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  1. Interesting thread. I find I can seldom afford mint viny .Charity shop vinyl is mucky when loved ie played alot and often has tobacco smoke tar in the grooves-it very hard to remove.Some [expensive] cleaners actually just coat it and sound ok. You could try a little experiment along lines of---------select an offending area -apply a drop or two of infacol-wait a minute -spread it a little -wait -remove with damp kitchen roll -or similar-examine groove-will it wet now?. Fail? do same with half strength I.P.A with water. Examine grooves-will it wet with your 'normal' solution now . Fail? Dilute IPA with INFACOL 50/50 -drop or two as before .Check .Fail? then I'm sorry -play it and see if this lack of wetting is audible .Be lucky!!! ps check your cleaning cloths/brushes/machine for oil/grease/----a little bit of fatty goo spreads a very long way-try disposables
  2. Looked at your listed kit -so I believe you have the ears. Congrats. and envy at your line up. Ta 4 responding. I'm currently trying to get hifi out of my cdp [cam. audio 640c] and failing -its sounds 'nice' compared to vinyl. 'nice' is an insult in my book. I opened it to find gold everywhere and super rated components yet it sounds like a cd player not music. Yours ?
  3. ' Art of sound 'know stuff on dd technics. I've tried varoius shells incl magnesium in that arm. In my experience it made cartridge matching more difficult in that some will be different weights to original and results were barely audible in system I had then. That arm does a good job when setup precisely on hard mat . I got an amazing sound from rather lowly carts. But can you afford another arm ? E bay or this site have good buys on rega. Its the best mod you can make. does require an arm base plate [£30 but easy to fit for any careful DIYer]. Effect is far more significant than any headshell mod over entire soundscape. I guess you've already tried it without that little rubber washer on headshell? There lies the basic problem-the screw in joint -it loses stiffness just there. Removing rubber helps a bit. Super arms are a pipe with holes in the end for cart--minimal shake. If u can Save up for a second hand rega sold by an upgrading addict.
  4. I used 2m blue in rb300 arm to good effect-similar to a punchy cd sound on mine --arm / cart resonance is favourable. Goldring 1012 had more depth in soundstaging in same setup but perhaps less edge. Ortofon 2m blue was easier to setup due to angular shape . I found that lowering arm pillar gave more coherence ie lowering vta [Yes I know some say its irrelevant but my ears tell different to theory]. Adding a thicker mat has same effect and easy to try. Mat material makes a difference to vinyls bounce back . I liked felty types with b and w speakers [v.sharp already]but harder achromat was better with epos [slower sound than b w ]. I used superglue to seal in the 2m metalbase plate after filling in the 2 cavities inside the shell with absorbant closed cell foam. Difference is worth effort to me. However probably no resale value now-that may matter to some. A cart. worth looking after.
  5. It seems it is very hard to educate one's ears and relatively easy to have one's wallet raped. Desire can lead to disappointingly expensive places.
  6. I heard mandolins thro LV at show. I don't know owner but it was one of the most memorable listens-so thankyou sir!! Many experts say ,that in a symmetrical space with uniform absorbancy , most speakers produce best biggest sweet spot when the centre lines cross a foot or two BEHIND the ears. Sadly I've never been in such a room but its a setup to start with. The space and its absorbency that is behind the speakers is crucial in my setup probably because I cann't get them a metre from back wall . Followed in significance by the type of material sited where the first reflections [to left and to right] are say about 1metre into room from speakers . In modern decor -hard floors in front of drivers can be a problem but easily fixed with mats. Ceilings are a significant reflector and absorber but are difficult to fix [ esp. without partner agreement]. I did not notice beaming in LV in the demo [-do they? ]---probably because I was gobsmacked by the natural transients of mid and treble. Until then I thought mine were good. Low mid/bass was ok for the music chosen -heavy rock might not be first choice for owners of these beauties.
  7. I guess it's fitted with rega arm? That will work with most carts below £200.There are arm/cart resonance matching details on web. What sort of sound do you like? mp3/cd/digital type sound? What sort of sound do you have now? Some carts are known to underperform on Rega eg Grado [hum pickup] Others -new design ortofons- sound similar to good cd kit. Many vinyl addicts want a full bass and solid low mid with speed clarity and depth from their carts [in addition to cd virtues]. This is just one of the differences between the black stuff from the silver stuff. These values are a challenge for any mechanical system but the Goldring line do work towards these .The degree to which they get close depends on how much you pay for the diamond cutting. At440 is a super cut but too bright in my setup for my ears-others love it for exactly the reason I don't---so I ask again what is your expectation? Dealers and hifi shows esp. SCALFORD or friendly nearby whammers can be sources of listening education to aid choices. Descriptions of the sound made by hifi is very difficult because its so personal. There are people who believe vinyl hifi is large bass and accept poor mid and limited depth of soundstaging. Such a person might not know the righteous way but be deliriously happy-sometimes I wish I was him!!!. The search can be frustrating and bank balance destroying so start cheaper unless you have listened enough already to be able to say--I want more of this ---or less of that in my sound .i.e. refine what you like, then sell the cheaper one [e.g.top Stanton] and then try £200+.
