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  1. p147

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    Graham, Save joolz bring his piece of worktop I have pulled form storage a coffee table which would be ideal having measured it up, would you be okay with that?
  2. p147

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    Graham, The PL-90 is a big deck and will need a table or shelf approx 26" wide x 20" deep min, The wand/arm will have a Kiseki purple heart sapphire m/c cartridge fitted, Will you therefore have a shelf or table for the t/t? and will there be an earthed pre-amp or S.U.T to connect the t/t too ?
  3. Not E-bay, but has come up on a local auction to me, if anyone is interested in it. https://www.eastbourneauction.com/catalogue/lots/cb96a515f1cc962f8a4da2cc141bcaf2fe27010f3691d925a865cbdfd5889204/1dad09680fe122841b8e6c1f4cc703f8/saturday-collective-sale-lot-2132/?utm_source=auctioneer&utm_medium=email&utm_content=alerts&utm_campaign=saturday-collective-sale-C090319-Lot2132
  4. p147

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    Thanks, Looking forward to it.
  5. p147

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    Hello Graham, I would like to be considered and I could bring along my turntable which is still boxed after I took it to john's (Lurch's) bakeoff last year as it is still in the box.
  6. p147

    F/Sale:- Living Stereo 60 CD Collection

    Mods, Please archive.
  7. p147

    F/Sale:- Living Stereo 60 CD Collection

    Hello Jamie, This has now sold, Thank you for showing an interest. Paul
  8. p147

    F/Sale:- Living Stereo 60 CD Collection

    Hello Jamie, Thank you for that. Unfortunately someone has already offered to buy it, however I am still awaiting payment. If the buyer does not proceed then I will contact you later today, if not then tomorrow. Paul
  9. Superb collection of Classical Music Living Stereo RCA Red Label cd's complete with booklet. £65 posted. p/pal gift, or £58 cash on collection from East Sussex.
  10. p147

    Can a 12" tonearm do without bias adjustment?

    The way that I look at it is that the turntable has to be perfectly level in all planes and even then a bubble level is never perfect, so the way I deal with the bias is that once the weight of the cartridge has been set I then let the arm freely bounce and if it deviates either way l then make my bias adjustment accordingly so that the arm bounces plumb and then it's often very minimal bias adjustment.
  11. p147

    Best Karelia Suite..

    Jack. If you just wanted to listen to the Karelia Suite Intermezzo then I would highly recommend the one from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra which is on youtube, I have listened to many and this one in particular is quite outstanding especially the horns. Enjoy. Paul
  12. p147

    Record cleaners

    I use an ultrasonic cleaner and clean records at 5 at a time, you do get quite a bit of detritus that lays in the bottom of the tank, but once washed/cleaned I then leave them in a rack and use a small USB fan to air dry them, once dry then into new sleeves, I have however noticed that it is best to leave the vinyl a couple of weeks to dry fully before I play them, So I wonder if there is any elasticity in the vinyl whilst it goes through the wash process that expands the grooves and then shrinks back over a period of time?
  13. p147

    The last album i bought was

    Picked this up yesterday for a real bargain from that famous auction site, Hardly used and quite superb sound although I would have preferred the vinyl version.
  14. p147

    Cassette deck

    After a recent house move and subsequent redecoration, I thought I would just give my Pioneer CT-91A Cassette player a clean up, and for the first time I removed the cover and was amazed at how well these units are engineered and put together, It has a copper frame/chassis and all screws are copper. Like all formats they have there own characteristics and my preference after vinyl is tape.