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  1. Nad m10
  2. £3 thousand....Really!! Makes the naim muso qb look excellent value. Gulp.
  3. Naim are just too expensive.
  4. I think I'd keep it simple with an all bryston amp and streaming dac combo, kudos titan 808 speakers, nordost cables, qudraspire reference rack.
  5. First the freebies, then cable talk and cambridge audio, now nordost flatline gold, red dawn, blue heaven and Shiva, some unused chord carnival speaker cable and van den hul off cuts.
  6. Not sure about that, the forward and reverse buttons on my solo mini stopped working and a email from acram said they could repair it.
  7. I got mine for €170, the top grill had a dent but i just removed it and pushed it out. Cheap resale,.....Maybe seen as a lifestyle unit before they came fashionable.
  8. Those muso speakers are very good, they are heavy, made from some type of metal, a perfect match.
  9. Maybe a sonos play5 with a family spotify account.
  10. A little late, but i got these and love them, not so expensive that im worried if the kids get hold of them. Great value.