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  1. Crikey, Nick, best left alone methinks.. Those are Snell E/11s on the stands arent they? Used to have a pair . (Demoed them at my first Scalford Show)
  2. You may think it risky to propose a Bake-Off involving a pair of newly acquired speakers you have yet to try at home; and even riskier to pitch them in against Usher Mini Dancers, Spendor 'top of the rangers' and a pair of LV OB's.. Well you'd be right and when my friend Martin and I fitted some binding posts to the captured cable on my DIY Jantzens and put them in my system today, replacing some Triangle Antals, my first thought was - 'what have I done! ' (Bridge Over The River Kwai moment..) First off they sounded coloured and nasal...Give them a chance I was thinking - never judge anything straightaway...fingers crossed.. We worked through a few reference records (Rickie Lee Jones, Jumpin Jive, Me Myself, I) and they began to perform. Martin commented on the tuneful bass. (Good, they were bought partly to combat a bass reflex coupled bass in a small dead square room.) I began to realise there was nothing wrong with the female vocals (Martin - 'I have no issue with the vocals') as the drivers warmed up. Indeed, they portrayed themselves as a sophisticated speaker with vg transient capabil;ities, a lightness of touch and delicacy in the midrange, though a tad lacking in top end extension. In connection with the latter the designer (Graveson) and the implementer (Jantzen) specifically went for a combination of bassmid and tweeter that was coherent. The tweeter is chosen to come down and meet the 8" bass mid rather than stretching the bass mid to reach the tweeter. This may have left the top a bit short compared to some designs. (I'm hoping to try Speedracers supertweeters to cure this; I have a couple of 2 way stereo electronic crossovers with which I can achieve meaningful bi amping to achieve this.) We think the Jantzens are a credible £2000 bracket speaker (in amongst some fairly exotic company). We shall see how they fare...(But I'm less nervous than I was..) J
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    I resort to words again - its the only card Im playing.. In praise of 'The Champ' by Dizzy Gillespie. Its in the Jazz Anthology on the Musidisc label. Humble origins you may think but playing this RE (reissue) JA5183 recording , almost certainly mono cut on stereo equipment, provided a stark contrast with the modern (comparitively) Rattus N. album by The Stranglers I played immediately b4 it. I love Peaches, which sounds OK, but I decided to try the other side - awful: compressed, bright, lacking in dynamic range. Whereas the Gillespie album shone brightly with wonderful timbres, bounce and engaging swing music. And its a mere reissue. What are contemporary sound engineers doing I ask myself..? Try it - if you like that sort of thing.
  4. You're not Nick Skelton are you?
  5. Are the monoblocks arranged to sit close to the speakers or are they together so that a single amp can simply slide in using existing cabling?
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    I know the artwork cover is the point of this thread; but you know what they say - one word is worth a thousand pictures.. In praise of 'Flamenco Sketches' last track on Kind Of Blue (M. Davis) :- A beautiful track from a beautiful album. But have you read the sleevenotes by Benny Green? 'What , then, is Miles Davis current approach..(?) Davis is that rare bird on the jazz landscape, a musical introvert. ..when he plays it is not oftenapparent that he is blowing as a release from worldly cares. Indeed his worldly cares seem to be the inspiration for all the work he does. (BG is writing prior to Bitches Brew etc.,) There is very little exuberance in his playing, although..there is..great passion and fervour...His sensibilities are those of a connoisseur who strokes a Ming vase rather than one who grasps a whiskey bottle.' Now that fellow Wammers is great journalism - and theres not much around.. Jack NSM
  7. When I envisioned this sort of bake off I assumed that the raison d'etre of 94 db floorstanders was to do a smallish room driven by a 4 watt (or so) SET. You cannnot have front loaded horns (the ideal) because as the frequency lowers the size of the horn grows and you find yourself pressed against the wall by wooden flowers as if you were in a sci fi film. So when Nick said (early on) he had 211s I assumed they were 'one a side ' SETs - parfait! However... His mates had the jump on me and knew he had gargantuan IA 845s. Jokes on me , fair enough, I can take it ..smiley.. So, to provide an all round challenge for our fabulous array of differently bass loaded cabs, I will bring my Megahertz Kit amp (Ity) - a SE EL34 amp (Winged C, Tesla signal) outputting around 5w, or thereabouts. Its reliable, unfussy, quiet, compact, and will provide a useful contrast to the resident muscle amp (which I am dying to hear, btw, my first time).
  8. You know the saying Richard - ask the busy man to do something not the man who has got nothing to do..smiley..
  9. You've got most of the important stuff listed there Nick. You are a star for laying this on. Richard - great stuff, we need you; be good to catch up. Ive heard how good your LVs sounded at Scally; they will be a terrific reference. Thats a lot of lasagne Nick! Can we help by each bringing something, whether it be a cake, a quiche, a packet of jaffa cakes..? Just a small correction - I'm known as Jack.. i really hope the Bastanis make it - be interesting to have a dipole alternative, especially as they are on the up in the States (or so I read in HFW). Jack NSM
  10. Looks like Thursday 23rd November then as that encompasses Rabski and Martha's Dad. One snag is Speedracer as I know he prefers Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have pm'd him about the 23rd. The greatest good, though, is served by the 23rd as it covers all those bringing speakers. (I think he might be able to wangle it with Julie). (Also it gives me time to convert my Jantzens from captured 1 metre leads to conventional binding posts (in the post, pure cu). It will be an early start for the Southerners... Looking forward to meeting some new faces. Jack NSM
  11. Jantzen quarter wave backloaded horn (TQWT); 8" Seas 1" Son Audax soft dome tweeter. DIY Kit. 94 db. Upgraded xo (MK2) They are 109 cms tall, x 28cms x 40cms unboxed but with covers.
  12. I would prefer midweek as I work weekends. As Lurch is retired and free midweek that would suit the 2 of us. (Of course others are involved so its all to play for.) One thing is I promised Speedracer my passenger seat as an interested spectator - is your vehicle big enough for the 3 of us and 2 pairs of floorstanders, John? Well done Nick - great intro to the thread. Do you reckon your amps will drive Lurch's Ushers..? Jack NSM
  13. Record shops in Greater London and the South East

    Im doing Tunbridge Wells 18/11 and a Christmassy one at The Keep pub in Guildford 2/12.
  14. Alternatives to LV OBX-R, with a 211 SET

    That sounds like a plan John. Nick - thats very hospitable of you. Im wondering whether Richard might be tempted over from Kettering, or the OP.. Lets see how it develops.. I can do midweek but maybe for others a weekend..say a Sunday..we will have to think when..then the next question is before or after Christmas.. Jack NSM (it wasnt the Icon Nick, that I know.) Bake off..can you do it Nick?