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  1. Non-Smoking Man

    Help me! Sd Acoustics SD1

    Repeat: have you got the drivers?
  2. Alas, Im committed to a record fair on the 12th of May so I cannot make it for the start of proceedings. However, I have taken steps to ensure that the kit I have promised will be there in the care of another Wammer. Step forward Dave (bigfool67) who has already taken delivery of a TD124, armed with my Wilson benesch Act 0.5 and an AT33PTG. Ill be dropping off the Ayre phono stage in due course. Dave had a go at inserting the AT and setting up the arm and cartridge in my presence last night. My help was indispensable in skillfully rotating the counterweight to assist inadjusting the azimuth (haha). (Its a unipivot of course.) Dave was painstaking in his set up procedure and took my front end from sounding average, with a boomy bass and lack of separation, to sounding really good. We played the same material that Robin, Chris and I had enjoyed via the resident system not a few days earlier. (The set up had been for a decca so arm height needed changing, together with the usual stuff. We opted for Dave's Ringmat system to bring the platter level up. I discard the flimsy aluminium broadcast top platter on my Thorens idlers.) Ill be along about 4 30 pm to have a listen, meet everybody, and collect my gear. My thanks to Dave for his time and skill in stepping into the breach Jack
  3. Non-Smoking Man

    Horse Racing

    Accounts: BF (From March 2nd) Stake 19.5 Return 34.25 1 point Blu Dancer 1 Mark The Man 1 Anibale Fly 1 Bristol de Mai 1 Summerville Boy 1 Lostintranslation 6.00 1 Doitforthevillage 1Champ 4.95 Lay Tedham a place 1.00 1 Theo 1 Forest Bihan 1 (lay) Azzuri 1 Voix Du reve 4.50 Lay Real Steel 1.00 Total Stake 31.50 Total Return 51.70 (20.20 points profit)
  4. Non-Smoking Man

    Horse Racing

    Im patting myself on the back, not just for picking the winner and laying the losing favourite in the above Ryanair Chase (grade 1), but because I resisted getting involved in lower fayre on a busy day. Patience is a virtue in this game. + 4.5 points to make up for the Forest Bihan shambles. Jack NSM. PS Ive had a few very early antepost skirmishes for C heltenham 2020. Will divulge when the time is right.
  5. Non-Smoking Man

    Horse Racing

    After a think, Ive decided to lay Real Steel in the above Ryanair Chase. Equivalent to one point.
  6. Non-Smoking Man

    Help me! Sd Acoustics SD1

    Have you got the drivers?
  7. Non-Smoking Man

    Horse Racing

    The Faireyhouse card looks the best racing today and the 4 25 pm Grade 1 over 2.5m is a rerun of the JLT (Cheltenham). My fancy in the JLT, Voix Du Reve , dislodged Ruby Walsh rather easily 3 out having nearly succeeded in getting rid of him at the first. Preferred in the betting that day was Real Steel who blundered his chance away at halfway. Mengli Khan managed 3rd beaten 2.25L and 7L, returning a speed figure of 62. The form is OK as Lostintranslation, the second, and Kildisart, the fourth, have gone on to win at Aintree. Would either VDR or RS have beaten MK if they had stood up? My figures say Voix Du Reve can do a 68, but that Real Steel, judging on his Chase win coming in to Cheltenham has something to find. Also Voix Du Reve would have beaten Mengli Khan in the Frank Ward earlier had he not fallen at the last. Winter Escape, a grade 3 winner in a good time was found out in Grade 1 company behind La bag Au Roi in a slow time. You might think there isnt a bet here...(and you might be right), but Voix Du Reve has jumped right in the past and Faireyhouse is righthanded so the track will suit. We know he stays and if Ruby can get him into a rhythm out front he could do a 'Kemboy' and make all. I have a feeling that this will be Voix Du Reve's day. Ive taken 7/2.
  8. Non-Smoking Man

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    Im running a pair of Adams A5 desktop monitors in a second system. They are active with an amp driving the bass/mid and another the tweeter - an 'air motion' ribbon. (So you wont need separate amps.) I know your music tastes Blackmetal as we shared a car to a Lurch Bake Off and you will not be disappointed with the extraordinary bass from these gems. Also, they have loads of adjustment for spl, bass/ top end balance and near/far wall placement. The tweeter is one of the best out there. Expect to pay £350 a pair pre-owned. There is a balanced option as well as conventional RCAs from your pre amp - no speaker cable of course. Jack NSM
  9. Non-Smoking Man

    Help please : Thoughts on a avid ingenium TT

    I wouldnt buy an Ingenium for that money, personally.
  10. Non-Smoking Man

    FS: Benz Wood SL

    The Benz Wood SL is in the same class as the Cadenza Blue and ahead of the likes of the AT33PTG and AT OC9. (These are my recent cartridges.) I first came across it when Barrington (Mayebazza) visited me in Bracknell when I had the horn system up and running. He had an origin Live arm and a Benz Wood SL on a modded Rega 3. It was uncomfortably close to my Cran Rock and that lodged in my brain's hifi compartment. I have no reason to doubt the OP's log book on this cartridge and the price is fair. This is a very good cartridge. Mine is on my rewired Alphason HR100MCS but i would imagine it would suit most low-medium mass arms.
  11. Non-Smoking Man

    System advice please!

    Change the turntable and arm would be my advice. The Gyrodec would be a good choice or the Orbe. Another is the Clearaudio Emotion which c/w the excellent Satisfy arm. Jack NSM
  12. Non-Smoking Man

    Tone arm wanted...

  13. Non-Smoking Man

    Tone arm wanted...

    +1 for the RB200 suggestion.
  14. Ive heard a few examples of the '3 motor' Voyd. Pete (I_should_coco) had one and it was the resident turntable at Gary Dews demonstration room in Elm Grove, Brighton, (which I often frequented, before he started the Border Patrol project and moved to Berriedale Ave, Hove. The amps at Gary's were Audio Inno' monoblocks (1st, or second audio?) and the speakers were Snell E's, arranged against the (long dimension) side wall, one third in from the back as you would place Quad electrostatics (something to do with eigentones). The imagery was stunning and the whole set up to my ears then was amazing. The Voyd (and the original Rock, and to some extent the Pink Triangle)) was the 'go to' turntable for the Linn doubters of the day - it was a great TT then and would be a great buy today. (That cable heads up from Richard is the icing on the cake..). At the new price this is a bet. Jack NSM
  15. I think you might have to explain that one for us,, wait, I gettit...