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  1. What sub?

    Another vote for Arendal subs here. I’ve got a pair of their sub 1’s and they’re brilliant with music - note that I use them with Dirac which makes a big different to how integrated they sound.
  2. Positive experiences with Subwoofers

    Hi Martin. I have the sub 1’s and they’re used to play music through my Arcam AV amp. They’ve not been tried in my 2-Channel setup yet because I don’t have a way to implement Dirac through my main hifi system. I’d like to implement Dirac in the digital domain ahead of my DAC, but I don’t know if it’s possible. Dirac integrates the subwoofers seamlessly with my home cinema speakers - the only change I’ve made (for stereo listening) is to lower the sub output by 2db.
  3. Boenicke W8

    I heard the W8's at a show this year as well (same one as you Phil probably but can't remember where ). Looking forward to hearing them again if they're going to be at the Wam show. James
  4. ECC83's

    I’d suggest Amperex Bugle Boy. That’s what I use in my Oto and they sound great.
  5. Positive experiences with Subwoofers

    I've recently added two Arendal subs to my A/V system. In conjunction with Dirac room correction the results are remarkable when playing music. The small main speakers cross over at 80hz to the sub. There's clean, fast bass available that my large hifi speakers can only hint at. I need to try my H2's with the subs, although this combination scores very low WAF.
  6. Bank Holiday Bake in Solihull (28/08)

    We're ok now Barrington, thanks. I found an old Sony CD player.
  7. Bank Holiday Bake in Solihull (28/08)

    If anyone coming can bring a CD player with them please - my DAC has chosen today to pack up - evidently it doesn't like bake offs! I'm using the DAC in my A/V amp for now.
  8. Let me know if any of the Midlands massive (or further afield), fancy popping over for coffee, pizza, tunes and a bit of kit swapping if that takes your fancy. Room for around 6 people. Kick-off about 10am and finish around 6ish. Source will either be my streamer or I can hook up a CD player. My turntable is still not setup yet.
  9. AN DAC Zero - Help needed

    Ah makes sense now
  10. AN DAC Zero - Help needed

    The transformer spec is normally written on the side of the transformer. Is that not the case here?
  11. We can help you on here. Start a new thread and explain what you've got and where you're stuck
  12. Frugal Horn XL Build

    The MAOP drivers are really impressing me with only a few hours on them. They're a better driver in every regard compared to the regular Alpair 10 driver. I've not heard the metal drivers in my room, so maybe they're closer to the MAOP's than the P version.
  13. DAC/Streamer Project

    Here's a better pic of the two buffer boards I ordered side-by-side. The bigger buffer users better quality parts in my view and it's clearly designed to be mounted in a case. The caps on the smaller board aren't any brand I recognise so they will be swapped out for a known brand. This board came with 6J1 valves which I've swapped for GEC 5654W's.
  14. Frugal Horn XL Build

    Hi Jez, I've only used the tweeters for a couple of hours listening at low levels. The MAOP drivers are installed now, so I'm going to run those in properly then add the tweeters back. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with lowering the tweeters. Someone suggested on DIYaudio that the tweeters might be optimally placed below the main driver....will see if I can find a link.
  15. Frugal Horn XL Build

    The MAOP drivers have arrived (thanks Stefan)