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  1. Vintage rings often appear in local auctions and go for suprisingly little money due to the mark up in jewellers. Worth a look.
  2. Block 327 top tier in line with stage. Possibly a reflection off the ceiling.
  3. Re Mark Knopfler at Leeds Shame sound engineer wasn't good enough. Terrible bass peak that muddied the sounds. At time the peak was so loud it caused a sort of bass phase inversion.
  4. Off to see Mark Knopfler in Leeds next saturday. My Christmas present from my lovely wife.
  5. Well they didn't last long then Nigel.
  6. My entry is number 9 Due to family issues I'm afraid I can't make it. Could you delete my entry please. Dave
  7. What a sad and miserable list. Or is it my taste that's wrong?
  8. I recently built a sub and wanted to try it with speakers. I found an easy way to do this was supply it with muisc from a PC so getting a sepearate sub channel to drive out to an amp solely for the sub. it enabled me to pick crossover frequency in the PC audio settings.
  9. TNT Audio is good for home build cable designs.
  10. Went to a recent bakeoff with a hand made John Wood power amp 100W per chaneel KT88 output valves. he makes to order and hand winds the transformers . They would be a good choice.
  11. I have a pair of JX92S in Transmission line cabinets for sale. See listing here. Can be very flexible on price.
  12. I doubt if your choice would make much difference.
  13. My now wife, then girlfriend, bought me an SME 3009 Series II improved for my 21st birthday present. I'm not using it currently but I would never consider getting rid of it. Incidentally this week is our 40th wedding anniversary.
  14. I applied a mod to my Fisher 500C of installing small low power 10 ohm resistors in the cathode circuit.of the output stage. If a valve fails and tries to pass a large current these will blow and protect the irreplaceable Output transformers. I would recommend this to anybody with a vintage valve unit. I have also found that Valves vary by manufacturer. After one set of failures I will never buy a particular make again.