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  1. slavedata

    Network Connection problem.

    Reboot the router then try again
  2. slavedata

    Petition for clean Brexit referendum

    Hardly a minor overspend. Aaron Banks spent millions on call centre time before the date of the electoral commission counting. Massive amounts of distorting social media. The whole vote was a total manipulation of the democratic process. And the result will destroy our economy for years with the only winners the super rich and non taxpayers. So anything that overthrows this is fair game in my view.
  3. slavedata

    Converting older AM/FM tuner to receive DAB radio stations

    Another less techy source, again higher quality than DAB is a Freeview TV box
  4. slavedata

    Converting older AM/FM tuner to receive DAB radio stations

    If you want a digital radio signal the easiest way and a higher quality signal than DAB is through a squeezebox type device using the BBC iplayer source.
  5. slavedata

    Ethernet Cable for streaming

    A standard good quality Ethernet cable will be fine. If you want to be posh get a Cat 6 cable. Anything else is snakeoil.
  6. slavedata

    Recording the Proms Concerts

    That looks like it got it from here. Updated to latest standard firmware, then updated to latest modded firmware. Went to Humax web page and picked option to download full web interface.
  7. I recently was given a Humax HDR-Fox T2 TV recording box witha 500Gb hard drive. Choosing a program to record on this is a doddle so I chose to record all the Radio 3 Prom concerts with a single click. I found some add on software for the box that allows it to present a web page to my LAN. This makes getting files off the box much easier, you just download from the web page. File format is .TS which the excellent VLC program will play. I played one out from my laptop's USB port to a Project Pre S2 DAC. The DAC registers it as a 96K file and the sound quality is excellent. So I now will have all this seasons Proms recorded in excellent quality -result.
  8. slavedata

    Linn Axis and phono stage upgrade options

    How about an Arkless phono stage. Got a good review on here recently and Jez will lend you one to have a listen before you buy.
  9. slavedata

    Lidl selling music streamer

    Nothing wrong with 16 bit 96K files or is it only 44.1
  10. slavedata

    HP N36L Proliant Server for Audio

    I too use an HP microserver mine runs Vortexbox. Then a Pi Allo Digione with picore player plays into a Project Pro S2 Dac sound is ecellent.
  11. slavedata

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    I find my local hardware shop has a good range of stainless steel plate racks that are ideal for records.
  12. I use the Allo Digione S/PDIF coax output hat on a Pi 3 running Picoreplayer. It advertises very good audio isolation from Digital noise. it has given me the best sounding Digital source I have had. I feed it to a Project Pre Box S2 Digital powered by a linear power supply. So I would certainly recomend this as a digital source
  13. slavedata

    Lidl selling music streamer

  14. Suprised to see a music streamer in Lidl for £30. Apparently it is a a Silvercrest multiroom adaptor. Details here
  15. slavedata

    Charity Shop Find

    So how many people at the National Trust are paid over 150K pa? There seems to be a culture at NT of giving housing to mates of the "Great and Good" to live in. A prime example is Grantham House local to me that deigns to open 1 weekend per annum.