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  1. Sent you PM, please get in touch
  2. Afraid not. I do go to Bristol occasionally though. These are so well built and solid, I can't remember the make/model since I got them on the WAM a few years ago. Is there still a WAM taxi thread??
  3. Bump and price reduction
  4. I used to use these in my SF amp and a phono stage. Really surprising results, but I shipping costs from US are crazy. I made some more out of circlips and little rubber balls drilled through! Same effect
  5. 24" tall with 12"x12" base and 8"x9" tops. They are on spikes, with suction cup like rubber tops to seat your speaks. They really suck down safe onto the stands. The stands are filled, crazy heavy and inert. I have no boxes and can't remember the name etc. They are super solid and will be collection or meet up only in Plymouth area. £75
  6. £625 has to go. It's completely mint and so is the box for what it's worth
  7. £650 delivered within uk
  8. Anyone interested in my Dynaudio's with sub cables and stands in the OP?
  9. £650 plus postage. It'll only be £15-20 I'd imagine with full insurance etc.
  10. Ok, £650 collection or meet
  11. Do it, I need them gone 👍 Happy to meet as far as Bristol.
  12. Ah bummer. I don't have any boxes for these. Keep an eye out though. They are the most 'hifi' home friendly active monitors I've heard