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  1. When your speakers are over 5ft tall x 2.5ft wide and need to be 3ft from the back wall, your better 1/2 has to be uber tolerant.
  2. Classical Club #13 - Elgar and Vaughan Williams

    You may remember a dearly departed HFWW member John "themadlatvian". He came over for an impromptu listen several years ago. Knowing his love of classical, I got out this album on Nimbus Supercut and we listened to the Tallis. Played through valve amps and Quad 989s (or maybe it was my later 2905s) electrostatics, to my ears its as good as any music can ever ever get. There are moments in there when the music literally/truly takes the breath away. The record ended and we both found it hard to speak & to know what to say. What can you say when you have just listened to Vaughan Williams, conducted by a master, played live, in a church and recorded....properly?
  3. Looking forward to Warwick Arts Centre
  4. Lurch's Post Op Verdict

    The surgeons have done their bit, the real outcome is up to the patient. Follow the physio instructions TO THE LETTER. Not too little & more importantly not too much!!!! Did hear of one guy who thought going down the gym would get himself up & about all the quicker. He buggered the new knee up...which is not good. My better 1/2 had her's done a year ago. Went to see her the 1st night & all the years of pain had gone from her face. Not sure a knee op will turn a John into a Brad Pitt but at least you'll walk better.
  5. Clone Wars.

    But the irony is wealthy Chinese tourists come to the UK to buy the big brand products as they are worried the stuff in the shops at home are knock offs.
  6. Clone Wars.

    Used to buy own label watches from Hong Kong/China in the early 90's. They couldn't understand why we specified the company brand name on the dial when could have had anything....Rolex, Brietling, Patek. They took real pride in making copies as cheaply as possible & bugger any thoughts of materials quality or quality control. But these days the biggie is copyright & the odds are very stacked in their favour.
  7. Radio 2 late night/early morning '76-'80 forgotten music

    Never remotely cutting edge, musically demanding or thought provoking, daytime Radio 2 was & remains the Beebs answer to musical wallpaper/anaesthetic for that part of the populace who quite like music. Weekday daytime schedule: Venessa Felz, what is there to be said that hasn't already. Chris Evans, over paid and hugely overbearing. Ken Bruce, DJ version of watered down magnolia emulsion. Jeremy Vine, lets outrage the older listeners. Steve Wright, convinced he died years ago & they are playing just old shows again. Simon Mayo, not bad. Their shows are about them as personalities hence they have a complete disinterest in music. Evening/weekends, somewhere for ex Radio 1 presenters and the Beeb's fave celebs to hang out. Pre recorded links that take 30 mins to knock out during the week, so you don't have to work unsocial hours or weekends. Nice financially very rewarding work, if you can get it. Some specialists shows, but you have to be on nights or use the iPlayer. Huey Morgan at 5am? do me a favour.
  8. #4 on spreadsheet: Pls remove Des/Dipstick TT = Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace. 1st Tonearm, Hadcock 242 SE. Cart = Ortofon Per Winfield 2nd Tonearm, NAS Unipivot. Cart = Music Maker Mono. Art Audio Bespoke Step Up Transformers Art Audio Bespoke MM Vinyl One Phono Stage. I'll get Rick/Bandit P to post his kit.
  9. Mark E Smith is gone amazed he lasted this long...

    Mark E Smith. The Fall. Not a band on everyone's lips, but they hit their unique stride decades ago and never ever faltered. A huge legacy of recordings but it was live when they made perfect sense.
  10. Flu ----Confused of Reading

    There is a story going round that the current flu jab contains 3 strains. Could have been 4, but that was 3 quid dearer.
  11. Subwoofer Integration: an interesting article

    IF and its a big IF, you are serious about a sub, theres one sure fire way to go, Velodyne
  12. So pleased to see this post, for many reasons. The R2R room became a destination at Scalford so its brilliant to see the legacy continue.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Between bouts of coughing we can just about hear this..
  14. Zoot Allors!! Vous desirez beaucoup de cheap vinyl, allez to Le Amazon France TRES VITE.
  15. Cheap prices & discounts, all too good to be true? It is! Order & they take your money immediately. Then you wait & wait & wait. No one answers emails & its rare to get an answer on the phone. Basically they're trading off customer's money. They've even pissed off the Folkies