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  1. steve rb


    You don't mention a sale price..... These are £1100 new at Tyson - what are you asking? Cheers
  2. steve rb

    Wanted - Mini t amp

    just after a cheap one mini t if anyone's got one. I know you can get naff things on the bay for £25 but wanted to check if there was anything lurking in cupboards here first as the tweaked mini t was what I was after. cheers steve
  3. steve rb

    Shady's back - and looking for advice....

    Quick update for you all.... Several systems on their way to the living room.... Firstly - Impulse Lalis.... Look lovely in their premium finish 'semi' hornloaded and if the H2s were anything to go by, these could be very nice indeed - obviously driven by the BAT VK60 I acquired a couple of weeks ago. Secondly a couple of wammers have been helping me out (including a very knowledgeable chap from Bury St Edmunds), and I've ended up buying a pair of these from a very nice man from Cheshire : Obviously need a bit more juice than the Lalis... so currently running some fat cables from the neighbours houses to feed whatever amp I manage to trawl up.... Will let you know how I get on and how they face-off against the really rather good and very different Opals!
  4. steve rb

    If it wasn't for you pesky kids....

    They are testy little buggers. sure my son's only reason d'etre is to find new buttons to press i didnt know existed... (but wouldnt change that for anything... bluetack stains or not...)
  5. steve rb

    If it wasn't for you pesky kids....

    Nope. They sort of fessed up when confronted with angry-incredulous-dad, "but we didn't touch your amp" - 10yr old being expertly literal...
  6. I do love my little darlings but I swear there are times.... they've been brought up with dads hifi and as a rule there have been no issues or damage at their hands over the years. this was what I came down to this morning - their PS3 webcam blu-tacked to the top of one of my valves. I mean on what planet did they think that was ok....?
  7. steve rb

    Shady's back - and looking for advice....

    Well, decided on a stop-gap while I wait, bought the Lali's which I hope will work well in here, they got very good press and can't find much against them.
  8. steve rb

    Impulse H1 horns!

    i had H2s for a while they were awesome, a bit to brash in the end and to corner load them they were too far apart in my room but just stupendous bass... H1s are different again, nor quite as visceral as the H2, but the scale is in another dimension! Defo too brutish and industrial for now tho...
  9. steve rb

    Impulse H1 horns!

    Who is 'that' seller...? He's got 100% feedback...?
  10. steve rb

    Impulse H1 horns!

    These are incredible things, I'd have them in a flash if they weren't so fugly...
  11. steve rb

    Shady's back - and looking for advice....

    that was indeed terrifying I was genuinely have my own little wobble about that, thought my hifi days were done. And genuinely it was made HUGELY more bearable by you lot - I even go back and read that thread sometimes for shits and giggles!
  12. steve rb

    Hifi room with waf- do they exist?

  13. steve rb

    Hifi room with waf- do they exist?

    I know, it was tongue in cheek - who TF am I to tell people how to decorate their rooms?.... (I like them tho ...)
  14. steve rb

    Hifi room with waf- do they exist?

    Sweet Jesus. Here's a couple of quick re-design schemes for you....
  15. steve rb

    Strange Watt Puppy scam

    I know that It's an anti-scam trick Ive seen played out a few times on the web, of course he's not there, but if the stoopid fucker thinks there might be 10K waiting for him in Inverness, it might well cost him 9 hours in a car which is well worth the gaff in my book. There's load of cool tips HERE