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  1. Non-Smoking Man

    Cheltenham NH Festival 2019

    Thankyou Tony. Very kind of you..
  2. Non-Smoking Man

    Buying a Turntable

    The OP's question is what do I look for in a turntable? Adam, quite rightly states, pure and simple, 'sound quality'. And, adding to that, since Bazzer is in the market for a new one (though he says he isnt..) - value for money. There's no point buying new because,as far as TTs go, there is nothing new under the sun. (As soon as you walk out the shop that deck is worth 3/5 of what you have paid, and 50% after 12 months). So, for VFM we go secondhand. I like a substantial deck. I like something solid and well engineered; perhaps something that is so well engineered it would cost a fortune to design and manufacture today. Examples include the SP10, Original Rock, The Oracle, and the Idlers from Thorens and Garrard. When you operate a deck like this you feel the build quality at your fingertips. By contrast take the platter off a Rega 3, or, dare I say it, a Systemdeck 2 X, and what are you looking at? Nothing very substantial is the answer; and nothing that was expensive to build, or breaks any ground in terms of design. The issue with buying a secondhand idler is condition. Most will need a strip down and lubrication from an expert, plus new parts, maybe a new motor.. The best bet is an idler that's not too collectable (that lets out the grease-bearing 301), and probably means a 401 rather than a 301, and one that had a recent refurb from a reputable source (Northern Analogue, Bastin, Loricraft etc). I saw an example on Sunday @ Tonbridge Audiojumble - a deck that fitted all my criteria, plus a deck Ive had experience with and I know satisfies Adam's initial requirement of good sound quality - a Garrard 401, refurbed by Northern Analogue and available for £450. There was a slate plinth for it at an additional £275. It remained unsold at the end of the day. In a decent birch ply plinth, or better, the slate plinth, with a similar arm and cartridge Im confident it would sound better than a Systemdeck.It would also last longer, give greater user satisfaction and retain its value better. How do I know a 401 will do what I say? I owned one 40 years ago and cut my own marble plinth for it, years before Noel Keywood 'discovered' the 401. At the time Popular Hifi were advising you to throw your 401 in the bin and buy a Linn Sondek. A few years ago Dom stormed Scalford with a 401 Arm 3, Modwright integrated and Snell As - anyone else remember that system? And recently Brook brought his newly acquired 401 with an unpretentious Jelco and AT33PTG that sounded excellent in Lurch's Bake Off (for all to hear). Noel Keywood still uses one as his reference.
  3. Non-Smoking Man

    Is a passive preamp right for me?

    There's a parallel thread on using a phono stage into passive pres in 2 Channel that you might have come across, Simon. There is some useful stuff about TVCs on the one hand and potentiometer based passives, on the other. Bencat rightly says cable length is an issue with the latter, and you have to watch for impedance mismatches there too. What you have read about power amp impedance is quite correct - it needs to be at least 10X the output impedance of the previous component. If you look at the specs for the Audiosynthesis Desire power amp you will find an input impedance of 440Kohms! This is to facilitate the use of their own passive pre. (If you google the amp you will find an article from the manufacturers entitled 'Decade' which explains their philosophy (the Decade is the upmarket version of the Desire)). Some of us have had experience in this department and have posted in both threads. In my case I once ran a valve active pre into a JBL PA 300w per channel power amp before I was aware of these things: valve pres have a higher output impedance than their SS counterparts, and PA muscle amps have a lower input impedance than domestic produce (especially run unbalanced); so I had the worst of all possible worlds. The sound from the 300 watts was like a damp squib! I learnt a lesson. Dave is cute on 'loading' issues (see above) and he is right about cartridge loading being nothing to do with output impedance. I look for around 20KOhm as a minimum in a power amp in my systems. I think most pre amps output impedance is around 1 Kohm if memory serves. Im a bit hazy about the relevant specs between typical phono stages and pre amps - mine are matching units from the same company so I dont need to concern myself with any issues in that department. You say you want to go from a passive direct to the power amp and avoid an active pre - in which case my advice is a TVC with a gain stage. I know that works because Ive heard it work several times in different systems.
  4. Non-Smoking Man

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

  5. Non-Smoking Man

    Chord Chameleon VEE 3 interconnect 1mt pair.

    Still available.
  6. Non-Smoking Man

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    Good show - did well with the vinyl and nice to catch up with Dr Graeme Hirst (Valvebloke) Dave (Bigfool) (first timer), Robin, Orbscure (meet at last), Graeme 67, Forgot-my-ID, Classique Sounds MD, Joolz, Tim and Kate (sent them some customers from my stall, whose vinyl, I kept informing them, benefitted greatly from ultrasonic cleaning) , and Adam (Beobloke) was also there in his usual spot. That's a pretty fair Wam representation. Jack NSM
  7. Non-Smoking Man

    Cheltenham NH Festival 2019

    Highly satisfactory prep races run by both Monalee (for the Ryanair) and Sceau Royal (for the Champion Chase). Cyrname reiterated his new level of form by destroying the firld in the Grade 1 2m 5f chase. He has shortened for the Ryanair but he's well known not to like lefthanded tracks like Cheltenhamn and I suspect he wont run, especially as its close enough now. Brilliant day for Paul Nicholls with 6 winners (at 4 0clock). J
  8. Non-Smoking Man

    best diy subs to use with this setup

    The best value for money subwoofers in a wider market place are touring style 18" folded horns - accomadating them is a problem but they are an alternative worth considering for the adventurous..
  9. Non-Smoking Man

