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  1. Pioneer

    Had you posted this thread 2 weeks ago I could have linked you in on a PL-90 (If that might have been of interest) same as mine as new, that was up for sale as an estate clearance on Audigon for $1.2k absolute bargain when they go for $2.5k, needless to say it sold within the hour! Here is some further info on Pioneer turntables which I found very helpful and hope it helps. https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=16285
  2. Any builders here?

    Just trying to help, But I can tell you this unless building regulations have been applied, approved and signed off at the end of your project you will have trouble selling your property as any prospective purchaser will require the completion certificate. Rest assured I have seen many of these type of building work proposals fail and it will end up being a disaster.
  3. Any builders here?

    Planning may not be required, But Building Regs most definitely.
  4. Any builders here?

    Difficult to comment without seeing any photos of your house and the proposed plans, as there are so many imponderables, so would suggest photos if possible.
  5. Hello John, Have you got room for a late straggler? Managed to persuade my wife and daughter to do some of their Christmas shopping in Chichester mid morning which will give me 3 to 4 hours, and I know where I would sooner be and that's not shopping! I am afraid I cannot bring any gear or music as we are in the middle of a house move and all gear and music is being packed this very minute, however my wife will do one of her carrot cakes as promised last time. Could you pm me your details as I cannot seem to find them. Thanks. Paul
  6. Pioneer

    Lovely deck, but by the time you paid for delivery, Insurance, Import duty and tax I don't suppose you would get much change out of £12k.
  7. Pioneer

    After 2 years of hunting all over the world I have now found my turntable for life and what a find it even comes with the original box and packaging.
  8. Transmission Line Speakers

    I used to own a pair T+A Criterion German speakers, Beautiful finish but a bit boomy for me, you might find that with some Transmission line type speakers.
  9. Pioneer

    Have not been on here for a while and your system now looking sublime, I bet it sounds as good as it looks, congrats, on my stand I had an extra shelf made to accommodate my cassette player, and yes I do play quite a few tapes. Do you know that you can get a spiked top shelf to accommodate the turntable which I find handy as I can put the album covers between the two shelf's Did you stain yours up like I did?.
  10. I tried this a couple of weeks ago, I have 4 versions of the same Frank Sinatra 'Come fly with me' album and the difference in sound quality is quite telling. 1) Original Vinyl on Capitol label and in mono version bought as part of a job lot approx. 2 years ago worked out at 20p, by far the best. 2) Cd version ok but not as good as the original vinyl. 3) Download version, ok but not as good as either of the above. 4) Brand new version bought a couple of months ago on the DOL label (I think its Russian) and in 180g absolute rubbish, Wish I had not wasted my money, noticeably very flat and lifeless. Conclusion, I always try and buy the original versions, modern rehashes in 180g bit of a gimmick, bought a number recently and none of them as good as the original, never again until they start doing proper quality pressings which hopefully Sony do when they open up there new plant.
  11. Spec's :- Pioneer PL-90 Turntable, AC 120V 60Hz North American model. Pioneer PL-7L Turntable, AC 100v 50-60 Hz Japanese Model. They both have an Identical Quartz PLL DC Hall Motor and I believe are identical internally the only difference is the external finish. I am after the PL-90 Turntable, I do know someone that has the PL-7L model and all he uses is a step down transformer and has had no problem, however the PL-90 Is stated at 6OHz only, now the dumb question if I bring one back to the UK could I also use a step down but with the 60Hz and will it be at a slower speed? or could I just simply renew the transformer with a new one such as this http://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/Bel-Signal-Transformer/DP-241-6-36/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvwUzoUXIIvyZ8riR3Pta2865aweqk6SmyI6GIEEMYEng which is a 230 VCT/115 V 50 HZ/60 Hz , also would It need to have any other parts renewed such as caps, fuses or wiring etc? Thanks Hope this is in the right thread if not then please feel free to move.
  12. Looking forward to this coming Fridays prom on BBC4 (hopefully in HD) at 8.00pm. Should be a bit lively with Clare teal fronting a big band spectacular.
  13. Art Deco 20s...

    I would be careful with that site, I have known a number of hijacked items, I would if spending that amount go and collect them myself.