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  1. eddie-baby

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Maybe not quite gorgeous but this is a very nice device I picked up and have been using for a while now. It's a headphone amp/DAC. After my secret spy investigating I found another machine that uses the same DAC chip, its a Marantz SA-13S2. This little amp is a really good sounding device though, its on the warmer side of things IMO if you dont mind that but personally I way preferred it to a Chord Mojo, or a ifi iDSD black I had, and its a lot cheaper, and I can hear some amazing low level detail and seperation, more so than those others devices I had I feel. Maybe the cost is lower as it aint such a brand name associated with hi-fi, but it sounds 'great' to me. And its battery power, which has its advantages.
  2. eddie-baby

    Dire Royal Wedding Photos

    I dont think they look too bad But they were taken with an iPhone The Royal Family, sorry but I just don't get them. Do we really need to know if they get married? do we really need a Royal Family?
  3. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    Adequacy is fine and is exactly that, adequate, but every now and then you discover something be it through upgrading/downgrading, spending more/less, or just by chance and you go from adequate to something more than adequate by your standards, that's the hi-fi swapping bug. However, when you've tried practically everything within reason (like I have) I'm often looking back now to things I used to own which I would like to own again, because I know there's nothing out there that's better for my musical enjoyment, its like a merry-go-round And through it I've gained knowledge on what works (for me), and it's my hobby so who cares, I could have been a fashion victim instead, which is even more ridiculous in my eyes The connection I get to music through my own selections of electronics over the years has been priceless. I just use my ears. Looks and domestic harmony does play some part but to a large degree, there are ways you can have both.
  4. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    'Musicality' to me just means you can listen to music through it without it becoming tiresome. I cant say that for all equipment I've listened to, and without naming names there might be some equipment included in there that might have measured very well. What is the point in listening to something you don't personally enjoy, just because it measures well?
  5. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    Sage advice and very easy to understand
  6. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    Yes, I remember you mentioning this Serge and it is a very important point. Looks are a huge factor, depending on application obviously, if its stuck behind a mixing desk who cares sound is everything you need, in a domestic environment then its a different story. Again Id say it goes hand in hand, I've never had a really good sounding loudspeaker that I could live with if they stood out like a sore thumbs. And I don't care how pretty it looks (and there's plenty that are) if it doesn't sound great to me also I wouldn't keep it. Luckily there's plenty of choice.
  7. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    A correction wasn't necessarily needed there, as Id say that goes pretty much hand in hand anyway.
  8. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    I'd like to see that as well Nigel. Like a speaker hall of fame. There must be some consensus then on whether the top models do actually sound good. The only thing is good speaker designers like Stuart Tyler (proac) say they only use measurements to a point, then they tune by listening. Judging on how many speakers they've sold and the length of time they've been in business I'd say that 'speaks' (pardon the pun) for itself.
  9. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    That's fine Serge it's good you're happy with it like that, but you're not an electronic meter. Electronic measuring tools don't listen to music intently, they just measure it. I think most on here would agree they could tell these different speakers apart behind a grill cloth even if they couldn't name which one was which, even if they where perfectly calibrated to measure the same.
  10. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    But speakers are very different, soft domes sound different to metal domes horns sound different to ribbons, they all sound different to each other. I'm sure you could get them with electronics and adjustments measuring the same, but they are never going to sound the same to humans. Don't you agree ? Similar is ok, but it can be a world away when it comes to audio enthusiasts enjoying a system for years or changing it in a matter of hours.
  11. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    yep and Serge is no different from the rest of us. As all speakers sound totally different, even if he swapped all his drive units out for different material ones tweaked the crossover to measure the same it would sound different, theres no getting around it. The only way we could have near universally accurate (and it still would never be) is if we all had the same flat response speakers, amplifiers and sources globally, and that includes studios, concert halls, PA systems everywhere. It's just never going to happen. So you might as well get something that you actually enjoy listening to all your music through.
  12. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    I get the point bet lets see the woman at her very best man I know she'll have bad breath like the rest of them
  13. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    It might be the only one telling the truth
  14. eddie-baby

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    Id prefer the one on the right. TOP RIGHT!