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  1. The appropriately named member. Clicking once further from "format", on the "vinyl" link shows exactly what I said.
  2. Click the vinyl link and it only refers to 1 CD, so 1 LP? Incorrect advert.
  3. A very enjoyable day, many thanks
  4. After working between school and Uni in 1970 I bought a Garrard SP25mk2, Sinclair Project 60 modules and Sinclair Q16 speakers. The modules were fitted in a home-made plinth under the Sp25, with a glued and hinged 1/4" Perspex lid on top. First cartridge was a Decca Deram ceramic (think I've still got it somewhere). Cartridge was replaced with a G800, then speakers with Richard Allen Triple-8 kit, then the amp with an RSC Super 30 mk2 kit, then........ the path continued
  5. The Abattoir is indeed thriving https://audioabattoir.com/ . He's BobC there
  6. I think he may be busy with the Little British Monitors. He posts as Tenson on pfm.
  7. Do you mean without, or is there some lurking danger that we should be aware of?
  8. Sorting out the food now - it will be a large order to the butcher! (only 2 veggies attending so far)
  9. Not a genre I listen much too, so can't really proffer an opinion. Seems to bounce along quite happily.