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  1. Turntable Sales Dip.

    Well I was suggesting sharing an interest but I suppose in today's obsessive PC world that could be construed as grooming!
  2. Turntable Sales Dip.

    I'm not surprised sales of new turntables have dipped. it's down to the crap the industry has foisted on poor unsuspecting suckers. I am referring to the Crosley plastic shite boxes that HMV and similar were stuffed with before Christmas. I have been working with the owner of a second hand record shop to put together something better for newcomers. The best we have come up with is a Sony Turntable and a pair of active small speakers. Not HiFi but an acceptable sound at an under £200 price point. The youngsters are still enjoying vinyl, especially discovering bands from before they were born and sharing these discoveries with their mates. The vinyl revival can continue but not when the Crosley and similar shite is all that's available. Chat with the young guys you are brushing against as you thumb through the record racks, share your knowledge and help them get a better sound. Advise them on ebay purchases, where to get a stylus is appreciated .
  3. Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Pucks are from the local ice stadium Nottingham Arena for me. Foam ice hockey pucks. I use heavy rubber ones ( bought from Amazon) at the ends foam between records. My panels were just hand cut from sheet material off ebay. If you buy a 10 litre tank (actual capacity 7.5 litres) its wide enough for 6 records simultaneously.
  4. HELP Valve amp broke.

    I would also recommend Neil Fairley Vintage Vet in Oadby Leicester great guy who really knows his stuff and charges very reasonable rates.
  5. 50hz for a 60hz transformer

    I for years have run my Fisher500C 110V 60Hz kit from a UK workmens transformer. No hassle no extra hum just runs sweet as a nut. So suck it and see!
  6. Using music on external/backup drive

    Well I'm exhibiting at Kegworth, we can have a chat then. Or even a Saturday evening training session. I can configure Pi's but I'm not an expert like Ronnie (Man in a van) However 40 years in IT the last 20 teaching it means I can usually flog through IT issues to reach a conclusion. I also think ripping your CDs to a server and playing it through a DAC is the way to go for digital music. What has impressed me about the Pi + Vortexbox route has been its ability to give you a house wide high quality streaming system making use of your existing hifi and TV for minimal outlay.
  7. Using music on external/backup drive

    Raspberry Pi connected to the HiFi with the drive USB connected to it. You can configure the Pi with a DAC Hat board like an IQ audio or a dedicated hi res interface to link to an external DAC like an Allo digione board. Pi operated from your mobile phone. Pop over and I will show you. Dave
  8. Saturday night curry is good for me. Dave
  9. Volume Attenuator Advice Please.

    Or you could go for one of these and get increased functionality. Ie Remote volume Have to supply 9v ac for operation but a cannbalised wall wart will give you that.
  10. Isolation on the cheap

    I had a set of four isolation rubber cones to isolate a record deck that I had not yet used when we had a new power shower fitted above our bedroom. The power shower was mounted on a sheet of chipboard screwed to the rafters and sounded horrendous when running. I mounted it on the rubber cones fixed to the rafters with the shower board fixed to the top of the cones. Dropped the noise dramatically. The same approach would work as isolation for your speaker from a suspended floor. or you could try the cheap and simple stand the speakers on squash balls.
  11. Well my wife drew the line at large pyramid shaped speaker boxes in the lounge. But when we had a garage built she agreed to the extra cost of a man cave on top of the garage. Result perfect harmony. All my crap is in the man cave, records have expanded 10 fold. I can spread out computers in bits, electronic circuits and have a workbench where I can leave things out. Go up there and play records fiddle with DACs and not disturb anyone. She has one bedroom converted into a studio for painting and sewing. Happiness all round and we do sometimes meet and say hallo.
  12. LS3/5a Suitable Amplifier old and new

    Good stuff these little Projects. I recently bought a Pre S2 Digital primarily to use as a DAC, excellent value for money. I've built a linear power supply for it using a kit from China sounds very good. Will be on show at Kegworth.
  13. Problems with JRiver - any help please?

    Sounds like a damaged drive to me. First things first have you got a backup of it? If not back it up straight away, because first it clicks then you can't read it at all.
  14. Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Mine detailed above cost £140 all up, the tank (£110) was actually my Christmas present from my wife. The additional WAF is that it does a good job of cleaning her jewellery. Or you could get the posh clean one record at a time commercial method for a mere £2500.