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    RP6, Planar 3
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    AT150MLX, Elys 2
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    Arcam rPhono, Fono 2
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    Cyrus CDt
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    Denon, NAD, etc
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    NAD 326
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    Exposure 3010
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    Exposure 3010 monos
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    Dyn 1.8ii, Wdale 220
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    Beyer T90, Sennheisr
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. chris metcalfe

    FS: Quadraspire QAVM dble-width 4-shelf rack

    New Year and for sale.
  2. chris metcalfe

    WTD - Double width rack

    PM sent.
  3. chris metcalfe

    Rega Brio 5 weeks old

  4. chris metcalfe

    Rega Brio 5 weeks old

    Rega Brio, new model, five weeks old and hardly used. Boxed as new. Bought for a second system but not going ahead. Prefer collection from GL7 but easy to post. £495 plus postage.
  5. chris metcalfe

    Dynaudio Evoke range

    A bit of idle surfing threw up this, a new range of speakers from Dynaudio which seem to sit nicely between the lower-end Excite and the now high-end Contour ranges.... though with all the other ranges they make I wonder if they're in danger of doing a Naim (too many products). Presumably no-one's heard them yet as they're being introduced in Bristol 2019.
  6. chris metcalfe

    FS: Rega Fono MM mk2

    Now have a buyer coming next week.
  7. chris metcalfe

    FS: Rega Fono MM mk2

    still here
  8. chris metcalfe

    FS: Rega Fono MM mk2

    Waiting to go. Mint condition and boxed.
  9. chris metcalfe

    Rega RS5 Speakers

  10. chris metcalfe

    Linn Keilidh Speaker musings

    I used Keilidhs between 1992 and 2002. Around 1996 I had the tweeters replaced with the newer version (with the bars rather than the mesh covering), and this made a huge difference to the sound of the whole speaker, not just to treble clarity - whole thing seemed better balanced. Probably the most likeable of that generation of Linn speakers, preferable to SBLs when I tried them.
  11. chris metcalfe

    Wanted : Dynaudio Contour speakers

    These are my 1.8/iis but the other half won't let me sell them! Birds-eye maple anyway.
  12. chris metcalfe

    FS: Quadraspire QAVM dble-width 4-shelf rack

    This without the equipment and the Christmas cards from 5 years ago.