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  1. SALE Living voice OBX R2

    Oh OK, I'm sure the OP could rustle you up the moon on a fucking stick too.
  2. Homeopathic foo........
  3. Budget Setup For Newbie

    Yeah, or alternatively find someone close to you who can give you a couple of hours tuition. Part of the fun is the tweaking!
  4. Budget Setup For Newbie

    A cheap set of digital scales from Neoteck on Amazon will be accurate enough, and when you get the player print off a Conrad Hoffmann alignment protractor for whatever turntable and arm you have.
  5. Budget Setup For Newbie

    The number is 282477667620
  6. Budget Setup For Newbie

    Here you go, record player, Ariston Q deck for £100 or best offer.
  7. Budget Setup For Newbie

    I like the idea of DAB but do the streaming through a Chromecast Audio, which would be my cut-cut-cut price choice.
  8. It's a great album, but 5.1 is no use to me. Superdeluxeedition is a good site though; I managed to get the Nick Cave 3LP pre-ordered for cheap through the site.
  9. Budget Setup For Newbie

    Don't be embarrassed, it can all be upgraded over time. What kind of budget are you working to, and which format are you keenest to use first? This lot will help you find a decent setup, I'm sure.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    On what I suspect to be a counterfeit LP! Bought years ago, and it just feels 'shonky'!
  11. Cartridge upgrade considerations

    Snap, I messed up and changed too much at once and I've just managed to get back on an even keel, with a lot of jiggerypokery and some help from Yannis Tome!
  12. Which cartridge, Gyrodec & RB300

    Grab an AT440MLb if you can find one; they have been discontinued. That or a 2M Blue.
  13. Nearly always unplanned, although I do like to subject the family to an LP or two at tea!
  14. I have one, and its great. Bargain.