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  1. Non-Smoking Man

    WAVE High Fidelity Cables

    I read the Audio Bacon review in its entirety. What a tour de force! The review was very well written and flowed nicely. There was a consistency and comprehensibility to the terminology which I felt was a lesson to us all. The writer engaged me and I felt I could trust his impressions and results. Words have a meaning that measurements could never, and are not meant to, replace. Your cable did really well on an international stage Nick. There is recognition here and sales should follow. You are a credit to yourself and the Wam. Jack NSM
  2. Non-Smoking Man

    What's the best SS pre amp you've heard?

    The Ayre Evolution I am currently using is very good. On audition at Batterredhaggis's it just bettered the one box Modwright, but was left behind by the 2 box Modwright in the same session (identical partnering equipment). However, much of my experience of pre amps has been with valve gear so I am no guide as to the best there is - that would be a different question.
  3. Non-Smoking Man

    WANTED Audion 300B or 845 amplifiers

    Have you seen the WAD push pull 300B in the classifieds (seller Westflower)? Jack NSM
  4. Interested - pm sent.
  5. Non-Smoking Man

    Kinshaw Perception phono stage.

  6. Non-Smoking Man

    Wanted XLR interconnects.

    PM sent to Gordon.
  7. Non-Smoking Man

    Kinshaw Perception phono stage.

    For sale a Kinshaw Perception phono stage. This 2 box phono stage is a very good bit of kit in its price range and its not far behind more expensive products. Its switchable MM/MC and I have a wiring diagram to go with it. (Its currently in MM mode. 250 pounds plus delivery is the price and that's firm - its worth it. Pictures to follow.. Jack NSM
  8. Non-Smoking Man

    Siltech ST38 G3 interconnects

    These are the 'Gold Silver' ones.
  9. Non-Smoking Man

    Siltech ST38 G3 interconnects

    Bump for the Siltech ST38 G3 interconnects.
  10. Non-Smoking Man

    Wtd, kinshaw perception phono stage

    I have one of these Im not using. I could part with it. Jack NSM
  11. It was a really relaxed and friendly affair and thanks to John for putting on another good event. Most of the guests were known to me - the exceptions being Jason Boon, my passenger from Brighton (good to meet you Jason) Kevin (and you Kevin) and Richard Dunne who was a welcome newcomer. Paul, I recall, I had met just once before. It was especially nice to get a chance to meet Fourlegs (Nick) who had made a great effort to bring his excellent system all the way from Melton Mowbray way. (Nick was retracing the steps Brook, John and I had taken when we went up to Nick's farm to join in with his speaker bake off..) Nick did an interesting cable test involving his own brand of cable and it was interesting to hear his theories about RF interference and how to combat it - theories embodied in his own 'made-for-digital' interconnects. His system sounded bold and clear, much as I remembered it at Kegworth. The Living Voice Avatar 2's starred again. The food was good as was the company. The analogue systems that followed Nick in Room 2 provided a lot of interest. The Acoustic Solid looked the part and Ian explained how he had chosen the 12 inch arm to match the deck's aesthetic. It put up a good performance with both the Pass Labs class A solid state amp and the valve pre and power combo which Brook had brought. Well done Chris for doing more than his share of humping and helping, as usual. Jack NSM Added: I forgot to mention the improvement that Brook's Elite Rock and Sumiko Pearwood MC has made to the resident system in Room 1. Robin, myself and Brook had a few sessions trying out various combinations of front which included R bringing round his own SP10, Encounter and Rhoman front end for comparison. That had taken place a week or two prior to the BO.
  12. Non-Smoking Man

    Goldring Lenco GL75, stunning.

    Ive heard this TT with a Lyra Helicon mono fitted in a nice system featuring the Art Audio Quintet power amp and a pair of Triangle Antals (early model). It has a relaxed organic approach to music replay with plenty of detail and will reward long term listening. Its a well restored vintage classic with a sound to match. Jack NSM
  13. Non-Smoking Man

    Revel F30 Speakers

    Excellent brand.
  14. Non-Smoking Man

    Record Sale

    'Prez' Lester Young comp. and 'Caravan' Art Blakey RCA 'Jazz Line added. Jack NSM
  15. Non-Smoking Man

    Stand mounts + sub or floorstanders

    Dave has just left after a really interesting and beneficial session. Playing the Crusaders' 'Street Life' prior to Dave's arrival I had noticed some unwanted, and hitherto unnoticed, 'whoomph' to the (sub) bass. Also the treble was a bit dimmed i.e., there should have been some tinkly bits but I wasnt getting them. The first thing Dave pointed out was an alternative way of connecting the subs - instead of plugging both interconnects into the first sub and 'daisychaining' the second via a second set of I/Cs, he suggested just one cable into the input of one sub and the other into the input of the other. The 'mono effect' that had also been noted and which had somehow pervaded the whole sound disappeared in favour of good stereo. Result. We though the bass had cleaned up too and that was improved further when, on Dave's suggestion, we moved the cut off frequency up to 50 Hz (from 40). We played around with the bass level (ie volume) to taste but the icing on the hifi cake came when we adjusted the AT OC9's loading on the Ayre Px-5 phono stage from 100 ohms to 47Kohms. Again Dave's suggestion having read some informative work by the chief designer of Lyra cartridges. Fresh sparkle was evident and to prove it I thought we might try the Crusaders again - lovely (and we heard the tinkly bits that had gone awol). A good session.. Thanks Dave. (Mind you he's gone back with 4 freshly cleaned records courtesy of Spider's 'Velvet Vortex', with which he is well impressed. Jack NSM Other records played included Supertramp, Fairport (wwdooholidays), and Blue Monk (T. Monk) and King James (Harry James).