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  1. eddie-baby

    Acoustic-Energy-AE2 & Stands

    Just looked at them again, they are gorgeous, I'm half tempted myself, but I don't know how they'd react to my room or the stuff I have to use them with, I really don't want to get on that merry go round, I've been on it hundreds of times They are lush though, very special speakers!
  2. eddie-baby

    Acoustic-Energy-AE2 & Stands

    Just do it man Bring them to a Wam show we can all enjoy them then You better not be spiteful and not let anyone else have a listen.
  3. eddie-baby

    Opus 21cd

    oops, my mistake. Well done then Yes there is a lot to be said for holding physical media, just the functionality or moving parts can become a problem over time, as Rick has unfortunately seen here.
  4. eddie-baby

    Opus 21cd

    This appears to be becoming the case now despite the great CD players that are out there. But as with turntables some are still very keen to hang onto them and even buy at their now good prices. Best of luck with the sale.
  5. eddie-baby

    New Room

    and a woollen hat
  6. Well done Colin, nice job, always great to see some custom mades well done. And we know how good they sound. Even next to what I consider to be one of the finest mini monitors around, an aging pair of but still superb ProAc tablettes we tried, they still shone. When you think that some of those Chartwell kits used to sell for 50 quid, now that would have been a nice investment. Even with all the modern technology there's still speakers/designs that don't sound as good today at what these do best. I often wander around shows checking the new gear for kudos, but these have always had it. Here's just one example of that in practice. Not without their limits obviously but great little speakers the LS3
  7. eddie-baby

    Acoustic-Energy-AE2 & Stands

    For good reason, they'll always be desirable / collectable, they just have it. And get them singing right and they'll be downright enjoyable along with it.
  8. I was going to say about a photo Colin, yes it would be great to see them with the grills 👍 I talked quite some time with the Falcons demonstrator at the Bristol show, and he explained in some depth actually about the grills prior to watching the YouTube video, so I was aware of it.
  9. Ahh, well done Colin. I actually spoke to the guy who was demonstrating the Falcons and the subject of grills came up. And to my surprise at the time he actually said they need them, as they are officially voiced with a grill, without them they have an ever so slight peak at so and so frequency, so he said, very subtle but there. So even though you see many (most) on YouTube etc playing without, that's not how they're meant to be used, I thought that was really interesting also. And do I have a preference for grills on anyway, it just feels like the sound is coming from a blank cloth and nowhere then, that's what I've always felt anyway. Seeing a drive unit kind of takes that depth away for me. You'll just have to 'somehow' get some form of mini perhaps golden 'Greybeard' speaker badge/plaque as they do in the corners of each now, just as an icing on the cake. With their growing reputation on Wam, bake-offs and at shows, those customs might be fetching the big money one day also Colin
  10. eddie-baby

    Amazon Echo Audio Out

    3.5 mini jack stereo to rca phono
  11. eddie-baby

    Amazon Echo Audio Out

    From a good source or something decent it probably would, but as you've discovered there both your units are different. I'm sure the second generation has improbably mproved things though. I can see your point doing that way. Just play with it and whichever way sounds best stick with that.
  12. eddie-baby

    Amazon Echo Audio Out

    I tend to stay away from the hard line outputs, I'd rather use my own DAC than the echos, as your units are both different and different generations I expect the electronics would be different, they always changing these things. Apple use to use different dac modules in their airport expresses over the years.
  13. eddie-baby

    Amazon Echo Audio Out

    Both units Dot and Echo sound identical over bluetooth to a DAC. Love the way they work though, it's like a house of the future, Alexa play...... and its like magic 👍 and through the hifi of your choice. But as I said it's not bad standalone the bigger Echo anyway as it's saves the kids wrecking my speakers.
  14. eddie-baby

    Amazon Echo Audio Out

    I have both an echo dot and a second generation echo the larger with the speaker (mini bass driver). I have two systems and Ive swapped both between the two. I find the echo good to use in my lounge as it has a speaker as well as a tweeter so it doesn't sound dreadful (unlike the dot) playing music standalone. And that's why I use it in the lounge now, the wife, kids just play it with anything, its not bad tonally and goes fairly loud as well, and it's 360, not really dependant on where you sit. I've got it configured however to as soon as I turn the hifi on in that same room it automatically switches to Bluetooth and then outputs to my main rig. The same with the dot in my other system/room, and to be honest the dot is rubbish for playing music unless it's streamed into something. Both echos go to a bluetooth receiver in their rooms which converts to spdif then in DACs/hi-fi of my choice. As soon as you select bluetooth the inbuilt speakers switch off.
  15. eddie-baby

    Acoustic-Energy-AE2 & Stands

    I don't know to be perfectly honest, but Rick here has quite a bit of experience on them. And I don't think these are as hard to drive as you think either, the smaller ones were the trickier to accommodate I think. I owned a set of AE1's for a while and I had very mixed joy with those, but incredible little speakers all the same. I always thought I never had them sounding their best when I owned the 1's but they do need some quality amplification, at the time I didn't have the money or the desire to pursue keeping them (still haven't ). But I've heard 1s & 2s on various equipment over the years and you have to have respect for them, they've got that iconic look as well and some of the finishes are stunning. I bought my 1's off a gentleman in London who had a valve amp, and even with various solid states I don't think I ever got them sounding as good as the day when he demo'd them to me. I can't remember what he upgraded to now but I would love to see how he got on, very nice chap he was.