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  1. We're spoilt these days with the option to do it in software and digitally if you music is computer based. Some soundcards even have some great eq features. No need to have any extra box count either. But you could always add a miniDSP unit and use that before your DAC. I do have some kit which Ive painstakingly matched over the years to sound good together whatever music is thrown at it but occasionally I buy other components which just dont sound right together, eq's are great for that. And with digital its never been so good
  2. Visage, you mean Steve Strange? I class muse as a higher calibre musician than that allthough Steve was very much a popularised celebrity of that time and was a big part of the cultural time, so big respect there.
  3. full range and with the subs carefully tuned as best as I can by ear, as I said theyll hurt your ears before they flap about, they go deep on their own but not as deep as subs delve to.
  4. I wouldn't have the 2.5's in my 20x20 room even I just think they are too big, and now you told me about the flappabilty thats me done with ever considering those. I'd prefer to use the 1.5 anyway and two subs, they just look nicer IMHO. And I watch plenty of movies, I know about the low frequencies but the 1.5 are always tight, me having half decent subwoofers must help though. I get decent depth, floor and wall movement with movies its great fun, as deep as the 1.5s are 'rated 30hz' as opposed to down to 20hz with the 2.5s, I still rather subs to supplement any low end, and anyway they just do it better than any (or most anyway) full range speakers can. PMCs are another you should consider, they are ProAc ish might even be better in some ways. Theres a decent set for sale on here actually. Ive been really impressed with those as well, especially for big bass. Their transmission line type deigns might get you closer to the trouser flapping action you might like. As with anything though, nice stuff costs! And really, dont hold your breath for any more free ProAcs
  5. I wasnt aware of any bottoming out issue of the 2.5, thats the first Ive heard of that, Ive heard them loud but not that loud and had no experience of that. I do quite dislike a speaker that bottoms out even though they all realistically have their limits, its just some make more of a fuss of it than others when they hit mechanical limits. I have to say the 1.5s I have Ive driven to ear painful loud levels at home in rooms around 20ft square and perhaps another slightly larger room with no issues like that. And Im one who likes loud live rock concerts so they pass the test for me. If I wanted to go any louder well I'd just as well employ/use a PA and that would just be silly. You'd be very hard pushed to get a set of 1.5s for £350, if you do you've had a bargain that someone doesn't know what they are selling or in need of repair, but I have actually seen a set given away for free on this very site! Mad I thought, but a couple of years latter I saw someone actually give away a set of ProAc 1sc's on Pink Fish for free as well, so miracles do happen. And dont let distance put you off, if you really want a set of speakers get in the car (if you have one) and drive. It may be a small price to pay one journey for the amount of pleasure time you get out of them.
  6. You'll find a set if you hang around. I think because of the qualities you've mentioned they do tend to be moved on from time to time, and when they do they seem to be a bargain, they usually or can sell for significantly less than 1sc's even. Another one to consider which I think are a little more accommodating than the 2.5s are the 1.5s. Don't quite have the scale but I think they look more slender and sound amazing. Even these I wouldn't class as small speakers but I guess I must be living in shoeboxes compared to some, even though I consider my lounge a fairly decent size https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Proac-Response-1-5-Floorstanding-Speakers-Maple/153639712032?hash=item23c5a3f520:g:hOgAAOSwU4FcyEoc
  7. Those Creative subs can be little beasts though. Not much finesse but they certainly can pack some clout. Just like a lot of other creative gear, there are some hidden gems there. One of their older subs was notoriously loud/powerful for something that was basically a PC speaker set up. Cant remember the exact model number now But it was a wild little thing. Im sure its a discontinued model.
  8. I used ProAc Satellites last this year at Kegworth if thats what you mean Baz. It wasnt no Creative sub though. It was one of these https://www.sunfire.com/product/single-8-1000w-powered-subwoofer-black-lacquer-HRS8 Pretty decent little sub actually. Not quite the JL Audio like Fred mentioned that we were using one time in one of his bake offs, but its tiny in comparison and still very good, even though the JL wasn't exactly a huge sub either. Both powerful little sealed subs though, the JL just more so.
  9. Yeah, ok they are small in comparison to 4's but they are hardly dinky boxes. Personally I think they sound best with plenty of room and amps with decent power, they'll make noise with low powered amps but just be a waste IMO.
  10. Some of the old school stuff by Musical Fidelity I thought gave the best of both worlds. Valves and SS.
  11. Anything by James Arthur, just shows how a media machine can turn any idiot into a main stream pop star, and that goes for most of the shit played on Radio 1.
  12. 5.1 umm, yeah, No! Not for me, 2 channel everytime. Subs are a must though
  13. But these are now bluetooth
  14. 2.5's are stunning if you have the space for them and some serious grunt to drive them. They can be picked up for the biggest bargain of the lot IMHO