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  1. Thanks to everyone who came along for bringing the cakes and sausages, kit and music. Great banter - a very enjoyable day. I awoke early this morning with nostrils complaining wondering who had had a bonfire overnight, then found that the BBQ coals that I thought were out hadn't been... no great damage thank goodness, part of a compost heap removed and a water butt deformed by heat. Doh! be careful folks. Somebody left a small record cleaning brush in the downstairs room - drop me a PM if it's yours. Cheers, Dave
  2. Could someone possibly bring along a little carbon fibre record duster thingy for the day? I seem to have misplaced mine Thanks, Dave
  3. Thanks Steve. Enjoy your affliction!
  4. PM with address sent to all except Barrington (inbox full????) PM me if you haven't received it Room for another one or two if anyone else wants to come along
  5. Certainly, you will be most welcome
  6. One week to go - anyone else interested? Might even be BBQ weather.
  7. No problem Ross, I'm sure there will be room.
  8. OK Dean, I'll increase the food order....
  9. You're in
  10. Certainly, Barrington
  11. About time that I hosted another bakeoff, so here we go. Main room: digital (CD, laptop) to DIY active filter (100Hz) to main amp and sub amp. 12" Peerless XLS subs in vented cabs, mid /treble from either AOS Studio 12 or Lumley Lampro prototypes or DIY units. Smaller room for vinyl with Aiwa 2600 or Techy 120 decks. Space for a third system if anyone wants to play, either bring kit or try what's here. Feel free to bring your own music (or suffer mine...) Start at 11, finish about 7. Plenty of banter guaranteed, might even be some decent music played. Room for about 16, post below if you'd like to come along. I'll do chili (meat and veg variants) , rice and spuds. Hopefully there'll be some nice cakes.... Located in west Sheffield, will send PM with address etc. nearer the day. I can accommodate a couple of overnighters if anyone would like to join a walk or cycle in the Peak (or just visit Chatsworth etc.) the day before. List: Rob - freefallrobNick - myrmanMike - Yoda900Tim - SpiderMark - divedeepdogVlad - NothingSpecialDavid - NavigatorMicky - mickyricky Barrington - maybeza Darren - belloire Lee - settingson Dean - scidb Des - Hap Hazzard
  12. My top room has chipboard panels (I think they were 8x4 sheets cut where necessary rather than the small flooring ones) screwed to the joists, with underlay and carpet over. Not glued. No rattles, as you have heard, possibly because the underlay and carpet dampens any, though my 12" drivers aren't as whoomphy as your dual 18's. Not rigid enough for vinyl, but that won't bother you. It wasn't designed as a listening room, but works well enough for me. I'm sure that you will come up with at least an "adequate" solution!
  13. Sorry guys! I'm back from the Linn of Dee but can't help much, I'm afraid. The album used to play right through on the ECM link, and I posted a Spotify link without checking that it worked (doh!). It seems that ECM (a jazz label with some very good artists) has clamped down on streaming services. The best I can offer are the 30 second per track clips on the Amazon page (where a CD can be purchased from other vendors for about £8.50 inc. post) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Quercus/dp/B00AWXZ9TC Apologies again, though IMHO it's an album worth getting - or come to my next bakeoff.
  14. Up a bit early because of Easter, I offer you a touch of late evening listening. Quercus are June Tabor (vocals), Iain Ballamy (saxes) and Huw Warren (piano) and this, their only album together so far, lies at the junction of folk, jazz and classical with a slight nod to pop. The songs and (one) instrumental range in date between the two Elizabethan ages, with lyrics from Shakespeare, Burns and Housman joined by newer verses from Barker, Ballantine, Gordon and Norbet. The arrangements are relaxed but intense, and silence is used to effect. The recording is a live one, and criticism has been made of the "breathiness" from Ballamy's sax when he tries for some low notes; personally I am happy to live with this, given the excellent recording and dynamic range (it's on ECM). The recordings were made in 2006, but the album was not released until 2013. They have gigs upcoming in Oxford on May 10th and London on May 11th - if you like the music then I strongly suggest that you see them live (http://www.brightfieldproductions.co.uk/tabor.htm). A second CD is promised for May, so it might even be available at the concerts. Have a listen and see what you think. Links: ECM player: http://player.ecmrecords.com/quercus