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  1. Metatron

    Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    It was meant partially in jest and partially to get people to read it! Simples Nah, Audi and a nippy one at that. Quite the petrol guzzler. I used to travel around the country doing security for venues like V Festival's and such... so I've done my own fair share of long distance driving, but given a 15-mile journey takes 45-60 minutes in the morning, I'm more reticent about long journeys on unfamiliar routes these days.
  2. You said "rear wheel drive sports saloon" on page 1. Tiptronic = Audi Only 1 Audi with RWD = Audi R8 You jammy jammy jammy jammy git!!! *jealous*
  3. Metatron

    B&W 700 Series quality control

    Can I get Kevlar armour like Batman?
  4. Metatron

    B&W 700 Series quality control

    Any warranty should cover you against material manufacturing defects. Those look like manufacturing defects. If you want to claim under that warranty (assuming another pair won't have the same), then do. Apart from the cone damage, the others are clearly manufacturing issues. The dealer representing B&W should let you swap for a new pair you can inspect in appropriate light to ensure they do not have the same issue.
  5. Metatron

    Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    This is a good idea. I've thought more about business conference centres that have a good series of small offices in a layout similar to a hotel. Hotels charge a lot due to always being full. Business office buildings in business parks tend to have rooms that are usually empty and want to get the opportunity to lease them out for events, so that's where I'd start. I will look into it, but the venues have a lot to check, such as parking, delivery doors to tolerate many people arriving with kit concurrently being just two. If anybody want's to give me things they think should be considered, please do - or I'll miss something. Nah, just sometimes I like getting math-based. I did some research and found the centroid for UK population has previously been calculated to be Appleby Parva. This is not that far from Kegworth, so Kegworth is in the right area if using the UK population data. My preference is that I'd prefer to use the location of active Wam members. However, if Wam users are representative of UK population data, then the centroid won't change. So as said above, I must just be a grumpy old git who doesn't like long car journeys. (There was a time I'd drive anywhere in the UK regardless of distance). You get more homework for your impertinent attitude sunny Jim!
  6. I guess I'm different to you all then. I believe a forum is a community, which by nature requires having relationships (not just about hifi). There are real people at the end of our comms, not faceless people we shouldn't give a f*** about. The relationships should be important and we should strive not to alienate people to the extent they feel the need to leave. Not too long ago, I had a short unintended spat with Flash, but I never meant anything personal and said as much in the thread. We've had many good interaction since then. I'm not alone in thinking something is wrong:
  7. Maybe. I expressed a view. BC is gone possibly due to a misunderstanding... I'd think normal decorum (as with kids) is to get them to apologise, shake hands and make up. Where that's refused, that's where we behave insensitively and genuinely have a problem.
  8. I want to give Serge the benefit of the doubt (I enjoy bantering which this sort of thing often is), but the terse ridiculing nature of the post doesn't lend itself to that IMHO. It may have been inadvertent, but given the seeming overall context could be paraphrased as "You cannot prove anything unless measured, so you're talking nonsense and you pay credence to lunatics, so I've no respect for you". In which case, it seems clearly worded to cause offence. Additionally, others tried to request BC remain on the Wam, but on the thread at least, Serge has not said BC has misunderstood, leaving BC to interpret it how BC received it. So this seems to convey an intention to keep it that way, suggesting how it was received in this instance, was how it was meant. If Serge didn't mean it this way, an apology is in order.
  9. Metatron

    Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    Indeed they do. Do most hire a van and insure their kit? I'd have to in order to be comfortable with the trek. I have a large saloon car (Audi A6), but I certainly cannot get my floorstander crates into the boot or maneuver them through the side doors. Hired van required. My other kit takes up plenty of space also and is quite expensive. If I was able to put all my kit in my own car, then I'd probably be able to call my car insurer and pay a small amount to cover all the kit for a couple of days (while it's in the car). As for display/exhibition at Kegworth, I'd have to arrange that on my home insurance. I cannot afford to replace my kit if an accident were to occur, either because used versions on the market are rare and equivalent condition is not guaranteed, or new equivalent (replacement) models are cost prohibitive. I'd opt to insure "new for old" which would be annoyingly expensive in my case due to the kit value. Maybe everybody else just chances it, but I'm not comfortable with that. As far as location goes, I've heard this argument many times... 'Fair' should be provable mathematically. Pointing to the middle of a map is faulty logic because it assumes an equal number of people (possibly) arriving from every direction, with each direction having the same average journey distance - population distribution means it is not that simple. For people travelling a distance and minimizing the summed total distance traveled by all attendees (to yield a lower average distance traveled by each and a minimized CO2 footprint, as well as maximizing attendee count), then we'd be looking for the weighted centroid amongst likely attendees. If doing the math analysis we find the weighted centroid is Midlands, then it's in the right place. If not, then the show should be moved to where the weighted centroid is calculated to be. Before a weighted centroid can be calculated, there needs to be a decision on the 'likely attendees', that is, which 'population' set to use: either the people who would like to go (based on a time limited survey) are used, or, the active Wammers user list is used, or, both are calculated and a midpoint between each weighted centroid is selected. This is what I believe can be shown to be 'fair' mathematically.
  10. Metatron

    Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    Thanks Phil, a bake-off is a limited number of people in 1 persons home, with a subset of their kit. A show is quite different. Part of the idea of Kegworth is to meet many other members, see and hear their entire systems, exhibit your own etc.
  11. Metatron

    Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    That's a lot of motivation. As just posted, I think Scotland should have its own show, mainly because we seem to have many Scottish members, but I don't have the totals to know exactly how many.
  12. Metatron

    Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    Yes indeed. My original post says other places need a show too. I am thinking Scotland should have one, maybe Wales depending on # of Welsh Wammers. I understand the rationale just it would be further to go than is practical for many, especially if lugging kit. I couldn't get mine in my car. I would need to hire a van and stay overnight somewhere. Insuring the kit would be a must, but doesn't seem possible.
  13. Metatron

    Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    There is Kegworth, Scalford and Harrogate shows. Why 3 shows in Midlands/North? When is the Wam doing a set down South? (Some other places need a show too)
  14. Are you afraid to say BMW? I always found 160kg of sharp sand in the boot helped in winter. Given you're coming from Dover, a couple of illegal immigrants will do
  15. Yes Serge, but didn't it 'alf measure well? Hold on, measures well but sounds wrong..... Welcome to what many Wammera have been telling you for years!