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  1. Japanese amps, accuphase?

    Sounds like we agree to me.
  2. Sent a PM to Peter as requested, confirming one night's accommodation but my sentnbox says I've sent it to myself. Repeated the process and had the same again?!
  3. Upgradeitus...

    Changes to the turntable will make a smaller difference than speakers so I think your original direction is the correct one. Take your time, listen to lots and then make your choice. Always: Choose speakers that interact well with your room. Choose an amp that is capable of driving your chosen speakers. Choose your source components.
  4. Japanese amps, accuphase?

    That's interesting because I have often found that the best equipment I have heard, is not immediately impressive but beguiles me after a lengthier listen. I have often been tired by equipment that has sounded 'impressive' on first listen.
  5. Japanese amps, accuphase?

    It's funny how we hear things so differently: perhaps it's a room thing; perhaps component synergy; perhaps just our ears doing their thing, but mine has been taken elsewhere and a number of people have either bought, or are searching for one, in preference to what they had or have. I'm including some very expensive and highly regarded amps too. Mind you, your Hafler is a superb amp but ssshhhh!
  6. Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    Yeah but can you put a Rowntrees fruit pastille in your mouth without chewing it?
  7. Japanese amps, accuphase?

    I also had the PMA-S10 but sold it in preference of the PMA-850. https://goo.gl/images/8zk4tb
  8. Japanese amps, accuphase?

    The Denon PMA850. £670 in 1977. Independently wound transformer, huge capacitors and a three input phono stage, the MC section of which automatically adjusts to the cartridge impedance. It would be a bloody fortune if made today and is a wonderful amplifier. 20170617_091740 by Geoff Old, on Flickr
  9. HELP Valve amp broke.

    Luker. Mike Powell in Bolton could definitely do it. Not too far away in Lancashire and worth the trip.
  10. Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    This is a really interesting thread for me, especially as an owner of NS1000M. I think BC makes some really interesting observations, borne out by my own experiences of studio monitors. My own preference with the NS1000M is the Lentek integrated amplifier. I have listened to the speaker with several amplifiers and I find the Lentek's clout in the bass area a wonderful balance with the speaker's speed. The comments about drive also resonate. A couple of years ago, when putting together a joint room for Scalford, a good friend and I hosted a bake-off of our own equipment. One amplifier was significantly worse than the others with the JBL monitors we chose, and it was a very expensive EAR amp. Nobody would have enjoyed the sound that the combination produced and, despite the efficiency of the JBL speakers, it was clear that the EAR could not drive them properly. A Unison valve amp, however, sounded sublime, as did the Lentek which ended up as our chosen design.
  11. Whatever I play, it's got to be funky.
  12. Saturday night curry sounds good to me.
  13. Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    The NS1000M are the first speakers to ever make me cry with their realism. I find them to be an absolutely superlative design, and I have owned a lot of speakers.
  14. My first demo, at 15 or 16, was of a Michell Focus 1, Sugden A21 and Infinity Reference 20. I should have bought those components.