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  1. Pioneer

    Hats off to your Nigel for bringing all that gear and making the effort, I know just how heavy the CD player is alone so you did a great job. I did come to your room first thing but thought you were going to be a no show. It was only by chance I took one last wander on your floor and discovered the door open. Glad I did, the pioneer reference equipment still sounds good to me, and its incredible to see such pristine examples, like stepping back in time to a high-end shop, lots of nostalgia there. And a great contrast you had there having the small but beautifully formed Celef's (a collector's item even now Im sure), and at the flick of a switch the larger Pioneers, which surprised me as being way better than I expected. Well done mate.
  2. Didnt take many photos this year, just a few. Great to see some old APM's on show, bit of nostalgia for me there.
  3. A fantastic show, and the same fantastic experience as usual! Scalford Hall is a beautiful place and I will always have fond memories of it, its kind of surreal walking around a Scooby Doo haunted mystery type mansion seeing all kinds of hi-fi, old, new and sometimes very different. But Kegworth seemed a better venue really for a public show. Incredible enthusiasm as always from exhibitors, it is highly commendable the effort the enthusiasts go to share their hobby with other enthusiasts and the interested public. Best public hi-fi show or show in general I've been to, there's nothing like it! The exhibitors and organisers made it work very well and it was very well received, you cant plan for the weather, but surprising even given the circumstances I thought it was really busy on the day. The bar and restaurant area was packed for ages. Would have been nice to put 'a really huge 'hi-end' system' at one end of the big 'sales' room on the bottom floor though I think, roped off, and just had it playing away quietly in the background, that would have been a nice feature. But Danny's fancy stand mounts that were for sale did look very nice tho
  4. You wasn't joking when you said you were bringing some 'big guns' Lurch Very impressive mate. Thanks for the demo John I really enjoyed it, as I did many others, I had all that time there and I still only managed a few rooms and I would have liked to have spent longer in those also. I've had to go and buy that Faithless album as well now, I love their stuff but didn't have that one. It sounded awesome on yours, solid and a huge sound. The cabinets are beautiful on those big Ushers, very grandiose looking speakers.
  5. Do you fancy your chances John? Are you bringing the big guns
  6. I have often thought about this as well, even though I always religiously aim for just around ear level (or below) myself. What is the right height, there is no right height really, it depends on what you're trying to achieve I suppose. For instance, if you go and see many live performances performers are usually elevated a bit (sometimes a lot) on a stage. So given the microphones were probably lower when recording when trying to reproduce that sound wouldnt it be better to have your speakers on 'higher' stands/ stools (whatever ).
  7. opps very sorry
  8. Id have to disagree with you there Serge. Id even say there is a very distinct difference between open frame stands and heavy mass loaded stands, Ive tried it. Had a thick heavy column (highly reviewed and what I thought was a better looking) stand which I switched in from my open frame ones, the same position. Well, it just so happened my speakers were designed for opened frames. Making the switch absolutely changed the sound, especially the midrange. But if you think about it you are messing with the physical properties of the way the speaker works. It might be subtle between some things but in this case with the very different stands it wasn't. and do you have to Segre?
  9. Lawrence, you're more than welcome. And some of the guys I've shared quarters with over the years you are an absolute gentleman in comparison. What time is your train rolling in mate. I'll pick you up from the train station, as long as its not too late, Im planning an early beer Dont know what time Im arriving myself yet. Im aiming for afternoon'ish time (or perhaps a little later). Bringing the Trichord as well! She's getting hooked up to some (very revealing) old school Urei studio monitors for the duration, but that smooth operator never embarrasses itself. And there'll be a JL audio sub in the car as well, bringing some 'serious' bass to another fellow wamers (and good friends ) LS3/5A's. Should be an interesting show!
  10. ok, no worries Danny either way I'm more than happy But, be great to see Lawrence at the gig.
  11. Lawrence if you don't mind sharing digs for the night, (you did mention it before) Ive got a twin room, just me travelling up. Offers there buddy.
  12. Awesome You Tube Music

    Theres no excuse, even got the words, sing along everybody!