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  1. After being a picture of good health all year, I’ve this morning woken up with a fever and high temp, so a I won’t be exhibiting in room 9 tomorrow. I’ve dropped Peter a note but I just wanted to notify this thread as well. This is the first show I’m missing in six years - annoyed doesn’t cover it. Have a great day and please take lots of pics. James
  2. Brumjam

    01A Preamp Builders Unite!

    Stunning work (as usual) Richard. My 01A pre is poorly as a result of connecting my DAC output to the pre output instead of the input . I’ve not checked what damage has been caused yet. Hopefully whatever I’ve done is limited to the gyrator boards. Lots of distortion on both channels. In the meantime I’m enjoying my 4P1L pre which is a much better match for my VFET power amp.
  3. Brumjam

    4P1L DHT Preamplifier Project

    Let me know if you're down my way again Keith, I've love to hear your pre in my system. We could compare 026 to 01A and 4P1L.
  4. Brumjam

    4P1L DHT Preamplifier Project

    Hi Keith, Which days will you be there? I'm working up in Manchester at the moment from Mon to Thurs. James
  5. Brumjam

    4P1L DHT Preamplifier Project

    Over a year on and I decided to revisit my 4P1L preamp. After a year not looking it, It took me all of two minutes to determine that the hum I could hear in the right channel was down to a poor solder joint I’d made on the Lundahl transformer 🤦‍♂️. I re-soldered it and the channel is now dead quiet. There is literally no noise from either channel, even with my ear against the tweeters. In fact, I suspected I’d blown a fuse such was the lack of noise. I’m looking forward to listening to this preamp driving my VFET amp.
  6. Brumjam

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Excellent. Post here if you get stuck and we can help.
  7. Brumjam

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Not in my opinion Tim. I just use cheap wire from either eBay or Hifi Collective. Good luck tonight. Hope you can get music playing from your CD player - using a computer can be a real faff sometimes.
  8. Brumjam

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Hi Tim. You're going to need an RCA socket like this one: This will allow connection of a cable from your CD player onto the Audiophonics board. You can solder two wires from the Audiophonics board to the RCA socket. One is the signal and the other is ground. Your yellow board has four SPDIF inputs as shown in the second pic on your link. Solder two wires from the input labelled IN1 on the board to the RCA socket. I think the hole nearest to the 'IN1' white writing should be connected to the centre pin on the RCA socket. Then solder another wire from the top IN1 hole to the leg on the RCA socket. This will give you one SPDIF input onto the board. You could in theory add three more, but I am not sure how to switch between. The I2S output is labelled I2S on the yellow Audiophonics board (to the left of the SPDIF inputs). On the DAC mainboard there are pins for connecting the I2S input. You need to connect LRCK, Data, BCK and GND from the Audiophonics board to the DAC mainboard (use the four pins labelled DAT, LR, BCK and GND), not the other I2S input right next to the one I've described on the mainboard. If you don't want to make hard (soldered) connections between the Audiophonics board and DAC mainboard, you can buy pins to solder into the holes on the Audiophonics board, then get short cables that are male at one end and female at the other. That way you can easily disconnect the boards. You can get the pins and cables from eBay. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can only have one input on the red mainboard. It's either the WaveIO OR the Audophonics board, but not both. On the blue board Doede added SPDIF in addition to I2S which is switchable. Do you mean the 5v supply that came with the Wave IO board? It depends on the current draw of the Wave IO plus the Audiophonics board added together. I can't remember how much current draw the 5v supply can provide. PS Don't forget to completely disconnect the WaveIO board before you try the SPDIF board. Remove both ribbon connectors between the Wave IO and DAC mainboard.
  9. Brumjam

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    What software are you using to play the FLAC files?
  10. Brumjam

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    Hi Tim. I’m a Mac user so my knowledge of Windows is a little rusty, but I remember you have to change the audio output to select the Wave IO board I think.....have you done this? PS don’t worry about FLAC for now, just rip the Cd using iTunes and try playing it directly from iTunes.
  11. Brumjam

    First Watt F5 versus Art Audio Quintet

    Nice review Jack. I used to own an Art Audio Quintet that had been breathed on - might be the same one. Let me know if you’re ever up in Birmingham. You’re welcome to stop by and hear my VFET amp driving my Snell E’s. This combination makes more sense compared to the harder to drive speakers I was using at Kegworth.
  12. Brumjam

    DAC/Streamer Project

    Raspotify looks interesting. It looks like this allows a Pi to be seen under the ‘other devices’ option within the Spotify app. Thanks for the heads up Henry.
  13. Brumjam

    DAC/Streamer Project

    Hi Des, I’m using Roon at the moment which means Spotify is off the menu. When I used Spotify on my Pi it was through Volumio. Let me know if you find anything that allows the use of something more akin to the Spotify app - I gave up on Volumio due to the user interface.
  14. Brumjam

    DAC/Streamer Project

    The Sowters are more revealing and neutral than the Cinemags. I find the Cinemag’s are warmer but less detailed. There’s less bass weight with the Cinemag’s as well. Overall, the Sowters in my view are worth every penny, but they do need three or preferably four DAC boards to give their best.
  15. Brumjam

    DDDAC first build ”frankenDAC”

    I always build my projects onto one of those boards, then move it into the chassis at the last moment. You could buy this now and get the case at a later date.