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  1. It's nothing classified Colin I'm bringing a set of ProAc. They'll be used with a very modest but good source and amp. They are ProAc Response satellites, used them off and on for years, absolutely divine midrange, detail and imaging, very much like a miniaturized Response 1sc, I'd even say as good as LS3/5a's but much smaller which does limit them. Not cheap speakers but they are tiny and as a result have very little body, but I can fit in the bag a very small Sunfire sealed minisub, no room shaker but its tight it'll make the satellites sound like a larger speaker, (hopefully that's the plan anyway )
  2. Any Keggie visiting owners out there willing to let me have a demo of theirs? Im going to be tethered to a room now after throwing my hat in to exhibiting for the spirit of the Wam. But still always casually looking for an end game set of headphones, auditioning everything is becoming impractical or it might just cost me especially if theyre not suitable if bought second hand. Any owners of these fine headphones living near or going to Kegworth that wouldnt mind bringing theirs along so I could have a listen? Not sure what room I'll be in yet but that will be decided closer to the time.
  3. My names down I'm in, bag is ready, it might be tight. How many times can you turn your underpants inside out again? A tincy bit upset I wont have free rein around the show but its for a bloody good cause after all, the spirit of the Wam
  4. eddie-baby

    Castle Severn 2

    Theres always the bring and buy/sell sale at Kegworth if you dont have any luck Barry, Im sure youd get that for them there easily on the day. Will there be the option of that this year do you know? I have a few stands here which I want to sell. I know where I live theyd have very little chance of selling as its a bit remote, but I might get lucky, a room full of Wammers would probably increase chances of a sale for me.
  5. Oh really, I didn't know that Keith. I have to admit its a very decent little amp, and surprisingly powerful even with full speakers, must work well there just on tweeter duty
  6. eddie-baby

    vintage speakers

    Oh I wouldnt buy them, theyre rubbish (Joking)
  7. eddie-baby

    vintage speakers

    e30 150 quid buy it now https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wharfedale-E30-E-Thirty-Vintage-Speakers/123596285259?hash=item1cc6e9a54b:g:Vf0AAOSwsDZcPjMe
  8. eddie-baby

    vintage speakers

    What about 2k? Everything has a price. Holly crap if I keep everything I'd have a small warehouse by now I guess I'm a filthy slut then
  9. Good idea, I'll add that to the plan.
  10. I think I have a bit of a plan, so I wont really need the bigger one, plus its gonna be tight in the bag, if I buy the bigger one I might not be able to get my spare underpants and toothbrush in
  11. So once again and in the interest of a good hobby I got another class D to play around with I did a bit of research on the newer ones out there and read some reviews and apparently its one of the best for the money. Just fresh out of the box and with only a few hours under its belt I have to say, it's not bad. Especially for the money. Cost less than some interconnects and weighs less than my speaker cable, I'd even say a bargain at £60. Now 'if' I exhibited at Kegworth with some nice speakers from my suitcase (it would have to be a sports holdall) wonder if I could win myself some whisky? If my choice of speakers were good enough perhaps even take on some of the bigger reference systems, all with my 60 quid amp?
  12. eddie-baby

    vintage speakers

    Seen plenty of those Im pretty sure there was a few variants of it as well. With more silver circles and even more drivers to impress your mates, use to play those loud with vinyl they sounded alright actually, not great but decent.
  13. eddie-baby

    vintage speakers

    The old ones are the best!
  14. they look amazing ! Serious design and components. Lets hope Stewart still has his fine tuning ear for us.!
  15. So will the Wam show be their unveiling and début to the public (/Wammers) then Col ?