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  1. Those are seriously impressive. Best ever? They are good but those DIY Focal Grande Utopia's were a mind blowing project as well Anyway now you've shown us youre going to have to bring them to Kegworth for us
  2. I agree they are good, just not glaringly good. Its not a headphone you put on and say oh wow, its a headphone you wear for hours and say oh yes I get it. They are smooth and it lends itself to longer listening sessions, they are very much a comfortable design to wear long haul as well I agree. I've tried the 600s, 650s 660s and 700 at home and the 650 were to me the nicest. 600 and 650 I compared side by side and it was a slant in favour straight away toward the 650. I didn't have the 650 to compare when I had the 660 or 700s but from memory Id still say the 650 were possibly still the most enjoyable. They may not be a pair of headphones to set your senses totally on fire immediately but they are very good
  3. These are scrap, but Im sure someone could make something out of them if they were that way inclined. Would have loved to heard the originals though as they should be. And with the kit they were designed to really work with. They may just have been a load of tosh, but they looked a bit of a Rolls Royce speaker so I cant imagine they were awful.
  4. Spending some time with the HD650's The Sennheiser veil They are not bad by any means very good in their own way as it happen, but I still struggle to find why people have such a reaction to them. Not ever spent any real time with the HD800's but for me and considering cost I think the HD650s might even be my pick.
  5. Thanks for that John, it looks pretty good. Really not sure which way to go yet but as I said any thing considered at this stage. This is going to cause me sleepless nights I can see it
  6. Yes I agree, its only a bit of fun and not meant as any sort of intimidation and hopefully not taken that way. I know forums can be fierce places especially if you have no idea of people intentions or motives. Bit like walking into a bar and the music stops The thing is with forums as well there is no way to read people other than interpreting what's been written. But it is a source of entertainment and fun for us at the same time so we wouldn't want boring would we, there'd be no members.
  7. Oh yes, Oops, silly me, wasn't paying much attention was I.
  8. Thanks John, looks good. The Chinese ones are 1/3 of the price but are they that of the value? I know, I know, I've been told Im thinking hard though of all the options, and as usual theres usually no cheap way for quality. I do kind of find it difficult to get my head around paying £700 for an amp thats only 15 watts per channel
  9. Castles are great speakers and what an offer by someone loaning them to you. I have experience of those as well. I still would say they werent really the best pairing tonally for the A400 though, but if you say they are better than the kef and you are enjoying them more then
  10. Quads are serious speakers, to get to that point you know youre serious about your audio.
  11. ok thanks all, we are getting somewhere. I can understand you experienced valve users telling me virtues of and the whys, but unless I have specifics of perhaps a model to go for I'm not really sure what to do. It can just become a bit confusing and leaves me thinking maybe is it really worth all the hassle. I have had an interest in the Puresound A30 in the past, and yes they are quite a bit over the budget of those Chi-Fi amps even second-hand but not so high to be completely out. And if it is decent then maybe I will look out for a deal. Ive heard snippets of what they are capable of and I use valves all the time with headphones but all Im after is a good all-rounder. The reviews I've seen on the Puresound have also been slightly mixed so it really is a case of I need to try one for myself. After all I dont want it sounding not as valve like as you may think as has been suggested. The A30 isn't an el34 either but it does have decent power. Looking at the selection of speakers I have and the occasional urge I do get to drive them I think I may be better off long term with something that has a firmer grip as well. It would be better rather than depending on high sensitivity speakers to be heard (which I don't really have any of anyway). I might be wrong but I don't think we had any valves at that particular bake off Colin iirc. Actually, that would be a great idea and I have even been meaning to for some time have some sort of BO myself. I've got plenty of room and some half decent kit even to entertain, but it be great hear some different gear in the mix or to be honest just anyone who turned up with music or stories even would be fine. The one weekend this side of Christmas the Mrs/kids goes away visiting family though looks like I'm having to work, again I do remember your valves at Kegworth though as manic as that weekend went, you had a great sounding room and many were talking about it. Thanks for the advice, and 400-900 ok that's fair enough, so any further suggestions of anything in that range would be most welcome. I'm liking the idea of the el34 bit as well but despite all the praise it gets I wouldn't have the first clue to which one to get.
  12. Fair enough, I'll hold fire. Well if anyone sees any el34s for sale used that might be suitable, I am open to suggestions. And will be very grateful of them. Thanks for the help.
  13. True We are wired differently thats for sure. Definitely more source direct
  14. The seller got back to me and recommended this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253944668037?ul_noapp=true That may quite well have been the one I had years ago actually. or for warmth with more power this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253684645604 But if there's an el34 out there for similar money that you think maybe a better alternative I'm all ears Intended speakers are probably going to be these, so possibly not the easiest load but I like them. Power handling: 250 W max Frequency Response: -3dB/28-18,000 Hz Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms. Sensitivity: 87 dB