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  1. I use the AT637 vibrating thing but am going to have a go with the Bergson Rodico putty. Seems pretty simple but I presume the same caution should be exercised as with zerodust etc?
  2. Purchased - I bought the 2LP the other day as well, good stuff. Cheers.
  3. myles

    Favourite female singers

    All the old faves - Dusty, Nina, Aretha, Ella.......and one to add to the mix is Laura Marling.
  4. myles

    Jas orior grand speakers

    Probably the pair I own now, they are so rare over here! These speakers are a nailed on bargain (IMO) as they carry on the tradition of Jas with that fantastic tweeter.
  5. myles

    Rondo quierie.

    I have a Rondo Red which I really need to mount and have a listen to.
  6. Well, in line with my weak resolve I have buckled and bought an armboard cut to Linn dimensions! I'll get it fitted this weekend if it arrives.
  7. If speed is affected by the alternative belts, then surely the motor adjustment is key here?
  8. myles

    Joe Audio 20% off Joe Audio (never heard of it) are offering 20% off with code 20OFFMAY . They have bits and bobs that may be of interest. Move it if it's in the wrong place, please.
  9. myles

    Cymbiosis Signature LP12 for sale

    Voila Francis.
  10. myles

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Still enjoying the Nighthawk Rob? I'm still very impressed with mine.
  11. Boom bang a bang nailed on deal.
  12. myles

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    Yeah, I hate eBay from a seller's point of view. The whole system is open to abuse, and I've been on the wrong end of it.
  13. I found when setting the Jelco up for Baerwald I tried 211mm but my biggest issue was getting the cartridge forward enough in shorter headshells. I'm going to try and find an armboard with the correctly cut hole.
  14. I have an LP12 with an RB250. I also have a Jelco 750D arm that I want to fit. Making enquiries yesterday, I was told that a Linn armboard would suffice; my only issue with this is that Linn has a 211mm pivot to spindle measurement, while the Jelco has a 214mm pivot to spindle measurement. Will the Linn armboard work with the Jelco, or should I be seeking out a Jelco specific armboard? Cheers Myles