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  1. themadlatvian

    What are you listening to right now?

    Rachmaninoff 2nd Symphony, Zinman and the Baltimore. Super playing, awesome sound. On Telarc CD.
  2. themadlatvian

    Scalford 2015 Playlists

    You don't come across quality like that every day of the week.
  3. themadlatvian

    The Saint-Saëns thread

    Did you mean Samson and Delilah, when you said Spartacus, Pete? (Khachaturian isn't it?)
  4. themadlatvian

    Scalford 2015 Playlists

    Right, the job is done, at least for the moment. Any more digression on this thread from the OP and it will be closed. Please keep on subject. Ta.
  5. themadlatvian

    My Beautiful Stats.

    Welcome John.
  6. themadlatvian

    Insuring valuable hi-fi

    Bonjour Inspecteur, I'm surprised that you have found that you can't get cover. I have mine listed as special risks, together with my musical instruments. Costs a little more, but not much considering. Through Direct Line I think.
  7. themadlatvian

    Post Scalford bake off in liverpool

    My second boss was deputy head of Toxteth school during the troubles.
  8. themadlatvian

    Looking to improve my audiologist experience

    Hmmm. Nah.
  9. themadlatvian

    Classical bLog Cabin

    It's worth a try. Tuneful, a bit derivative but pleasant enough. Pretty girl too.
  10. themadlatvian

    Looking to improve my audiologist experience

    It seems to me that you are going to fit in here. Very worrying.
  11. themadlatvian

    Astronomy Thread?.

    Our light is now noticeably fading here. I remember the last eclipse very well in 1999, but this one is a smaller percentage. Oh, and lots of cloud here, so only occasional glimpses of bitten sun possible.
  12. themadlatvian

    Seeking MC Cartridge advice/recommendations please

    Oh yes, much better in most people's opinions. Do have a look at some reviews, and you will see the regard it is held in. Worth considering certainly. There are quite a few advocates of AT moving coils here too, but I have less experience of them - I have an AT440mla which I like very much, but that is mm of course. I'm sure there will be others along shortly to give you some more ideas also.
  13. themadlatvian

    Seeking MC Cartridge advice/recommendations please

    Frank, don't dismiss Denon completely. I love my DL304. Very different from the models you have tried. There's one in the classifieds at the moment for not very much. . .
  14. themadlatvian

    RIP Terry Pratchett

    Love the Foundation Trilogy, Paul. Still read them every few years. The remaining Foundation books, four of them I think, aren't in the same class.
  15. themadlatvian

    Anyone willing to try my carpet slippers?

    Only if the slippers can be thrown that far.