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  1. Looking to get into... Neil Young

    Have very many Neil Young Albums. One of my favourites is Prairie Wind
  2. I wish to update my RCM

    Well my Chrissy present from my wife will be a 10Litre Ultrasonic tank. I'll report back in a few weeks on my new record cleaning machine.
  3. Well I use non biwired plaited Cat5 Cables as detailed here. So just 3 lengths of Cat 5 plaited and one half of all of the twisted pairs to black the other half to red. Nice low inductance possibly bit high capacitance but I've had no problems with instability.
  4. DIY remote controls

    Used one of these recently Details here
  5. Windows 10

    Have you come across a donate ware utility called Classicshell? You can make Win 10 much more like Win 7 and for me it makes it much more usable I can actually find stuff instead of farting around for hours looking for the function I want.
  6. Do you trust magazine reviews

    Wow this post certainly got a reaction! I'm sure that Amstrad had the manufactures spec published in the review. It's a long time ago but I think the specified S/N ratio was something like 72dB which sounds like an Amstrad, pick a figure that will sell it. I've just looked up the figures on the Tandberg that replaced it and its a modest 52dB. I know when I bought the Tandberg I asked the salesman if it hissed. He turned the volume right up with no signal and it was beautiful silence. The Amstrad was all fur coat and no knickers it looked good on the outside.
  7. Upgrade Turntable or purchase a record cleaner

    You can diy yourself a ultrasonic record cleaner for about £100 I wouldn't use anything else now it's given superb results. Come on Jamie tell us more which tank did you use. I've seen some on ebay did you set up a rotate mechanism to dip the LPs. What fluid do you use and how long does it last. I'm keen to try this.
  8. When I was in the sixth form at school I ran a mobile discotheque with my mate. He did the DJ bit I was the techie. I was off to University and he bought me out. So with cash in my hand I went to buy my first HiFI. I scoured the mags and there was a rave review of the new Amstrad 8000 MK II amplifier. Excellent figures with good signal to noise ratio. I went off to Tottenham Court Road to buy an advertised special value system of Garrad SP25 with Goldring G800, Amstrad 4000 and KEF speakers. When I got to the shop they had "run out" of KEFs and I naively bought their substitute speakers, which turned out to be EMI 13x 8 units. It was all crap and I was royally conned. Mates who new abou HIFI helped me out with the speakers adding wadding and proper crossovers to make the sound passable but that Amstrad hissed like a steam locomotive idling. After the next summer at work I could afford to replace it with a Tandberg TR200 receiver of excellent quality that I still have. I've often wondered how much Alan (Barrow Boy ) Sugar paid for that review because it was clearly all lies. Perhaps it was just the big ads for the amp he placed in the magazine. Ever since I've been very cynical about reviews with accompanying adverts. What's your experience?
  9. Scalford is only 8 miles up the road from me. But despite that I think Kegworth will be an improvement. Park & Ride is a Pain in the A**e. Better access for humping gear will also help a lot. So onwards and upwards. Any suggestions on Public Liability insurance and cost?
  10. Network Switches

    Not suprising. My den has always had since it was built a Netgear Gigabyte switch. I have always found PI SBT players with DAC daughter boards sound much better hard wired than over WiFi and the only ports in that room are Gigabyte although the pi is only running at 100Mb. Still considerably better than anything WIFI
  11. Kitchen Sound Solution

    Some years ago we had a burst pipe and as the kitchen ceiling was replaced. I took the opportunity to fit ceiling speakers. I drove these from a small amplifier fitted in a kitchen wall cupboard that hides the mains power switch. I ran an audio lead down to an outlet by the worktop where the small kitchen TV with lousy sound could be plugged in. This was a less than ideal solution however as the headphone socket on the TV gave sound with a bit of TV buzz and over time the socket got noisy. I've now just implemented the MK2 solution that meets 3 criteria No techie clutter on the worktop of my wife's domain. No buzz Easy to use and adds in access to ripped music. I've used some of the suprisingly good and good value electronics from China available on ebay. I already had a DAC, Power Supply and Transformer that I had bought to experiment with driven from a Squeezebox Touch, I had mounted these in a small metal box. A lot of DAC for not a lot of money 24/192 plus a good quality power supply. £60 with the transformer to drive it. I needed a remote volume control Added this into the box together with a home made 9v DC power board driven from the DAC's transformer. However when this board actually arrived it was labelled as 9v ac not ac dc as in the ebay description and didn't work with my DC supply. So I swopped the power board for a 9v mains transformer canablised from a power unit from the useful junk box. It now all worked. Next step was clip the IR receiver from the volume control board and solder wires to the board in it's place. The box was then fitted in the cupboard with wires out to the underside of the cupboard and the IR Receiver soldered on so all that shows is the little black IR receiver. A cable for optical connector was then run out of site behind pipe boxing replacing the original audio cable. Behind the TV is a small discrete switch box with a toggle switch and 3 phono sockets this connects the TV sound and optical out from a SBT. So now I have access to TV sound or SBT with no buzz and no complaints from my wife. I could have used a PI but she prefers choosing music from the SBT touchscreen. Final stage is a programmable remote so I have all TV function with the changed sound controls on 1 remote. Everything in the cupboard is switched off from a Ghz operated remote power socket from Maplins. Amplifier used was a less powerful and cheaper version of this. Maybe not quite full Hi Fi but a solution that gives acceptable kitchen sound that the customer is happy with.
  12. Quadraphonic LPs - Is there anyone else playing them?

    Great news Serge I saw that decoder on ebay and thought it looked gorgeous. I've just acquired another SQ disc EMI Quadrophonic Classics a sampler of showy bits from various light classics. Closing section of the 1812 with Cannons. Walton Praise Ye, Sibelius Finlandia, Wagner Lohengrin, Der Fledermaus Finale, Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique 4th Movement , Stravinsky Firebird. Not the best condition but usable. How did the one's I sent you sound, especially the Gershwin?
  13. Pi based SqueezeBox Players

    Hi, I was wrong last time and have been struggling since. But this really does work. The latest Max2play won't work with the early Wolfson card. But go here Download the earliest version m2p default 226 wps It flies. If you need any help just PM me. Good Luck Dave