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  1. Tunes Thursday 9th of November

    Thanks Rick, great evening. Good to see everyone again.
  2. Octoberfest bake off

    That's the paradox... a lovely small speaker, decent WAF, but it still needs a big room....
  3. Octoberfest bake off

    One of the problems with side-firing woofers I think, especially in a narrow room. My main system has separate boxes for mid-plus-tweeter and bass. Aesthetically they look better with the (12") woofers firing sideways, presenting a narrow aspect face on, but sonically they are much better with all drivers facing forward. Those Boenicke speakers are a revelation for their size though, a very modern sound (fast, tight) with great bass extension. Wish I'd spent more time in that room.
  4. Tunes Thursday 9th of November

    At least Rick knows the quick way to A&E
  5. Tunes Thursday 9th of November

    Cheers Rick - you'll need to PM me the new addresss
  6. Tunes Thursday 9th of November

    Would like to hear the current setup Rick...
  7. Octoberfest bake off

    Yep, you'll need loads of current. A Krell should do...
  8. Octoberfest bake off

    What impedance do they drop down to?
  9. More foo!!! (Schumann Resonators)

    The local surgery texted with an offer of a fu vaccination - will it work?
  10. This acoustic album from Anna Ternheim was released in 2011 and features a clutch of seasoned Nashville session men. Recording was by Dave Ferguson at his Butcher Shoppe Studio. Matt Sweeney introduced Anna Ternheim, a Swedish singer-songwriter who divides her time between New York and Stockholm, to Ferguson when she needed inspiration for a new album. The experience produced a very different album to those before or since, and it's my favourite of her output. It was available as a single CD or a as a box set with second CD and DVD. Have a listen and see what you make of it. http://www.deezer.com/en/album/1815051
  11. another t/t

    any good? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Simon-Yorke-high-end-turntable-made-for-Cello-Mark-Levinson/282653024587?hash=item41cf6ee14b%3Ag%3AUlEAAOSwILFZukeK
  12. IMF TLS 50

    Ah well,,,,
  13. IMF TLS 50

    You'd need a large room....
  14. september bake, off gathering thing

    Many thanks Col and Mags, a very pleasant day. Good to see the usual suspects again. The second system didn't get much listening - I even managed to play some bagpipe tunes (Treacherous Orchestra) and some Indo-Jazz Fusions without getting thrown off.
  15. IMF TLS 50

    but not quite as good a bargain as the RSPMs that went for £390 a day or two ago