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  1. Doing a record fair that day, John, alas. Jack NSM
  2. Non-Smoking Man

    First Watt F5 versus Art Audio Quintet

    You know the expression 'once bitten twice shy'? Well Ive completely ignored it by inviting Dave (Bigfool) round here to listen to my (new to me) Nelson Pass F5 class a SS amp, without having had much of a listen in my own system - just like I did with my (new to me ) Jantzens (which Dave didnt like back then). However, since those early days the Jantzens have been more universally well received, once Ive learnt more about them and what to do with them. Perhaps it will be the same with this amp... The object of tonight's enterprise was to audition Dave's Mains regeneration unit in my system. (he will contribute and tell you the model, manufacturer etc., but its the one that featured in Lurch's most recent bake-off, and which Lurch and Chris took to Kegworth). So, in time-honoured fashion we scheduled the mono vinyl for the system (TD124/Benesch Act 0.5/Decca Gold mono/ Hybrid phono, Basie pre/ F5/Jantzen speakers) such that we could compare with and without the mains regenerator. I chose a jazz album by Max Roach and Clifford Brown ('Daahoud') to kick off with, and then we tried the mono Bluesbreakers' album (the 'Beano' album, now listed in Record Collector @ £150) and finished off with 'Help' (Parlaphone early pressing but unknown condition). They change hands for £15-30.) At first, i couldnt detect much difference with the mains regeneration in Key To Love, the first track we played on the John Mayall Bluesbreakers, was unfortunate inasmuch that it sounded detailed but raucous and bright. But I remembered this track and i was confident it was a bad'un and Parchman Farm, the next track, would give the system a chance to shine. So it proved, and when the jazz was back in I thought I detected a little more sweetness and I really liked what it was doing. As the Roach/Brown dialogue proceeded I was more and more impressed. Dave indicated that he too liked the sound. 'Help' was great in places and shouty in others - was that the amp, the recording, or that Decca showing its true colours? As the y say in QI - 'nobody knows'. A mixed bag, then. One thing we noticed was that the Nelson Pass amp had a slight mains hum from the metal box (not translated into the speakers) that wasnt there before; and the second was that the system drew 61% of the Regenerator's capacity against a reading of zero when used in Dave's own system (with a 60w power amp). Further auditioning may provide a clue to the occasional shoutiness we both noticed on some recordings. In some ways what we heard was less impressive as a system than I had had with the valve amp that had been replaced with the F5 ( which has solid state mosfet output devices), yet it was showing signs of excellence with the right material. Possibly the Decca is a little too forcefull with this amp in this system. We both agreed that's not quite good enough - why cant a top class amp cover a wide range of recording quality..? I think this amp is really good but needs careful matching. I look forward to trying it in the horn system on a 2" compression driver.. Dave's mains regenerator did make a difference and I would consider something similar for the system. How much difference its difficult to say as the new amp is known to take an hour to warm up and the system's improvement through the evening could have been partly due to that. I am grateful to Dave for coming over. We chatted about a number of hifi topics as usual and I always learn something from him in the course of our meetings. Jack NSM
  3. Non-Smoking Man

    Guess the album cover

    Stray cats?
  4. Non-Smoking Man


    If the search is still on Ian (- I havent read every post in full-) you might try contacting 'HiFi Guy(s) a pair of chaps Hastings way (E. Sussex). They are only too willing to lend stuff out and will even transport big speakers to your door. I'm hearing good things about their willingness to please from Batterredhaggis and you also contact HiFiNutt and hear all about them. A plus is they are not a million miles away from you... Regards, jack NSM
  5. Non-Smoking Man

    First Watt F5 versus Art Audio Quintet

    This particular amp was assembled by Joe Henry. He has a website and a number of assembled kit amps on a certain auction site, if that's of any interest.
  6. Non-Smoking Man

    Coarse Fishing

    Well, I ventured out for the first time this season hoping to catch the carp at my local commercial on the lookout prior to spawning - I reckon we have 3 weeks at most b4 spawning. I intend to make hay whilst the sun shines...(carp need quite high water temps..). As it happens I caught 25 lbs of fish which included 4 smallish bream. The best carp was an 8 lb mirror. During the session an owl made an appearance , swooping between trees, large as bloody life. What a beautiful sight, I had a second to take it in in all its beauty. Innately, I took in the detail, the majesty and beauty of the scenario as it presented itself. One moment it was there and then it was gone, the impression buried in my memory, but stored for retrival. Even now I'm glowing at the memory. I didnt need any instruments to clock the experience, My experience wasnt lessened by not having an instrument to measure its velocity or the angle of its wings as it went this way and that through the trees opposite. I might have missed it struggling for the appropriate setting,,etc.. What we can do,as humans with our senses, sensibilities and awareness is truly remarkable. Dont let anyone knock your innate abilities as a sentient being to know what you are experiencing - including music - because you cant measure it. Jack NSM
  7. Non-Smoking Man

