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  1. They may possibly be asking too much being optimistic, however, residual values are usually always very good, especially on some of the legendary models like Studio 100s or Response 1sc's to name a couple.
  2. Look even nicer in your set up I've been interested in a set for years but never got around to it. Heard them in hi-fi shops and I did like them.
  3. I liked the newer version of your Kef's a lot as well. But I'm sure it sounds pretty good as it is, sorry I just can't help myself when it comes to speakers Can't understand these people with just one set
  4. whoot whoo, that system in that rack is a show piece. It looks awesome Flash. Some more great speakers in matching suits for you, if you ever fancied something different for a try at some point. Some of my favourites.
  5. Sounds like fun You should throw some other speakers in there also for good measure. But that's another story.
  6. Even the tinsy little ones can move a fair bit of air Loved these when I had them, great little speakers.
  7. Not joking pal, you'll be surprised how much of a good feel you can get for things through a decent set of revealing studio headphones. Youtube is a great place to check out some hi-fi these days. You're always going to be limited by the camera/microphone but Youtube's compression of video and sound is somewhat incredible. It's not the same as being there obviously, but it's still good.
  8. Yeah could have been, or was it What Hi-Fi or Hi-Fi Choice ? Oh, no they're not that clever. Video looks good Flash, I'll get my headphones and check that out later! There is a way that you can just embed it into your post as well, I can quite remember tho, you've got to use some [,],>,<'s or something, its fine as it is but its good to see it as a video in a post. Your fancy videography to make us drool needs a bit of polish tho,
  9. Around 6 hours (12 round trip) not too far Flash but if Im ever up that way would love to call in mate. Yes, I think we are in agreement with the synergy Flash , synergy is just all about getting stuff that balances and works well together. You can have 3 components all with glowing reviews and audiophile followings which when put together just sound naff, but change 1 thing for something not so glowing and the system comes alive and all music is now a pleasure to listen to. What a great system should be all about IMHO. (but the room is always a big factor in this too) Stick it through youtube Flash, just upload it there (takes a little bit of time) and just embed the link here after. Youtube does a clever job with compression. They're the experts after all.
  10. I've got no prejudice to where things are made and especially what it costs. I do like some iconic speakers/equipment (models/makers and brands) and tend to gravitate in their direction, and look for similar aspects with the design and builds of other equipment, only because it works, but that's about it. I would love to hear Flash's speakers, I absolutely love finding hidden gems that I would never have known of or considered. Especially older second-hand ones!
  11. I like the video's they give you a very good idea. Some great ones already here. https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/124506-my-set-up-at-home/ I reckon you can do better than those speakers though with that lot, but I cant really comment because I've never heard the ones you have there, and you're right it is all about the synergy!
  12. Just getting warmed up I reckon
  13. +1 That is some seriously good hi-fi you have there in all respects. And no need to remortgage the house (at least for what its sells for at the moment )