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THE WAM HIFI SHOW 2019 - Exhibitor Rooms All Now Full

Show Opens At 10am This Sunday - £15 On The Door (No Card Facilities/CASH ONLY)
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  1. My experience of Croft is that they can really struggle with less efficient speakers. Organise a bake-off so that you have an opportunity to listen to other amps with your speakers.
  2. Yes, but he is in shock in this picture as he dropped a shakti stone on his foot and had to go to the plastic surgeon for a cable lift.
  3. Only cos they've spilled it on their flamboyant shorts that disguise spillages.
  4. Audiophiles and glamour go together like fish and mushy peas.
  5. Try a foil lance and Crocs. Basic physics will tell you why and the advantage of looking like a fashionista is obvious.
  6. oldius

    Advice on streamers via external DAC

    I would suggest that you listen to some combinations. If you cannot hear an improvement then no amount of measurement makes those 'improvements' worthwhile. I have tried several streamers through my DAC's and I cannot discern improvements so that makes them not a worthwhile investment, for me. I also do not own high resolution software so recent developments in hardware capability have wasted facilities for my music catalogue; it would be like buying mountaineering gear to walk the city - pointless. Others believe they can hear worthwhile improvements that I cannot, and have high resolution files that they download so they are free to invest their money. The magazines are in the business of promoting the industry through advertising. I cannot recall many reviews that do not proclaim huge improvements in products, yet many experienced audiophiles are using forty year old speakers and amps in preference to what is available in the new market. Again, try to listen and make your own mind up. The journey can be a extremely enjoyable one and there are lots of good people on here who are willing to offer their help and opinions.
  7. No need for respect around my salty shores. Nice to have a bit of banter every now and then. All the best.
  8. You didn't ask what it proved, you asked what it demonstrated! Pendantism is a known audiophile quality!
  9. Believe me, I agree. I was responding to the growing deepness of the thread and the need to become ever more scientific. Some people want science but want ears too, and the two don't mix. My advice is sit back, have a fiddle if you must and enjoy!
  10. We are music lovers, not scientists! Play the music with one lead and say nowt. Change the lead. Play the same piece of music wi' t'other lead. Say nowt. Repeat. As th'audience to vote. "A or B lads?" Reveal the winner, A or B. Then reveal the make and model o' th'winner. Now, in scientific terms, there needs to be only one variable - the cable. The audience stays in place. The room remains the same. The other gear remains the same. No opinions can be offered by anyone (including imbecilic dealeresque foot-tapping nonsense). No clues can be given and no leaping out from behind the said gear with shouts of, "Aha, I didn't change owt!"
  11. Have a fabulous show everyone. May all your systems work, astound and delight in equal measure and may your music choices fill the room with a funkiness that other shows can only dream of. I can't wait to see the photographs of a wonderful weekend and hopefully, I shall be back with you sometime.