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  1. That's what I thought, but I have the exact same album on a Decca phase4 label, and the London label is far superior in terms of Sonics therefore not sure if they do indeed come from the same pressings.
  2. Picked this up earlier in the week from our local charity shop for 50p, although the cover is tatty the inner sleeve and record are perfect and it is simply quite a stunning recording I can only put it down to the fact that it is on a LONDON ffrr label, my question is does anyone have any LONDON ffrr label records and what are your opinions of them? are they the best vinyl recordings? as I might start searching out for them now. Still looking for a Pioneer PL-90 deck .
  3. Screen shot, wonder who can name all the goodies?
  4. Not on youtube yet but if you click on this link and scroll down to the dj playing you can view it but you will need adobe.
  5. Just been watching a foodie programme on C4, and during the break and at the end they showed an advert for barclaycard inspired living which showed a shop full of turntables and speakers all vintage by the looks of it a real dream shop for the audiophile, so I was thinking is this a real shop which they had helped someone set up? if so I would like to know where, further are there any vintage hi-fi shops about?
  6. Just come across an Item on Yahoo Japan that I might be interested so does anyone have any info or experience in bidding, purchasing, registering and asking questions on items to the seller (which I cant seem to do)? Thanks
  7. Just picked this box set up from E-bay, superb quality, only on disc 2 with another 58 to go. Disc 2 is SAINT-SAENS Symphony No3. Debussy La Mer, Boston Symphony/ Munch
  8. On the off chance, I would be interested in buying any Hitachi cables if you have any, must be 3.0m in length though. Thanks.
  9. I have bi-wired mine using this solid copper 4 core 2.5mm from TLC £1.96 Exc Vat, flattened the ends, I do not use never use plugs. Note this is substantial cable and quite heavy.
  10. Welcome to the PD-91 club, that sure is a very nice piece of equipment , Glad that you are happy with it and I am sure you will be pleased with the sound once its all connected and playing, I know I am with mine, You will have to give us more photos once set up.
  11. Fantastic gesture, I recently went to a Syd Lawrence tribute band concert in Eastbourne and they were absolutely brilliant, you can't beat a live band, however the band leader was Chris Dean who played in the Syd Lawrence Orchestra, it might be worth dropping him a line they do quite a few gigs all over the country, link to his web site Good luck.
  12. Thanks for that.
  13. That looks very, very nice and if it sounds and performs as good as it looks I am sure you will be very pleased. Dare I ask how much to have it delivered in total cost?
  14. Still looking for the elusive Pioneer PL-90 turntable  :whistle:.

  15. They certainly well boxed, Congrats, Please let us know once assembled and some pics will be nice. Cheers.