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  1. Its not reasonable to assume anything whatsoever from me asking you whether you have owned this or that. Asking a question doesnt imply anything at all about the questioner's knowledge. Its a simple question requiring a yes/no answer. From that answer we perhaps move on to the next set of logical questions, or perhaps not. The ball is in my court. In particular, asking a question does not imply ignorance of the answer. It may be a test of the other person. You patronise me by suggesting I 'get my ears round a pair'. Ok, you might respond by saying 'how was I to know you had heard a pair'. Quite right but your post 'assumes' that I hadnt - that's your mistake, because I easily could have. Im perfectly well aware of the relationship between valve amps and sensitive speakers, thankyou. (I own a pair of SETs driving a pair of backloaded horns.) It hasnt caused me 'grief' - yet another assumption about the state of my mind about which you have zero knowledge. But here and know I object to your condescending and patronising tone. The word is 'object' not 'griefstricken'. I will choose the words that pertain to my position. As for the facts of the matter I am a longstanding fan of the Impulse H2. I once went on a tour of the S.E, of England with my Snell E11s , comparing them with speakers as diverse as the H2s and Living Voice OBXs (belonging to Tel). Impulse H2s started me on horns, a path, some may say, a quest, I have been following ever since. (I reported the findings back to the Wam.) I contributed to the 'Monster Loony' joint Horn demo at Scalford in Coleman one year, which was a precurser to demonstrating my full horn system in that room not long after. Jack NSM
  2. What makes you think I either havent heard a pair or havent owned a pair in the past?
  3. What's the list price on these Chris? Jack NSM
  4. One of the interesting aspects of the threeway comparison in Room 2 was that it involved three different phonostages as well as your normal turntable/arm/cart test. This happened largely because the third 'contestant' alone had balanced phono leads and a balanced option on the (Ayre) phonostage. And also because Jessica designs and builds her own (valve) phono stage and step up which would have a ratio suited to her cartridge. So it made sense to treat each 'lot' as a package. Nowadays, the settings on a phonostage can make a big difference to the performance of the cartridge so there is a case for the phonostage being an integral part of any front end. Additionally there are different theories as to the best loading for a given cartridge (Dave might expand on this - he has advised me to use 47K for my MCs for example and in tests we preferred that to the norm.) So much so that a front end should now be defined as turntable/arm/cart/ phonostage. In the old Wam by now everyone in Room 2 would have weighed in with a detailed step by step procedure of what we did, what we swapped in and out, what tracks we used, where we sat etc, and what was best - but that's not the way bake offs are generally written up now. I think this is because we have become quite closely attached now after an unprecedented series of bake offs at Lurches and numerous spin off meetings where, perhaps, more detail and comment is exchanged face to face. In print, on here, we are, I think, more careful with each others feelings and sensitivities and there is more circumspection now people realise that each of us hear things differently and/or are looking for something different. Re the latter point of looking for something different ,I'm reminded of judging in modern jive competitions: most couples entering competition for the first time with high hopes and high opinions of their own capabilities, try to impress the judges with a lot of big, flashy moves to show off their skills; however, the judges are looking for 'musicality' - the choice and execution of moves to match the music with the occasional big move to go with a crescendo in the music, or a welltimed 'stop' move to match a 'break'. So it is with us - some look for detail, some for separation some perhaps for rhythm and timing, and some, ahem, for power, attack etc. Turning to the 3 packages on offer I will try to steer a course between safety and the ravine. Jessica's much modified Linn LP 12 has the Cirkus bearing, Vinyl Passion acrylic baseplate, different suspension and different just about everything else.. Its no longer an LP12. There is an Audiomods arm and an AT33 shibata and then an inexpensive SUT and then her own phonostage and external PS. The SUT was swapped out for Brooks Head amp to good effect later, injecting a good bit of extra life to the music whilst retaining a vg level of detail and smoothness. Some preferred the 401 package when I put the question of 'which one' to the assembly after an identical track was played . So a bit horses for courses. The 401 package had more bass than the 'VP12' package. This didnt help it as the speakers were exciting the room something rotten on the outskirts and the best seats were definitely the 2 RH seats of the 3 avble on the sofa. (I proved the 401 could sound better when Robin and I visited Brook yesterday to give his 401 a chance in its 'natural habitat' = that was a lovely sound exhibiting many of the qualities attributed to valve amplification (Brook's penchant). (Horses for courses again.) The Thorens had on board a uniquely modified unipivot with greater effective mass to accomodate the low compliance Miyajima Shilabe MC. This was fed, via balanced phono leads to the MC input on the Ayre Evolution phono stage. The latter had been tried with the Hegel's balanced input before and was known to be a match made in heaven (for a SS combo, that is). This was well received and perhaps had proper bass and a nice level of detail and drama - characteristics I suggest of the cartridge (£2.5K list) according to what I have read. There we have it. Brook's package was terrific value for money, beautifully presented in a lovely, if not traditional, plinth, which in the right circumstances gave a sound anyone would be proud of and the other 2 packages possibly edging ahead on the day in that room (at a cost). Jack NSM
  5. For the 'eagleyed' : yes, that is a cheap lighter separating the power lead from the balanced 'in' phono leads from the Wilson benesch Unipivot (see Barrington's shots). When the phono leads for the WB were converted to XLR we didnt have a lot of lead to play with - so the plugs are close together. This compromises their separation from the power lead which is central (unfortunately). At home I got 'flutter' RH channel from the interference. Now solved - with a 'lighter' (to hand) in this installation from guess who? Dave..
