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  1. Beckenham

    Is HiFI Dead?

    I agree! 80’s and 90’s was a golden years of true HiFi. In that time audio industry was made the best audio equipment ever, British and Japan audio makers are the proof. Another question guys , each time and year after that I visit Audiojumble ( nearly 11 years, despite my totally disagree with a 3 different prices ), what we see in Tonbridge? Despite see audio hunters looking for good bargains for sake on eBays etc, we see also thousands and thousands of true old HiFi lovers looking for speakers, amplifiers, CD players, turntables, and a new demand of audio cassettes decks again, all stuff from 80’’s and 90’. The majority are from a generation that know very well a true HiFi. Rare to see young people looking for “vintage” audio..., I thing that I’m not wrong with my view about the dark days that HiFi live today unfortunately. Cheers
  2. Beckenham

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Sure, is his opinion. But he did not answer my question that was: How many of us do we buy true HiFi in these days? How many? Another question: How many of us dedicate esch single day in your listening room or whatever hear true HiFi? How many hours? Maybe most of us listen to music part of the day in portable devices etc! I'm wrong? I hope so A few years ago in North if England when I was visited one more audio event I found the CEO of British reputable audio maker and I had a chat with him and I ask how is going the business? Answer: My sales in UK represent only 2%, and 98% to overseas. So, I ask, do I feel so wrong? I don’t think so. '' Sorry guys " is my personal view! Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Beckenham

    Is HiFI Dead?

    [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Beckenham

    Is HiFI Dead?

    No problem, is your view. You and I may be from different generations to see the root of the problem... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Beckenham

    Is HiFI Dead?

    The closure of many physical stores is a mirror of how the consumers habits are changed, not only in terms of online shopping but about their audio preferences too. Today how many people buy a really HiFi equipment? A very small and thin majority. Sonos devices, Network streaming equipment, etc thats what the majority of current days are looking for. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Beckenham

    Is HiFI Dead?

    A few words more about this interest and infinite debate, so, anyone remember the last closure and iconic HiFi shops in UK? Superfi, the iconic and HiFi Specialists store, during many decades give a many of us a opportunity to buy a great audio equipment, didn’t resist to a modern audio times from the consumers. Anyone remember what it like the Tottenham Court Road, a plenty street with audio shops, a few years ago, all gone, now is supermarkets, trendy coffees shops, gadget shops etc, etc, My additional comments above and of my first post on this thread is a proof that the traditional and conventional HiFi in current days it’s in cerebral death since 2000/1. Many other HiFi shops across the country fight every single day to keep the doors open..., despite many HiFi and addict HiFi lovers. Well... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Beckenham

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Another thread that will never end
  8. Beckenham

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Very good thread indeed. My view about HiFi in these days is very clearly, I will try explain better as I can, I born in 60's, and all my life HiFi lives with me, my parents in ends of 50 bought a Philips HiFi stereo, a really good setup for that time, and since then I grow listening music in traditional way 2 channel stereo, for me still the best way. The first signals of HiFi “death” begins in 2000, a new audio market visions to make more attractive listening music in our rooms starts with Home Cinema, multi-channel defeat the old fashion way how we listening our music. Meanwhile new formats comes, and changes the life of millions, listening music in portable devices and streaming music, high-resolution files at the moment wins the battle of the way of millions listen music today, but for me listening music in a good traditional stereo audio is the best way to feel the power of music. Cheers
  9. Well, to be honest I dont know exactly what's happen, I can't find any reason for the deck not works well . My experience says, any tonearm needs a external phono-stage or many amplifiers, 80, 90's supply a good internal phono stage too. I can give a few and examples, in my view of course, Audiolab 8000A one the best ampfiers ever made includes a fabulous and internal phono stage, like Pionner A400, etc. I don't know what kind of cartridge your friend use, or who know's if have any electric cartrige issue, and the same time I don't know what kind of setup your friend, many possibilities and many reasons for find the root of the problem... Sorry for not solve the problem...
  10. What kind of turntable your friends have? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I agree, not only in Linn, the majority of all audio brands in current days too, 10% material cost, 5% costs of production ( no handmade anymore, but cots for machinery and robotic manufacture ) and 85% for the logo and job done and the final consummer have to choose, or you are willing to pay or not...
  12. Unfortunately in current days everything still so expensive, ridiculous prices for ordinary things, in my view don’t make any sense, we live in XXI century, we not live in the beginning of XX century anymore. In those days I understand the technology was new, and the main concern in that time was offer the best quality to consumers...Today is a “bit” different, the profit is only the main concern from manufacturers. In the other side, we have a multiple choices, eBay’s, second hand market in different online platforms, but carefully, sometimes the asking price for second hand products are a complete non sense too, we know that, we live hard times, so, the quick profit not without any sustainability is always the main concern from the seller... Good luck for your search, I have a same problem but for a different parts of my speakers. Cheers [emoji482] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk