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  1. Sorting out the food now - it will be a large order to the butcher! (only 2 veggies attending so far)
  2. Not a genre I listen much too, so can't really proffer an opinion. Seems to bounce along quite happily.
  3. Anyone want to come along, either for the weekend or for a day? You don't have to do the wild swim, that's only for nutters like Mark! Plenty of food, music and sociability. Drop me a PM if you would like to know more.
  4. Sarathy Korwar is a percussionist who is making a name for himself around the London jazz scene. Trained in India and London, he has three albums to his name. This is the second, recorded live at the Church of Sound On February 1st 2018, and released in November 2018. I wish I had been at that concert! He is joined by a jazz quintet and five classical Indian musicians to play spiritual jazz pieces from the likes of Pharoah Sanders, John McLaughlin and Alice Coltrane. The western and eastern influences seem to blend seamlessly in the ebb and flow of the music. Not one to listen to when you are rushing around, but a late-night delight to sink into. Here is a link to the Bandcamp page, from which you can play the album and buy a 3 LP set, a 2 CD set or a download. https://sarathykorwar.bandcamp.com/album/my-east-is-your-west
  5. 1974, a classic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Fly_(album)
  6. Dragonfly, Jefferson Starship Illustration is credited to Peter Lloyd - would that be your friend's father? Art directors Acy Lehman & Frank Mulvey
  7. After finally unpacking I think that is mine. No worry, I'll collect it when I'm next over your way.
  8. Many thanks to Fred and Nicky for a very enjoyable day. The rest of you weren't bad, either
  9. Likely to stay in the singular, I think! What are you looking at for this year? (nearest emoji I could find to chattering teeth)
  10. The AA Settle extravaganza is running again this year, and we have a few spaces left if anyone would like to come along for a weekend of listening , drinking and eating (in any order you prefer). Walking and other outdoor activities are optional . Report on last year and details here, PM me if you are interested. https://audioabattoir.com/t/yorkshire-dales-roast-off-sep-14th-to-16th/3333/872 https://audioabattoir.com/t/yorks-dales-roast-off-2-sep-13-15-2019/5067 The bunkhouse is about 2 miles north of Settle, and a couple of hundred yards down a track from the road. The owners (nice folk) are in a house at the top of the track. It has a lounge with comfy seats for 17 and room for stacking chairs as well. The barn outside has an upper lounge area with sofas for 22 and again plenty of space for smaller chairs. The barn lounge has several table games (table footy etc) and there is a table tennis table below with plenty of space around. The dining room will seat about 40 and could have a system in as well. The kitchen is quite well-equipped. No fire pit outside but a BBQ area with tiered levels and seating on all. We’ll have to keep outside noise down after 11 because of a campsite just up the valley, but there’s plenty of room indoors. There’s a pub 800 yards away if anyone gets desperate. If you get fed up with music (really?), then there is Great Dales scenery, walking and cycling (on and off-road) from the door, plus climbing and caving for the more adventurous. Plenty of less energetic attractions too with Settle, show caves, a falconry centre and railway nearby. Sleeping is in bunk rooms of varying sizes, with pillows provided but you will need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow case and towel. If you want to be alone you could camp in the adjoining field. Camper vans can be parked just outside the barn.
  11. I can bring a CD player, DAC and passive pre (has to something small and light enough to get down the front steps here with my shiny 8 week-old knee). Oh, and some CDs (it's all right Colin, I won't bring THAT one )
  12. Like the video too (both tune and visuals), but the album just sounds blander. Less use of / prominence of horns, less bouncy. Not sure if it's the songs or the production, but the album doesn't do it for me. Will check out the EPs, but wouldn't buy the album. I imagine that they would be very good live, as are many local bands who just don't make it big time. Edit, later: yes, the EPs seem to have more raw energy. I like The Caroline in particular.