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  1. barneys dad

    Do you still go to gigs or just purchase the music?

    That was a brilliant interview with Nils. Specially about getting his stolen guitars back.
  2. barneys dad

    Do you still go to gigs or just purchase the music?

    Seen some gigs that will go with me to my grave. Fairport when I was 17, Roxy Music in a small hall the same week they recorded Virginia Plain, The Stones joined by Eric Clapton (early 70s) Jack White, one of my faves Midlake when they played a secret gig in a pub, Michael Kiwanuka, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Jam, Ian Dury, last summer Radiohead who were jaw dropping. Once blagged a recorded radio interview with a sweaty/ pissed Wilko Johnson who was fecking hilarious. Few years ago went to the Isle of Wight. Not specifically to see Springsteen but he played the Sunday night. I have some albums & quite liked him. Live he was something else entirely. Not ashamed to say he moved me to floods. If there is only the one arguement for seeing any artist live, its Springsteen. But I could reel off dozen of others.
  3. barneys dad

    Music Genres?

    You taking this genre thing too seriously?
  4. Is there an Ethnic Group or tribe any where on the planet that doesn't have some form of "belief system" within its culture? To my best knowledge there isn't. Which tells me that Homo Sapiens have an inbuilt "need" to believe in something/someone/an entity that is not the same as himself.
  5. barneys dad

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    An ultrasonic creates cavitation (tiny energised bubbles) that shake loose any debris from the surface. Therefore you are left with an immaculately clean vinyl record. Tim (Spider) tells me that you can then leave an album to air dry. I've used ultrasonics for donkeys years in my work & they will shift gunk from the smallest crevices. To put my money where my mouth is, I've ordered one of Tim's machines.
  6. Would be of great interest to the guys on here if you could post up some more of your working experiences.
  7. barneys dad

    Abbey road studios

    Theres a serious birthday in October, so I'm going! Thanks for the heads up. BTW....Abbey Road said the cheque's in the post
  8. barneys dad

    Appetite For Destruction Remastered

    Who gives a toss about SQ when its limited to only 10000 copies thus making them a cool $8.5m All the recording expenses are covered/written off/tax deductable so chuck in some cheap tat and bung it in a box & bobs your uncle. The whole box set reissue thing has turned into a wholesale screw over the fans and make a load of $$$$$$$$ in the meantime fest.
  9. barneys dad

    What are you listening to right now?

    ....and watching on DVD some rare Roxy footage from 72. Part of the Roxy Music box set...
  10. barneys dad

    Attitude adjustment...

    Sales consultants can be such arrogant, stupid, snobby D#ckheads of the highest magnitude. A guy came into my retail emporium on Christmas Eve whereupon I greeted him with a cheery "Afternoon!" F#ck Me he said, you're the first bloody jeweller to even speak to me today and I've walked out of them all. Sorry I'm in my overalls, I've come straight from work for the wife's present. I've got money!!!!! At this point he dropped a very large wedge of 50s on the counter to prove it. He left a couple of £1000 lighter, but came to me 1st, not last every Christmas for years after that. Nice guy too. Sales people can be such D#ckheads..... especially when many are on commission!
  11. The Full Fat Dogs Danglies box set/DVD/Wilson 5.1 of Roxy Music's 1st album has been at the ridiculous price of 130 quid for months. Today its down to under 55 quid. Amex have a deal where you can use some points & its even cheaper. So mine cost £20.51 ....which was nice!
  12. barneys dad

    Printer advice?

    Got the Instant Ink system running at work, then some numptie files the new black cart where it cant be found. So bought a new un at Argos. Then I got an email from knew we'd fitted a cart that wasn't part of the Instant Ink scheme. Scary or what?
  13. barneys dad

    Printer advice?

    My local computer shop told me to get the new HP Office printer...from Argos, 40 quid ish, as they couldn't match the price. And to try the Instant Ink service. Tried it at home & as the thing worked so well, installed one at work. Its not expensive, the ink carts are delivered, you send back old ones for recycling and you dont run out of ink. Unbelievably it all seems to work. They will now both go tits up after posting this
  14. barneys dad

    What are you listening to right now?

    Mash up of Doo Wop & avant garde jazz...who else but Zappa? White port & Lemon Juice, oooh what it do to you
  15. barneys dad

    What are you listening to right now?