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  1. eddie-baby

    Rasberry Pi Streaming

    Superb bits of equipment Genelec
  2. eddie-baby

    Rasberry Pi Streaming

    That is a really nice little sub that one the HRS8 but its tiny, still it can add a few octaves to even decent floorstanders though. But I have two of its big brothers here that are my house system now, True EQ's, passive radiators and ridicous 2700-watt amps, I might even bring one to Keggie next year, the HRS may not be quite as impressive but ideal for that show/room.
  3. eddie-baby

    Rasberry Pi Streaming

    JLs are great subs super quick, extremely nimble and can hit hard, quite pricy though but theyre worth it I think. I know JL have brought out a budget version now which seem very well made as well, but a lot less power, Dominion I think they're called. I always say BKs are very hard to beat though value for money wise, sealed is always good bet if you're after the fast super tight bass. I'm using Sunfires at home now and love those, not quite as tight sounding as the JL I found but go deeper and perhaps more output than the JL I had but in a different way. Subs are just as much a try it and see thing as any other speaker though, but once youve added and happy theres no going back.
  4. eddie-baby

    netflix - anything good on there worth watching?

    Wow, what an arsehole. The poor bastard didnt have much of an upbringing though.
  5. eddie-baby

    netflix - anything good on there worth watching?

    Yep hence the name I think Baz, fair play they did the distance tho
  6. eddie-baby

    Man caves...

    1sc's are awesome speakers, Ive owned a pair. And separate to this Ive also heard LS3/5A on Sugden and again they were really stunning.
  7. eddie-baby

    Man caves...

    I bet that is very nice! The only speakers I ever wanted to compare next to a 1sc were a Falcon LS3/5A (or other as good as), which do what they do, but the sc's are a pretty special speaker! And if I could do it with a Sugden to compare, oh man!
  8. eddie-baby

    netflix - anything good on there worth watching?

    Released on Netflix tonight. A great story, Im sure parts of it are very true. Wasnt into the band as such but I like the music and what they are/were. Respect. And its a good film nonetheless, and theyre all still alive, wow. Was blown away by Bohemian Rhapsody just the other week as well, of course Queen are better on all levels and they are British But apparently die hard fans say the film was flawed because it was co produced by Brian May, and wasnt 100% accurate, but hey what an amazing film and reproduction of the story I thought.
  9. eddie-baby

    Rasberry Pi Streaming

    Yeah, and remember the boys on Wam when you're at the top Fred. And the early bake off attendees and that
  10. eddie-baby

    Upgrade opinion / Advice

    Totally agree
  11. I bet Bob Carver could make a better one
  12. eddie-baby

    Man caves...

    Two hi-fi homes, you are spoilt Flash
  13. eddie-baby

    Upgrade opinion / Advice

    I wouldn't swap my Naim DAC for 'any' Chord DAC apart from possibly the DAVE, even then Id compare hard to make sure I wasn't making a mistake, but its a bit beyond my budget anyway. I've heard most Chord DACs, even owned a few very good ones, Im not a huge myself but they may be your thing. Id also be careful with aftermarket power supplies, in theory and by some they may be rated better but I tried a TeddyCap on my amp and I actually thought it downgraded the sound. A knowledgeable friend suggested I should really try a Naim power, but their high selling price deterred me. And I think its good enough anyway so why bother. I have no complaints with the Naim DAC. +1
  14. eddie-baby

    What are you listening to right now?

    An absolutely brilliant mix of music similar genres https://music.amazon.co.uk/stations/A2CFAZKSNMP3HL?ref=dm_sh_769f-516b-dmcp-45b0-a75bb&musicTerritory=GB&marketplaceId=A1F83G8C2ARO7P
  15. eddie-baby

    Rasberry Pi Streaming

    I can imagine Fred. Mathematicians just spoil the fun in everything