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  1. My way I keep audio is in two top folders under the main folder 'music'. The two folders are named Lossless and Lossy respectively. I try and keep it as simple as that and the software I use for naming I cant praise enough, it is https://www.xdlab.ru/en/download.htm The software is also available as portable. I have used this for a few years and paid the guy £20. I sometimes create other folders under music for temp storage for example I record say 48hrs of Radio Paradise in 320k and have found a way to have the artist and track automatically saved as the file name of each track. Also I have them numbered 01 to whatever so as to keep them in broadcast order. The radio recording I can put on a usb stick and listen in the car. Approx 3.5gb per 24hr. I have my music stored on a NAS and use Rune Audio on my network controlled through a windows 10 phone.
  2. Hi All, I purchased a pair of the Opulus a few years ago and had the internal silver wired and upgraded caps done, because if memory serves me right, Robert was moving the speaker over to this specification. They got 5 globes in HIFi World. I did demo these the other year at Scalford. What sold it for me was the ribbon tweeter foremost, which made cymbals sound like cymbals. Great company to deal with.
  3. Personally I have always found that adding a separate power to a CD Player, Pre Amp and DAC's, basically for any delicate components. One more item did, donkeys years ago and it was a free set of head-shell leads from HIFI Choice. I put them on a Trio KD2055 turntable. In context I cant hear much difference between speaker cable.....Heresy lol
  4. Thanks guys, I will check out these suggestions this weekend. Great call Cable Monkey 'no multimeter here' lol. I will get back and let you know what the fault was, i hope. Kind Regards Dave
  5. Hi Guys I have developed a problem within my system, which shows as the left channel not working. This is only when using the turntable. The turntable is the VPI classic with Denon DL304 into a Musical Fidelity square silver fronted X-LPS v3. I have eliminated a cable problem. Do I need to test the turntable and phono stage with a multimeter? If so how? Any help would be appreciated. Kind Regards Dave
  6. All sorted schoolboy error on my part lol
  7. Right I will strip back and try some bare speaker cable...very strange Thanks for the reply
  8. Hi Guys, Just bought a pair for my computer which connect to the amp / DAC, which is a SMSL SAD-25. No sound at all so does this mean the amp isn't up to the job? Tested the speakers on the Naim Amp and they are fine. Any one suggest a cheap AMP / DAC , that will drive them. Must have the DAC part Kind Regards Dave
  9. Any interest before its moved to Ebay Dave
  10. Hi All Got sorted with a pair for the price I wanted to pay from Ebay Thanks Dave
  11. Hi All I am selling this on behalf of a close friend. The CD player is brand new and only taken out the box for the purpose of the photos. The player RRP is approx £1300 My friend has his own business and was given the unit in light of a debt that couldn't be paid to him, he didn't know how much these were until I told him. Original box The price £1000 which is a big saving. If you need any more info I can ask him and get back Kind Regards Dave
  12. I am looking for a pair of these speakers to be used as computer speakers. Preferable finish silver but black also acceptable. I will be fixing these to the wall at ear height so as not to take up space on the desk.I am as my name suggests in West Yorkshire and would like to pay between £100 and £130 for the pair.If anyone has a pair to sell please contact myself through the forum.Kind RegardsDave
  13. Spot on Eddie I have some Marantz 16 bit recordings the quality of the recording is outstanding, so your GIGO, garbage In garbage out imho is spot on.
  14. Hi All Here at work we sell tableware and glasses to some large retail outfits. Our main catalogue is pro photographed, but we now have a need to produce ads and flyers that will be done in between a annual catalogue print. We have a requirement for a setup at our warehouse facility to photograph dinnerware, glasses etc. The amount of usage doesn't warrant a pro setup so could someone recommend a basic setup with the coloured backdrop. Also what is needed to trigger the flash or is this built into the flash lamps? Maybe a recommendation on a DSLR for the job. We have plenty of rooms and space to set up the system. Regards Dave