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  1. Just tried to PM but your inbox is full.
  2. I've had these for about 4 years now, but have gone back to a pair of Ditton 15XR. Condition is as per the pics, not perfect, but serviceable, and would probably benefit from some wax/oil. My kitchen lights make them appear lighter than they are in daylight, I'm not sure if these are teak or walnut veneer. Covers are intact and OK, one is slightly lighter than the other - must have sat in the sun at some point in the past. I've never used the covers. They are a bit big for shipping really, so pick up or meet within a reasonable distance please. Located 1 mile from J30 M1 Chesterfield/Worksop. Some more pics here: £85 seems fair looking at Ebay prices?
  3. I know most of you can't read but I have a hardback copy of this to pass on: I'll post free if you'll stick a couple of quid in the next charriddee tin you come past.
  4. I assembled one yesterday, it went together without any effort.
  5. My first thought upon seeing it as well. I am going to order one when back in stock so let us know :-)
  6. My speaker cables are braided Cat5 after TNT - Cheap to build, sound fine and look cool
  7. Another happy user here. I soldered the header and installed tha DAC, downloaded and wrote the image, set up Wifi, installed/hid on top of the kitchen units, plumbed into the existing hidden Amp, and am playing the Blue Nile via Android Squeezebox app, all in about 45 minutes :-)
  8. ...and of course I realised my Pi was a Rev A so I've had to order another one of those as well!
  9. I'm just ordering a Pidac as well. I was going to get another SB Touch for the kitchen but this sounds like it might work out much cheaper.
  10. Doh, pretty local but just seen this and I'm already booked up tonight. I really need to keep a closer eye on this forum.
  11. Thanks for that - you have confirmed my fears really. In this game, less is more £ of course!
  12. I've had 10 years out of this unit but it's getting ready to replace. It does centre, surround and sub into Monitor Audio Radius and I use the front pre-outs into Gainclone or Tripath power amps to Celestion Ditton 33s. I have enough power amps to sort all amplification so is there such a beast as a Multi-channel pre-amp that does all the hdmi in/out, surround processing etc without having any amplification and therefore not be an 8 inch high battleship weighing 20kg? Budget would be up to 600 I suppose. Thanks for any advice.
  13. toolkit

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    I'd be tempted to have a go with the components/PCBs and my own PSU/chassis as well, there are some small discounts available for orders of 2+ and 4+ if you were thinking of ordering.
  14. It looks like you have a fair amount of capacitance on each rail - do you get a thump on turn on?