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  1. Hi guys, I've been out of the limelight for quite a while now, but I have a question ... Is Graham Hartle still "out & about"? [Overground, Underground or Wombling free?] I have used his JR149 ribbed foams & his JR149 crossovers on many of my previous projects. I've been looking on the internet for him for some more supplies recently ........ no sign!! Can anyone point me to his most recent contact details? Thanks so much. Faig
  2. Still unique, still pristine, still for sale. It's almost believable that Senior Gammon knew the coming of Planet X. [Nibiru] When the Nibiru planet comes close to our planet Earth this year (2017) the Transcriptor will activate itself (magnetive switch) and play pleasant music during your demise! Much like the last minutes of the Titanic film & 2001 film. What a positive way to go:-) No other record deck can give you this guarantee:-) Apart from that, I will make sure it is dust free! Stephen
  3. Thank you guys for your comments. One of Matthew's influences is Glen Hansard and he got the opportunity to sing with Glen in Cigale, Paris last year. Matthew (with his hat) was invited onstage by Glen and got to sing the first verse! Glen's pianist, Ruth, is now currently working with Matthew on his forthcoming album. As a HiFi father I obviously feel proud of my son who has taken an interest in music. I feel humbled that I get to experience both ends of the music spectrum ......"Making & Listening". My hearing is diminishing, at 57yrs, but my enthusiasm for "Hi-Fi" has been re-generated because Matthew and his friends want to hear their "end results" on my hi-fi equipment in my music room! They understand that compressed audio is fine for the consumer, but they want to hear their own music in the best possible way! Long live the Audiophiles, for the Artist's need us!! Maybe more of us should open our Hi-Fi rooms to the MP3 youth so that they can see what they are missing? Stephen
  4. Matthew Mc Daid - My 21yr old Son. In Spain beginning to branch into Europe. Father's pride. Stephen
  5. Whilst I have been happy delving/collecting in electronics and Hi-Fi equipment for the last 40 years, my son Matthew Mc Daid (21yrs) has listened to my sounds but decided he has more interest in 'making' the music instead of just listening to it. He is in the process of making his 11 track album, here in Spain, with a view to touring throughout Europe. Here is one of his tracks, before going to the studio. I would love to hear some feedback from HiFiWigwam. Stephen By the way, the inspiration of Matthew's song...his Mother died at 32yrs with the big C. Matthew was 4yrs old. We had a lighthouse flashing in our windows every night. I explained to him that the flash of the lighthouse was his mother looking over him. I never believed that he would actually do this to me. An old Irish tradition was to "tip your hat" at the Lark (bird) in the tree in the morning as you left the house. This meant good luck.
  6. I have made some inquiries with Spanish courier companies and the feedback I am getting suggests that if I pack it very well then they will ship it. I am considering building a small crate of some construction; yet I believe it is still best to fly on one's knee ! :-) Ooooohhhh the lengths we audiophiles go to.........
  7. Sorry for my unauthorized link. I realize that the forum has made changes... I should have kept up with them. I hope no-one minds if I present my ad in this manner:- "Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable" Manufactured in 1971 by JA Michell Engineering Ltd, England As seen in the film " Clockwork Orange " "This unit is complete, in every way. It is in beautiful working condition and comes with many extras. I am the second owner of this incredible "Transcriptor"; Having bought it in England from the family of the original owner in 2004. On the day I acquired it I took it directly to the original manufacturer; JA Michell in England for a service. I received it back from Michell Ltd with a fresh bottle of oil for the trough and a replaced bubble leveller. I have never used the turntable during my ownership of 12 years! I am a private collector of HiFi and this Hydraulic Reference has only been on display, as an ornament, in my home ... never played! You will see from the photos that I am including: - 1. Complete set of the original "Transcriptor" scales with instructions. (Even the tweezers were Made by 'Wilkinson Sword') 2. The bottle of oil from Michell, for use in the trough. 3. Two new drive belts from Michael Gammon. 4. CD containing pdfs of manufacturer's instructions and plans. 5. "Transcriptor" Acrylic platter with damping ring, supplied by SRM Tech, England. (This was purchased as an optional extra). 6. A binder containing comprehensive set-up and use instructions. 7. A bill of receipt showing service by Michell Engineering Ltd. 8. Protractor Template for mounting all "Transcriptor" Arms. This must be one of the best examples out there. Whoever buys will not be disappointed . Michell Engineering Ltd still exists and continues to service and supply parts. As does the Gammon family; http://www.transcriptorslimited.com/ I really do not wish to post/courier this item. I would never forgive myself if Something Happened. I prefer collection. However, I can help by personally transporting to within a couple of hundred kilometers (for a nominal fee) or if you wish you may set-up your own courier to collect from 'Rupit i Pruit', Barcelona 08569. I am situated approx 90mins from both Girona and Barcelona airports. [Incidentally, when I moved to Spain I transported this on my passenger seat....wife had to sit in the back:-) ] PS There is no cartridge / stylus included. " The price: €2100 which is roughly equivalent to 1832 GBP today (15/1/17) The price is negotiable if I have belief in a real sale. It may help to realize that I have a desire for a great Tom Evans Linear A amp. Stephen
  8. I can only relate this turntable like a guy who bought an original Ford Anglia from the factory and put it away - but continued to maintain it! An absolute original kept in the best condition; with extras. Definitely worth the flight to have it on your knee! I am reducing my 40yr collection. Stephen
  9. Please, can I suggest that you look to Yanis Varoufakis as a leader to get us out of this mess? A real person who has the know-how and the persona to fight the EU. Some of you might be enlightened as to what he can do!
  10. Why not sell as a job-lot and just box the whole lot in one go?
  11. I am surprised by the lack of voices. It informs me that there are too many sofas in the UK than I imagined!
  12. A little known speaker stereo is the Mission 731i. Particularly with horns. (excellent with horns). Excellent speakers, positioned at ear level.....28inches from the floor, normal seated level,l. Don't listen to advice about Bass!
  13. For the sake of the Western World I truly hope that the people of North America get off their sofas and vote for Bernie Sanders. Then perhaps we can sleep up better in our beds.
  14. Perhaps vote for a representative that can support "Your" way of thinking. For 30yrs, in Northern Ireland I was never able to vote for any party who could represent me in the English parliament. So I never voted. I never had a spokesperson for me in the UK Government, yet I was a UK citizen. Times are changing...I believe the time has come for people to think beyond consumerism and corporate government and think more towards "getting together in order to achieve something better"!
  15. Even if you have no interest in politics please pay attention to what is happening in USA elections at the moment. It will have a DIRECT influence/impact on UK policy, direction, secrecy laws, Internet laws, and much more in the UK! Hilary Clinton represents "The Establishment", Wall Street etc... Basically she protects "Corporate America". (they are paying for her election). Just have a look at "Bernie Sanders". I have hope for Governor Sanders because he has fought against the "Establishment" all his life and has won! His foreign policy (alone) includes many policies which will embrace UK and Europe towards a better human existence. Less war. I challenge you to watch at least 2 youtube videos of "Bernie Sanders" before castigating this thread. Enough said