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  1. I never got Living Voice but its worth a try in your room Rob, if any nice chap wishes to lend you a pair!
  2. Sorry for creating the problem Rob!
  3. I like the 33/303. With sympathetic speakers, it sounds really nice. It may not be the last word but I'd probably prefer to own it than 90% of amps currently available.
  4. Personally, I feel it's more to do with business than improved electronic design, but that's a personal view. A fairly informed one, but personal nevertheless.
  5. I don't personally know of any model, in any area of hifi, originally made 50 years ago, that has remained on the market, in its original form, until now. I am happy to be corrected of course.
  6. As I said, I have heard stranger things! I think you are implying interference between speaker cable and a cable beneath the floor that the speaker cables lay upon. I have never heard of that before but I am always willing to be swayed in a double-blind test situation!
  7. The worst system I have heard at a show contained Russel K loudspeakers. It was fronted by hugely expensive electronics from Clearaudio and Pass Labs so I assumed the speakers were the guilty party more than the rest. Since then, though I have not heard another pair, a number of people I know have spoken very highly of RK designs so your thread is an interesting one for me to follow. I hope you continue to enjoy your new speakers. The tape is a bizarre concept and, scientifically, beyond belief. We have all heard worse though and I have felt the power of the Shakti and witnessed a tin foil cap atop the baldy head of a wammer!
  8. Amp humming, solutions please.

    I'd be happy to bring over a couple of alternative mains blocks to try if you wish, and an amplifier. Hum is a PITA at times and I have resolved it many times without any idea really what I've done other than disconnecting and reconnecting everything.
  9. Alternatives to LV OBX-R, with a 211 SET

    There are so many possibilities but if you're attached to your amp, and it seems like you are, then a speaker bakeoff in your house, or home demonstrations, is really the only way to go. I can empathise with Rick and his AE2's, they'd be my choice, but a SET amp wouldn't come near to driving them to their best.
  10. Turntable suggestion

    One of the Japanese direct drive decks from the halcyon days for me: SP10, L-07D, TTS8000 or Denon DP80. You could buy wth the deck already in a plinth, or have one constructed to your design. I suspect you'd still have a grand left (L-07D apart) but your deck would be among the very best.
  11. Tunes Thursday 9th of November

    It's in your nda
  12. Just new here

    You're very welcome James.
  13. Is my cart any good?

    It's an excellent cartridge and will cost a fair sum to improve. Cartridge and arm synergy is all and, though you have an excellent deck, I do not know the arm well. Personally, I prefer the AT carts to nearly everything out there.