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  1. Or there's always the option of just using a tablet with your DAC amp and just swapping your amp/speakers all the time as we do, or just upgrade the tablets. I need to seriously think of upgrading my tablets I think! Is it possible to live with an all in one? Would we really want to be normal? They are bloody neat tho give them that!
  2. That is a really nice all in one solution. I think we will see a lot more like this coming through now with modern hi-fi. Everything is getting played through stored media or streaming (no more spinney discs), and the display hi-fi is definitely something that is attractive.
  3. There's something wrong if youre not Keith Man you've put some effort into these.
  4. These are worth a shout out here if someone is looking for a bigger pair of speakers with big sound to match. They usually retail for around £1400 but there's a pair on Amazon Warehouse for £454. They'll be a buyer return and not box fresh but still they are a fraction of the price. Got to be quick with these things though as theres only one pair and they usually sell quick. Anyway theyre there if you want a bargain. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B07G3D2S9R/ref=dp_olp_all_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=all
  5. Bloody hell you do have some knowledge Nial Yes maybe a little young for that, but that aside West Wales does hold a very special place for me though. But there are some very special places all over the South Wales Valleys and with its associated people/cultures as well, and it is true, it's quite possibly some of the best welcomes you will ever receive worldwide. Been away from there for some time though and I hope that is still the case anyway, but I think it would be.
  6. What a wonderful part of the world you live in Nial. Another one of my occasional past time hobbies apart from thee number one obsession of hi-fi obviously that I occasionally spend some time on is mountain biking. I've moved from south where I spent most of my younger life to West Wales eventually, but looking at what you've been sharing it would be way more fulfilling for me to be north of the border for my lesser hobby South was good, but down West we can only qualify for hills rather than mountains, they can be still a fair climb tho. Some fantastic images you've been posting tho Nial, you're a very talented photographer as well as having a very good ear for music, and audio of course. The last image you shared the one with the ice, it nearly gave me flashbacks to my younger days until my brain eventually worked out what it actually was It did take a while tho Preseli Hills just bellow the highest peak (which is not that hard to get to in all fairness) , and one from Glyncorrwg South Wales valleys
  7. French cars do seem to have some preference for being generally more comfortable. I read something about it online and apparently its to do with how bad the roads are over there, whether there is actually some truth and science in that Im not sure, but it sounds plausible.
  8. Its an awesome bit of tech, like having your own personal assistant. I've got a few dotted around the house, and as has been said the bigger one doesnt sound bad either, especially for listening to the radio or even audiobooks. The new Studio versions are supposeldy fantatic sounding and even better if you're are parked directly infront of them, not much change for us there then But you can stream to or from them via bluetooth as well, get a bluetooth adapter for your best DAC and it'll stream straight to your hi-fi and bypass its own speaker. I have one in the garage as well very handy for those times youre under the car or just got your hands full. 'Alexa' add a 24mm deep socket to shopping list.......ok
  9. Now thats more like it, banana's
  10. Big wheels and lower profile tyres don't help the smoothness of the ride that's for sure, its obvious the more rubber and air there is between you and the road the better its going to be. But big wheels are the fashion, and those bigger wheels can 'sometimes' give cars the edge in looks though.
  11. They have good reviews, why red though, yellow would have been much more fitting.
  12. Don't see why you cant use either of these outputs to your energizer. Its not a speaker level it should be fine as long as you're careful with the volume levels. If the headphone out was a powerful one you'd have to be a bit careful that's all. Its just you'll have two volume controls, you'll know if its too loud to do damage to the headphones or downstream energiser just keep the volume moderate or down on your UQ2. Someone will always tell you you must have a perfect line level, but they might be trying to sell you something as well.
  13. eddie-baby


    Should be more of them And every bake off should have a set, it would be enlightening for most of us I'm sure.