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  1. norliss

    Dual 5v PSU?

    Thanks for this considered reply. My thinking was that I could potentially kill two birds with one stone, but given what you've said there's no point, really!
  2. norliss

    Dual 5v PSU?

    I am (but probably shouldn't be!) considering getting a Chord Qutest DAC to use in conjunction with a Squeezebox Touch (currently using the stock PSU). I gather they both run on 5v albeit the Qutest is USB. From what I've read, the jury seems to be out on the value of using a different PSU with the Qutest although it would be quite nice to cut down on the plug count so I wondered whether there were any good but not-too-expensive dual 5v PSUs out there that would fit the bill? From a quick search I've seen that Teddy Pardo does one but it's $550 which is a bit rich for my blood. Any other options? Edit: I appreciate that the SBT is 5v 3A whilst the Qutest is USB standard 5v 2A which possibly complicates matters...?
  3. norliss

    Yamaha DD turntable - vinyl bug has bitten again

    I can't offer any opinion from experience but I love vintage Japanese DD turntables and am a bit of a Yamaha fanboy to boot! It looks a beaut of a deck
  4. Hi, I was talking about the NP-S303. I've been using my SBT with Roon for a month now.
  5. I've been using a Squeezebox Touch since 2011 and have been eyeing up potential replacements. However, having now got a Roon lifetime membership I'd be looking for any future device to be Roon ready which unfortunately it isn't (nor is seemingly anything made by any of the traditional big Japanese CE manufacturers for that matter). Also a shame it doesn't have a USB output. Were it not for those things, this would probably be perfect for me.
  6. norliss


    Spotify Premium is actually 320 kbps Vorbis.
  7. norliss

    Roksan K3 DAC & 176.4mHz

    Thanks for your replies! I've since established that it does do 176.4mHz (albeit only via the USB inputs) and does support DSD over PCM aka DoP. It would seem to be great for the money however truth be told I wasn't really in the market for a DAC: I got interested in this primarily because of the price. I don't really need another DAC right now (not that this hobby is ever really based on need!) so can't really justify it, especially given other expenditure/ things competing for my money. With respect to HiFi specifically, I should probably prioritise other things first (i.e. some room treatment) before upgrading any kit...
  8. norliss

    Roksan K3 DAC & 176.4mHz

    I don't already have the DAC but I'm considering buying it. I can't feed it direct DSD because my Logitech Squeezebox Touch isn't capable of this.
  9. norliss

    Roksan K3 DAC & 176.4mHz

    Thanks, although this is a DSD DAC - just haven't been able to establish if it can handle DoP.
  10. norliss

    Roksan K3 DAC & 176.4mHz

    Also wondering if this supports DoP i.e. DSD over PCM...
  11. norliss

    Roksan K3 DAC & 176.4mHz

    Yeah, I since spotted that and thought as much but was hoping someone could just verify it to be the case....
  12. norliss

    Roksan K3 DAC & 176.4mHz

    I've searched high and low online but can't find anyone anywhere that states/confirms whether this DAC can handle this sample rate. The manual, reviews and marketing bumph all state 'up to 192mHz PCM' but I've got first-hand experience of two devices that will handle 192 but not 176.4mHz. It isn't mentioned anywhere in the technical details for the 1794A chip so am I safe to assume it doesn't support this?
  13. norliss

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    Thanks for your combined input. I may have over-egged the bass issue. I think in all honesty, it's just a combination of a 'hard-room' that needs a little taming and perhaps some inherent flaws in the frequency response of the speakers. I'll mull it over but in light of everything I'm certainly not going to go bananas in terms of room treatment!
  14. norliss

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    They are a couple of generations old, I think it was GB1i -> twenty.23 -> twenty5.23. I sought out some PMC primarily because transmission line appealed to me due to wanting to avoid rear-ported speakers. I like the look of the twenty5.23 although they're not cheap and they'd obviously have to be a decent step-up from the GB1i....
  15. norliss

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    So an issue largely inherent in the frequency response of the speakers, then...