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  1. myles

    Cymbiosis Signature LP12 for sale

    Voila Francis.
  2. myles

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Still enjoying the Nighthawk Rob? I'm still very impressed with mine.
  3. Boom bang a bang nailed on deal.
  4. myles

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    Yeah, I hate eBay from a seller's point of view. The whole system is open to abuse, and I've been on the wrong end of it.
  5. I found when setting the Jelco up for Baerwald I tried 211mm but my biggest issue was getting the cartridge forward enough in shorter headshells. I'm going to try and find an armboard with the correctly cut hole.
  6. I have an LP12 with an RB250. I also have a Jelco 750D arm that I want to fit. Making enquiries yesterday, I was told that a Linn armboard would suffice; my only issue with this is that Linn has a 211mm pivot to spindle measurement, while the Jelco has a 214mm pivot to spindle measurement. Will the Linn armboard work with the Jelco, or should I be seeking out a Jelco specific armboard? Cheers Myles
  7. myles

    Help with inspire eclipse se 12 turntable

    I got through to them at lunchtime today - one go! Just lucky I guess!
  8. For sale, 5 shelf rack by Sound Organisation in grey. Needs a clean up but that's about it. £50 collected from Marlow please.
  9. myles

    Record Store Day 2019

    I wanted the Prefab Sprout RSD LP, but it was sold out when I got to the front of the queue. Got home, looked at eBay out of interest - twice the price! One week later I bought it in another record shop for the original price. I pity the mugs that paid £70 odd on eBay!
  10. myles

    Nice cart for slightly difficult phono stage

    I use 500 ohms for my AT33PTG/II. I have a F117 Nighthawk phono stage which offers (amongst other settings) 100 and 500 ohms. I much prefer 500.
  11. myles

    Setting up Jelco 750d - help!

    @bigfool1956 - thanks for your advice yesterday, see below for my little win! Update - reinvigorated after the sweet sweet tonic of slumber I decided to come back to this. I repositioned the arm at 214mm and moved the cartridge as far forward in the headshell as I could. It seems that somehow I wasn't able to get the cartridge quite so far yesterday(?)! In any case, Stevenson alignment has been achieved and I've gained the 3mm back in the process. Baerwald isn't happening unless the headshell grows overnight! Thanks to everyone for their advice on this issue.
  12. myles

    Setting up Jelco 750d - help!

    Thank you for the feedback. In theory though, is 3mm less than the 'optimal' P2S an issue if I can then achieve all three alignments?
  13. myles

    Setting up Jelco 750d - help!

    Ok so I've had my AT33PTG/II set up on my NAS Interspace Jr using a Jelco 750d arm (9"). The pivot to spindle was 214mm as suggested everywhere and I was aligned to Baerwald (using the Dr Feickert NG alignment tool) with the cartridge a long way forward on the headshell. The headshell was the Jelco HS-25. No issues here, so.... I've bought a new headshell, an Oyaide HS-TF. It is shorter than the Jelco and I couldn't even get the cartridge far enough ahead in the headshell to even achieve step 1 of the Feickert setup, setting overhang. Using my flawed maths, I have adjusted the pivot to spindle to 211mm, bringing the alignment points closer to the headshell, and can achieve Baerwald now - all three steps of the Feickert setup. Have I made a fundamental mistake? Could I have achieved alignment with the shorter headshell while sticking with 214mm pivot to spindle? All help gratefully received. Myles