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  1. Orlando Lopez - Cachaito This is seriously good
  2. Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart - Rising Above Bedlam Sensational album, can't think how I never found it until today. I had a few Jah Wobble albums, which I casually listened to a couple times, but for some reason never paid real attention to them. I now decided to listen a bit closer to his music and gave this album a spin after "Heaven And Earth" I was listening to last night. Fascinating. Hard to believe it's over 25 years old. Awesome, will look into his work further, I'm quite excited about this
  3. The Crystal Method - Tweekend
  4. Jah Wobble - Heaven & Earth Good stuff. If you like world music, that is. However, nice SQ, which seems to be the norm for world music artists
  5. Newcleus - Space Is The Place For some reason, I find them brilliant to this day. Best electro breakdance crew by far.
  6. Google is yer friend
  7. It's got a bit of a fresh approach to it, though. I think I have to give it a few spins, it might grow on me
  8. Gorillaz - Humanz First listen. Not sure how I feel about it, yet.
  9. The Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro First listen. Like, ever. Took me a bit to get around to them, 40 years, near enough I like the album, nice stuff
  10. Don Henley - Building The Perfect Beast
  11. The only Seal album I can listen to. Brilliant Now listening to: dZihan & Kamien - Live in Vienna
  12. Maze featuring Frankie Beverly - Back To Basics Nice stuff
  13. Luther Vandross - The Ultimate
  14. Talking Heads - Speaking In Tongues
  15. The Future Sound Of London - Archived: Environmental: Views