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  1. Free delivery within 2 hours of Nottingham, or offers anyone?
  2. These work brilliantly with passives and low gain pre amps. high gain pre amps may need some attenuation. Rothwells had no with no obvious downsides when I tried them with a high gain pre
  3. Mr.Ian

    John Wood Amps

    best amps I have ever owned
  4. pe amp paid for and collected. Powers amps still available at the heavily reduced price of £1800
  5. pre amp sold subject to payment, power amps reduced to gbp1800 collected
  6. Had several people asking for more information on John Wood Audio. Surprised me really because I thought virtually all forum readers would have heard about John Wood Audio. At a risk of sounding like a fanboy I think I can honestly say that most people who have owned John Wood's amps reckon they are the best they have heard/owned. They are hand built, including the transformers, by John in Nottingham. Build quality is exemplary although the looks might be a tad funactional. You will note for example on the power amps how the transformers are set at 90 degrees to maximise performance. What you cant see is the other 2 transformers inside each power amp and the super neat and tidy wiring. Power amps Forum seaches, Wam, Aos, PfM etc will bring up several rave reviews on the power amps. Pre amp John told me he developed the pre amps after the power amps when he couldnt find a pre that did justice to his power amps. The early versions used valve recrifiers but John, as I believe Glenn Croft has too, later discovered that SS rectification worked better. The pre amp on offer here is a later version with SS rectification, it is low gain. The only thread I can find on the pre amp is at
  7. Open to offers, would make a lovely christmas present
  8. Priced separately Pre amp £700 collected Power amps £2300 collected
  9. How did I manage to miss that off, many thanks for the heads up - added to orginal post. North Nottinghamshire close to M1 J27 and J28
  10. I really thought these were keepers - my last ever buy but money is tight and the increasing need to buy a newer car means they have to go. collected from - close to M1 motorway near to Junction 27 or 28 - North Nottinghamshire) or half way meet up. (These didn’t come with any packaging or mains cables for that matter.) Pre amp (SOLD) 3 RCA inputs 1 RCA output On/off/Volume, balance control, input select switches 2 x Mullard ECC82 2 x RCA JRC 5814wa W15cm (18cm including switches and sockets) x L43cm x H18cm 5 kg KT88 Power Amps x 2 (£1800) AB fixed bias circa 100w per amp 1 RCA input 4ohm and 8 ohm speaker taps Power switch 1 x JJ ECC81 1 x USSR military spec 1970s NOS 6H8C (6SN7 alternative recommended by JW) 2 x matched Gold Lion Reissue KT88 Serviced, checked, revalved and biased in November 2018 - 6H8C and GL KT88 fitted these amps were built as a mirror image pair designed to fit on half a standard hifi shelf W18cm x L38cm (42cm inc speaker terminals) x H22cm 19kg each Replacement valves extra £120 (only for sale withpower amps) 1 quad part worn Sovtek KT88 - JW said about 63% good 1 quad NOS Sovtek KT88 1 pair USSR 6H8C
  11. Mr.Ian

    WTD cheap passive pre amp

    ordered a transistor relay passive from the bay - all sorted
  12. Mr.Ian

    WTD cheap passive pre amp

    indeed, but available from China at £110, just thought this was worth a punt first, give it a couple more days
  13. Mr.Ian

    WTD cheap passive pre amp

    anyone got one with a relay controlled pot