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  1. Groovetracer reference RP6 subplatter, boxed with all accessories, lightly used, £150. (RRP $300 plus customs). Big improvement to RP6 in both sound and looks.
  2. chris metcalfe

    The Beatles White Album, Confirmed Remaster

    I've got it down to 18, 9 per side, including a short Helter Skelter and What's the New Mary Jane. Should work.
  3. chris metcalfe

    What is a good alternative to a Rega arm

    The latest Rega arms have vastly improved wiring and sound far better than those of 10 years ago, never mind 30. Have a listen if possible - buying an RB330 might prove very cost-effective.
  4. chris metcalfe


    Why? The Fyne Audio speakers are supremely affordable at about £600 or £1200 for either model.
  5. chris metcalfe


    These could be what you're after:
  6. chris metcalfe


    Go on, give us a clue....
  7. chris metcalfe


    I also have the 1.8/ii and in the past they've defeated every competitor in the 2-3k bracket that I've tried, including Proacs which sounded less even and PMCs which had an overdone bass in the room. Bettered by Naim SL2 (unsurprising at £5.5k then) and Spendor Statement (forerunner to the D7, sort of). I liked the Focal 926 at a shop but you need to try that, Spendor's new A series and possibly the B&W 702S2...
  8. chris metcalfe

    Meridian M80 Tossed in to Landfill

    Landfill??! Try
  9. chris metcalfe

    DALI's new speakers... have DALI lost the plot?

    Well, the Chord demo at this year's Bristol show was quite impressive from the 15 minutes I was in the room.
  10. chris metcalfe

    Primare posse

    Very impressed with the 35 products at the Bristol show - one of the best sounds there IMHO, shame I didn't stop for longer. Does the Prisma network gubbins include internet radio capability?
  11. chris metcalfe

    Harbeths P3ESR vs Rogers JR149 !

    I heard the P3s at the Bristol show and they sounded nice but with a limited range of music and substandard front end (deliberate, no doubt - 'we can get a great sound with a £200 CD player'). On the other hand the Falcon LS3/5as were superb, with Sugden amp, not sure about source. £2400 is a lot for them, though, despite all the work done to create them.
  12. chris metcalfe

    Should I Laugh, Cry or Believe?

    I was in that room and asked the same questions on the Saturday. Sound wasn't particularly good, regardless - I walked out before my brain got fried.
  13. chris metcalfe

    Arcam acquired by Samsung

    That's nice to know. I'll have a listen when I go tomorrow - though I've always found their demos at the Bristol show a bit OTT. Anyway, just bought the rPhono stage - which I preferred to several others in the sub £500 area. Excellent sound and flexibility, and quite discreet.
  14. chris metcalfe

    Adding a Rega RB330 to a Michell Tecnodec

    Sounds good. Let us know.... :-) I'm going to the Bristol show next week but it's always frustrating to see the Tecnodec which Michell show off but never play!
  15. chris metcalfe

    Budget Phonostage Options

    Recently acquired this,rSeries,Accessories,rPhono.htm which betters several in the £700-1000 bracket IMHO, and very flexible.