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  1. Japan(28) Vs Scotland(21) what a contest goodness me. Japan playing with confidence, brilliant game for both sides, but Japan make history, now outh Afrika await them, will see what happens next, fingers crossed.
  2. A few ebay options...
  3. Try send an email to HiFi Plus ( Alan Sircom ) and ask. Hope that help's Cheers
  4. Sad news, one of the best drummer's of all times he died today unfortunately.
  5. Don, you have a lot of suggestions, so, the choice is yours and only you can choose the best for you and for your pocket Good luck
  6. Hi Don and very welcome, Thanks for sharing your setup. I can suggest a any Golding cartridge, 2100 model, If you looking a MM of course, in my opinion is a very good option. If you looking for a MC, a Denon DL-103, a analogue classic, or Audio Technica AT-F2 any of them are really good and not over of your budget, sounds pretty as I said according my view, and depends what kind of phono stage you got too. In current days don’t make any sense spend thousands in a cartridge... Cheers 🍻
  7. After almost 10 years twice a year of attending one of the best second hand audio event in UK, and since the new management adds a new and early entrance in amount £20 I’m not go anymore, last year was my last time i'm afraid. I know, £20 is not a fortune, 3 or 4 pints is the price that we pay in any pub, anyway... Last year I show my totally disappointment with this new ticket price in a earlier hour. In my view was I said last year, is not fair, is totally unjustified too. It does not give everyone the opportunity to buy audio itens a fair price. I can’t really understand why 3 different entrance prices in the same morning. The new management guys said due to high demand, well, to be honest the Audiojumble have high demand nearly 25 years...but to be frankly is totally not acceptable in my view if course. If the new management wants make more money okay “I understand”, but first they have to think not only for who can pay £20 for get the first bargains ( depends what kind of bargains we are looking for of course ) but have to think to the other, for many reasons can’t afford £20 or just can’t attend earlier because live very far from Tonbridge... The guys that pay earlier entree at £20 for get bargains firstly, I repeat again my question, wich kind of stuff the other people that pay £12 and £6 get? One price at a same hour in my view is fair, okay £20 right, but only at one hour, this way give opportunity to everyone just not few.Tonbridge still a amazing place to meet friendly wammers, but that's life. Sorry guys, is my opinion Best wishes for Audiojumble - Tonbridge and hope the demand stills strong and busy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Great and lovely speakers. I hear many, many times with different setups during many years in different private and audio events and always sounds amazing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Really nice pics. Thanks for sharing Cheers
  10. About the issues I can’t help, my skills are very poor in order what you have to do properly. About the contact cleaner I suggest Deoxit D5, is really really nice, improves the contacts, safe on plastics etc. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Audio Note have 4 different MC Cartridges with different output voltages with different gains too. I’m not quite sure and I’m not electronic expert Chivas , but L means low gain, usually this designation is used in many other cartridges manufacturers