base 3 will be what the bake Off crowd make of it, and fourth base will be when the Ayre P-5xe ($3250) is back in the system for a face to face. Cheers..