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  1. Kraftwerk - Tour de France (2003) Great stuff!
  2. Talking Heads - Speaking In Tongues (1983)
  3. Boytronic - The Continental (1985) You know, I only have discovered a few years ago this album. I did know one song from the '80s, but that was as far as my knowledge of their work went. Surprisingly, I quite like it, to be honest.
  4. Great album. The production is somewhat lacking, I always felt. Leftism 22, the anniversary edition, seems better engineered, to my ears.
  5. Alexxus


    I have an AVI LSI Integrated that works pretty much the same. It definitely does not lack power, as it can deliver 175 W per channel, if memory serves. I admit it can seem lifeless, if you're not used to the way it works. Also, it never turns shouty, even when you do twist the pot way up (or around), which is another thing that people are not used to. My current amp/pre amp combo has a similar behavior, but it doesn't have a rotary pot, it scales up in 0.5 dB increments, which is very precise and doesn't leave you guessing. However, there is the same feeling of lack of volume, because the sound is very clean and it takes a bit until you realize the sound pressure is really high. Coming back to Electrocompaniet, I heard this precise same model, but that was a few years ago. However, I recall that at the time I thought it was a very clean, musical amp. I never paid much attention to the volume setting, though. My guess is you should give it a bit of time, get used to it and the way it works.
  6. Eros Ramazzotti - Tutte Storie (1993) Brilliant album. I don't understand much Italian, but the music and the vocals in particular are outstanding. Decently produced, too. These days he's not half as good. But then again, we all get old.
  7. Sade - Lovers Rock (2000) Great album. The "Lovers live" video produced in 2002 is even better. At the time I bought the disk, then got home after a long day, had something to eat and a drink, and I thought 'I'll just give this a spin for a couple tunes, then I'll go to bed'. I was stuck there till it ended. It's that good.
  8. Smoove - Dead Men's Shirts (2005) Good album. Bit of cross between nu jazz and Fila Brazillia on steroids.
  9. Erykah Badu - Mama's Gun (2000) Like all her albums, not a particularly easy listen. But I wasn't looking for one, when I chose it.
  10. Freddie Jackson - Greatest Hits (2007) This is really good. Nearly Luther Vandross good.
  11. Earth Wind & Fire - Electric Universe (1983)
  12. The Dazz Band - Invitation to Love (1981) I'm having a bit of a funk/R&B Sunday afternoon. Nice album. Well produced, too.
  13. Con Funk Shun - Electric Lady (1985)
  14. Love - Forever Changes (1967) Blimey, this came out couple years before I was born and I'm no spring chicken. Great stuff to this day!
  15. Good call, I've completely forgotten about this. Must dig it up.