    First Watt F5 versus Art Audio Quintet

    I do think its the very same amp. Speedracer will be on here soon to confirm.Thankyou for the invite from a previous Snell E owner..
  8. Non-Smoking Man

    First Watt F5 versus Art Audio Quintet

    The F5 is perhaps the most 'normal' of Nelson pass's amps. (He confines his more experimental and DIY designs to this 'First Watt' category. Why 'FIRST Watt' - because, as in low powered valve amps the first watt is the most important in a HE (High Efficiency) system as there is the least distortion in this kind of amp and you dont use much more than that in a domestic situation with very efficient speakers (mine are 95 db per watt)).) It has some feedback, is a pushpull design (unlike some of the earlier designs, eg., J2, SIT 1) and is fully 25w per channel. The F4 is really interesting as it has zero gain and merely acts a buffer so that the gain in your active pre amp can be presented or passed on to the speakers in a usable way. Minimalism is a key First Watt principle. There are other power amp models and also pre amps and Nelson Pass is a rewarding writer about all of them. Interestingly he also designs active crossovers....
  9. Been on the lookout for low powered amps to drive the compression drivers in my active multiway horn system. (The comps do 110 and 115 db per watt.) The snag is that I want balanced amps as I am going for a fully balanced system and the market for this type of amp favours muscle over finesse amps - where to find a 25 watt (class A for preference) amp with balanced connectivity? Nelson Pass designs float into the radar - the J2 would be ideal - but an F5 popped up on Ebay recently which had, unusually for this design, balanced connections. It was Bolton, collection only but, as luck would have it, I was due up in Manchester for the West Brom game at OLd trafford having been donated a season ticket from a friend who was in Oz. I pressed the button at £600. Anyway, I took it round to Speedracers a couple of days ago to try it up against his Art Audio Quintet. This AA is a known quantity down here from Lurch's Bake Offs and I knew it was just ahead of my own Megahertz kit amp. Brook quoted £4000 as its value and this one had been breathed on. (i imagine that's retail price.) Well, the F5 was clearly a detailed performer from the word 'go'. After a couple of tracks the slight leanness gave way to a more assured bass performance and overall a 'balanced' rendition of the tracks we had earlier tried on the Quintet - without perhaps the quality and musicality of the latter. We confirmed our impression by re-introducing the Quintet and covering the same music (which included a lovely 'John Coltrane Plays The Blues'). This will do for £600 thinks I and Brook also was impressed for the money I paid. (it didnt get that hot either, but it was only on for an hour or so.) Its hard to translate a musical experience into words that will mean anything to other hifi enthusiasts but , despite that, I often find agreement at bake offs even if some listeners are more erudite than others. But because we cant measure these 'impressions' that's not sufficient reason to refrain from having a stab at it. (Otherwise you are throwing the 'baby out with the bathwater') Brumjam will be interested in this mini review as I spoke to him at Kegworth about his Sony V-fet equipped F5. Thanks for the chat Brumjam. Jack NSM Brook's system: Sumiko Pearwood cart/DIY Unipivot arm, modded Townsend Rock, Art Audio V1 pre amp, Art Audio Quintet power amp, Triangle Antal 3 way reflex Mk1 floorstanders.
  10. Non-Smoking Man

    Going large with loudspeakers

    I had some DIY 3 way speakers using direct radiators. The tweeter was a Beyma CP21, the mid a Beyma 8" and the bass driver was an 18" PA unit. They had been designed and built by a Norwegian and were a constrained layer cabinet painted white. No crossover - they were meant to be driven actively from an external crossover. Next I bought Speedysteve's horn system that featured at one Scalford. Famously steve and Pete (I should Coco) had to saw off part of the bass conical to get them through the doors of the room. That straight bass horn was 3 foot long and had a 3 foot diameter mouth. Steve used an Eminence 15" driver but he kept those and we substituted Vitavox AK157s. The mid horn has a 2" BMS compression driver in another matching straight conical about 2.5 feet long. Then there is a tractrix horn which is quite small with a JBL 2435 Be 1,5 inch comp. Tweeter varies - currently Triangle dome type. The system is rounded off by 4 X 18" JBL subwoofers (folded) from the Happy Mondays touring rig. Jack NSM The system is currently stored (thanks Speedracer).
  11. Non-Smoking Man

