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  1. Chord 2650/2500/650 Pre/Power Amps

    Tough question. A long time ago I ran a CPA3200E into the SPM600. Specs from SPM600 seem identical to SPM650, but I think the case got a bling update and the PSU revised. I haven't heard the CPA2500. I can say that for the first month of owning a Chord pre/power combo, the pre was the CPA2200. I wanted the option to run fully balanced input to output so swapped out the pre to CPA3200E paying the RRP difference. There was that cliche immediately noticeable difference in terms of resolution and clarity. So long as Chord's aren't bright in your system, it pays to get the better preamps. The 'better' Chord power amps only seem to make a difference if you really need the extra oomph. The 1200C could/can drive anything. I found the humble SPM600 could drive B&W N802 speakers just fine. I suspect the SPM650 would be the same. It comes down to if more power gives better sound from your speakers, which shouldn't be assumed. From other comments of Chord owners who had an integrated (CPM model), the pre/power route is reportedly more musical with far better timing not heard in the integrated models. I've personally not compared. I agree with above post that it could be sideways step, mostly because of the pre model you're considering. I know none of this really gives a definitive answer to your question. Is there a reason for needing a Chord pre? Could you go with a Music First passive with remote and the Chord SPM650 instead? Just thinking you could retain the transparency of Chord's more expensive pre models while still leveraging the oomph of a Chord power amp and saving money overall (if the MFA passive is bought used - one on eBay with remote currently). Depending on comparative costs, you might be able to go for a more powerful Chord power amp (or other brand) and end up with something really special.
  2. PAYPAL.....advice please

    I agree with Nigel. One thought I have is that "friends and family" is meant for exactly that; people you know and trust, not strangers abroad. It wouldn't be good to deal with a person abroad who could potentially have nefarious links (terrorism or organized crime) and include yourself in their circle of monetary transactions via "friends and family".
  3. PAYPAL.....advice please

    Only true if item is posted and has suitable tracking. The scenario for the OP is the exception to the vast majority - where items is for collection and not posted. Paypal have zero seller protection for collected items and no means of providing what they consider acceptable proof. So Paypal is useless in such a scenario.
  4. Guess the album cover

    Stunned it's a Renaissance album. It was one of the bands I came across trying to solve this one. I went to Discogs to check the published albums and didn't see it. Checking it now shows I missed it. David, isn't it your go?
  5. @Sir_Franc How did the RPi3 trial go? What are your thoughts? Have you managed to compare to components from hifi brands?
  6. Guess the album cover

    From the eye alone, my first thoughts are Sophie Ellis Bextor or Amy McDonald
  7. Guess the album cover

    Yes, sorry, was slowly tapping in replies by phone while on lunch. So my response came after you finally got it. Back in the office now. Well done! It's a bit like Ludovico Einaudi, but more inventive:
  8. Guess the album cover

    Answer: The Piano Whisperer by Alexis Ffrench Go google! David, you got close, so your go.
  9. Guess the album cover

    What kind of thesaurus you using man!? One extra clue: you can put Horse before the second word and its would make a type of job.
  10. Guess the album cover

    Variations, not synonym!
  11. Guess the album cover

    Very close. Play with variations of 2nd word
  12. Guess the album cover

    Recap: We know it's piano music. I gave a clue of saying something quietly and there's a word for that. Put "piano" and that other word in Google and you'll likely find it.
  13. Guess the album cover

    I'm unlikely to be available to comment for a few days after today.... so I'll post up the answer later if no one gets it. Additional clue:
  14. Well I didn't view things as kicking off in a personal way. No foul meant or received from my viewpoint. This is "2 channel debate" and not "2 channel agreement" after all. I think I've been misunderstood in why I would post a YT clip. Not for comparison, not to determine actual sound quality via YT as if you could because you cannot. That doesn't mean there is zero use for a YT clip at all and to what exent (the grey area). I cited it was just to see if you feel positive/negative about a particular system, assuming the recording is well made. I think that's all that can be done with it - and you use that how you see fit.
  15. Guess the album cover

    Very similar album cover, but no, not it.