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  1. Never appreciated enough, the A2 - a car before it's time in my opinion.
  2. This one is Santos Rosewood and gets some nice comments.
  3. I've ordered 3 of the C-079, destined to be sat in my toolbox forever! Anyone want to recommend 3 pin plugs (apart from toughplugs, seen thanks) that can sit in the same box?
  4. Off topic but by my powers of deduction you either live near where I used to live (Crownhill) or near where I will be living from next year (Tamerton Foliot).
  5. I know where you are coming from - partly! Is the bank of pins floating? I had to fit this, but on a detachable headshell it's not so bad... What model is your skeletal cartridge?
  6. I use the AT637 vibrating thing but am going to have a go with the Bergson Rodico putty. Seems pretty simple but I presume the same caution should be exercised as with zerodust etc?
  7. Purchased - I bought the 2LP the other day as well, good stuff. Cheers.
  8. All the old faves - Dusty, Nina, Aretha, Ella.......and one to add to the mix is Laura Marling.
  9. Probably the pair I own now, they are so rare over here! These speakers are a nailed on bargain (IMO) as they carry on the tradition of Jas with that fantastic tweeter.
  10. myles

    Rondo quierie.

    I have a Rondo Red which I really need to mount and have a listen to.
  11. Well, in line with my weak resolve I have buckled and bought an armboard cut to Linn dimensions! I'll get it fitted this weekend if it arrives.