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  1. Beckenham

    Castle Severn 2

    Yes, I agree, Howards are great and superb speakers. I’m surprised too, because still a great speakers, great sound, solid build. I have a pair as well but in different finish, and I still love them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Beckenham

    Castle Severn 2

    Lovely speakers!
  3. Beckenham

    Recommend Speakers

    In my opinion, I think we should not worry too much about technical details. There are speakers with low impedance that play very well and there are speakers with high impedance that play less well, only we have to do is arrange a good amplifier in our setup and job done. Cheers
  4. Beckenham

    Recommend Speakers

    Another British beauty, a good price and looks in good condition ( in eBay we never know), but... proac tablette Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Beckenham

    Recommend Speakers

    As my previously post with a link a few days ago about a Monitor Audio 700PMC, from 80’s, shows that the speakers gone very quickly, that means something...lucky who sold them so fast and lucky who bought them.
  6. Beckenham

    Recommend Speakers

    Another additional suggestion of my previously post, and look of these beauty speakers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Beckenham

    Recommend Speakers

    If you want spend £500 on a good value speakers, I suggest that you looking Monitor Audio Studio 20, from de end of 80’s, to be honest with all range of MA of 80’s until middle 90’s was the best that UK have been produced, believe-me. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi, sorry for delay in my response Yes, of course, I know all Monitor Audio Range until Monitor Audio since the beginning and after relocated the heaquarters from original factory in Cambridge to Essex, and after that moved to PRC... Good news, I found after these years in mint condition, a great speakers as well, have you heard R652MD? Amazing and very very British speakers, great sound stage, deep and sweet bass, old times from Iqbal and Robin Marshall era, I'm a happy guy again
  9. Studio 50 are a great speakers. I have a few and diferent MA speakers since begin of 80's. Studio 2, MA352, MA2, MA1, etc. I meet Mo Iqbal too, ( time flies ) and for me was a great pleasure to meet him, was a visionary, was a great loudspeaker maker, that UK can be proud to have had.
  10. Yes, MA studio series was a great speakers too, I had a MA Studio 2, I miss.
  11. Are a great speakers, golden MA times.
  12. Hi guys, I'm looking a Monitor Audio 702 or 703 gold PMC series bookshelf speakers ( Iqbal times ), in rosewood or oak finish, in good condition. Thanks and Happy New Year
  13. Beckenham

    WANTED - Pioneer A400

    Already found guys, please close the topic. Thanks very much
  14. Beckenham

    WANTED - Pioneer A400

    Thanks for feedback. Right, but I have a few equipment with more than 20 years in pristine condition . PM sent
  15. Beckenham

    WTD: MC Cartridge

    Sorry, is MM.