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  1. slavedata

    Top Selling Albums of All Time

    What a sad and miserable list. Or is it my taste that's wrong?
  2. slavedata

    Subwoofer music integration

    I recently built a sub and wanted to try it with speakers. I found an easy way to do this was supply it with muisc from a PC so getting a sepearate sub channel to drive out to an amp solely for the sub. it enabled me to pick crossover frequency in the PC audio settings.
  3. slavedata

    Homemade cables.

    TNT Audio is good for home build cable designs.
  4. slavedata

    Help with valve power mono blocks decision

    Went to a recent bakeoff with a hand made John Wood power amp 100W per chaneel KT88 output valves. he makes to order and hand winds the transformers . They would be a good choice.
  5. slavedata

    Jordan jx92 wanted.

    I have a pair of JX92S in Transmission line cabinets for sale. See listing here. Can be very flexible on price.
  6. slavedata

    Mains shield earthing?

    I doubt if your choice would make much difference.
  7. slavedata

    Next time your wife says.......

    My now wife, then girlfriend, bought me an SME 3009 Series II improved for my 21st birthday present. I'm not using it currently but I would never consider getting rid of it. Incidentally this week is our 40th wedding anniversary.
  8. slavedata

    Valve replacement

    I applied a mod to my Fisher 500C of installing small low power 10 ohm resistors in the cathode circuit.of the output stage. If a valve fails and tries to pass a large current these will blow and protect the irreplaceable Output transformers. I would recommend this to anybody with a vintage valve unit. I have also found that Valves vary by manufacturer. After one set of failures I will never buy a particular make again.
  9. slavedata

    Advice on Tablet for LMS control

    That Alexa deal looks a bargain
  10. slavedata

    Listening to music with hearing aids

    Audio loop is the answer. You will have seen the sign in public buildings. I installed one in the lounge of a friend's mother. Just a ring of wire under the carpet. Audio loop amp connected to headphone out of the hifi. Switch hearing aid to loop setting and quality sound is generated in the aid.
  11. Fiddling with the DAC sounds my sort of challenge, any chance you could post it to me and I'll refund the cost.
  12. VLC is suprisingly good at Internet radio with a good selection of stations directly supported in the program
  13. slavedata

    Dolby on or Dolby off? ;)

    If you record with Dolby play back with Dolby. Simple as that. Generally Dolby and variants like JVC's ANRS help improve the signal to noise ratio from a flawed media that with metal composite tapes did amazingly well.
  14. slavedata

    House warming bake off near Doncaster.

    Thanks to Fred and Nicky for the wonderful food and hospitaiity, thanks to all the guys for the chat and banter and the fine and varied selection of music. Great day.
  15. slavedata

    Humax Fox HDR T2

    A few months a friend gave me an unwanted one of these and it has now become a really useful part of my entertainment system. I had a look at the record function that shows a timeline of programmes clicked on the first Prom concert and it asked if I wanted to record them all so I now have all the concerts for winter listening. There is an open source mod for this player that gives it a web page for easy access to files and useful functions like a SAMBA server The other thing the recorder has shown me is just how versatile a program VLC is with the ability to pick up audio and video files across your network and play them directly from the source device. Plus who knew that VLC had access to Internet radio and podcasts.