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  1. oldius

    Wanted XLR interconnects.

    I think so Richard but they're back in Liverpool and I'm in Bucharest..
  2. oldius

    Very early review of ATC SCM40 vs ProAc D30R

    There is very little correlation between cost and quality, especially now, in hifi. In my experience, getting the best speakers you can is nearly always the best recipe for enjoyment. I don't really know the Arcam A49. It may be a wonder but I would always be willing to try different amps. The cost of those amps would have nothing to do with it though; I would just listen, regardless.
  3. oldius

    Goodbye fella

    Many of you here met my lovely bulldog Bert. He passed away today and I wanted to say thank you to all of you who indulged him at my various bakeoffs. He will be missed, but the time was right.
  4. oldius

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    I'll be back in the Liverpool area over the Christmas period and happy to demo my NS1000.
  5. oldius

    Moving abroad - sell?

  6. oldius

    Moving abroad - sell?

    Dropped my NS1000M with a mate this morning. Sounded bloody good too with his big class A. Boxing other stuff this morning.
  7. oldius

    Point and Squirt v Semi Omni v Omni

    If you look for traditional 'audiophile' expectations, especially imaging, they don't work. I loved them.
  8. oldius

    Point and Squirt v Semi Omni v Omni

    I had Shahinian Obelisks for several years and would own another pair without question. They reproduced everything I asked of them in a thoroughly enjoyable, even handed way.
  9. oldius

    Jazz Newbie

    I think Matthew Halsall is making some of the best jazz around and his influence on the British jazz scene is growing: GoGo Penguin being signed to Blue Note for example. I like all of his albums: they're beautifully arranged, played and produced. Here are just two examples. If I were exploring jazz as a newcomer, I would be checking out Gil Evans, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus and Yusef Lateef. There's a blend of modal, bebop, big band and Eastern fusion in there which should give an idea of which areas you may prefer to explore.
  10. oldius

    Moving abroad - sell?

    You'll still be building stuff by the time I get back anyway! Storing stuff until Christmas and making a decision over the next few months.
  11. oldius

    Rip Off Audio

    Back in the days when I listened to cables, I thought the NVA LS5 speaker cable and the Super Sound Pipes I had worked really well.
  12. oldius

    Just to say hi

    Great to have you all on board. May your chat be fun, stimulating and informative.
  13. oldius

    Moving abroad - sell?

    Thank you, that means a lot.
  14. oldius

    Moving abroad - sell?

    I've got friends on each with a range of opinion.