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    RP6, Planar 3
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    Cyrus CDt
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  1. Not sarcasm at all - but I do try and make my ads as clear and informative as possible. It's a very good transport. I haven't had any issues with it. The remote is an excellent device with a super backlight and full control over similar amplification. Having said which - if you have the 6000A it seems that the 6000CDT would be the ideal choice.
  2. Hi Countryman, The words 'flawless operation' and 'all accessories' answer your questions. Hopefully!
  3. Cyrus CDt, mint condition, flawless operation, 3 years' light use, fully boxed, all accessories. £395 including delivery to UK only.
  4. Rega's top speaker the RS10 uses BMRs (plus a more conventional Rega tweeter).
  5. I tried them at home and just didn't like them - very surprising.
  6. Target TT2 (mk 2), classic 1990s t/t rack, two laminated shelves, studs, spikes etc. Black (of course). Prefer collection (GL7) or meet-up but can easily post in well-packed box. £40.
  7. I have a Rega heavy counterweight I've had in a box for a few years, looks like this one £40 delivered to UK. PM if interested.
  8. Pioneer P1DAB mini system, black, fully boxed, mint condition, little used. Receiver with FM/DAB and 75w into 4ohms and digital inputs. CD player with analogue & digital outputs. Mains leads, aerial, interconnects and remote control & control lead. Great reviews in Hifi Choice and What HF. Spec sheet here: £275 including shipping (UK).
  9. No idea, but I'm not putting my price up!! Let me know next time you're in the UK with a vehicle...
  10. Roby - you could always hop in your Alfa and pop over to the UK before Brexit!
  11. Hi Roby, No chance of that I'm afraid; I'm not even going to try to ship within the UK - it needs to be collected - heavy and awkward. Thanks for your interest and ciao Chris