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  1. Wammers Album Club Tues 17th October - Lamb - Lamb.

    Lamb are a national treasure IMO, but to this day remain underrated/undervalued. Helped crowd fund their album 5 back in 2011. So this album gets a big 5 ***** from me. Haven't seen Lamb, live, but have seen Lou live and interviewed her for my radio show. Despite having a cold, and a cupboard for a dressing room she couldn't have been more charming and delightful. Check out her solo stuff. This is just effing gorgeous...
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Bill Nelson, Quit Dreaming....
  3. Is the WAM becoming less popular?

    Let you off then This year's show knocked the ball out the park. The feedback was excellent, so much so that the dealers had booked for 2018, the rooms were nearly all gone and the hotel was rebooked...before sunday tea time. So 2018, make sure you're not double booked
  4. Is the WAM becoming less popular?

    Did you come to Scalford 2017?
  5. Guarantee Thomo wont disappoint. Have a great nite
  6. Blade Runner 2049

    Which Blu Ray have I watched the most? After Python's Holy Grail it has to be Blade Runner. The visuals, the soundtrack, the story, the Japanese singing, I love the whole goddam thing. So the idea of a sequel filled me with dread. However the rave reviews have piqued my interest, so I guess it'll be a trip down the local flea pit, avoiding the Imax experience (thanks for the tip guys)
  7. In the year prior to her death from pancreatic cancer in 2016, Sharon Jones toured and performed tirelessly, and was also the subject of Miss Sharon Jones!, an acclaimed documentary by Oscar-Winning director Barbara Kopple. Yet somehow, the beloved and heroic soul singer found time to complete a studio album. Soul of a Woman features eleven songs which reveal that the emotion, dynamics, and drama of Jones' voice remained at full power until her final days.
  8. 8 McCartney ltd edition albums lose...
  9. Reading Michael Palin's diaries 1969 - 1979. Strikes, 3 day week, Arab Oil Crisis, Petrol Coupons & Palin complaining how touts were making a killing, charging 5 - 10 quid on their Monty Python, Drury Lane appearance tickets. That was 1974.
  10. Think this epitomises the "Remastering Industry". There's no new physical format that can be used to sell us music we already own, streaming gives a sh#t return, so what do you do to turn a buck these days? Get the previous producer, or his son, to rework the classic tracks, bung in some stuff that the artist wouldn't have let see the light of day, while we're at it chuck in some live tracks, a book and a nice big fat box.....and bingo that'll be 200 quid thank you very much. No studio costs etc etc so its 99% pure profit. KER....CHING $$$$$$$$$$$ If you're a lifelong Bowie fan, you KNOW a F#ck Up of this magnitude would never have been pressed. But now he's gone the QC on Bowie's back catalogue can get even worse, and its never been that fantastic, if we're being brutally honest.
  11. "Oh deary me, I seem to have nudged the mixing slider during remastering. Lets hope no one notices" Here's what happens at 2:50.
  12. Its on vinyl AND on CD mate. There's a massive online row going on & some bullshit excuses coming out of Parlophone & Tony Visconti. Was going to buy the vinyl box set from Amazon Germany as part of a 3 for 2 deal. Amazon moved the goal posts (illegally I might add) so much I gave up. Thank god I did. Listening on Spotify right now & its a monumental fucking car crash of one of David's most iconic tracks. AVOID
  13. Tom Petty RIP

    Looks like The Bastard Grim Reaper has claimed another legend. RIP Tom and thanks for the gigs & the music
  14. Tom Petty RIP

    Holy shit, another music icon. Not looking like there'll be a good outcome. Brilliant live and a massive music legacy