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  1. Hope they don't need refoaming! Lovely things.
  2. My first dip into hi-fi, when my Father made a Heathkit Stereo! Learnt to solder...as did he!!
  3. Better to buy barrels full, then shtart to conshhhtrct yours own?
  4. Gets my vote-and I've owned 3, plus a Safari, briefly. You certainly feel you're in something superb. All these 'hyper' cars are just 'wet dream' stuff? A 2000 Lexus LS400 might do; but what are priorities? Need to be able to park, manouvre in crowded streets, etc.. ( ...and, 'Mr Composer'; the original idea for the DS was to put a flat six engine in the DS! They reputedly considered using a Chevy one from a Corvair.) The DS handbook suggested you didn't cruise at speeds exceeding 100mph, if you used the lesser of 2 tyre choices!-So not too slow.
  5. DNM used Perspex, but are now evaluating cardboard? Solid board or corrugated? Maybe metalised exterior to act as Faraday cage to prevent random ems.......etc.?
  6. Serge is right. My old Hafler pre/power amp (1980) still sounds good, playing into Leak sandwich (1972) speakers. We have to remind ourselves that we are faddists by definition. Most people are impressed by (whatever system) I play to them, but their attention span is short! (Though it IS nice to hear that they use that experience as a 'benchmark' of quality thereafter!)
  7. Folk wondered if I was intending to be buried in my (full size!) Klipschorns!
  8. Me, before I sold all my vinyl?
  9. Any more folk tried lately? Or...what similar speakers are around? (For all I know, they might have updated them....)
  10. Now wwe need a string about the appalling state of our roads? Plus the fact that there are too many cars on them? I live near M4 and M5 and there's hardly a day goes by that there isn't a jam or accident. Taken to using A roads, though more often.....the train! If only our trains were as cheap as Europe (and as nice!)
  11. TWO comments about lousy stereo! One of the main reasons I ran a Lexus LS400 (Ser 3, then 4) was Setright's comment that the stereo was the best he'd heard in a car. Could hear the nuances in music. The near silent engine helped. Miss it often, though am happy with a small car these days. Just abjured a low mile Cube (!!) and am looking for a Smart Forfour 1.5 petrol (original series)
  12. I thought it was the SC430 for a moment. Not the best looking, but relaxed comfort and power-and build quality. 30, huh? I'd have thought.....Twizy?
  13. The comment about the seats reminds me of a Setright rant about how poor most car seats were in the way you describe them. Having got old, my main concern re cars is exactly that-it should be comfortable to be in, and to drive. Getting aching legs because the pedal angle is wrong, or aching back from poor seat angle. My recent Citroen XM had lots of adjustment, but never a good one. One of the best seats I recall (with pink-tinted memory?) was the Citroen DS Pallas. 2 inch thick sponge under the carpet, seats like armchairs..... There's a whole separate string needed here on car comfort-and the lack of it. The much maligned Nissan Cube is quite comfy!
  14. Microzotl 2.0 if money no hassle. Though I'd go for something with built in dac.....iDecco, for example.
  15. It's good to WATCH that, as you can't always get all the interactions in the music otherwise. Plus get the enjoyment shown. Love those kids rapping about the environment. the 10(?) string guitarist is Egberto Gismondi. The very-bearded keyboard player is Hermeto Pascual. I could go on-I have somewhat strange taste-I'm told! On my 40th birthday, I recall several folk lying stoned, oblivious, watching my 6' X 4' projector screen showing Koanaquaatsi -or however it's spilt.