    Grand National Meeting

    T Rex? You obviously have a sense of humour Trunky...Thankyou for introducing yourself. I was hoping you had some contact with someone in the Racing game, and I see you do. Your brother will have told you this stuff isnt easy and one does one's best'. I once went 29 successive losers and still made a profit on the season. Ups and downs. Believe me I am on the right track with the Champion Hurdle - it is up for grabs next year. I rate Buveur a 5/1 shot and Summerville Boy about an 8/1 shot (half its current odds. Dont tell the syndicate until I have had another score at the 16/1. ...Chuckle chuckle... Regards, Jack....
  12. Non-Smoking Man

    Grand National Meeting

    I'm sorry I dont really get emoticons. I can see these arent complimentary (and nor was the last one). But then, Trunky, you are not sticking your neck out like I am. If you contributed i would know what i was dealing with. You could be something or nothing. Meanwhile, Its time to take stock. One lesson i learnt was not to trust Cheltenham form at Aintree. Of course, i am not unaware of the difference in tracks (especially the hurdle tracks); and this is an old chestnut. But with the extra week between the meetings i decided to go with the Cheltenham form on several occasions and was let down. I have to think of a new strategy for next year. I was always a fan of Buveur D'Air. I spotted the horse as a novice and one of my brightest moments was when I predicted - well in advance of the stables announcing it- that it would contest the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham rather than the Novice Chase (Arkle). I got huge odds from 70 downwards and the rest is history. (I laid off some of it si I ended up with £700 having bet peanuts. However, my time figures suggest the horse is not what it was. I doubted whether it would win another Champion Hurdle but, in the absence of credible competitors I left the race alone. I might even have laid it so poor were its speed figures leading up to Cheltenham 2018. With Getabird apparently needing to go righthanded and the Triumph form seldom measuring up to Championship standard every year I think the Supreme Novice Hurdle form is the place to look for the winner of the Champion hurdle next time. I certainly think Buveur D'Air will struggle and may not even run as it looks to need 2.5 miles already. I think that Summerville Boy has the profile, speed figures and form to win it . I am on today @ 16/1 and i will be topping up as we go through the close season. All I needed was the nod from the trainer that SB would stick to hurdles rather than go novice chasing and I got that in an interview I saw on the Racing UK review service. That's all from me. Be Lucky! Jack NSM
  13. Non-Smoking Man

    Grand National Meeting

    No cigar yet and Im not confident the meeting is all about recent form - which is how I operate. A number of horses have underperformed and others have found unexpected improvement. I have had a tickle on Connetable in the 1 45 Saturday on the grounds that Who Dares Wins franked the form of its Cheltenham race. Also its a front runner and the track suits that style. I have the big price about Baie des Isles in the big race and I couldnt get 16/1 so I havent laid it off in the end. Jack NSM
  14. Non-Smoking Man

    Grand National Meeting

    Balko Des Flos disappoints and i wasnt that happy with it in running, despite jumping nicely in front. So I laid £3 of my £10 stake at evens when it was bowling along. Net £7 loss. Meanwhile, I really should have an opinion in the Topham (4 05pm) - a 2m 5F handicap over the National fences. John Francome used to ride this race superbly and I hope a get as good a ride out of Tom O'brien aboard Ballyalton, my selection. There are ifs and buts about some of the runners, including Flying Angel who won a top novice event at the meeting last year (I was on) and who is thrown in on his best from, O O Seven who has a chance on his 4th last year in this race and Ultragold who won it last year @ 50/1. However, Ballyalton's 4th in the Brown Advisory over almost this trip behind The Storyteller at Cheltenham, is the best recent form, followed by Top Gamble's 3rd in the Grand Annual over 2 miles. Ive thrown £6 at Ballyalton at 16.5 to win £93. This race is quite a spectacle. lets hope there are no casualties. Jack NSM
  15. Non-Smoking Man

    Grand National Meeting

    Only 6 runners for the Melling Chase and when I read Altior wasnt coming up from Lambourn I had to be on Balko Des Flos. I swooped on it straightaway at 5.6 for a tenner and the next thing I know its halved in price, othwise Id have had more.. Why? Because Balko achieved the highest speed figure of any horse at the Cheltenham Festival (105) one point (=1 legth) bigger than Footpad. The manner in which it won the Ryanair was impressive and I think this is a much improved performer. So the bet was £10 at 9/2. Not much use to my reader, sorry, but its for the record, and I have to show my critic (see above) I can make a profit. (All my bets are a matter of record as I can show my betting history on my computer to any caller.) Cheers!