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  1. Ouch! That hurts. Was it not discussed properly?
  2. I went through all this a while ago. Tried the Bluesound, Sonos, Auralic Aeries, Meridian MS600 all direct into power amp and with different pre amps, in the end the best sound was Raspberry Pi with a Meridian Explorer 2 Dac straight into the power amp. This was running Roon and Tidal. Oh, and I used in iFi PSU as well, that made a huge difference. It was just incredibly clean, sweet top end and massive soundstage. That was £200 for the hardware, including an Audiquest 3.5mm to Phono cable and then Roon. My only problem with this set up is, Roon doesn't allow integration of Soundcloud, Mixcloud and some other similar services I use all the time. You can however add Airplay to the unit easy enough, probably turn it into a Chromecast endpoint too I would guess. All these devices are basically small computers anyway, dietpi on a raspberry pi is just a really clean way of doing things. Definitely worth looking into.
  3. Haha, I was lying awake last night and started thinking about this. I guess though, that it may be better to delay the bass more if it stops phasing issues. I know that is not ideal, but better than the sub removing bass from the listening position. I will have a read of the article.
  4. If you are using Atmos etc. then I totally understand.
  5. I would consider downloading the DietPi image, that gives you a really nice set up screen where you can install loads of options like Squeezebox, Roon, Airplay and dozens more. It also has a list of HATs so you can choose USB dac or HiFi Berry, IQAudiODigi etc. etc. I am using IQ Audio Digi on one Pi direct into a Meridian G68 pre/dac and in the other room I have now got one that is plugged into a Meridian Explorer 2 dac. They are both set up as Roon End Points. The one with the Explorer 2 has replaced the Meridian MS600 endpoint/source going into a Croft Pre, that replaced a Bel canto, it is that good. One thing I did add was an iFi PSU to it at £50, that really did make a difference and was the point where I decided to get rid of the Meridian and Croft. The fact a front end, source at £180 can replace, and sound better than £3000 worth of kit is pretty remarkable to me. My wife loves it though, only the speakers on show, the rPi and power amp hidden behind the sofa, no more boxes!
  6. Why not consider getting rid of your AV amp and buying a decent processor? I still rate the Meridian G68 as one of the best 'stereo' pre amps out there, the fact it also does home cinema better than most av amps up to £5k too, has a wonderful dac built in and does time alignment and room correction as well makes it a bit of a steal at £4500, considering I just sold one of mine for £600 it is a no brainer. As someone else said, add a couple of Beringher A500s (or some Quad 405-2) at £200 each and you have a seriously musical system that will also do home cinema better than most out there. With the money saved get Tidal and Roon, get a Raspberry pi which will give you network player and airplay and cost you £75. Then you have approximately £4k to spend on speakers. Just another thought.
  7. In that sort of environment you never hear the nuances though. You will hear big differences like big amps and speakers, but, imho it is when you are sat at home relaxed you start to notice thinks you don't like or things that make you smile.
  8. I knew where this thread was going from the title. "Serge, measuring the wrong things since 1957!" There are probably a few dozen measurements we can make that effect sound, maybe hundreds, yet we measure what....4? Helpful. A-B testing is useless as our brain tries to get the B sound to sound the same as A we have just heard. Anyway, it is late, night all.
  9. Cool. I really liked it when I borrowed one. I only ever tried it with a Rel Strata though, but thought it sounded great with that, and it was in my conservatory too which is a big room at 7m X 7m with a vaulted ceiling too.
  10. Totally agree. Don't get me wrong I have had some great av systems in the passed, Lecion MC12, and for years used Meridian with their DSP speakers, but in all honesty I have enjoyed my 'simple' systems even more, I ran a Sony with a Rel sub attached (Sony allows the headphoen out to become a sub out, nice touch) and everyone was stunned at how good that sounded. The Arcam Solo Soundbar is a very good TV system when you attach a sub to it, that can be had for around £299 now instead of £699. I'm sure the Sky soundbar will be worth evert penny if you can get it for £249, I'm looking forward to hearing one.
  11. I bought the Z3's after living with some S2's for a few months and loving them. Be careful though, they are very, very system sensitive. I heard them first on a Cyrus something or other and it just showed how bright the Cyrus gear is. Then heard them on a Bel Canto and they sounded really nice. I ended up buying a pair, and a bel Canto to drive them, they were nice. But, and it is a big but, they have no bass, comparing them to the S2s they didn't really go any deeper. Now I use a Rel sub so it didn't bother me at all, but something to consider. I also preferred them with my Meridian pre and modded Quad 405-2 power, they really started to shine with that combo, really lovely and smooth. In the end though I did actually prefer the Z2s to the Z3's, well not preferred as such, but the S2s come in at £599 or £699 and the Z3s were £2k with a 20% discount, and with me sending everything below 55hz to the sub anyway I decided to move them on. The guy I sold them to I spoke to again after a couple of months and he had already moved them on too, he said he had no room for a sub and just couldn't get on with the lack of bass. I had them back to back with my ESL-988's and they are remarkably similar, but if anything the electrostatics had more bass than the Z3s which is saying something. If you use a sub they are superb, but be careful if you don't.
  12. I only heard the S1's with a Cyrus amp and that is pretty bright anyway, so I didn't really pay much attention, but they reminded me of the Roksam TR5 speakers I used to own, so I popped off for a coffee and half an hour later came back and heard the S2s and Z2s. The idea was to get some floor standers to maybe replace my Meridian DSP speakers as I was getting a bit frustrated with Meridians lack of any road map product wise and fancied a bit of box swapping again. Anyway, after listening for a while realised the S2s were stunning for the money, seriously sweet sounding. I bought them there and then and stuck them into the sitting room as a second system with a Bel Canto S300 amp and on old Rel Strata sub I picked up for £100. I then fell for them so much that I did sell my Meridian DSP5200 speakers and bought a pair of Z3's and a Quad 909 amp. Liked that sound and so bought a modded 405 for the S2s. Turns out I preferred the 405 so bought another modded one of those for the Z3s too. After lots of swapping back and forth I realised I actually preferred the S2s to the Z3's, well maybe not preferred them, but thought they sounded so similar and I paid £480 for the S2s and £2100 for the Z3s. I should also mention that in between buying the S2s and the Z3s I tried a few other speakers, Scansonic MB2.5, Focal 1008 BE, little Raihdos and still preferred the Quads, hence ordering the Z3s. I am now using just the S2s with a modded 405 amp, Meridian G68 pre and Rel strata sub. Sounds wonderful.
  13. Got to be Tidal and Roon for me. I am using it with Rasberry Pi endpoints, some with digital out, some with USB DACs etc. All sound pretty damned amazing but the ability to find new music is priceless and what makes it really special.