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    RP6, Planar 3
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  1. Rega's top speaker the RS10 uses BMRs (plus a more conventional Rega tweeter).
  2. I tried them at home and just didn't like them - very surprising.
  3. Target TT2 (mk 2), classic 1990s t/t rack, two laminated shelves, studs, spikes etc. Black (of course). Prefer collection (GL7) or meet-up but can easily post in well-packed box. £40.
  4. I have a Rega heavy counterweight I've had in a box for a few years, looks like this one £40 delivered to UK. PM if interested.
  5. Pioneer P1DAB mini system, black, fully boxed, mint condition, little used. Receiver with FM/DAB and 75w into 4ohms and digital inputs. CD player with analogue & digital outputs. Mains leads, aerial, interconnects and remote control & control lead. Great reviews in Hifi Choice and What HF. Spec sheet here: £275 including shipping (UK).
  6. No idea, but I'm not putting my price up!! Let me know next time you're in the UK with a vehicle...
  7. Roby - you could always hop in your Alfa and pop over to the UK before Brexit!
  8. Hi Roby, No chance of that I'm afraid; I'm not even going to try to ship within the UK - it needs to be collected - heavy and awkward. Thanks for your interest and ciao Chris
  9. Original circular style stands for the Celeste III or IV wanted. Like the one on the right here: