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  1. I’m waiting for an opportune moment to get my kit loaded into the car. Snowing quite a lot in Solihull at moment with strong winds
  2. Hi thanks for your kind offer, but I need them to setup on Saturday....I am going to buy some cheap and cheerful stands from eBay.
  3. Does anyone have a pair of circa 50cm tall speaker stands that I could borrow for the show please? At home my speakers sit on top of their matching subwoofers, but I don’t want to lug these to the show. My speakers are approx 45cm deep and they weigh about 27kg each, so a sturdy pair of speaker stands are required. Anything in the region of 50cm high is fine. Does anyone have a spare set I could borrow for the show please? James
  4. DAC/Streamer Project

    Lat night I've installed two additional DAC boards, bringing the total to three boards. I had to loose the foo Audio Note Kaisei caps to accommodate the new boards. The Rhopoint I/V resistors I was using are also no longer suitable as they're the wrong value for three boards. I got a quote of £215 for 10 (minimum order qty) new ones at the correct resistance value ...think I'll look for alternatives. My power supply can cope with one more board, which I'll order next month.
  5. Phono Stage?

    Which phono stage are you building Henry?
  6. DAC/Streamer Project

    Below is a pic of my project as it stands at the moment. I’ve removed the valve buffer and opted to use the Sowters rather than the Cinemag output transformers. Two more DAC boards have been ordered (the Sowter’s need four boards for optimal performance). I don’t think my case will support four boards and they’re getting expensive now, compared to when I started my DDDAC journey a few years ago. On the streamer side, I’m using a Raspberry Pi with a LAN connection. The black board hiding the Pi is an isolator board. From here, the I2S signal is passed to a FIFO buffer, which then goes through another isolator onto a dual clock board. I’m using a Pulsar clock for standard res listening. The reclocked signal is then passed to the DAC in I2S format. There are separate power supplies for the DAC mainboard (12v) , DAC board (12v), Raspberry Pi (5v), FIFO buffer (5v) and clock board (5v). Most of the power supplies are housed in a separate case. I’ve dropped the use of a battery to power the clock board and replaced it with a low noise regulator. Some of the boards are installed at an angle, for no reason other than it saved drilling the board . I’m considering removing the SPDIF input board as it never gets used.
  7. DAC/Streamer Project

    A quick update regarding these buffer boards from eBay. The bigger board, while looking more DIY in terms of the PCB sounds significantly better than the smaller board. By comparison the smaller board sound rolled-off at the frequency extremes and a bit 'shut in' compared to the bigger board. Looking forward to trying this with my 01A preamp tomorrow - my DAC has been out of action for the last few months. It's only last week I thought 'oh f*ck it's the show soon, I better get my system working again!'.
  8. 1st Build for me DDDac

    Yes, it needs it’s own power supply. According to the Ebay listing it needs a 5v supply. Does the red mainbord have a pin marked as 5v out? If not, you will need to get a basic 5v power supply. You could use a 5v walwart to get you going. Amazon or Maplin will sell 5v switching power supplies. In the long term you will need either one of the Audio Creative 5v PSU kits, or a separate transformer and low noise regulator, like the ones available from the DIYINHK website.
  9. 1st Build for me DDDac

    One of these should work, although I’ve not tried it: You don’t need to use the screen.
  10. 1st Build for me DDDac

    Here's one, but it's out of stock:
  11. 1st Build for me DDDac

    You need an external SPDIF receiver board. I've been looking back through Doede's early posts on the DIYAudio DDDAC thread, and Doede used to offer an SPDIF board, but with the release of the new blue mainboard there is no need for it, because it has its own SPDIF input. Does it have to be SPDIF input? It might be cheaper to use a Raspberry Pi.
  12. I see Tannoy's in my future, but they won't be sorted in time for the show, so I'll be bringing a pair of these along.
  13. Hi Peter, can you replace cell G50 with 'Arendal 1723 monitors' instead of Impulse H2's please? Thanks, James
  14. are crossovers essential ?

    That would be an interesting comparison.