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  1. Hi


    I could be interested in your IPL's

  2. occasional thinker

    WTD: IPL Acoustics TL floorstanders

    Any interest in S3s? I have a pair of ribbon tweeter S3s for sale
  3. occasional thinker

    Back home for Christmas

    Probably mis-heard as "stockings or tights" Happy Christmas - hope things are going well
  4. occasional thinker

    Peak District

    Try walking from Edale up Harden Clough to Mam Tor then east along the ridge. You'll be best off heading back down from Hollins Cross, but you can do a there-and-back again along the ridge if you want. You can go down then along to Blue John from Hollins Cross (may be a bit slippery on the traverse), or get more directly from Mam Tor. Look at a map and the paths are clear. Chatsworth is not too far away by car, or Haddon Hall. Alternatively drive to Eyam and walk around the village and hall - worth a visit. Walking up to the Kinder plateau is great, but more strenuous. A short loop there would be up Grindsbrook then east to Ringing Roger and down. If you feel you could do more then come back again! Plenty of walking and sights in the Peak.
  5. occasional thinker

    New speakers

    or that the brass links had been lacquered to keep them looking shiny - but not very good for conductance! Had that on a pair of speakers (can't remember which) once
  6. occasional thinker

    Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14-16th

    I've put a one-post summary of the event here: https://audioabattoir.com/t/yorkshire-dales-roast-off-sep-14th-to-16th/3333/872 As above, booking is open for 2019.... https://audioabattoir.com/t/yorks-dales-roast-off-2-sep-13-15-2019/5067
  7. occasional thinker

    Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14-16th

    Sign-up list now active on AA https://audioabattoir.com/t/yorks-dales-roast-off-2-sep-13-15-2019/5067
  8. occasional thinker

    Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14-16th

    ... and a jolly good time was had by all. Venue rebooked for 2019
  9. occasional thinker

    Modern Prog Rock... Post 1973

    Don't know if it's prog, but I've just bought Reinvention by Gryphon after hearing a track on t'radio. 40 years since their last album. http://www.thegryphonpages.com/
  10. occasional thinker

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    .... didn't feel that heavy when I helped put it in the car
  11. occasional thinker

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    Ok thanks, I will give it a try. A lot of her songs are on Youtube if you want to sample. I've been a little disappointed with the last two albums ("For the young" and "All the way to Rio"), but love the earlier albums (especially The Night Visitor).
  12. occasional thinker

    Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14-16th

    A reminder about this bake-off/social. We'll have 2 main music rooms going, one with reel-to-reel, vinyl and digital with valve and solid state amps and a variety of speakers, and the other with digital and solid state. The kit in use will not be the sort that you can buy in Richer or Sevenoaks! Food will be goulash Friday evening, and slow roast pulled pork Saturday. Full English breakfasts for those overnighting. Day visitors possible on Saturday. Details here https://audioabattoir.com/t/yorkshire-dales-roast-off-sep-14th-to-16th/3333 PM me if interested.
  13. occasional thinker

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    Sorry Colin, arrived with one copy and left with two.... thought someone had played mine PM me your address and I'll pop it in the post
  14. occasional thinker

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    Many thanks to Fred and Nicky - recently moved in and they hold a bake-off! Class. Good to see the usual crew again, plus a couple of new faces. ...and I didn't play a bagpipe CD
  15. occasional thinker

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    I'd like to hear those, Mark