  6. As a horn man, I get this. Jamie you so and so with your esoteric hifi wit...
  7. Who was it who twigged that the Quads weren't handling the Rotel in circuit, John? Jack
  8. Barrington took a few shots of the Thorens Dave. They'll be on here soon when he's developed them.
  9. It was our pleasure Jessica. As Dave mentioned, your own DIY phono stage has come on leaps and bounds, and when coupled with Brook's excellent Denon head amp, your much modified (Vinyl Passion branded) LP12 (or should that be VP12) really shone. Well done! Looking forward to hearing the balanced version that is being planned for further down the line. Also your measured commments about the relative merits of the equipment in our room (the playroom, or Room 2, as I, and only I, like to call it), were very valuable. Jack NSM
  10. Really interesting day and well done Lurch for continuing to open his doors to what is a motley crew after all. Welcome to Ian and Jules and great to see Saladisfun again, Jessica too, and the 'usual suspects' Joolz arrived late on with some Onken horns in the back which will be saved for another day (at his BO) and we missed Jamie who had bigger things to attend to (not like we retirees and retrobates). Loads of unforeseen problems with Lurch's system in the morning (Sod's Law it would be the bake off morning) which were perplexing us all for some time, but I'll let those of us attending to the problems talk about that. Those of us with our own 'fish to fry', meanwhile set about setting up a system in Room 2. This was a terrific session comprising 2 halves (avoiding the football expression, just..) - an 'unbalnced' morning (ie RCA connections) and a 'balanced' afternoon with XLR connections. What I liked about what the modus operandi in our room was the consistency and rigour of the procedures and especially the openness and the frankness of the 5 of us who had equipment in the system. More from me later on how it all went... Jack NSM
  11. I was out of form during Goodwood and gave betting the elbow for a few days. But, what I have done (just now) are the times for all the races and below will be a resume of the fast timers and on the other hand, the barges. Day 1 It was windy and there were showers about. The going was changed to good from good, G/F in places. Times suggested it rode a bit slower or the horses were slow..bit of both? Fayez in the first was slow, very slow. The Group 2 Lennox (Sir Dancealot) was bad, with Hey gaman failing to match his previous 2 excellent figures. Suedois was too close and so was Speak In Colours. Not a race to follow. Stradivarius was respectable - no more than that. Its never got close to setting Group 1 pars and this was no different. The slow Dee Ex Bee was far too near it. Dashing Willoughby I thought would run them all close but he has disappointed me twice since his Ascot group 2 wnen he beat Nayef Road easily. (Nayef Road franked that form when winning later in this meeting (on better ground than at Ascot). Cobra Eye - no. And green Power also no. Day 2 Forget the first race (rank time), and the 2 races over the minimum trip (including the Molecomb which I dont rate), but focus on the middle distance performance of Sir Ron Priestley in the 0-101 handicap. Mark Johnston targets this type of race at this meeting and he is a past master at bringing out more and more improvement. Durston, who ran second, put in a much improved run, but the handicapperhas l hammered it (+6lbs). Le Don Vie (4th) has been left alone and could pick up a handicap for Hughie Morrison. The feature was the group 1 Sussex Stakes won by Too Darn Hot from Circus Maximus. Very ordinary time and you can tell the form's not much due to the proximity of the 110 rated Happy Power in 4th. Zabeel Prince has really disappointed since his French win - that form looks suspect now. This was a rerun of the St James Palace Stakes . The Irish 2000 gns was rubbish wasnt it with Phillip Of Spain out with the washing in both. The Manaal handicap and the Dirty Rascal 7 furlong handicap which ended the card were ordinary on time and scrappy to boot. Moll Davis looked unlucky in the 4 45 but was only a 0-85 winner going in to this. Besides the broadcasters, with all the VT and all the angles will be all over this and the other 'unlucky' types and there will be no value next time. Day 3 Cant have the Group 2 Richmond on time. Over the same course, but a furlong less, Celsius absolutely blitzed the race, when all the adjustments are made . The next few home - Mercenary Rose, Lufricia and Tinto and Concierge (blinkered 1st time)- all merit respect next time.. The nursery was quite fast (Governor Of Punjab) and the Nassau respectable (Deirdre). Nayef Road surprised but Spanish Mission who had beaten it will reverse on a gallopping track (imo). Day 4 Feature race was the King George Stakes ( Group 2 , 5F) , which looke a penalty kick with Blue Wind retiring, and so it proved. The time was nothing to write home about and I will be trying to find one to beat it at York, where it has disappointed in the past. The group 3 of Desert Encounter was rubbish and I note that the runner up Mirage Dancer has been sold to race in Australia. Someone at Stoute's is a clockwatcher! On adjusted times (all my times are adjusted for class age, and sex) the best race was the hotly contested Golden Mile won by beat Le Bon. That's gone up 6lbs but the handicapper has been lenient, I think, with the second, Vale Of Kent (+1) and the third Escobar (left on 101). One doubt is the high figure I have had to award the hitherto slow, Seniority, close up in 4th. hummm..You can bet your life O'Meara will be getting a win for Danny Tudhope in his race for the title, on baltic Baron, the next home. Day 5 Stewards Cup Day - and my antepost bet for the Commonwealth Cup romps home carrying 9 7. Time was only OK but Im marking it up because the Clerk said he watered the straight course and the bends. So the long distance races were flattered on time. The race that caught my eye was the last - a 0-96 won by Gifts Of Gold. The second and third, You're Hired and Rotherwick, may well go close next time. (Though Rotherwick ive fallen for b4 , to my cost). Very enjoyable meeting to watch, but who knows if downhill RH turning track form will work out on the July course for example..? Jack NSM
  12. Pass..'Progical' is not a typo is it (knowing you)? Edited - God, Im slow today - as in prog rock ..doh
  13. Best wishes to the 6th, well 7th, hummm, well lets say in the top dozen most popular, no, wait a minute, most PROLIFIC contributers on this Forum! Jack