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  1. eddie-baby

    Chord Qutest

    I did kick one off a while back It's always great to hear someone else enjoying one though. Its just a lovely DAC, obviously its no record player but the way it does music does remind me of vinyl, and not too digital sounding if you know what I mean. Naim DACs are discontinued now, but it is a different beast to the Trichord, whether you'd like it or not is another thing. I use it in a Naim system and the Trichord in another. I can't get enough of the Naim though personally, its detail, space and layers like I haven't really heard from recorded music before, but extremely enjoyable music as well, at least for me. I thought red book /digital had its limits but it opened my eyes again. I'm sure there's lots of other great DACs out there that give you that as well if you lived with them and with close listening, like some of the Wadia, Esoteric, higher Linn digital offerings or whatever. My brief encounters hearing the DAVE is another I'd like to live with but not at that price, not even used. I wouldn't look any further than these two DAC's now for what satisfies my needs. The Naims are still what I would have considered very expensive (even used) but I've got to draw the line somewhere, my finances and what I think may have to be at least a little bit of common sense dictate that
  2. eddie-baby

    Chord Qutest

    Agreed, and those Trichord CDPs where cracking players, still are.
  3. eddie-baby

    Chord Qutest

    Modding sounds interesting. Mine has also been serviced even though its the first piece of equipment that has had this sort of treatment, especially from my perspective. I'm sure it does pay dividends. Fantastic that something this old/discontinued is still easily serviced by the company as well, and speaking to them on the phone its as if they know it so well as if it's still in production, rare I thought. Trichord DACs where something special when they came about, but for me with audio equipment its a case of if it sounds good then, then it sounds good end of, simple as that, regardless if things may have moved on. The new DAC, well it's not exactly new but it's very modern in comparison, even though the DAC chips are far from anything new or revolutionary really, they've been around for years in various applications. It's a Naim DAC, it was a current model but just recently its been discontinued. Bit of a different animal to the Trichord though, but absolutely fantastic in its own right IMO. The Trichord is still one of my favourites though, maybe it doesn't go as far as the Naim but its just a solid digital player and a joy to listen to. I've found very few I would rather listen to that's modern for extended periods, tried it next to a number of nice DACs as well, Chords QBD76 was one, but the Trichord stayed and the others went.
  4. eddie-baby

    your favourite films of all time

    It's a great film K-Pax
  5. eddie-baby

    Chord Qutest

    I got a very old Trichord DAC also, and as you say it is still a DAC which others are juged by even today (for me). I do have a new DAC also which does take things further but it does sound very different from teh Trichord also, but the Trichord is still just a fantastic machine which I would never want to part with. I wouldnt swap it for any chord DAC, other than possibly a DAVE, but no one's going to want to swap their DAVE for it
  6. eddie-baby

    What are you listening to right now?

    A,,,mazing! Love this album although there's not a lot I don't like by this artist, probably my favourite of all time. Saw her over ten years ago in London Roundhouse and as far as I know she has not been back in the UK since. Had to go on my own as well, bloody mrs doesn't like her, definite divide in my women there Unforgettable night, best artist I've ever seen live, but I may be biased. Never forget the date either as it was the night MJ died, people were all mentioning it as we were leaving the gig. Highlights on this album for me are 'Bridges' and 'This time', but I can take it as a whole as equally as good, and most of her stuff just happens to be a hi-fi feast as well Can only imagine it sounding dreamy on a decent hi-fi from vinyl.
  7. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but that is funny Ade It is a shame though that although customer service may be an incentive for some companies, a lot of the time is also governed by costs. As you say Nopiano that a lot of the time you are at the mercy of a driver, but its seldom that people have pride in their jobs either, most probably just do it out of necessity. Sad really. But then accidents do happen anyway and that's what insurance is for, but that is only if it is actually worth the money you pay for it. I really do have to come out of this thread now, I want to put UPS behind me, a lessoned learned on couriers, which may well hamper (a bit anyway) my box swapping addiction.
  8. Thanks Nick Luckily just by chance more than anything really it was repaired without large cost to myself, and aside from the money that was wasted on the courier obviously.
  9. I am out of this discussion as I'm done with this thread, but as it is you Nick I don't mind answering. It was repaired by an electronics friend/acquaintance I've known from work, it wouldn't have been a cheap fix if I had gone through the correct channels. I just happened to talk to someone and it was the easiest path to take, and they took care of it. I couldn't be bothered pursuing it legally and who knows where that would have got me anyway. The only thing I can do is leave a review for UPS to highlight the practices, which it seems if I had done a statistical evidence search beforehand I may have chosen differently. I could have equally left a review for the hundreds of times it got through fine with them that I also paid additional insurance on (and yes they were all well packed as well), but as was explained earlier that is the expected outcome and it is after all what you are paying them for. It is frustrating because I am all in favour of variety in couriers and competitive prices with greater availability of things and getting goods sent around the place. However, there was an issue this time and UPS did not want to know, so as with everything, caveat emptor.
  10. This is frustrating. So have I used UPS hundreds of times as was explained earlier that is the expected result. But, you have never had any problems. Ive said enough on this now, if people don't understand I can't do any more. That's me out.
  11. That post just inspired me to write a review along with the other happy customers.
  12. eddie-baby

    Naim ND555 - a brief listen to their best streamer

    Made me think of this scene actually. Even a primitive gramophone can stir the senses! Regardless of the era.
  13. eddie-baby

    Naim ND555 - a brief listen to their best streamer

    No, we'll always be around! I dont think hi-fi is going anywhere ever, there'll always be some iteration of it, and the classical boxes will still be lurking in peoples attics or even pride of place. The equipment sounds good its going to be loved, even if its not for the sound alone there's always the nostalgia factor. Did you ever visit Scalford (or Kegworth even)? OK it wasnt all relics there was lots of new gear as well, but the first time I visited Scalford my eyes were opened. I thought I had a metical condition getting excited by sound and looking at pictures of speakers and separates for as long as I can remember, but after seeing what goes into a show like that I realised I was 'normal', even a bit reserved on matters of hi-fi This is as much a passion as any other hobby or interest, and the effort that and enthusiasm that goes into it is equally as fanatical as any other grand endeavour. And some of the guys have to be commended for it as well, some of the creations, restorations and enjoyment that still can be had from these pride and joys is nothing sort of phenomenal. Even if we get to 3D perfect reality reproduction of music in the distant future, people are still going to want that experience that presentation and tone of those LS3s, horns, valves or whatever We'll always be around
  14. eddie-baby

    Musical Fidelity KWP and KW1000 for sale

    Not quite, but its the next best thing