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  1. Beckenham

    Wanted - Audiolab 8000a (Black Version)

    Found. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi Wammers, I'am looking for Audiolab 8000a Black version, 90s in very good condition, with no issues, and no cosmetic deep scuffs or dents ( I know, is a quite old model ) I know too that in eBay we have a lot, the main problem usually that kind of equipment sell on eBay are in bad condition... If anyone have one for sell please let me know Thank you guys Fernando
  3. Hi everyone, For sale following audio equipment: Amplifier Marantz PM-40SE ( NOW SOLD ) Amplifier Technics SU-V320; Tuner Pionner F-401L, All items in perfect working order, and in very good condition with no dents. I'm happy to demonstrate, and please feel free to ask anything The stuff can be collect in South East London Asking price for all itens: £60 Thank you for taking the time to look at what I am selling! Fernando
  4. Beckenham

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    Lovely couple Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Beckenham

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    Nice photo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Beckenham

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    What a lovely and busy day in Tonbridge, always busy, year after year, despite not agree to new early entry price, well, is only my view... Is always a pleasure chat with Wizmax, and meet ''new wammers'' in Tonbridge, Osbscure, BigFool, nice chaps
  7. Beckenham

    FS : Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck

    Totally agree Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Beckenham

    Superfi closes stores

    More info about the end of retailer Superfi. The ''problem'' is all the orders are made online a few days ago from a few costumers not arrive yet... lost money, very stressful
  9. Beckenham

    FS : Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck

    Great deck!
  10. Beckenham

    Superfi closes stores

    Hard times that we all live. The audio industry change to much because the habit consumers change to much too. In my personal view, since 2000/1 the audio companies, retailers, the big and small record stores don’t have a bright days anymore. Do you remember Tower Records store in London? Virgin? Great amazing record stores, all gone. The iconic HMV still fight for her business ''life'', job losses and stores closers all across the country. Small and family audio business all across the country still fighting for still run own business, god help them... A Canadian record company give a hand to save HMV, but we never know what’s happen next in a couple of months or years... My first time in England was 7 years old , and back 7 years later almost 50 years ago, and I remember very well see the prosperous high street stores like Oxford and Regent Street with plenty of great and iconic British stores, middle class families with money in pockets walking on streets, well, golden years that UK lived. Now what do you see? Selfridges, John Lewis not included and just only one or two more, but we can see only big mainstream stores selling majority only rubbish with funny jackets, funny shoes, silly clothes with very poor quality ( global world ). Who are responsible for that? Online consumers? High resolution files ( Streaming ) consumers? Global World?, Asian economy? That’s life and the sign of the times definitely, what can I do? Cheers
  11. Beckenham

    Superfi closes stores

    Very sad news, another iconic and reputable UK HiFi dealer closes all stores and ceased all activity. The web page is now off, very schoking news, sign of the times.
  12. Beckenham

    Sony TA-F700ES Amp (Reduced)

    Two beautiful japan audio pieces of resistence, old times.
  13. Beckenham

    Sold. SME 20/2 ,SME V turntable and arm