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  1. Did you get Qobuz to work through Touch easily?
  2. Great amp - it'll keep you warm in the winter too! Love mine...
  3. Absolutely top class work here OP. I can't think of a better time to get a little light in a dark time. Well done.
  4. I signed up for 2 months using a new email then saw this deal (4 for 4) and managed to sign up using the email I had previously used for that £1 deal last year - worth trying.
  5. Another double post
  6. Are you using an MM or MC cartridge? Capacitance might be an issue if you are using MM. Also it's a tiny signal to be travelling all that way to the first source of amplification. Someone with much more knowledge will be along to laugh at me!
  7. I wish I had a 'my mate Paul'. I'd have saved myself £200 getting my wiper motor replaced! I like Ant. Edd was a big guy with a big presence but I think it still works, to a degree.
  8. At that price I'd buy another one! Smoking hot bargain!
  9. Lovely guy to deal with - buy with confidence.