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  1. Tidal is reported to be running out of cash

    Awesome grammar Henry. Bet that's put a smile on the face of pedants throughout the land.
  2. Your Pet Photos

    Dad......I really havent had a chewy today....honest. The brightest, cleverest dog I've ever had the joy to own, Buddy.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Jeff's dad. Listen to this & hear where Jeff Buckley got his amazing voice from.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Did some digging myself after I got concerned about my 120 quid. Seems they now just have an internet business above a pub. Some punters have been waiting a year for their order which is seriously taking the piss. Another well known iffy internet seller, SN, has this album on their website. I have doubts they'll ever fulfill their orders. Was going to buy from the States, but the £ is so crap against the $ its stoopid prices, they're moaning its $99....typical. Then theres customs charges. Anyone know of a kosher retailer in the uk, I'd like to know.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    Would have liked a copy of the Mofi for Xmas, but Spin CD have done me a favour TBH. After I told them their trading record would appear on several hifi fora they sent a credit double quick. Normally they hang on to your hard earned till you give up apparently. Anyways the DVD sounds great so I'll stick with that.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    DVD Audio. Donald Fagen. The Nightfly. Tempted to buy the new mega bucks MoFi vinyl from Spin CD, Newcastle? Bear in mind they like to take your cash immediately but are then reluctant to send out your order....EVER.
  7. Auction of quality hifi stuff on the 12

    I can take exception to your crap attempt at totally uncalled for sarcasm however.
  8. Auction of quality hifi stuff on the 12

    Other than the minor detail of the OP living in Wales and the auction being in Winchester, I cant fault your logic.
  9. Auction of quality hifi stuff on the 12

    Where's the irony emoji when you want one?
  10. Auction of quality hifi stuff on the 12

    Letting people on a hifif forum know about a hifi auction. Really bad that is.
  11. In Absentia / Deadwing Vinyl Remasters

    P&P is stupid, but they only drop that particular bomb when you've got well into the transaction. They must be fans of Ryanair. The albums, are cheap for doubles, so its swings & roundabouts. As Duvet said these will appreciate in value so they'll seem cheap one day.
  12. The League Of Gentlemen

    Linky pls
  13. In Absentia / Deadwing Vinyl Remasters after your 1st, roadies hoovering the stage carpet wont come as a surprise. Have more PT vinyl than is really necessary, but as these are remastered by the man himself & he's bit good at it.....
  14. In Absentia / Deadwing Vinyl Remasters

    . . . . . Ordered