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  1. oldius

    Northwest Audio show 2018

    I will be there on Sunday i think
  2. oldius

    Nottingham Analogue

    I always really liked that deck. Built to last forever and sound superb at the same time.
  3. oldius

    Speaker efficiency in watts?

    Actually, it's 2.5w to produce 96db at 1m.
  4. oldius

    Speaker efficiency in watts?

    Some further advice suggests, that in this case, it is the required power to produce 90db at 1m.
  5. I've never seen it expressed this way but does anyone know what a 2.5w speaker efficiency measurement means?
  6. I just realised that I bought all my current gear without hearing in the first place, Yamaha NS1000M's apart. My 14-year-old self would be aghast at the prospect of buying hifi without a demo but my 49-year-old self has seen the light!
  7. oldius

    E Bay: What Would You DO?

    Withdraw from the sale
  8. Beyond the name badges for willing visitors, I wouldn't tinker with the event. We have an excellent venue and feedback was excellent. Without snow, I would be surprised if visitor numbers were not significantly improved.
  9. oldius


    On the way to the final, Liverpool had a lot of good fortune and I guess it ran out in the end; Real Madrid are very savvy and blessed with the very best defensive players out there and I can't think of any genuine chances that Liverpool had. The online abuse that Karius is now being subjected to from Liverpool fans is deplorable and has no place in the game. They cannot be genuine fans of football.
  10. The topology is insignificant in my opinion: good design works well and poor design sounds just that. The worst system I have heard had some major valve amps in but some of the best systems have too.
  11. oldius

    Annoying Chromecast Audio Spotify problem

    Might be an idea to forget it on your network and then add it as you did at first install.
  12. oldius

    Well its goodbye from sbt

    I'm still running the SBT . I have got used to it and have rarely found it wanting on SQ grounds. Like Serge, I rip CD immediately using DB Poweramp and then the CD goes on the shelf. That reminds me. BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE!
  13. oldius

    Help me find a turntable

    Good quality and easy maintenance. I would suggest a belt drive, non sprung deck in that case but it really does depend on how easy you want the maintenance to be. Sprung suspension can be a pain to set up but there are plenty on here that can help. Then it's really just a case of an annual oil change for the bearing and belt replacement. Michell, Nottingham Analogue and possibly Rega have all done decks of that ilk. If you're happy with a sprung deck then Thorens would be my choice. There were great decks from STD and Logic too. If be more tempted by direct drive decks myself but most of us wouldn't be able to conduct a repair. Fortunately, they rarely fail in my experience.
  14. oldius

    Vasken's Obituary

    Bloody hell that is shit news. He was such a lovely man and a very welcome visitor to my home on several occasions. I will remember his wife's baking with great fondness and his warmth and friendship. Please pass on my regards Mike.
  15. oldius

    New house - opportunity or dilemma?

    Coolness is a qualifying criterion so you're fine!