  8. I was fortunate in having !] little regard for car 2] an attached brick garage with rear access via a porch 3] a beautiful wife Down side -not much money and great need for a music room. It must not be '''habitable''' ie no bed or overnight stayers. Check local regs carefully -they do inspect when/if neighbours feel aggrieved. Check your materials for sound absorption/reflection. If you're building it you can adjust to suit your sound preferences. I put 3 layers of thick plasterboard with compressed fibre board as a wall on 100x50 inside the garage door [kept for appearances] to form a stiff but bass absorbent divider. Coving in all corners and ceiling lined walls with insulation boards behind plasterboard /experimented with absorption /added air bricks /reflecting boards and curtaining on walls as sound needed [3 sides] thickest carpet and underlay on top of fibre insulation boards.2 old wing chairs in sweet spot Built a concrete block 'altar'for gear .Sme arm loved it . DVD surround awesome .Trappist brew pretty sound too.
  9. The 1210 is in high demand. There's a reason for that -sound quality is high . It does mean you can raise loadsa cash quickly if they are in reasonable condition.Look on e-bay prices for techies. Therefore you could stretch budget upwards on new purchase perhaps for a 'stylish looker' that sounds OK to you.
  10. Apologies for being boring --experience is seriously over rated [!!]and bad for sales-and the country needs sales bad Afterall I have used the flimsy 6 fine stranded 'bell wire' sold in Wilkinson as 'loudspeaker' wire. Of Course the amp heated up a bit, The bass was a mess mid was in existence- just,treble did occassionally rise near to recognition and dynamics -well I didn't need any at the time! My hifi dealer had the same stuff but in nicer colour. I simply objected to the price tag and went to the boffins to find out factors I could control to get band width and dynamic---l and could afford. A single live Wire 1.5mm diiameter IN AIR spaced continuously about half a cm. from its return wire seemed to be workable as twisted pair -so foamed insulation was obvious . Hence the use of high quality satellite aerial cable[minus screen]that is capable of tiny tiny signal over long distance. I used 4 of these for the bass in each box . Amp still overheated so went for earthwire recently stripped out of a house rewire [ie free] for current delivery to bass.Its in very hard dielectric 5 solid strands more or less laid straight each 1mm - interwire skin effects were not audible to me on the bass/mid- -amp is joyful in its new low load -edges of notes-lead and decay sound more realistic . This important to me as I listen to acoustic alot and expect a violin to soundlike one [a bit] Rock/pop is possibly less critical as the actual sound can be morphed and is still acceptable. I doubt I'd use minimalist cable again no matter what brand but if I get rich I'd try all the thicker ones-- all sale or return of course.
  11. You may be one of the enlightened ones !!!! 'GOLDEN EARS ' often turn up at Scalford show --You?? Ears tell the truth for you .Dealers do not sell the truth-they sell expensive hif cables. Sceptics should beware .I say this because I was the most critical of sceptics .Maybe I had a hearing problem that got better I am so sure of my results with my cheap cabling that I shall offer its sound at Scalford .Those with cables costing more [most people??] may feel threatened . I think Frrefallrob is on reserve list .He might let me embarrass myself if he gets in. When I'm proved wrong I admit it on this site but only after public hearing Come on down and call it!!!!
  12. How big are these ? Are they the ones that say the driver is made of MICA? as in formica -the old fashioned unscratchable un breakable melamine type stuff? Stiff as kevlar but heavier surely? -So do they sound slow? Some one will know all about mica. I have not seen any other speakers made of such. Point source is great for imaging and lack of crossover mess and of course no phase shifts to bother amp load or our ears I imagine Main disadvantage is bandwidth. Hifi has to try for 20c/s to 20k c/s Personally i'm happy with 100c/s to 8k c/s if its flat and quick. I had a hearing response done recently -alarmingly not hifi !!!!!!!!
  13. I was tlod by an electronics guy that in bi-wire the amp sees different loads and can react quicker and that it can produce a notch in the frequency response about 3k ish. . I've experimented extensively at the cheaper end of the amp rotel /marantz/nad market with speaker cables. I can report that biwiring in every instance adds space to the soundstage and transient speed . I cannot explain the reason but hearing is believing . It may be of interest to hobbyist diy ers that feeding treble via the SOLID core wire of SATELLITE aerial cabling [minus its shielding but in its air core insulation] + and _ wires with about four twists per 30cm produces a clarity of sound without spitting. The bass is driven by standard green yellow EARTH cabling [comprises 5/6 large solid wires cased in v.hard insulation] twisted similarly.[not all terminals accept this size] The sound at performance volumes on both my speakers bw705 and epos12i is fast spacious v.deep [without colour or hang] well timed treble detail but its the lovely separations mid range layering that entices the listen. Unfortunately poor productions sound unpleasant-my system does not flatter!!.
  14. I'm repeatedly amazed by the depth of detailed knowledge shown on this site .I thank all contributors to this thread for their valued inputs. Use of the original arm was not possible -it had been wrenched. It certainly was well mounted-I removed a large quantity of superfluous metal. The main platter bearing seems well fettled . I wonder if anyone has detail on that? Hum pickup from the motor is the main prob .I've tried various earthing points to no avail. The motor features [under a plastic dome] a revolving metal 'can' about 8 cm diameter onto which the platter sits. It seems to have hum around it. Outside tracks play with acceptable s/n levels but inside track is poor [near the rotating motor 'can'] Despite this the sound is beguiling with multilayered mid and lovely note rise and decays -jazz/classic is so good its hard to switch it off. Bass is not forceful but is enough and allows the quality of mid/high to show. Freefall and myself enjoy experimenting - improvements will occur to address the limitations already noted by thread contributors
  15. Is this the Technics sl d4 parallel tracking arm/direct drive from 30 years ago? It sounded really good then!!! [esp. after a couple of scrumpys or scrumpies?] Perhaps it needs a new pin? Alternately use it in an educational role -For instance you could astound a 5 year old how clever you are by getting rap out of things that look like black plastic table coasters.