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  1. Quadraphonic LPs - Is there anyone else playing them?

    impressive ! must be rare
  2. Quadraphonic LPs - Is there anyone else playing them?

    Never had any experience of that one, missed that novelty, unfortunately. Another record format that looked interesting also was dbx, and this guy seems to think its fantastic.
  3. Nice Set of Speakers for the Bedroom

    thats a big stack
  4. Yes, it does increase the noise even with the driver offered up loose, which is why I find it odd. But as you say mechanical isolation may well help it, that is another good idea Nick. Could perhaps get some sort of rubber/dampening and put it between the transformer and the back plate its bolted onto, that might sort it. But worth a trip to Fred's as well first, just to see how it likes a totally different mains circuit, and then a power conditioner to see if it is any different.
  5. Well I tried the magic lead and its just like Richard Ashcroft in the Verve said 'the plugs dont work' so no quick fix or recommendations there After your input yesterday Nick I thought I would just strip the sub to start and see where the noise is coming from. And it's a strange one. With the back plate of the sub removed and the speaker from the box (but still connected to each other) it makes no noise whatsoever! Put the backplate back in the box and screw it up and a very slight noise (hum) can start to be heard but its very faint, and this is with the speaker disconnected. Then put the speaker in (connected or not) and the nearer it gets to being flush to screw up position the humming gets louder. So I think I'll do as Flash said now and look for somewhere to get it serviced. Any recommendations for amp servicers would be much appreciated, something I have never even thought of in the past, it either worked or it didn't. Cant see any Sunfire specialists near me either
  6. Would these speakers work or just a dream?

    Theyll be a different sound to your kef, but theres only one way to find out, just do it man! You must have some idea of B&W sound etc and if its to your liking, Usually the higher up the range you go the more of it you get. B&W are great speakers, as with anything tho its if theyll fit in nicely with the rest of the system.
  7. Focal Utopia speaker clone with active crossover

    Im still amazed someone would take on such a project! They are incredible! Be interesting to put them next to the company's own in a demo.
  8. Ruark Prestige

    There's nothing like big speakers, the bigger the better, but I feel unless you've got the right conditions for them then they can actually be more of a problem than anything else. Any flagships in a speaker range will have no expense spared and all the company's attention thrown at them and you're getting all that. Everything can be equalized electronically /artificially, I suppose and that's no different from changing the room they're in, but there's just something about having all the ports clear, being a good way away from a 'big' speaker and having them in good space. I tell you what though if you had the same room you had in Scalford again with those speakers and the rest of your gear you'd have to sell separate tickets for that gig and I'm not implying your AE's are lagging 'in any way'.
  9. Has anyone actually bought one of these?

    they look nice, good luck with it
  10. Ruark Prestige

    Stunning speakers if you've got the auditorium for them. I see them selling occasionally at ridiculously low (and attainable) money for what they are and think about where I can't put them for a bit, then I just move on to something else smaller
  11. Focal Utopia speaker clone with active crossover

    Wow, just wow. That is an incredible achievement to have built those!
  12. It sounds like transformer hum to me on the amp and not sure on the sub as its coming from the speaker, but good shout Nick always worth stripping it down and locating exactly were it might coming from.
  13. Nope, I know it is hard to believe but the Naim amp is completely silent! always has been and still is at this new house on the different mains circuit. The 'main' culprit for the hum/buzz is a Sunfire 1000w subwoofer. And this is being used in with a Marantz amp which has also started purring nicely at this new place. I'll try this cheap (ish) lead and if it does nothing it'll go back. I think the best thing to do after that is just grab the sub and head over to yours Fred (when your available of course). We can just plug it into your mains see if it makes any noise, if it does then try it through your conditioner unit. If you was a little closer I would have done it by now, but Ive been so busy with lots of stuff I just havent had the time to drive over to Pembroke Dock. Ive tried everything, swapped all leads, components, plugged it into different parts of the house, the two units I am trying to use are just humming, whether they're connected to anything or not. Servicing might sort it but it might not, but I'd rather start with the cheapest options first and go from there.
  14. I have, and it didn't hum, but my other amp has always been a silent one anyway. But, it's strange why the amp and sub which are now humming didn't use to at my old house, well at least no where near so much. It's worth a try, it's not going to cost me 'anything' to try, and it might be a cheap solution.