    Goldring Lenco 88 turntable

    Carl - this turntable and plinth are worthy of commendation. I like the visual match of the Goldring's chassis colour and the birchply varnish (or whatever was used) and especially the intricate filling in of the 'depth' below the surface to maximise damping. The 88 is a bit of a collectors' item being the transcription version of the 75 and much scarcer. Its a lovely looking deck. This could make a worthy front end in a suitably vintage-style system. Its a joy to my eyes in our classifieds.
  10. Non-Smoking Man

    Cheltenham NH Festival 2019

    I know I said I was finishing this thread, but its 'never say never' in this game.. RYANAIR CHASE Im writing this because of an interview I watched again replaying the racing Channels coverage of the Dublin Festival. It was with Rich Ricci (yes, that is his name) the owner of Min (and Saldier incidentally). Min had just won, and in the context of a question about Min's Cheltenham target (Ryanair or Champion Chase) Ricci said that Min is a better horse this year, that he wouldnt mind taking Altior on again (in the Champion), despite having been beaten by it in the Supreme and the 2018 Champion, and he didnt know if he would stay the 2m 5f (the Ryanair trip). There and then I realised for sure that Min would go for the Champion Chase. This increases Footpad's chance of going for the Ryanair (same stable) but it also makes other horses who will run in the Ryanair a better bet at today's antepost prices. The obvious 2 are Waiting Patiently and Monalee. Waiting Patiently has been kept in cotton wool by connections and is not a certain starter for any race in which its entered - and that makes it a dodgy antepost bet. It has won a Grade 1 - the Betfair Ascot Chase over the right trip in 2018 - beating Cue Card, but it hasnt finished a top class race with more than 7 runners and has yet to race lefthanded in a chase. Monalee has better credentials: it has won a Grade 1 over the Ryanair trip (The Flogas Chase) and finished 2nd in 2 other grade 1s (including the RSA). It jumps well (despite having fallen twice!) and has been brought along quietly to peak for the Ryanair by his able trainer Henry De Bromhead. Plus he is not entered anywhere else so will run, as they say in Ireland, 'God willing'. I have an 87 speed figure for it in the Flogas which is about the same as WP and only a few lengths behind Footpad. There are others who could win - Balko Des Flos, last year's winner, Fox Norton etc, Shattered Love, Road to Respect but they are variously out of form, getting on in years or not sure to line up. Accordingly, in the light of my belief that Min goes eleswhere the value lies with Footpad (which ive already backed) and MONALEE, currently available @ 8/1. (my bet £24 @9.4 Betfair)
  11. Non-Smoking Man

    Phono Stage to Passive Pre?

    You are right to pinpoint the possible problem of insufficient gain in a passive pre amp with a vinyl player (as opposed to a CD player) as the source. Ive heard Brook's Audiozone in my system and the gain option was used and was totally satisfactory. In another set up that I took to Kegworth I had use of Jonathan Billington's Music First 'Baby Pre' passive pre (coppe rwired) which also had a gain switch (+6db) and was using that Welborne phono stage that Brook refers to - that was no problem either. (Nor was the Music First Classic pre that Fourlegs lent me that day - that had no gain problems and sounded superb (silver wired). These are all TVCs (transformer volume controls) and its important to distinguish them from other passives which are basically a volume control in a box. Why? The former avoid impedance mismatches which can plague the latter. I think it would be wise to get a TVC with a gain switch, rather than without and dont worry about this 'lack of excitement' criticism which Ive heard from critics - they dont lack for anything except perhaps the input/output versatility of an active pre. Jack NSM
  12. Non-Smoking Man

    Cheltenham NH Festival 2019

    Racing is all set to resume tomorrow, I believe. Most firms are going 'no runner no bet' now for Cheltenham, thereby enabling them to shorten up the leading fancies and reducing the punters value. Its time to shut up shop for the time being, but I had to have a small bet on Cepage for the Brown Advisory and Merriebelle (sp?) handicap (run on the Thursday). This is because the scribes and broadcasters will be turning their attention to the handicaps soon and the form of cepage's last run will be discussed - and it will be considered excellent (2nd to Frodon in the Caspian Caviar handicap, beaten a diminishing length and a quarter). With opinion leaders like Kealy and Segal pointing this up, which they must, the price will contract. Negatives are that CEPAGE has gone up 4lbs and we dont know its a certain runner, or, if it is, whether it will get to post w/o mishap. What we do know is that Frodon's subsequent beating of Elegant Escape in the grade 2 Cotswold Chase -, with Terrefort 2.25L in arrears in third - makes Cepage's proximity to a horse now being considered as a live Gold Cup hope, look very good form. STOP PRESS Dynamite Dollars (one of the favourites for the Arkle) is out for the season states Paul Nicholls.
  13. Non-Smoking Man

    Horse Racing

    Anyone see renowned professional punter Patrick Veitch interviewed on 'Luck On Sunday' (Racing Channel)? He talked about things like 'getting an edge' and the difficulty of getting his money on, as well as a couple of difficult events in his life. Slightly strange character - maybe that comes with the territory..?
  14. Non-Smoking Man

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Pm sent Spider (re Tonbridge) - but you might be full up..
  15. Non-Smoking Man

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    PM sent F.