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  1. SALE

    Someone might be interested in taking that Decca Gold with the rest of the package, Rick. So do you have an all-in price Decca inc.? (Or is that finding another home?) The Decca is a traditional match for the Hadcock as Stewart and yourself know perfectly well.. Jack NSM
  2. SALE

    PM sent. Jack NSM
  3. SALE

    Can it be run purely as a power amp, Steve (ie with the volume knob 'out of circuit')? Jack NSM
  4. A rare opportunity for the active multiway horn enthusiast (and others) to purchase arguably the best compression driver outside the Tag range - the JBL 2435HPL Be (beryllium) 1.5 inch compression drivers. Mine were imported by Speedysteve but these have made it to France so postage doable. Find auction by 'spidy 78'. Hope that's enough info to locate. I have never seen a pair for sale used this side of the Atlantic for 3 years. Jack NSM
  5. I withdraw the jibe about Allen's speakers. That was wrong of me. Ikeda is not spelt incorrectly - so I wasnt inviting the joke. I interpreted the joke as being at my expense and detracting from the thread. Storm in a teacup..lets all move on. Jack NSM
  6. In the Old Wam my post would have drawn the so-called OId Guard to comment - I'm thinking of the likes of Mark Browell, Guy S., I_should_coco, Rabski. Imdismal, Ritchie et al. who inhabit the rarefied climate of high end, international shows and vibrant bake-offs at JVC'splace in North London etc.. It really is a big deal if a Hashimoto SUT, Vida and Modwright get beaten by an Ear one box pre. Instead I am rewarded and my dear friend Tom is insulted by a cheap jibe from a Wammer with £180 worth of second rate horns who doesnt recognise when a joke is appropriate and when it is not. Poor show Allen! Jack NSM
  7. I'm bound to ask you Audio Al - was your sense of humour god-given or have you honed it to perfection over the years? Jack NSM
  8. Visited Tom (Montesquieu) a couple of days ago. Two recent additions to the system were both EAR - a power amp triode connected giving 30W per channel and the EAR 912 pre amp. The power amp did very well against Tom's Radford STA 100 but the pre amp seems a bit special. For one it does everything - SUT, phono stage and line level stage. It is multi adjustable and substantially built. Also Tom rates it above what it replaced which included Hashimoto step up transformers , a Vida phono stage and Modwright (sp?) pre, in terms of sound quality. I believe he drove to Europe to buy it! Tom now has the MIyajima above the Kansui in his Ikeda arm. Overall an excellent system (and one improved a little bit by my tip to replace the aluminium top platter of his TD124 with a silicon mat of similar depth - something Ive been urging Tom to do for some time). There's no denying this system cost a lot of money but Tom continually is prepared to push the boat out in search of perfection - who does not admire someone like that? Jack NSM (For a full list of Montesqieu's system see his Art Of Sound posts. Tom does not post on here any more, alas.)
  9. Its not a proper word, it has no meaning, yet some people use it more than any other word that has meaning. Same goes for 'er'. Jack NSM
  10. I fail to understand the 1st sentence which might be mildly insulting for all I know - apologies to all members of the Wam and Cable Monkey in particular for not being au fait with the mega important area of, what is it, ah, 'Radio Controlled Cars'. But thankyou for the valuable info contained in the second sentence which seems to have been written by someone else. If only you had just selected the 2 nd of them for submission.. Jack NSM
  11. As Lurch has mentioned I cant make it this time as I have to work that day. Plus I'm in the middle of a move to Lancing - close to you Jez by the look of it, and closer to Chichester for the next one, Lurch. Jack (Have fun - I regret missing the John Wood amp I must say; and I know Brook's V1 is doing the business as I've heard it.)
  12. Townsend fluid is sufficiently viscous (or non viscous whichever way you see it) to gradually accumulate a drip of the paddle of a Rock in a minute or 2. If you tip the trough it will take a minute or so to become level again. It does attract dust and if the paddle is too deep it will stop the arm traversing. So it moves but not quickly. You can get it from Max or Chord (123?) on the internet. But the hobby shop solution looks good. Is RC short for RaceCar, Danilo? Jack NSM
  13. If you are not worried about performance the Toyota Hiace is a good option. High miler and reliable. They hold their value too. Ive had one and so has a friend. They are good for 250,000 miles. Jack NSM
  14. SOLD

    Ive heard this arm and Graham looks after his gear. I also heard that system at Scalford Graham refers to. Good luck with the sale, Graham. (I cant wait to try my unipivot (Wilson Benesch) on my own 401 but looks like the comparison with the Arm 2 and your 401 wont happen now.. Jack
  15. I used a pair of Edison 12s (the HFA kit amp by another name) to biamp Snell Es and it was a memorable experience. But I had occasion to take one to the (admittedly highly sceptical) John Casswell for a scan and he wasnt impressed re how well they were lasting. I wouldnt pay proper money for one now. At the £500 price point it would make equal sense to look for a PP valve amp as well as a SET - whether or not the amp you quote is PP or SET. I read good things about Jolida - Icon Audio have been hoisted out of the 'value' market. Croft? I find it helps to have a support network with amps (ie a good and cheap mender) - Ive gone through a few.