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  1. oldius

    Big band recommendations

    Sinatra's Swinging Session is a good one and I am big fan of Ellington's New Orleans Suite. I don't know of anyone now doing big band stuff now. I wouldn't think it is commercially viable unless you enter Buble territory.
  2. oldius

    Female Jazz artists

    For me, the very greatest jazz singer, regardless of gender. Her control and range here brings a lump to my throat.
  3. oldius

    Female Jazz artists

    IMO. Alice Coltrane is one of the most important, and most overlooked, jazz artists of all time.
  4. oldius

    DAS Acoustics of Hungary: plinths

    My goodness. Still, if there is a market for it then it is fair enough that someone will service it.
  5. oldius

    DAS Acoustics of Hungary: plinths

    £4k for a plinth?
  6. oldius

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    Yes. But it also keeps me alive, as does the music it plays.
  7. oldius

    2018/19 Football Season

    Fair play Andrew. Please inform the papers that City did win it! Good luck in the CL.
  8. oldius

    Female Jazz artists

    Sarah Vaughan and Alice Coltrane are my two favourites. The latter not really a singer but a creator of the most transcendental music I know.
  9. Proper JBLs. Lovely and a great price too. GLWTS.
  10. oldius

    2018/19 Football Season

    Congratulations Andrew. Though I missed the game, it must have been an astounding performance.
  11. oldius

    2018/19 Football Season

    Andrew, Though since the takeover your net spend is low, it is only because you have willingly accepted absolute top-dollar for the players you have sold. In actual fact, over the last two years, Liverpool's net is £119.77m. Though City have spent more, it is no longer true that the club will buy anyone that Pep wishes. In fact, recent United purchases have been rejected at City when the wages or fees have escalated beyond what we consider reasonable. In addition, according to Forbes, in absolute terms, Manchester United underwrote the largest salary bill, an estimated £296M ($385M) in 2017/18. Liverpool costs were £263M ($342M) with Manchester City at £260M ($338M). Chelsea’s wages costs were £244M ($317M) and Arsenal’s £223M ($290M). Liverpool are currently a club that spend money and it is clear that to compete at the top of the league, you have to. I see no reason why Liverpool cannot be challenging next season along with Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea. I would be surprised if United are 'up there' given the scale of the rebuilding job required.
  12. oldius

    XLR listening test into ATC 40 actives

    I'll bet there are very few cable manufacturers on the planet. There are lots of hifi companies selling cables though.
  13. oldius

    Your Pet Photos

    Which one?
  14. oldius

    Advice, do I go valve, or stay SS class A??

    There will be a club that caters for your somewhat exclusive needs.
  15. oldius

    Advice, do I go valve, or stay SS class A??

    There is no right or wrong here, nor is there a valve 'sound' or SS 'sound'. Demo the amps you can, of both topologies, in your own system and then decide. I have a preference for SS as it gives me more ability to use a wide range of speakers but that doesn't mean it sounds better or that you would prefer it.