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  1. I'd consider an overnighter but not much incentive really, I'm sure I'd enjoy it but it's not like it's a Wam show or anything.
  2. Based on Curry's/PC world down the road Oh, and I thought the award-winning fish and chips was just at my local chippy Some top names at the show tho
  3. I'm not going its a bit of run for me but I would seriously consider it if I was closer. (or if I had a neighbour who was interested, but I haven't). Might be a great show, lots of interesting exhibitors. https://festivalofsound.co.uk
  4. eddie-baby

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Great to tick off those bucket list items.
  5. Bring the best one! Or bring all three if you like, the more hi-fi's the better, it is a enthusiasts hifi show after all, we're all completely mad for it
  6. eddie-baby

    Cd player advice

    Now thats a 'Real Review' ! More like this it would be nice to see. Sounds like the DAC had a promising start there, didnt you like the Rega DAC you had before then? I actually really liked the Rega DACs I listened to in the past, I had an Arcam rDAC once, that was pretty good as well.
  7. eddie-baby

    Cd player advice

    Dont worry we are not marking you on your reviewing. Anyway you cant be any worse than these guys
  8. eddie-baby

    Cd player advice

    These things cant be rushed!
  9. Yeah good idea John but if I was to exhibit again I'd just bring a set of real hi-fi stands I think, but I think I might try something just a little bit smaller than the last time, I doubt very much it'll all fit into a suitcase though, but it'll all just go on the back seat of the car Im sure and maybe be just one trip to bring it all in.
  10. Its a great idea, the only downfall I can see with it is the lack of speaker stands, sideboards etc can be used to good effect but we all know stands (or floorstanders) are king when it comes a good stereo field and getting the best from your sound set up.
  11. Now you got me thinking Could be a tough challenge actually, especially if you cant bring some stands or a cheeky little sub to help things along. How about the all you can carry in one go challenge (Theres always one that wants to bend the rules isnt there ) If theres only one entry do you win by default ?
  12. That is a very nice idea actually. If I can source some decent speakers fit for the task and of course that are suitably sonically matched to attempt to win the challenge I might even enter myself (If there are still spaces even come closer to the time). I still have some components here which I just don't really want to get rid of. My big system does most/certain things/nuances better but some of the cheaper stuff still can really sing and can compete in other ways, and are only a very small percentage of the cost (new retail cost anyway). A suitcase may be a problem though as I dont own one, and some of the suitcases you can buy these days are huge, you could possibly fit a 'small' pair of floorstanders in some. How about two large holdalls? but it wouldn't really be the suitcase challenge then. Or maybe you could just call it the travelling light challenge Would make the show interesting a travelling light section. I love what some of these smaller systems can do.