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  1. Buying the uk rights to a historically well known brand name and rebadging seems to me to be too widespread these days. Actually this approach has been rife in the audio valve industry for many years but years ago one could, i think, have more faith in the quality of the brand name sold under
  2. No firm favourites, need DSP, low hiss and good transparency
  3. Mr.Ian

    John Wood Amps

    Not a huge amount but better with your own speakers or at least the output terminal you use. Using speakers rather than a heavy duty resisitor across the terminals also allows you to "hear" faults that might now show up as easily from the voltage/current readings
  4. Mr.Ian

    John Wood Amps

    Sounds a very high risk approach to me, it could kill you, literally. My suggestion would be to find a qualified engineer to show you how to do it, what tools you need and which parts you need to stay well clear of then you will be in a better position to guage if its something you want to try/risk yourself in the future. See what they charge or have a day trip to Nottingham and visit John.
  5. Mr.Ian

    John Wood Amps

    And if any valve is glowing very red, quickly
  6. Mr.Ian

    John Wood Amps

    Might????? Fixed bias circuit so bias on output valves needs adjusting when one or more is changed
  7. Mr.Ian

    John Wood Amps

    Credit where credit is due, I have always found John to be very responsive and accomodating. When I wanted news valves putting in I just dropped him text and he replied give me a call. After the call he would let me take them round most times of the afternoon/evening and he never charged me labour for revalving either. John is rarely about before 13:00/14:00 so dont try calling him before then. If you didnt buy from him direct he might be more elusive. As for valve compliments my pre came with 4 x ecc82 equivalents. I was told from someone who has known john from start up there have been 3 different core designs of the pre. But also each build regardless version of it being a pre/power/integrated could show individuality. Might be better to take a close up photo of the un named valves and post a picture or take it to a local expert if you are not sure what it is
  8. i have a plastic thing with lines on that sits on the spindle, from memory if it's any help. Away till Monday
  9. Mr.Ian

    WTD pair 6J1 valve alternatives

    Looks like I have some EF95 lying around, but initial thoughts are I prefer the Chinese 6J1. Might still be interested in some Russian
  10. Mr.Ian

    WTD pair 6J1 valve alternatives

    sorted found some brimar and mullards in my NOS junk valve box
  11. playing around with an interesting external gain stage/buffer looking to see if tube rolling has any effect and thought a matched pair of Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV might be a low cost starting point alterntive ti the chinese variants - but will consider other options under £10
  12. Amps now sold, but at a heavy discount :-( many thanks to everyone for their interest and posts
  13. I know £1800 is a lot of cash in anyone's book, but I thought these would fetch over 2k. There is a lot of uncertainty these days. Many businesses collasping and from what I can see a stagnated hifi market. A lucky few have stable jobs and good income, for them there are bargains to be had. Big discounts in many retailers and some real second hand hifi bargains. snap up a bargain now and sell for a profit when the economy starts to recover. Or at least get your money back. I am busy for the next 2 weeks so time think it over, and of course the wam show will by then be looming
  14. thought this would have been snapped up by now, any serious offers?
  15. small deposit to retain with transaction concluded at the wam show possible.