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  1. Adding a Rega RB330 to a Michell Tecnodec

    Sounds good. Let us know.... :-) I'm going to the Bristol show next week but it's always frustrating to see the Tecnodec which Michell show off but never play!
  2. Budget Phonostage Options

    Recently acquired this,rSeries,Accessories,rPhono.htm which betters several in the £700-1000 bracket IMHO, and very flexible.
  3. Adding a Rega RB330 to a Michell Tecnodec

    Well we're still waiting to hear if marlew has bought his Tecnodec after all these months.
  4. Adding a Rega RB330 to a Michell Tecnodec

    Well, theoretically, for the same reason that standing on one foot is less stable than standing on two plus a stick... or using three bolts on a headshell is better than two etc. I was using the RB300 for some years in the 1980s and it did tend to become slightly loose, enabling it to swing around its axis (in a minor way). The only problem with the 3-screw fixing is in the plinth - removing too often is going to mess up the screw holes. They're all great arms anyway and better cabling is more important than the fixing.
  5. Adding a Rega RB330 to a Michell Tecnodec

    Although, by the time you've totted up turntable, arm, cartridge and the HR power supply, the new Planar 6 with Ania bundle begins to look very cost-effective.
  6. Adding a Rega RB330 to a Michell Tecnodec

    1) Yes. I used to have a couple in the 1980s, on Ariston and Thorens decks. 2) Briefly, the earth wire is integral to the shielding on one of the cable channels. With the newer Rega arm cables especially, fully separated, the arrangements works fine. Rega's approach has always been to make things as simple as possible for the user. 3) You'd need to ask Michell - but their arm is based on an old, cheap Rega arm anyway.... at the time it definitely raised the game for these arms, but Rega have moved on.
  7. Adding a Rega RB330 to a Michell Tecnodec

    I would imagine ( that most of the people saying 'I've tried so and so's arm and it's far superior...' have not actually compared said arm to the OP's suggested RB330, or even heard the RB330. I have the previous, lesser model the RB303 which I had to return to Rega due to a floppy phono plug, They returned it with a brand new separated cable with whizzy new , plugs, for free, and the whole thing sounds 50% better. So I would strongly suggest the latest Rega offerings are worth checking out. As far as the 3-point fixing, obviously much more rigid, only issue being the screw holes in a typical Rega plinth. This wouldn't be an issue on a Tecnodec. Not had any problems with hum on this arm. So, as you were.
  8. High Quality 320kbps streams for all BBC radio stations

    Another superb high def online station is 'Audiophile Jazz', which I have on frequently as an alternative to RP or R3.
  9. Old Nad amp

    I have a NAD C326BEE, more modern version than yours, in a second system upstairs with inexpensive Wharfedale 220s, NAD C546BEE CD player and a Rega RP6. TBH this gives me as much pleasure as the Dynaudio + multi-box system in the living room, great and detailed though it is (near-field listening plays a large part). System matching is key, in your case sensitive speakers and a quality front-end.
  10. Tuning FM (while we still can)

    Mine's the 380RD, yes. It's a basic FM aerial, not many elements.... but was set up about 14 years ago when we moved to this house. Perhaps I should get the chappie with the ladder to turn it round a bit..... also I'll check on transmitters. Local BBC stations it gets in stereo include Oxford and Somerset, but not Gloucestershire!! (which is where we are). But as I said, the expensive **** tuner did get everything in stereo from this setup.
  11. Tuning FM (while we still can)

    Recently sold very expensive **** FM tuner and replaced with £35 purchase from fleabag which tbh sounds nearly as good (). That's when I can get stereo on it, which seems not on all stations. Roof-mounted aerial pointing in the right direction (Oxford?), served well for 13 years. It's a Denon TU-380, which on Classic FM, local stations and Radio 1 (!! erk) sounds great, noise-free (unlike the **** expensive one) and stereo. But not on Radios 2 and 3. Is it the aerial or the tuner sensitivity (which is supposed to be good)?
  12. Cheap small book shelf speakers

    I'd get the Diamond 220s which I prefer to the Dali Zensor 1. Very open mid/top and good bass too.
  13. This is what we want from hifi forums. Though I won't be getting rid of my MLX in a hurry.
  14. Cyrus CDt transport, 1 month old and used lightly for two weeks, perfect condition and flawless performance. Black, in box with Cyrus learning remote (used once) and other accessories. Command codes equivalent to most UK makes (Naim, Rega, Arcam etc). System change is the reason. £625.