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  1. That Yamaha AS-801 is a cracker of an amp. There is a Bel Canto S300i in the sale section for £600 or offers, this is an amazingly good amp imho. It has the later dac fitted too. Depends what sound you like, we have the old MF amps (which I love) being recommended, then we have Cyrus which is the polar opposite being recommended too. I picked up a Marantz PM7003 recently to run in my office, it is a fantastic amp and has ended up in my lounge. These were only £600 new, but I'm seriously impressed by it. Quite a weighty full sound, but worked really well with some Harbeths, Spendor S6e and currently making a pair of little MA Bronze BR2s sing. I ran the Bel Canto with some Scansonic MB2.5's, Quad S2's, Quad Z3s and some Quad 985s and it made them all sing. Super detailed but super smooth, amazing bass with so much control, just a really great little amp.
  2. I would consider a Raspberry Pi, then run m00de or Volumio. Do you have a dac already? I'm using the Khadas Tone Board, sound is really clean and smooth. Total cost was £35 pi, £5 micro sd card, Khadas Dac £80 and Volumio £22 a year. You can download a the Volumio software for free, and their ios or android remote. I went through a few streamers, mostly using Roon, Auralic Aries, Merdian MS600 were the winners, but this beats them for 15x less money. Should add, I liked the bluesound Node 2i, it just didn't sound as good as the Pi/Khadas set up. I think I just wanted something that felt more hifi, but the reality is the Pi set up sounds so damned good. Have a look at the Volumio website for info. A lot of oem manufacturers use their software on their streamers by the way.
  3. Now sold. Thanks all.
  4. Here are some better pics.....
  5. A have a pair of S6e for sale in oak. I picked these up the other day, my 3rd pair over the years, after not getting on with the new A7's, they just weren't as balanced as the S6e's with too much bass bloat. I grabbed these as the 'e' model doesn't show up very often. The idea was to get them refinished in dark wood. Anyway, sods law a pair in Rosenut turned up a few weeks later, so I have just bought them and need to move the oak ones on. I will take some better pics later. The comes with grilles and links are nice kimber cables made up. I just paid £600 for the rosenut ones, quick sale as need to recover some funds asap, so £400. Based 10 miles south of Norwich just off the A11.
  6. Be careful going for smaller speakers, many rooms have a hump around the 75hz range, many smaller speakers add in a hump around here too to make them sound fuller. Rather than spending money on amps/speakers etc. etc. I would start again with what you have. I would first ditch the Cyrus power amp, just run the Arcam. Also, move your speakers as much as you can so it sounds as good as you can get them. Then run the room correction again, it will remove any hump. Then if you have a sub add it back in and move it around to get it sounding right. Then run the room correction again. Where have you got the crossover set with the sub? What sub is it? You should be able to get pretty much any sound you want with that amp, crossovers, EQ, and room correction. I have never had a system that has not been improved with a sub. Dunlavy SC-IV I thought would be the exception, but was proved wrong once it was added. And when we put in a Meridian 568.2 pre with the crossover set at 28hz with a 12db slope and a Rel Studio it was stunning.
  7. Wow, just read the 22 pages! I like Spendors, I am sat listening to some S6e's as we speak. Last year when I moved away from Meridian DSPs after 15 years or so with them, I went through a lot of speakers and amps. The A49 is, imho amazing, but them one of my favourite systems ever was am Arcam FMJ A22 (I think it was) basically a revised Alpha 10 amp, with a pair of Quad S2 ribbon bookshelves and a Rel Strata. They saw off so many other speakers and amps. The A49 is pretty special. However, when I bought some Scansonic MB2.5s I tried loads of amps and then loads of deifferent speakers. but the amps I tried that I really liked were the Arcam A49, Bel Canto S300i, Hegel H160, Highly modded Quad 405-2, Croft, Quad II-Forty and funnily enough the MF A3 CR combo. Oh, and the Yamaha AS1000 was it? The one thing I learnt was, don't get pre conceived ideas about what they are going to sound like. The Bel Canto was one of the smoothest, very full, rounded, warm and cozy bass, but at the same time it never felt flabby, it was tight and controlled. I really liked that amp. Ice amps, and sounded more like a class A. I wasn't expecting that. The A49 was similar, just 4x the price, bit bigger overall sound, but not much in it. I really like the MF combo too, so be interested to hear your thoughts on it? That was a combo that I could have easily lived with. In the end, out of all of them though I ended up keeping the modded 405-2. Dual mono psu, upgraded boards, modded input sensitivity and just worked well with my front end, which after trying so many different streamers from Auralic, Meridian, Bluesound, was.....a raspberry pi with a Meridian Explorer 2 on it. So only really needed a power amp, well only needed that power amp, the Croft without the pre amp sounded flat, the MF sounded better and bigger with the pre amp too, the Quad just worked, it was big sounding, open, smooth, and the level of detail amazed me. I sold it for £350 as well, what a tit! But you really do need to try and listen to as many as you can. For me, I would rather buy used and get to try as much as possible as home.
  8. Swapping to an iFi PSU on my Raspberry Pi with digi hat on it (Roon Endpoint) into a small Meridian Explorer 2 USB Dac was a revelation. I can't underestimate just how clean that source was sound wise, and it went up against some kit at 10 or even 20x the price and still sounded better. One of Paul McGowans posts from last week.....
  9. Sorry, missed the replies. One other issue I had was a massive bump around 76Hz that I never managed tame. I guess they add this hump to try and get over the lack of true bass? The P3ESR was not as smooth as the Quad S2, I could listen at any volume, any recording and all day with the Quads, the Harbeth started to sound a bit edgy when I played them above low levels. The room is actually quite a large space, 6m x 5m and pretty high ceilings. Also, wooden floors and no curtains don't help things when it comes to the smooth sound I like. I whacked in a pair of old Ditton 15s while trying to decide what to put in there, that was a year ago and still got them. Something about them I just love, or maybe they just work with that room.
  10. I bought a pair of Quad S2's, the one with the ribbon tweeter. I loved them so much I sold my P3ESRs. I then swapped my Meridian DSP system, for some Quad Z4s with a variety of amps, before realising that the little S2 is a bit special. It manages to blend the mid and ribbon so well, which is something many speakers with ribbons struggle with, the Z Quads for a start, the Z4 anyway. I changed rooms, got a wonderful highly modded Quad 405 amp and bought another pair of P3ESRs. The little Quad S2s were so similar in my room, but...well, just a bit better all round imho. Don't get me wrong I love the P3ESRs, but I paid £480 for the S2s and no matter how much I tried to convince myself they 'must' be better, the Quad S2s just sounded like a slightly bigger more efficient Harbeth.
  11. Ouch! That hurts. Was it not discussed properly?
  12. I went through all this a while ago. Tried the Bluesound, Sonos, Auralic Aeries, Meridian MS600 all direct into power amp and with different pre amps, in the end the best sound was Raspberry Pi with a Meridian Explorer 2 Dac straight into the power amp. This was running Roon and Tidal. Oh, and I used in iFi PSU as well, that made a huge difference. It was just incredibly clean, sweet top end and massive soundstage. That was £200 for the hardware, including an Audiquest 3.5mm to Phono cable and then Roon. My only problem with this set up is, Roon doesn't allow integration of Soundcloud, Mixcloud and some other similar services I use all the time. You can however add Airplay to the unit easy enough, probably turn it into a Chromecast endpoint too I would guess. All these devices are basically small computers anyway, dietpi on a raspberry pi is just a really clean way of doing things. Definitely worth looking into.
  13. Haha, I was lying awake last night and started thinking about this. I guess though, that it may be better to delay the bass more if it stops phasing issues. I know that is not ideal, but better than the sub removing bass from the listening position. I will have a read of the article.
  14. If you are using Atmos etc. then I totally understand.